Big cock twink jerking and enjoying in front of the camera

Big cock twink jerking and enjoying in front of the camera
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Girls' Wild Night Out I wanted to hit the town for a wild night out and hoped that I would let myself have some casual sex or do some cock sucking. Donna was up for it, she like watching me sucking cock or being used for sex (the slut!) So we dressed the same in very short black dresses and high-heels. Nothing else, no bra no knickers, no hold-ups. A shower and a quick paint-job later and we were set for sleaze.

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I even put some spermicide upon a large dildo and pushed it up my cunt just to make sure I was wet and slippy in there. you know, in case we did it with some guys? So we went to this bar and got pissed.


I'm not usually like this but. I was drunk and dancing with this guy who had said hello earlier to my tits. well, I liked him!

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So did my tits! And he liked me a lot, so he hugged my ass and lifted up my dress, pretended to fuck me and then put his hand between my legs and as we kissed, slipped some fingers up my wet cunt. there on the dance floor for everyone to see!

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Donna didn't rescue me - she was too busy holding up the wall with her ass as some drunk breathed on her tits to cool them down. She thought it was great entertainment watching his hand pump pussy under my dress. I was too drunk to care. And so I went back with him to his place, after waving to Donna.

She waved back. He chatted me up - which was easy; he told me that he wanted to fuck me. I thought that was a great idea! And it was! Stripper He sneaked me into his house and into the living room. I put my bag on the floor as he sat down on the sofa and patted it for me to join him. I grinned a drunken grin and said "hey I know, what this!" I slid my straps off my shoulders and danced moving my hips. My dress fell to the floor around my ankle leaving me tits and ass naked in front of him.

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He called me over (I'll call him Tom). So I did a sexy nude walk over to Tom and stood in front of him. He held my ass and breathed in the aroma of my cunt, his hot breath upon my pussy. I looked down on him and said "yeh sure what ever, have fun" He rubbed my cunt and finger fucked me again before looking up though my tits to say we should go to the bed room!

Fantastic idea I said and he followed me up the stairs. He helped me into the bed room as I was a bit wobbly. cock sucker It was obvious that his wife had chosen the decor to the bed-room. oh my! Unfazed I climbed onto the bed and spread my legs. He stripped naked and joined me on the bed. His hand slid between my legs to play with my cunt.

"Do you want to suck it?" he asked. I put his cock in my mouth and gave him a blow-job. Then he removes his wet fingers from my cunt and holds my head in his hands. He kneels over my tits and fucks me in the mouth! That was hot. Then he put his hands upon the wall as he groaned and pushed me onto my back with his dick. He kept pushing, climbing on top of me, his dick still in my mouth.

His cock slid over my tongue and I started to gag. Tom pulled his dick back and told me I was a good girl! yaay for me! Then he pulled my legs back open and disappeared between them.

I felt his tongue lick my groove and push into my pussy. Tom slid it up and down and sweetly kissed my cunt. aww nice! He was horny as fuck and told me to get onto all fours for him! fucked like a bitch in heat o this was it fuck time! I flipped over onto all fours for him, arched my back and opened my legs. I felt his hands on my hips as he knelt between my legs and slid his cock up my cunt and into my hot wet depths. Then Tom fucked me like crazy!

slap slap slap - his belly pounded my ass with his cock pumping my pussy. My tits were rocking from the force of his fucking. It was great, just what I needed at the time. "oh yes fuck me!" I begged lie the drunk slut I had become.

He told me that he was going to cum. He pulled out of my cunt and came round to my face and pushed his dick into my mouth. A gush of warm cum filled my mouth. shit! He tasted like battery acid! Or was it the alchole I had drunk? Didn't matter. When I thought he wasn't watching I drooled it onto the bed. Bad Girl! A good slut always swallows, I knew that! He slapped my ass - I deserved it. cock rider I thought he was done with me.

He cleaned his dick a bit more with fucking my mouth as I was on all fours and then he lay down on his back and closed his eyes. sweet dreams mr cunt-fucker or so I thought! "Thanks for the fuck" I said in my most husky slut voice. I knelt over his hip, swinging a knee across and held his penis in my hand.

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It felt like velvet. I slipped his dick up my cunt and sat on him taking the full length of his cock up inside my hot cunt.

And I was sure he had gone to sleep. maybe he had, but then after a time his hands cupped my tits and played with them. Then they slid to my hips and he pulled me too him.

I lent over and pushed my tits into his chest and we kissed. I rocked on his dick, feeling it slide along my fucked cunt. "you are a naughty girl" he told me. "I know! Want some more cunt, slut-fucker?" Tom laughed.


I sat up, still with his cock inside me and I rode his dick watching him groan and moan. ha ha! "oh no" he says and cums up my cunt. hmm no big deal Tom! Then after a time of just sitting on his dick it began to get limp inside me and drove me wild with its movements.

I got off his cock and we cuddled for a long time. No Holes Barred I tried to go to sleep. My phone rang and Tom went and brought it to me from my bag saying "its for you - Donna" I told Donna I had been a slut and everything was ok.

She was still in the club from the sound of the music, probably on her knees, the slut! She asked me his name. I asked him his name. He said he was Tom (alias changed). I told Donna that he said he was called Tom. She called me a slut.

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He asked me my name. I cant remember what I told him. she rang off as some guy was doing things to her. slut!


I thought Tom was done now. He gave me a hug and a kiss and asked if I wanted more.

oh wow! sure thing! So he invited me to the edge of the bed and I crawled over and parked my cunt over the end of the bed my legs falling open. I smiled up at Tom as he took his place between my legs. and pushed his cock against my ass hole! "ah" I said. looking at him hard.

" that's naughty." He didn't ask, Tom pushed his wet dick into my ass, holding onto my hips and pulling me onto him! Too strong for me to escape so I felt my ass open up for his cock and his dick slide up and into my ass.

He got the whole thing up inside me! I got up onto my elbows to watch him as he began fucking my ass. I called him weird sick names. And he called me some in return.

It was hot and we both smiled as he sodomized me. It felt great but I didn't want to see his cock when he removed it! He was shouting that he was going to cum.

I think I was too! He cum and went of to wash his dick. "sure" I said not looking.

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"oh wow that was crazy." I said. He came back to me as I lay on the bed and we hugged. I kissed his chest and fell asleep in his arms. In the morning I sat around in his kitchen drinking Tea feeling a used slut and very loose. It is a great feeling to me. Some of my best sex.