Amazing busty brunette teen babe masturbate

Amazing busty brunette teen babe masturbate
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The Gymnasts, My Sister & Mom 2 The next evening after I caught Rachel eating herself and made her fuck me, she snuck into my bedroom soon after Mom went to bed. She said, Bobby I just couldn't wait any longer. You made me feel so good last night and my body just seems to crave those feelings you gave me again.

Well Sis, you made me feel pretty darn good yourself. How about letting me see you eat your pussy again, you made me so horny watching you?

OK, she said I want you to get nice and hard so you can make me feel like you did last night. She took off her little night shift that hardly covered her ass and I noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties either. She did a few quick stretching exercises and then sat on the floor. I was fascinated as she proceeded to put each leg up and placed her feet behind her head. Then she bent her stomach completely over until her lips were against her pussy and began to lick and suck herself.

I got down on my belly and placed my head on the floor next to her so I could watch. She licked that little pussy and sent her own tongue deep into her fuck hole.

It took only about five minutes for her to cum.


Then she unfolded her legs from behind her neck and bent over and grabbed her own thighs and doubled over shoving her face back into her pussy and started licking and sucking all over again. I had such a hard on that lying on the floor made it hurt. I got up and told her not to stop as I lifted her feet up so that now she had her back on the floor with her head between her legs.

I took my middle finger and stuck it into my mouth getting it real wet and then I slowly shoved it into her ass. I began to finger her tight ass hole and I do mean tight. She started moaning and shoving her face hard against her pussy as she ate herself to one orgasm after another. She finally stopped and said, Oh Bobby I'm so hot I want your cock inside me now. I picked her up and laid her on the bed and said, not yet.

I spread her legs and bent over and stuck my tongue into her really wet cunt. Oh how good she tasted. I proceeded to lick and tongue her to another orgasm. When I ran my tongue over her tiny clit she would rear her ass up into my face and whisper oh god Bobby you make me feel so good.

Put your finger back into my butt hole, you made me cum so fast before so I took my forefinger and shoved it into her tight pussy and gave it a couple of strokes before shoving it into her ass. I massaged her little hole turning and stretching it until I could put two fingers in and then I began to pump my two fingers in and out of her ass as I licked and sucked her little clit.

Her ass began to shake and she reared up pulling my face tight against her pussy and she let a stream of water shoot out of her pussy like a jet steam.

I thought she was pissing and tried to pull my face away but she was holding me so tight I could hardly move. Some of that water went into my mouth and I swallowed quit a bit. It didn't taste like pee but she soaked herself, the bed, and my face. A few years later I learned that what she had was a "G" spot orgasm. I'll tell you later from whom I learned what it was. Rachel's ass was still pumping up and down as I parted her legs and took my throbbing cock and slid it into her tight hole.

She was moaning and groaning and I had to place my hand over her mouth and told her to shush or she would wake up Mom.

"Oh Bobby I can't help it you are making me cum so much I feel like I'm on fire. I smiled to myself as I began to pump my cock in and out of her. It made me feel powerful being able to do that to her. I was really pumping her and she was moaning ohhhhhhh god Bobby ohhhhh christ don't stop I'm going to cum again, Yesss Bobby yes and she buried her face in my pillow and screamed uuuuhhhhhhhh as she shoved her pussy up into my cock and then she just collapsed. I kept stroking my cock slowly in and out of that vagina.

I could feel her pussy walls slide up and down my cock. I could feel my balls begin to contract and my cock swelled and I let go a stream of cum deep into her cunt. She said, "Oh Bobby I can feel you're cum hitting my cervix." She lifted her ass up shoving my cock even deeper and came again. We fell asleep with my cock in her warm wet pussy.

I woke up about four in the morning and shook Rachel and told her she better go back to her room. She stretched and turned over and stuck her ass back against my crotch and said, "only if you fuck me first" and giggled. I had half a pee hard on so I shoved it in her pussy and proceeded to fuck her.

It didn't take long to get fully hard. She felt so good and it was so nice and cozy laying in that warm bed and taking nice long strokes in and out of her. We must have fucked for close to forty five minutes when I heard Mom walk by my bedroom. Christ I said, I hope she doesn't look into your room. We just lay there with my cock in Rachel hardly breathing. A short time later Mom came back and went into her room. I let out a blast of air not realizing I had been holding my breath.

I said Sis you better get back to your own bed`. "Not till you make me cum" she whispered. You little scamp I said with a smile. I picked her up with my cock still inside her and maneuvered her to the edge of the bed so that I was standing on the floor with her ass up high and I began pumping in and out of her doggy style.

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I really gave that pussy a fucking. I was pumping fast and as hard as I could. I was almost in frenzy when I buried my cock deep inside that seemingly insatiable pussy. I felt her shudder as she came. She left and I fell asleep dreaming about what we could do as an encore.

I had been thinking all day about Rachel and what could we do next. I came up with an idea while watching the girls doing their mat routine. I got a hard on just thinking about it, so the following night when she came to my room I had her do the splits while she was upside down on her neck and shoulders. I stood by the bed holding her steady and leaned over and placed my face and tongue into her pussy.

Stretched like that it made her hole even tighter. I licked and sunk my tongue straight down her pussy scoping out her juices each time she came. When I licked her clit her legs would jump and her ass would quiver. It's hard to describe the feeling I was having as I gobbled her pussy.

I ate her for almost twenty minutes before she said "Bobby, my neck is getting sore. I lowered her down and said My god Sis that was fantastic. She said that once she got use to being in that position she enjoyed it too.

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She said she had cum several times. We fucked several more times and Rachel gave me a blow job. She wasn't very good at it. Her teeth kept scraping my dick so I told her the next time we went to town I would buy her a rainbow popsicle and I wanted her to learn to suck all the juice out without scratching the ice.

It was something Margaret had told me how she had learned. For the next two weeks we fucked and sucked each other every night. Then I got this other brilliant idea. That night when Sis came and we had eaten each other (she had gotten a couple of those popsicles and was really improved). I had her sit on my cock and then take her legs and place her feet behind her neck.

There she was doubled in half with her ass cheeks on my thighs and my cock deep into her pussy. What a feeling. I then started to twist her in a circle; boy I thought I was going to rip every pubic hair off my crotch.

It hurt like hell but I was bound and determined to turn her all the way around. When I finally got her completely full circle I said to myself wow I don't think I'll do that again. Rachel also said that was the weirdest feeling having my cock slide around her pussy walls. "I didn't cum but it sure made me wet" She said. I fucked her doggy style, before letting her get on top of me and she fucked me for almost an hour very slowly rotating her hips and stomach back and forth and when I came it was just a small one.

We went to sleep and again damn near got caught by Mom. It was almost 7:30 when we woke up. I got up and went to the kitchen and engaged Mom in conversation while Rachel snuck back to her room and took a showered and got dressed.

I put on my pajama bottoms and sat at the kitchen table as Mom was fixing breakfast. I looked at her in her night gown and remembered how she looked naked in the picture I had stolen.

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I admired her nice ass and shapely tits. When she walked over to the sliding glass door and looked out at the horses and said you better give the animals some feed this morning. I sucked in my breath as I could see right thru her gown. I imagined I could see her pussy lips between her legs and I got a hard on. Just as I got up to go back to my room she turned around and looked directly at my crotch. I froze not knowing what to do.

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She just smiled and went back to fixing breakfast. I almost sprinted back to my room and took a cold shower. That after noon Jennifer came up to me and asked me what was the matter, had she or Margaret made me mad. No, "why" I asked. Well it seems like you have been avoiding us. You haven't wanted to fuck us for over two weeks. No, that's not it Mom has kept me busy and I haven't had an opportunity to get together with you.

How about tonight? I said. Jennifer answered, I can make it but Margaret has a new boy friend and can't come tonight. She said she would like to get together with you but her new beau is fucking her to death. She said he isn't as good as you but that she likes him all the same. I said seven o'clock Ok with you.

Yes that would be fine Jennifer replied. I arrived at the sauna about ten minutes late. Jennifer was sprawled out on the bench finger fucking herself. She must have been at it awhile because she had all kinds of pussy juice on her leg and down the crack of her ass. I immediately stripped and dove between her legs burrowing my face into her pussy. She groaned as she felt my tongue inter her wet hole. Jennifer always seemed to smell of lilac water. I think she douched with it.

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As I licked and sucked her pussy and clit I lifted her legs up and took my forefinger and inserted it into her pussy, rubbing it in and out until it was completely wet before inserting it into her ass hole.

She grunted and pushed her ass back into my finger. Her hole was not nearly as tight as Rachel's so I inserted another finger and then the third. I began to pound that hole with a vengeance. In and out went my fingers, in and out went my tongue in her pussy. Her ass muscles really loosened up and I put all four fingers in. She was moaning a little loudly so I put my other hand over her mouth. She had cum several times and her pussy was dripping with her juices.

I inserted my cock into her gapping fuck hole and took five long strokes before with drawing and shoving it up into her ass.

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My cock slid in easily and I began viciously slamming my cock in and out of that wonderful ass. She moaned and I said you have had this before haven't you?

Oh yes and I love it as much as being fucked in my pussy. Her ass was so slick I asked her if she put a lubricant in it. She said she used liquid oil in her douche. My dick was so hard and I was fucking that ass hole so fast it's a wonder it didn't start to smoke.

I felt that old feeling when I was ready to cum so I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock as deep as I could go and shot a load into her hot ass. I kept pumping as I felt my sperm squirting several globs of my love offering. I sat up and lifted her so she was sitting on my cock with her back to me. I was rocking back and forth letting my cock slide in and out of her ass as my hard on subsided. That was glorious I said. Oh Bobby I've wanted you to do that from the very first day.

Why didn't you say something, I said. Some guys think you're a slut if you like it in the ass she whispered. They must be real sick fucks, I whispered back. She got up and started to suck my cock But I didn't want to fuck her any more because I new I would be with Rachel latter. I told her I had to go because Mom had some things for me to do in the house. With Dad home only on the week ends I ended up doing all the repairs around the house. When I got back to the house Mom and Rachel were in the living room watching TV.

I went in to the kitchen to get a soda and Rachel came in and thru gritted teeth said you were out there fucking Jennifer and Margaret weren't you. I smiled and said I still had enough left for her. She reached down and grabbed my dick and squeezed. Watch it you may hurt your joy stick and I wouldn't be able to make you happy tonight. She giggled and we walked back into the living Room. I stretched out on the floor in front of Mom and Rachel. Whenever I talked to one of them I would turn around and look at them.

Rachel would look at Mom and make sure she couldn't see her part her legs so I could see her pussy and then lean back and give me the biggest grin. One time Mom changed position and her robe came partly open and I could see straight up her inner legs and her white panties. I could have reached out and tickled her pussy I was that close.


Just the thought started me to get hard. I starred at that white spot until I looked up and saw Mom looking at me. I turned quickly around and turned beet red. I starred at the TV without seeing it as I fanaticized about eating Moms pussy. Finally when my embarrassment subsided I turned around and said I was going to bed. I swear it seemed like Moms knees were a little further apart.

I could see the gap of white between her legs and some pussy hair was sticking out the side. The hard on that had half gone down came immediately back to attention. She smiled at me and said Ok hun, have a good nights sleep. When I got up I tried to turn a little to the side hoping she wouldn't see my raging hard on. I hurried back to my bedroom hoping Rachael would come right away.

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I was horny as hell. As I lay there I kept wondering if Mom new what she was doing to me and if it was on purpose. I sure hoped so.

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I dosed off and I was awakened with Rachel sucking my cock. It was at full attention. Your dick sure tastes funny, Rachael said. I remembered I hadn't taken a shower since being with Jennifer. What does it taste like I asked, well it seems a little oily and a little bitter with slight smell of Lilac, she answered. I laughed and said well you're tasting a little bit of Jennifer's ass hole and pussy.

I wasn't sure if Rachael was going to throw up, go wash her mouth out or what. She surprised me and said I kind of like it. Do you think you would like to eat Jennifer's pussy? I don't know, I've never eaten a pussy before but it sounds exciting. I new Jennifer would love to eat out Rachel. Now I had to figure out how to arrange it. Rachael pushed me back on the bed and mounted my stiff cock.

As she was rocking back and forth on my cock she asked, does Mom turn you on? Well maybe a little, why do you ask? I saw you get a hard on after you were looking up Mom's robe. You didn't get hard when I kept letting you see my pussy. What makes you think so? Quit beating around the bush would you fuck Mom if you had the chance. Yes, yes I would love to eat Mom's pussy and fuck her because she is a sexy women.

I reached under my mattress and pulled out the picture I had of Mom and showed it to her. My god, where did you get that, she exclaimed. I found it in Mom's closet. And I have to say I have wanted to fuck her ever sense. She looks almost as good now as she did when this picture was taken. Rachael leaned over and kissed me and whispered I guess I don't blame you, she is beautiful and I think I would not mind eating her myself.

We both laughed as she continued to rock back and forth on my cock. We fucked like that for about two hours and she had at least a half dozen orgasm's. I finally turned her on her back and lifted her legs high and wide and fucked her with wild abandon. The following morning just before lunch and at the end of her morning class Mom announced that Teri one of her top students who just turned eighteen was now going to be her assistant.

Teri was cute but masculine looking with short cropped hair like a boy. She was about 5'4" slight of build with tit's that sat high on her chest.

She weighed about 110lbs. I was a little surprise because Mom had never mentioned that she needed anyone to help her. When I asked her about it she said she wanted to train some one so she could take some time off and spend more time with Rachael and me.

That evening I met with Jennifer and Margaret. Margaret informed me that this was probably the last time she would be able to see me. She was pregnant by her boy friend and they were going to get married.

I thought I sure hope it wasn't mine. Anyway Margaret went down on me and gave me a great blow job. She took all I had and when I blue my nuts she didn't lose a drop. We talked about a number of things, school, Margaret's coming marriage, who in the class they would like to make love too. Finally I asked Jennifer what she thought of my sister Rachael. I think she is the hottest little piece of tail around here and if I ever have the chance I'm going to gobble that girls hot little pussy until she can't stand up present company accepted.

I said what if I can arrange it. Jennifer sat up and said, if you only could, I would fuck you anyway anytime you wanted. I said, hmmmm lets see what I can do. I fucked Jennifer in the ass and then Margaret in her pussy after I washed my dick. It took me almost an hour to cum with Margaret and from her moans and groans and exclamations I think she must have came a dozen times. As the girls left I told Jennifer to plan on staying late Friday night if I could make arrangements with Rachael.

She gave me a real hard hug and said I sure hope so. (continued) all rights reserved to the author.