Whipped sub MILF gets dominated and fucked

Whipped sub MILF gets dominated and fucked
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My name is Tyler and I'm 16. My sister Jessie is two years older than me and is always bringing her friends over to the house to hang out back around the pool. My friends are always begging me to come over on hot days so that they can try to flirt with the older girls sunbathing in their bikinis, but for the most part it's just me. My sister is pale by nature and try as she might she never really puts on much of a tan.

She still gets attention from the boys though because has an absolute bubble butt, big C cups, and puffy pink lips. I didn't really think of my sister in that way too much when I was younger but her butt just kept getting bigger and when she'd come home from volleyball practice in her spandex and ponytail, I was treated to a full view of that ungodly ass.

Most of the time when I masturbated I'd think about all of her hot friends on the volleyball team laying out in those bikinis by the pool, but occasionally thoughts of my sisters ass would sneak in. I was on the wrestling team so I was in pretty good shape, but I was a freshman and all of the girls wanted to date senior guys. Also I was kind of a nerd so I didn't get a lot of attention from the ladies.

One day after practice I came home and hopped in the pool to cool off. Jessie and her friends would often go shopping after volleyball so I usually got home earlier than her. I had been dicking around in the pool for about a half hour before I heard Jessie pull up. Her friend Ashley was with her, and boy did I have a soft spot for her. Ashley was a little taller than my sister and whole lot tanner.

She had blonde hair to my sister's brown, and her boobs were a little smaller but she definitely still had a tight little ass.

The girls were giggling about something and they had shopping bags in their hands. When my sister saw me in the pool she walked up.

"Hey butthead get out of the pool Ashley and I are going to sunbathe." She said.


"Not like you are ever going to tan, you're a vampire." I shot back. "Oh shut up needle dick." she said rolling her eyes. "You're an albino, and why can't you sunbathe with me in the pool." "Because Ashley doesn't want you drooling over her when she's trying out her new bikini." Ashley then came outside in her shorts and bikini top.

Good lord was I glad to see her.

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"Actually Jessie I don't mind I want a boys opinion on it, you should go get changed into yours." "Ok fine but if you are annoying I'm going to tell Mom that you've been skipping fourth period." "Fine by me I'll deny everything" I said.

Jessie went inside and I was all alone outside with Ashley.


Ashley peeled off her shorts revealing the new string bikini underneath. It didn't leave much to the imagination, and my cock started moving immediately. "Wow, that's pretty fucking hot Ashley." "You think so?" she said rotating around giving me a better view. She had the tightest little butt I'd ever seen and I swear you could see the mounds of her pussy lips in that tiny little thing.

Her butt was nowhere near as juicy and bubbly as Jessie's, but it was still spectacular to behold. "We are going to wear them to the end of school beach party." "Well I'm going wherever that thing is going," I said.

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Ashley laughed and at that moment Jessie walked out in hers. Ashley's bikini was dark blue and accented her tan body but Jessie's was hot pink.

When Jessie came outside in that thing I just about filled the pool with jizz. "Yours looks great Ashley. I hope you aren't giving my brother too much of a show. " I was still speechless at this point. Jessie's butt was putting an absolute beatdown on that bikini. The bikini was barely visible at all and that butt was jiggling all over the place as she walked over to Ashleys place by the pool chairs.

Her tits were bouncing and her ponytail blew in the breeze. I had a raging boner at this point and I felt the immediate need to wank. "Well I have to test it on someone," said Ashley. I finally recovered enough to speak and I said, "Well it passes the eye test I'll tell you that much Ashley." "Well that's not the only test I need it to pass" she said.

What are you talking about" my sister said suspiciously. "Well I think Tyler should get out of that pool and rub a little sun tan lotion on our backs don't you?" My sister giggled realizing what Ashley meant, and said, "Oh I think so." There was no way I was going to be able to get out of that pool without them seeing what was going on in my pants and they both knew it too. I wasn't about to back down though. "Go ahead little brother hop on out of the pool," Jessie said both of them giggling.

"You better watch who you're calling little." I said pulling myself out of the pool.

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My suit was clinging and my big hard cock was in plain view. I always knew I was blessed with a nice long thick dick but seeing the reaction on their faces is something I cherish to this day. Ashley's jaw was wide open and Jessie's eyes were as big as saucers. "So who wants to go first?" I said. "What?" said Jessie confused. "The sun tan lotion" I replied innocently. "Me, definitely me," piped Ashley "I'm going inside" said Jessie, "I don't really feel like tanning." She got up and walked inside looking a little woozy.

I stared intently at her ass the whole way. Jesus she had an ass that I just needed to tear up, but Ashley was my first order of business.

She handed me the sun tan lotion a little eagerly and turned over on her back. "Come on Tyler rub that on my back." "Well you know I can't say no to you." I said. I squirted the lotion all down her back and began rubbing it in. My boner was throbbing and starting to hurt now. Her body was smooth and tanned and it was all I could do not to come right there in my pants. "You need to get my ass too," she said. "Well we wouldn't want that tan to be uneven would we?" I shot back.

I started rubbing and massaging the lotion all over her ass and I could see her bikini was soaking now. She started to moan. I mauled and slapped and jiggled that butt all over the place.

"Ohh ya that's the spot but I think you should come around front of me and get my shoulders better." I obliged and now my dick was right in her face as I rubbed down her shoulders. "Good God it's even bigger up close." She said reaching out and grabbing my cock. "I'm going to suck this beast dry and then you're going to fuck my brains out ok?" I lit up like a Christmas tree, and I ripped my shorts down.

She hungrily slapped it right in her mouth. Then she put her hands behind her head and just bobbed up and down my shaft.

Her lips looked amazing as she slobbered all over my fat dick. She could only take in about half of it but what she lacked in depth she made up for in eagerness. She was fluttering her tongue under it and on the tip and spitting on it like a champ. She then took both of her hands and grabbed the base of my dick. She started pulling and forcing my cock deeper into her throat gagging the whole way.

She made it three quarters of the way but had to come up for air. Gasping for breath she spluttered "fuck me, fuck me now." I knew my parents would be home soon and anyone could see us out by the pool but I wasn't about to stop now.

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She got up on all fours and undid her top as I untied her bottoms. She kept moaning and pleading for it as I pulled off the soaking bikini revealing her tight little ass and a dripping wet little shaved pussy. She put her head down and stuck her ass right up against my dick.

"Put that cock in my fucking pussy right fucking now." She demanded. I grabbed it and tried to stick it in but it wouldn't go in right away. It was super tight and it was slow going but eventually I was balls deep in ashley's soaking pussy.


She let out a gasp and kept shaking her whipping her hair back and forth as she moaned. I pulled my dick back and pushed it back in again and again. As her pussy started to loosen up I got quicker pounding her over and over. She started shouting yes and grunting in time with each thrust.

I was mauling her ass and slapping it with my hands as I thrusted and I could tell I was close to finishing. Luckily for me she was too.

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She was rubbing her clit like her life depended on it and her whole body was shaking. "Oh I'm gonna cum," she said. "So am I," I gasped. Then she let out a moan that would wake the dead and I could feel her pussy gush on my dick as she twitched all over my cock. When her moans and twitches subsided she turned around and got on her knees in front of me, and I blasted her full in the face with my load.

She stuck out her tongue and I hit her with stream after stream of my hot jizz. It poured all over her face and even got in her hair and rolled down her chest. She swallowed what was in her mouth and started licking her lips and sucking it off her fingers, but something caught the corner of my eye.

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I looked up toward the house and saw my sister watching us through the glass with her hand down her panties. When she saw me looking up she turned and ran. "What is it?" said Ashley. "Nothing," I said looking back down at her.

"Just a little something I've got to take care of later."