Eurobabe drilled by big cock man

Eurobabe drilled by big cock man
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A Couple's Play Day This is the first story that I have shared with readers. Previous attempts have only been for the mutual enjoyment of my wife and I. The story is fiction but, like many storylines, there are elements of actual events included throughout. I hope that some readers will enjoy this fantasy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joanne cleared away the breakfast dishes, poured another coffee and walked to the bedroom.

She removed her nightshirt and headed for the shower. As she passed her dressing table she saw the red envelope with her name printed on the front. She pried open the flap and removed the page in Rick's handwriting. Good morning Love. I thought you might enjoy one of our Play Days today and I know that I will be aroused all day thinking about you. I want you to take the day to pleasure yourself. When you dress this morning you are to only put on your gold body jewelry.

Use the complete set and attach a clamp to your pussy lips as well. This is all you are to wear for the morning. At 11:00 am you will open the next set of instructions which you will find on my workbench in the garage. Do not cover your body before going to the garage.

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After you are adorned as instructed send me a photo. Enjoy! - Love, Rick Joanne smiled. This was another of the occasional 'Play Days" the couple engaged in to surprise and arouse each other After being married for 13 years with two kids it served to keep their sex life interesting and refreshed and by now they knew what buttons to push to make the experiences exciting, naughty and somewhat risky.

Early in their relationship they had found that Joan was a bit of an exhibitionist and Ron enjoyed showing her body and exposing her in discreet ways. They both found that extending their sex play into semi public settings where the potential of being seen heightened their mutual arousal and enjoyment.

At first Rick encouraged Joanne to wear more revealing clothing, then some "accidental" flashing in public settings, nudity on the highway and having sex in unusual places such as highway rest stops and hiking trails. They both would get very aroused by such outings and over time introduced more variety into their play.

Rick's note to Joanne indicated that today would be something of a tease with her not knowing what she would be instructed to do from one set of instructions to the next. She could always refuse to play but she knew from her growing arousal after reading the note that she very badly wanted the game to proceed. Following a quick shower Joanne extracted a small jewelry box from a closet drawer. Inside was the gold body jewelry Rick had given her along with two sets of nipple clamps with small rings attached.

With the box in hand she walked over to the full length mirror adjacent to her dressing table. She looked at her naked body as she opened the box to remove the pieces. Joan was a petite 5' 2' with short blond hair, smooth olive skin which tanned quickly to a honey brown each summer. Now, a shapely 125 lbs size 12 after two children, her breasts were a firm 34C with prominent protruding nipples that were super sensitive. Her tummy was sexily rounded now but she had avoided stretch marks during the two pregnancies.

The feature which seemed to get her the most attention was her prominent ass and well proportioned legs with shapely thighs blending into her ass and tummy alluringly.

She looked younger than her 33 years and worked at keeping her body in good condition. While still standing in front of the mirror she attached a clamp to each of her nipples. She tightened the clamps to the point of a firm pinch then pulled out an 8 inch length of gold chain and attached it to the two rings suspended from the clamps.

Her already firm nipples became more aroused and protruded provocatively from her breasts. Next she took two more clamps attaching one to each of her labia lips. To these she then attached two gold pendants composed of several lengths of thin gold chain varying in length from an inch to about three which resembled a set of earrings. The weight of the clamps with the jewelry attached pulled her folds open and brushed along the insides of her upper thighs. She would have to choose a skirt carefully to make sure the jewelry wasn't left exposed below the hemline too easily.

Joan took a hand mirror to check the placement of the clamps on each of her nether petals. Seen from below her sex was stretched and her inner folds and pink inner tissue slightly exposed with a sheen of moisture already forming from her arousal.

She then extracted the body chain that went around her waist leaving it loose enough to rest just above her hips. This left about a 6 inch length of chain hanging below the clasp and down her right hip. She then put on a gold ankle bracelet and a short gold choker chain round her throat.

Her body decoration was then completed with, a gold wrist bracelet and earrings that were similar to the pieces dangling between her legs. She looked in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. The gold displayed against her tanned nakedness was attractive and provocative. Her breasts adequately supported the clamps and connecting chain which sagged between her nipples to a few inches above her navel.

The body chain floated provocatively above her hips. The labia clamps and dangling chains complemented her tanned thighs and accented her hairless smooth mound and pussy. She felt and looked shockingly sexy and the wetness building in her vagina told her that her response to her appearance and her mission for the day had her arousal building already.

She took her cell phone and snapped a photo of her reflection in the mirror sent it along to Rick with a note that simply said. "You pervert. I love you!" The picture would let Rick know that the Play Day was on. She snapped several other photos at differing angles from her reflection which she would later share with Rick. Joanne busied herself around the house doing routine tasks during the morning. She felt so aroused in her state of undress and display that she had to refrain from masturbating knowing that she didn't want to take the edge off.

Several times she found her hand going to her clitoris and caressing her sex. The pinching sensation from the clamps on her breasts and labia kept her stimulated and wet no matter what she did. As 11:00 am approached she became a bit apprehensive about the location of the next envelope. Their utility room was outside at the rear of their detached garage. She would have to exit the house, go through a portion of the backyard and unlock the side door.

She made it a point to not expose herself in the neighborhood but, apparently, Rick now wanted her to risk being seen perhaps even wanted her to be seen by someone. As the hour approached she felt naughty but aroused with the challenge. Most of the yards surrounding them had decorative wooden fencing and shrubs so she would have partial cover and the morning hour usually found few people out unless one of the neighbor's landscape crew showed up. She opened the rear door onto the patio and looked out.


She didn't see anyone about so she exited down the few steps to the outside and scampered across the few yards of lawn to the garage door with her uncovered breasts bouncing and the body jewelry lashing her skin as she ran.

She quickly inserted the key and opened the door and stepped into the cool darkness. She turned on the light, looked around and saw the next envelope sitting on a shelf just above the workbench. She opened it and pulled out the next set of instructions.

Now, you are to dress in a short skirt and button front blouse. Wear only what you are now wearing under your clothes. Only button the last two buttons of your blouse. You are to drive to a shopping center across town and locate a grocery store. Go to the produce section and select a cucumber that is the size and length of the largest dick you can imagine taking in your pussy. Try and select one that has a rough bumpy texture. Do not put the cucumber in a bag. Hold it in your hand while walking through the store and checkout and carry it back to the car.

You will find another envelope inside the glove box. Do not open until you have purchased the cucumber. Joanne took the instructions, turned off the light and cracked the door to check her surroundings again before exiting.

The way appeared clear so she sprinted back to the house hoping that she had not been seen. Once inside, Joanne went to her closet and selected a green, sleeveless light weight cotton button-up blouse and a short white pleated tennis skirt. She looked in the mirror and was pleased with her appearance. Her pinched and hardened nipples were prominent and noticeable. The short skirt barely hid the gold chains suspended from her labia but she knew that they would be easily exposed when bending, exiting the car or sitting.

She slipped on a pair of sandals and headed for the car. Checking her watch she saw that she had about 4 hours before the kids would be arriving home from school with the carpool mom of the week. As she drove away from her home the sensations pulsing from her clamped nipples and labia lips aroused her. She could feel the chain connecting her nipple clamps rubbing lightly against her skin under the blouse each time she moved her body.

The two chains connected to her labia had worked themselves under her thighs. She felt the moisture building within her pussy. She knew that Rick's directions would likely lead to fucking herself with the cucumber but the uncertainty of the circumstances were arousing. It was always the unknowns and the risk that made their games so stimulating. The trip to a suburb across town took only 20 minutes by expressway.

Joanne exited and drove toward the town's center. She passed a few gas stations, private businesses and then saw a large shopping center with a grocery.

She pulled in and parked. She walked across the lot to the store now even more aware of her body jewelry and the sensations created by their presence. She had never worn her clamps out in public before and the feeling was electric. As she entered the store the blast of cold air from the air-conditioning assaulted her nakedness beneath her clothing making her nipples harden even more and increased the pain from the clamps as they became more swollen.

She proceeded to the produce section and located a bin of cucumbers. Joanne picked through several to gauge their size and girth. The sizes varied but most were smooth to the touch. She rummaged through the bin looking for one with more texture. The bin had been recently stocked and was very full. As she continued to search several of the vegetables rolled from the bin and onto the floor. She quickly squatted to pick them up.

A nearby clerk working in produce rushed over to help and knelt in front of her as they jointly gathered several cucumbers from the floor. Joanne repeatedly expressed her apologies for causing the spill and the gracious young man also apologized for over stocking the bin.

As the man knelt in front of her Joanne became aware of his gaze directed at her legs. She then realized that her squatting position had exposed her naked bejeweled pussy to him, how could he help but notice. She was also aware that her unbuttoned blouse was allowing a very unrestricted view of her breasts and pinched nipples. The young man had stopped gathering the spilled cucumbers and was just staring between Joanne's legs.

Joanne slowly spread her legs wider which forced her short tennis skirt to ride up her thighs exposing her sex openly with her pussy lips spread open and the jewelry extending from her stretched labia touching the floor.

The young man seemed to have stopped breathing while staring at the sight before him. Joanne broke the spell by closing her legs and again apologizing for the spill. They completed the cleanup and Joanne thanked the young man for his help as she smoothed her skirt down and regained her composure.

As the young clerk watched her, she continued to rummage in the bin until her hand touched a vegetable that was rougher in texture.

She extracted the cucumber to find what she supposed was one of a 9 or 10 inch length and sizable girth, definitely larger than any cock she had attempted to accommodate before.

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Having made her selection she turned, smiled at her young admirer and headed to the front of the store. The woman at the checkout looked at Joan standing in front of her with a large cucumber in her hand and said "Is that all?" Joanne sensed what the woman was thinking and smiled to herself. Joan paid for the cucumber and the woman started to place it in a plastic bag.

Joanne said, "Oh, that won't be necessary" took the cucumber in her hand and departed the store. Once in the car, Joanne placed the cucumber in the passenger seat and opened the glove box. She removed the next envelope and instruction sheet. Now that you have selected a natural dildo you are to find a suitable location to masturbate inside your car. Suggest that you seek out a public parking area with traffic coming in and out so that you may be noticed but safe at the same time.

Once you select a spot and park you are to open or remove your blouse exposing your breasts and remove your skirt completely.


Masturbate using your hand and the cucumber until you cum. Then open your last envelope for the day. It is located in the trunk of the car. You must retrieve it without buttoning your blouse or putting your skirt on.

Joanne was jolted by this last instruction. It assured that her nakedness would be exposed publicly, if she had the courage to do it. She pulled out of the parking lot and began driving seeking a suitable location to satisfy herself and the demands of the game. She passed one or two shopping areas that seemed to have small crowded parking lots which didn't seem suitable and she was nearing the edge of the suburban area. Joan began to wonder if she would need to turn around and try other streets in town.

It wasn't an area that she knew all that well. Then she saw a new center she had not known was there. There were two anchor stores on each end of the center with small businesses and shops between them.

The parking lot was large and not crowded. Most of the activity seemed to be near the larger home improvement center and the discount store on the other end. Joanne slowly drove around the large lot a couple of times trying to decide the best spot to park.

She finally selected a spot near the rear of the lot where a few cars were parked away from the more congested parking near the anchor stores. She figured that these cars probably belonged to employees of the stores who likely would be there all day. It also kept her car from being alone at the back of the lot.

She pulled into a space with her car facing toward the stores so she would see anyone coming her way. There were several vacant cars parked near her location providing some screening from traffic that might pass close to her. Joanne watched traffic come and go for a few minutes while beginning to rub her aching nipples under her blouse. She noticed that it was now a few minutes after noon so she still had better than two hours before needed to be home.

She sat observing activity around the parking lot and found that traffic was fairly light and while some cars drove near her location or passed by no one stopped. She could hear noise from the passing traffic on the busy street behind her. She casually rubbed her breasts through her blouse and played with her hard nipples and the attached nipple clamps. After a few minutes of observing her surroundings and gaining some confidence that it was a fairly safe location, she let her seat back slightly and adjusted it fully back from the steering wheel to gain herself more room but still be able to see anyone approaching.

It was a warm day so she lowered all of the windows to allow some air to flow through the car. She unbuttoned and unzipped her small skirt raising her ass up and sliding it down her legs to the floorboard.

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She pulled both of the chains attached to her folds from beneath her stretched pussy lips and felt the wetness along her slit. She looked around her as she unbuttoned her blouse and allowed it to open exposing her clamped breasts. She now sat there reclined in her car with her body on display and with the sights and sounds of people coming and going. Joanne was experiencing a flood of feelings of apprehension, arousal and guilt in the awareness that the thought of being seen or caught at what she was doing drove her sexual hunger and excitement.

She began rubbing her aroused clit, pulling on its hood and pinching the little nub with her fingers. She inserted two fingers inside herself and pushed against her clit with the heel of her hand. She felt wetness from her seeping out of her pussy and down between her legs and into her ass crack onto the seat.

She squeezed her nipples and tugged at the chain joining her clamped nipples to increase the pressure and the pain. Occasionally, a car or truck would pass along the drive in front or behind her but none stopped or seemed to pay any attention to her. For all they knew she was just an employee taking a break or waiting to go to work. Joanne now picked up the cucumber and rubbed it up and down along her open wet slit. The rough bumpy texture stimulated her further and she rotated the object coating the skin with her juices.

She lifted the cucumber to her mouth and licked the end and down the side tasting her pungent juices. She spit on the end and spread her spittle around while some dripped onto her tummy to mingle with the sheen of perspiration that was beginning to coat her body from the warmth of sun on the car and her state of arousal. She lowered the cucumber and began pressing it against her vaginal opening.

She had to spread her legs wide to enable penetration of the large object so she pulled her right foot up onto the seat and splayed it as widely as she could then separated her lips while pushing the rigid invader into her hungry pussy. The hardness was way more demanding than any large cock would be because there was no flexibility at all. She worked this new dildo slowly inside herself and began rotating it slowly as she moved it in and out.

She now had about 4 inches of this monster dildo inside her and the stimulation along with a bit of pain from her roughly stretched internal tissue felt so, so good. She began developing a rhythm between her hand and pelvis now thrusting against the welcome violation of her body.

She needed to spread her legs wider apart to get more insertion and to thrust her hips as she needed to, so she lowered the seat back even more to the point that she could not see all of her surroundings without rising up. At this point she didn't care; it was all about the building sexual energy that was taking over her body and her mind. She now was able to drape her right leg over the center console with her foot in the passenger seat while her left knee pressed against the door.

She was fully opened and accepting more and more of the huge cucumber inside. She was aware that she was emitting small gasp and raspy growls as she worked for satisfaction. Her right hand drove the cucumber into her pussy while with her left she pulled her clamped lips aside stretching them to widen the opening for the rigid crude invasion of her tender flesh.

The pace of thrusting against the vegetable dick increased with her ass now lifting completely off the seat as she pushed into the hardness stretching her insides. She began alternating between pulling on her breast chain and roughly rubbing and pinching her clitoris as she accepted more and more of the cucumber into her vagina. There was now a full eight inches inside and her. Her sex was stretched to the point of pain but as she thrust against the size and hardness the more her vaginal walls stretched and hungrily accepted the dildo.

She vaguely heard the distant noises around her but now had slipped into her sexual state to such a degree that none of it mattered.

She could now feel the cucumber pushing against her cervix, her juices covered her ass and made her seat slippery she could feel her climax building and her thrusting increased in pace and urgency. Her head rolled to the right and she opened her eyes to see a man standing beside the open passenger window and he was holding his phone in his hand.

She jolted up and started to pull herself together as best she could while being naked and in a highly aroused state.

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The realization that the stranger was using the camera on his phone to record her public display struck her. She had no idea just how long the man had been watching her and how much he might have already filmed.

The man made no move to enter the car or approach her further but simply stood there staring at her with his camera in his hand continuing to record. Joanne was slick with sweat and her juices. Her chest heaved with heavy breathing. Her pussy was aching to cum. She had removed the cucumber and closed her legs. She looked at the man but still no words were exchanged between them. Her eyes met his.

He appeared to be about 50 or so and dressed in work clothes. He showed no reaction to her just simply looked at her while aiming the camera toward her and occasionally checking the screen to see what was in the camera frame.

Joanne felt her state of panic begin to recede somewhat and her state of arousal began to assert itself once again.

Her sexual urges slowly took over her thoughts, normal concentration was impossible. She began to slowly rub and pull on her clit again while the man watched her. Feelings of excitement and arousal drove her back to her own satisfaction. She lifted her right leg over the console again resting it on the passenger seat and spread herself once again while beginning to insert the firm cucumber in her pussy. She began thrusting her hips while more and more of the rigid object slipped inside her much more easily now due to her stretched vagina and her sloppy wetness.

The stranger's presence and his stare while recording her self debasement made her obscenely hot she found herself wanting to show herself performing and cumming for him as well as to satisfy herself. Her pace increased as she felt her pussy again stretched to the limit and was aware of the hardness again banging her cervix. Her breathing was rapid and she cried out as her urgency to reach climax approached.

She saw the man unzip his pants and extract his hard cock and begin masturbating while continuing to record. His hard dick stood just above the open window as he worked his hand along it. As her excitement rose toward its crest Joan grabbed and pulled against the chain attached to the nipple clamps pulling and stretching her nipples harshly as the clamps dug into her aroused flesh.

She was lost in her thrashing unaware of the lewd display she offered while torturing her flesh and satisfying her animal like sexual drive with abandon. Joanne rammed her dido hard inside herself, her back arched and her ass lifted high off the seat.

She now had her body suspended above the seat and was extracting the vegetable dildo fully to her vaginal opening then ramming it back inside as the rough surface stimulated her wet tender interior. Again and again she rammed the object inside herself thrusting her hips obscenely with each penetration. She was now gasping loudly with each ragged breath her legs trembled from the tension of her aroused body.

She could feel her explosion cresting. Now her orgasm took over, her legs quivered her pubic area extended upward as her leg and ass muscles tightened against her waves of pleasure, she gasp in short rapid breaths. She was coated with sweat, her heart beat like it wanted to explode. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over her as her orgasm continued one spasm following another.

The man's pace of stroking his cock increased and he leaned closer to her window as blasts of cum spurted through the window and fell on the seat with some landing on Joanne's outstretched right leg as it lay across the console.

During this entire episode her eyes had not left his face while he stared at her pubic area and occasionally met her eyes but still neither spoke. After what seemed like minutes Joanne's orgasm began to recede now only causing her to spasm occasionally. She relaxed into her wet seat still spread wide to the view of the stranger and his camera. She left the cucumber fully inserted as she relaxed and felt the beads of sweat rolling down her chest, back and stomach. Her hair was plastered against her forehead from the sweat.

Her leather seat was slick from the prolific juices that now steadily flowed out of her pussy and around the cucumber with each contraction of her throbbing pussy. Each time she attempted to remove the cucumber from her another wave of pleasure hit her. The man continued to film as she suffered multiple short waves of pleasure as her vagina repeatedly contracted around the invading object.

Minutes passed as Joanne lay there naked and spread before this stranger waiting for her vaginal spasms to abate. Unconsciously she began pulling at her clitoral hood and touching the little engorged nub protruding from it as she watched the man watching her.

She realized that the self stimulation was again whetting her arousal. She looked at her accidental companion, his softening cock still lying against the ledge of her open car window, cum still visible in the slit of the purple head, the stranger's eyes looking at her and checked the camera screen to make sure he was recording it all.

She felt so slutty, so nasty and so very hot as if her very skin would burn. She lowered her free hand beneath the now slick cucumber and scooped an ample amount of her vaginal secretion and thick cream onto her fingers bringing her hand to her mouth and inserting four glistening coated fingers sucking them clean.

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Joanne then noticed her companion's cock becoming erect again. She realized that her slutty act and obvious and apparently endless sexual arousal had this man very stimulated and his recovery came very quickly followed his first orgasm.

His hand slowly worked up and down the exposed shaft now protruding through the window. Joanne responded by rotating the cucumber inside her vagina setting off more spasms and lustful sounds.

As she worked the dildo inside her with her left hand she began pulling on her clamped labia and stretching the thin membranes along and around the cucumber. She again arched her pelvis upward out of her seat grunting and crying with each thrust of the dildo inside her. She could feel the combination of sweat and vaginal wetness running along her ass and dripping onto the seat beneath her.

She held her dildo very still inside her and alternately held her breath between gasp of air as her vaginal walls involuntarily convulsed around its large invader. More moisture spilled out of her around the cucumber filling the car with the smell of sex.

She saw that the man's cock was fully erect again and his breathing was heavy and loud. She reached across to her right leg which was spread into the passenger's seat and with her index finger she scooped some of the man's cum that had landed on her shin earlier bringing her finger to her mouth and inserting it fully she could sense the difference in taste from her own juices as she sucked on the finger while staring into his eyes. As her orgasm begin to subside she watched as the stranger's cock spurted the second stream of cum through her window with most dripping out of the end and running down the inside of the door.

The man continued to milk cum from his softening member then tapped the flaccid head against the leather interior allowing more of his fluid to be emptied inside the car. He then tucked his spent cock inside his pants and continued to stand at the window recording Joanne in her disheveled state. Finally, as the dildo slid from her wasted vagina a rush of her liquids followed running from her s and pooling on the car seat beneath.

She rested, her sex completely opened to her observer with her juices slowly seeping from her swollen, inflamed pussy.

The recording of her open contracting sex was permitted as she regained her strength and composure. Slowly she raised her seat back and moved the seat into position to drive still wearing nothing but her jewelry and her open and now sweat soaked blouse. She started the car and raised the windows while the man continued to film from outside.

She drove away as he lowered his camera and turned to walk away. She had no idea where he had come from or who he might be but he now possessed a record of her public display which if shared could seriously damage her reputation and be a huge public embarrassment. She could only hope that the video would be kept private.

She also wondered just how much of a risk she had taken and just how wanton she could be. It could have been a dangerous encounter with someone who would have forced himself on her.

She began to wonder about how far she would allow herself to go for the rush of sexual excitement and how much of a risk she would take. Inside she felt the satisfaction and sexual high was worth the risk or at least it felt like it for now. She had driven for several minutes preoccupied by all of the thoughts coursing through her head before the air conditioning made her aware of her continued nakedness.

She couldn't get to her skirt without stopping somewhere so she pulled her sweat soaked blouse over her exposed breasts and got a couple of buttons fastened with one hand and continued driving toward the expressway with her bare bottom becoming sticky against the leather as her liquids combined with the drying sweat beneath her.

She arrived home with about 40 minutes to spare before the kids would arrive. She pulled into the garage and got out still naked from the waist down. She extracted her now wrinkled skirt from the floor of the car. She noticed that the cucumber which lay in the passenger seat had become coated in some of the strangers cum that had landed in the seat.

She left it lying there for later clean-up. In her bedroom she removed her blouse, loosened the clamps from her body and removed the body jewelry. Her nipples and labia were sore and reddened from the stretching and pulling that Joanne had administered during her outing. She then took a hot shower to remove the smell of dried sweat and vaginal fluids from her body. She put on a long flowing shift to cover herself but remained naked beneath. The doorbell rang and Joanne went to let in the kids waving to her neighbor who transported them as she backed out of the drive.

She took the 7 and 9 year old to the kitchen and made them an after school snack. As the kids ate she went back to the car and opened the trunk to get the final envelope that she had not opened due to the stranger's appearance in the parking lot.

She closed the trunk lid and opened the envelope. I wonder if your nakedness is being observed. It makes me hard thinking that you may be watched as you retrieve this. I hope you had a big O. You are to drive home wearing only the body jewelry.

Keep the cucumber for later. We will take the kids out for a quick dinner tonight then after we get them off to bed I want to hear all about your day. Afterward I want to make love to you and watch you masturbate with the cucumber and then with it inserted inside you I'm going to enter your ass while your pussy is stuffed. I want to feel you completely filled. I love you! Joanne felt her vagina moistening again. She wondered if they could both last through her story of the day and how Rick would feel about her risky public performance being recorded by a complete stranger.

She did know that she would enjoy performing with the cucumber again and that the ass fucking would be an added treat to her already sexually charged day. She thought about cleaning the car seats now sticky with vaginal juices and a stranger's cum but then decided that having Rick help with the cleaning while she was telling him about her Play Day would add a bit of extra stimulation to the night ahead.

Joanne left the car just as it was with the windows closed to retain the smell of sex now permeating the interior and with the pleasuring cucumber resting among the cum stains on the front seat. She could already feel new wetness from her vaginal walls. She went back to the house to put her body jewelry and clamps back on underneath her dress.

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