Big titted milf Laura fulfills a deep need for masturbation

Big titted milf Laura fulfills a deep need for masturbation
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Aikira By Jax_Teller©2017 The crew I was working with were mostly retarded red neck type good old boys who never grew up. I had just done three tours with the Marine corps in Afghanistan. I was 6' 6" 200 lbs and was working new home construction as a crew leader. I was happy to be working but knew this wasn't my end game. Working kept me physically fit and the money wasn't bad. I resisted getting involved in any romantic relationships while I was active duty and had left for boot camp three days after graduation from high school at 17 yrs old.

And while I had sexual encounters over the years, and some wild times, I never met anyone I was interested in spending the rest of my life with. The hours on the construction site were long and the heat made for tanned bodies. I was unloading a truck of materials to a new home site when a Mazda pulled up and the dark tinted window rolled down. A female voice asked if I could help her, and I walked over to the car.

The woman asked if I could help her, that the toilet in her new house two doors down was leaking. I really couldn't see much of the women and told her some one would be over asap. She thanked me and drove back to the house and parked. I told Jason, an electrician that I was going over to the house diagonally across the street that they had finished just before I started, to stop a leak and that he was in charge until I got back.

I grabbed my tool bag and headed over to her house walking up the side walk I noticed it was just built. I knocked on the door and it opened immediately almost pulling me in. The woman said thank you for coming so quick, and come this way.

As I followed her in I was taken back by the beautiful ass walking ahead of me. Then I got a whiff of her scent, a wonderful almost flowery smell that was subtle and some what bold at the same time. It was intoxicating and the sway of her butt bouncing ahead of me up the stairs was exhilarating too.

The water was indeed spewing from the shut off valve joint and I was able to turn it off.

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I got quite wet in the process and I looked over at Aikira standing over me to see what I had done. It was then that I noticed the front of her blouse was dripping wet and clinging to her breasts. From my vantage point it was if she wasn't wearing anything at all as her breasts were clearly visible. It was also then that looking up at her I realized just how beautiful her mocha skin was glowing.

She sensed that she was very close to me and backed up allowing me the space to stand up. She thanked me and I told her no problem and asked if she had towels or rags to get the water up with.

She said oh yes, and ran to the next room a bedroom, and opened an unpacked box. She handed me several towels and I went to dry up the water on the floor. It wasn't near as much water as I thought and I stood up and turned back to the bedroom to see Aikira pulling the wet blouse over her head. I stopped dead in my tracks looking at her and she looked directly at me at the same time. She paused for a second and turned away from me and pulled her pants down and stepped out of them giving me a complete view of her bare pussy lips as she bent over.

Aikira asked I would like to throw my clothes in the dryer. I snapped out of my stare, and said sure. She gave me the look like, ok, take them off, and I began unbuttoning my pants. I felt like this turning into more than a institutional task and into a dare of sorts, and I smiled at her nervously.

She walked over to me as I took my wallet and cell phone and bent over to put them in my tool bag. She said nice butt as I stood and handed her my pants and at the same time she looked straight at my cock as I turned to face her.

She blushed slightly and I admired her cute butt as turned and said good thing the washer and dryer were hooked up yesterday by the delivery guys. As she walked down the stairs to the laundry mud room I couldn't take my eyes off of her as the light seemed to sparkle off her caramel mocha color skin. She had no fat on her what so ever but wasn't a tooth pick either. Her hair was in a long French braid down her back which I was fantasizing about grabbing on to. I was having very nasty thoughts about her and then as we got to the laundry I saw her wiggle her butt intentionally for my benefit.

I thought to say something only to realize I didn't know her name yet. I watched as she put the clothes in the dryer and when she turned to face me, I said by the way my name is Jackson but everyone calls me Jax.

She said my name's Aikira and that she was just moving in to her first house in a new town. Aikira asked if could help her with something, and I said sure, what do you need.

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She explained that she'd just moved here from Dallas for a new job and really didn't know anyone yet. I said well now you know me, the real me looking down at my nakedness.

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We laughed and she said well about that, and I said yes, drawing out the word, she said would you like to help me with my bed. I said sure and we went back up stairs to the bed room and I looked at the bed I asked so what needs to be done. She went over and laid on it and said she needed help breaking it in. I moved between her legs and laid on top of her kissing her and then moved back down, kissing her nipples, and then teasing her belly button ring. Then I slid down further and began kissing and sucking lightly around her pubic mound and she ran her fingers through my hair and pulled my mouth to her clit.

I licked and sucked and she moaned and opened herself more. I started pushing a finger inside her and then added a second one as she was so wet. I got comfortable and reached up to play with her left nipple as I used my right to finger her as I ate her. She began bucking and loudly moaning and crying out and I held on as she had an epic orgasm drenching my face. She pushed me away and I laid next to her on the bed expecting her to want to cuddle or at least recover from her orgasm, but she rolled right over onto me and grabbed a hold of my cock.


She said oh my god I can't get my hand around your dick, but she still managed to stroke it. I wasn't much more than average in length but in girth I was as big as a beer can.

She stroked and sucked until I was fully hard and I swear it looked even bigger than normal as she let it pop out of her mouth. She kept holding my cock as she climbed up on top of me and positioned herself over my cock. She guided her self down on it and it met with enough resistance that my cock bent once and then she shifted and it went right into her.

She stopped for a second and said oh my god I feel so full, and then she pushed herself down more taking the rest of my cock inside her. Aikira's eyes looked so full, dark and she was looking right into my eyes as she started moving up and down. It wasn't long before she was bouncing up and down on my cock, and I was holding onto her very nice size and shaped tits. My cock being white seemed to shine as it disappear into her and then reappear, her juices running down my cock.

Her shaved pussy gave me quite the view and she was so beautiful that I wasn't sure I could hold out much longer. She stopped bouncing on my cock for a minute and looked deeply into my eyes and said please come inside me, I want to feel you come in me, and she started a frenzied pace bouncing almost off my cock and slamming back down on it. I felt her twitch in a mini orgasm and I said I am going to come, she said oh my lord yes, loudly dragging the word out yes. She switched from bouncing on my cock to rocking front to back keeping my cock deep inside her.

I felt my cock twitch and expand at the same time, I felt the velvet glove of her pussy clamp down on my cock and release time and again. As my load of come forced up and through my dick and into her, she shook and her lady juices spewed all over my cock and lap. It was so intense and perfectly timed I began to loose consciousness for a second, kept in the moment by the come painfully spewing into her.

Aikira leaned down and kissed me as we came together and it was if lightening had struck me and I was fully back in the moment. I could hear the buzzer on the dryer go off indicating our clothes should be dry, but I just lay there basking in her beauty.

After a few minutes I told her I needed to get back to work, but wanted to go out to diner and show her the sights of the town if she would like. She slid off of me and laid over on her back, gathering the come from between her legs rubbing it up and over her magnificent tits, finishing by putting her finger in her mouth licking it clean.

She said go to work lover and stop by later, that she would be ready for me as she patted her pussy. I went to the bathroom and picked up my tool bag and went down stairs to the laundry and got dressed.

I went back to work distracted and was thinking of the places I would take her. One of the guys asked me what that fucking nigger bitch wanted.

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I told him to fuck off, that some dumb fuck plumber didn't finish installing the toilet correctly. Greg one of the framers said that would have been Mike the retard plumber. I thought to myself what a crew, and that I need to find a better job. I packed my tools and called the general contractor and told him to hire a new crew leader that I quit. He asked why and I told him that I prefer to hire my own crews and I needed a change.

I went home, put my work truck away and showered up. I pulled out on to the street in my black 2013 Mustang, and cruised over to Aikira's house. The guys were still working across the street and didn't seem to notice me as I walked up to her door. I rang the door bell and could hear her coming up to the door, when she opened it she said wow you clean up nice for a white boy.

I led her to my car and opened the door for her, and as she stepped down into the car I could see that she wasn't wearing anything under her sun dress. I shut the door and when I got in, I asked her what kinds of foods she liked.

She laughed and said any that she didn't have to cook.

As I drove away one of the guys from the construction crew did a double take and rolling stare as I went by. She asked why they were still working and I wasn't. I told her that I had quit the job, and they would have to finish without me. She asked how I could afford to just quit like that, so I explained that I had saved money, and that I was skilled in many different ways that would allow me to find a job when I was ready. I put my hand on her knee and she put hers on top of mine lacing her fingers in mine.

It was very comfortable and natural like we had done it many times before. I took her to the ocean view overlook and we walked around the nature trail with all the views.

She told me some about herself and her new life, house, and her goals. I was impressed by her maturity and focus, but distracted by her sensual sexuality, that seemed to encompass her.

I couldn't help but look for opportunity to touch her, and as she leaned on one of the rails to look out over the ocean, I stepped behind her putting my hands on the outside of hers. Our bodies were touching ever so slightly and as I leaned into kiss her neck I couldn't help but notice her fragrance.

The smell was so subtle that it drew me in, and as I kissed her neck and up to her ear, Aikira leaned back melting into me. I let go of the railing and slid my hands up the front of her dress cupping her breasts and she bent forward slightly pushing her butt tight against my hardening cock.

She began move shifting her weight from leg to leg, grinding her butt into me, almost dancing.

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I looked around and we were alone and I could see in the parking area there were no other vehicles but mine. So I let my hands slide down and then up under her dress, feeling the silky smoothness of her skin prompted her to spread her legs giving me access.

I lifted her dress onto her back exposing her butt, and slid my cock out of my pants, rubbing it up and down her pussy lips from behind. She pushed back and my cock slid inside her pussy and as I stood still for a minute, I motioned slightly with my head to the camera just down the trail from us. The parks were monitored but we were far enough away that no facial recognition would be able to identify us.

Aikira turned her head and said fuck me baby, fuck me hard. It wasn't fully out of her mouth when I began plowing in and out of her. It was like we were one mind, blistering hot public sex in front of a camera. Aikira screamed Fuck and I felt her juices run down her legs.

I slammed my cock as hard as I could in and out of her as fast as I could until I felt my balls tighten. I grabbed her braided hair and slammed my cock tight into her and held her in place as I came.

She squirted some as my cock twitched and jumped inside her, spewing my load of come deep into her. When I let go of her she turned around and sucked my cock clean, and when she stood I could see a puddle of our combined juices on the side walk.

She straightened up her dress and I put my cock away, and she kissed me and said thank you Sir, with a slight accentuation in the tone of the word Sir. We walked back to my car and when I pulled back out onto the coast road I asked her why or what she meant by calling me sir. She said that she was sexually submissive and I was being so dominant with her that she thought it was appropriate to address me as Sir.

I told her I liked that, and that and if she wanted to we could visit a private club that was kink based. I took her to a nice upscale restaurant and we talked about sexual roles and how we each saw our selves.

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It was very clear by the time the check arrived that we had worked out a verbal D&s contract between us. Even though we'd just met that afternoon, it was as if we had lived a life time together, our minds becoming one with every passing moment. She just seem to need me and I found that I needed her and we fit each other.

I drove her around town showing her the different places of interest, finely ending at a nondescript building just out side the city limits. There was no sign, no windows to see in, but the parking lot was full and there was a door man at the door all very mysterious to Aikira. I opened her door and led her by the hand to the doorman and showed him my membership card. He opened the door and a heavy deep base beat at a low volume could be heard. The house lights were low but the booth's around the out walls were varied lighting, some slightly brighter that the house lights and some that were not lit at all.

There was a center area of the floor that was tables and all the chairs faced the raised stage. As we were seated in a booth I told her more about the club and what to expect, like people in the audience masturbating or having sex, and that there was no alcohol sales but people were allowed to bring there own as long as no one was obviously drunk. I also said there were no limits to sexuality in that there may be all sorts, male-female, female-female, male-male, shemales, and other sorts as well, you never knew exactly what would go on.

A female voice came over the sound system as the lights gradually came on and said there would be a five minute break and then the stage would be open for who ever wanted to go on next.

It was odd sitting there watching as people shuffled about some undressing others pulling their clothes back on. The lights dimmed and a woman who looked to be in her fifties stepped on stage and the lights went back down except for on the stage.

Music came on and she removed her clothing and pulling some devices from her bag. As she moved about she was almost dancing, gliding about her routine. She got close to the front edge of the stage and produced a strip of cloth with medical looking needles, with out the syringe portion, and began to stick needle after needle through her nipples making an Astrix looking design.

When she had used all the needles she pulled a set of clamps from her bag and spread her legs in front of a stage light, spot lighting her pussy, and put the clamps one each on the lips of her pussy.

She once again dance glided around for a minute and then pulled same weights from her bag and as she glided she would stop and put a weight onto the clamps. Her lips stretched at the weights and as she put the last weights on, the music lowered to reveal the sound of the weights clanking against each other to the rhythm of the music at which the audience clapped and cheered until the music ended.

She bowed and sat in a chair removing her devices as the house lights slowly came back up. Once again the announcer came over the sound system and after the five minute intermission this beautiful dark skinned woman got up as the house lights dimmed and approached the stage. The energy seemed to ramp up, people who had been around the edges moved to tables. Music came one she did a very erotic strip tease until she was completely naked at the end of the second song.

As the third song came on she motioned to this guy sitting at a table near the stage. She curled her finger at the guy and he made like he was shy and she coaxed him to the stage with and she placed a chair center stage and sat him on it. Once he was in place she went about giving him a lap dance, loosening his clothes, rubbing his cock through his pants, putting his face in her cleavage. The next song began and she stood him up, kicked the chair to the side, and pointed making him lay on his back.

She danced around removing parts of his clothes until he was naked. His cock was standing tall and proud and The woman stood over him with her feet on either side of his chest and leaned down sucking his cock, very dramatically with over exaggerations. In one swift quick motion she stepped forward and squatted over him and took his cock straight into her pussy right to the base. The crowd was silent and enthralled with the show as the talented woman bounced and rocked on his cock.

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The beautiful dark skinned woman finely got tired and she laid down with her feet on the railing edge of the stage and then pulled her legs up to her chest, and curled her finger at the man once again.

He moved to her and knelt between her legs and guided his cock into her very wet pussy.


We could see her pussy her juices were pushed out by his cock entering her. He began slow slamming his cock in her until he bottomed out in her pussy and then he pulled back out until the head of his cock was visible and then slammed back into her. The guys toes were locked on the rail of the stage for balance and he picked up the pace rocking, plowing into her.

The woman screamed at him "fuck me white boy, fuck this nigger whore cunt, fuck me". The music ended and the sound of his body and cock slamming into her was making rude sloshing slapping sounds, only covered by her screaming.

She was yelling at him to fuck her harder, calling him a pussy and he picked up the slam factor and grabbed her throat with both hands grabbing her with enough force to keep his balance but not so tight that she couldn't yell.

She began to tremble under him and she kept repeating don't stop I want to come you cracker, fuck me harder, and then Fuck, fuck, fuck. She started to buck wildly under him and then she went silent, shaking and then the squirting all over the place. The guy continued pounding her until she went limp, and he stood up and jerked his cock unloading buckets of come from her head to her pussy.

As he stood back looking her over, her feet were hanging over the bar rail, and she was rubbing her clit and small spurts of come were coming from her pussy. He knelt down and kissed her as she drew a finger of his come to her mouth and she squirted one more large stream of come over the rail and into the front row of tables. When she finished coming he pulled her to a sitting position and the picked her up in his arms and took her to a chair at the back of the stage.

The lights came on as the cheering and clapping began and I could see many naked folks in the crowd, some fucking, some masturbating. I wasn't expecting the racial aspect to play out tonight, and watched Aikira closely to see her reaction. She said that was fucking incredible, and asked if it was ok to talk to them. The announcer did her thing, announcing a fifteen minute intermission as I led Aikira over to the table they sat at. As they sat there several people stopped by their table and congratulated them for a great performance.

I introduced myself and Aikira and congratulated them on a magnificent performance. They were pleasant and it was sort of odd, the two of us fit white men and the two beautiful dark skinned women.

The woman introduced herself as Dani and her partner as Kevin and I asked her if she was the same woman who usually does the masturbation routine?

She said so you've caught my act before, and I said well yes I have smiling at her. Aikira pulled a piece of paper from her bag and handed it to Dani and told her if she ever wanted to get together just call. She looked to me and said that is if it is ok with you Sir.

I said I would love to hook up with either or both of them. The lights dimmed and we returned to our booth. Aikira asked if I thought they would call and asked what I meant by either one or both of them. I told her that I was bisexual, and that I love sex. I also told her that performers get a lot of attention and invites that go unanswered, but maybe. The next performer was a single male and he just stripped with no music and I decided to show Aikira some of the other parts of this private club, tugging on her hand,leading her to a hall way to the back.

There were doors on either side of the hallway and some were open others closed, windows to the hall next to each door some with blinds closed some open for viewing. I stopped at one window that was open, where a young man was whipping an older woman with a heavy looking leather flogger. He moved around behind her swiping at her with the flogger in an almost rhythmic step sequence. I watched Aikira for her reaction and caught her biting her lower lip, so focused on the scene that she didn't notice me watching her.

I led her on to another open door, and there were tall bar stool seats around the outer walls of the larger room, so I led her in and we sat. There was a naked woman laying face down on a massage type table and the man standing next to the woman picked up a glass in one hand and swabbed the inside with one of two drum sticks in his other hand, and then lit the other drum stick on fire with a candle burning nearby.

In one swift motion he used the flaming drum stick to ignite to fumes in the glass and placed it on the woman's bare back. Instantly her skin sucked up into the glass and he went about repeating with nine more glass cups.

He slid a few of them around making a design on her back. The artistic design being created by such an intense application was fascinating. When he finished he pulled the glass cups off of her and she sat with her back to us exhibiting the art for everyone to see.

We the performance was over I led Aikira out and back to the main ball room, and out to my car. She said that place is off the chart wild, and I drove back to my place, discussing more in depth what we had witnessed and what we liked or didn't. When I walked her to my door I told her that I wanted to blindfold her. She said now sir with obvious disappointment in her voice. I said yes slut, and she perked up facing me, and I pulled my handkerchief out twirled it into a suitable blind fold and placed it over her eyes.

I led her inside and asked her if she remembered the safe word we had discussed at the restaurant. She said yes and I told her to say it aloud for me to make sure. She said falcon, I repeated falcon, and I led her to my dungeon, building the suspense of not knowing what my tastes on interior decoration were or what quality or class my tastes ran. Once inside the dungeon I pulled her dress over her head, leaving her naked, and told her to step out of her shoes. She complied with out question or hesitation, and I put a set of leather cuffs with padded interiors on her wrists and then another set to her ankles.

I asked her if she was ready and she said ready, able and willing sir. The End If you liked this story please comment