Gay twink boy self fisting xxx Say Hello to Compression Boy

Gay twink boy self fisting xxx Say Hello to Compression Boy
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt14 Hey gang, this is a short chapter but action packed. Now I was tired, and I mean really tired.

The girls had got me worked up, and I wound up finishing myself off. I looked down at my daughter. She looked so beautiful and helpless with my big thick dick stuffed into her. Her legs were spread out wide, giving me a great view of my nut sack pressed up against her ass. She had all of me, and then some. She was also completely full of my cum. "Stay right there," Kayko said just before she jumped up from the couch and bolted upstairs. I waited patiently, catching my breath, until she returned 30 seconds later.

"Here," she said as she handed me the 8 inch long dildo. "Plug her with this." She was dead damn serious. And the thing about it is this, if I didn't do it, she would!

I brought the dildo down next to her crotch. With one quick move I yanked my still hard cock out of her and replaced it with the dildo, pushing it in until it almost disappeared inside her before it stopped. "That will keep her from leaking tonight while she sleeps," Kayko added with a small nod to her head. I never realized Kayko had this side to her. Then again, until a month ago I had never done anything more than give Erin a hug and a kiss on the cheek. All of this had come about because of the twins.

I am not blaming them, or anyone else. But those two young girls had changed our family forever. I pulled Erins' legs together so the dildo would not slip out while I carried her up the stairs.

There was no doubt about it, she down for the count.

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With Erin tucked into bed I went back down stairs. Kayko was sitting next to Saki and was gently stroking her hair. Saki was back in reality but still lying down. When I approached she looked up at me and smiled really big. "Hey Uncle Mike," she said with a nice little smile. "Hello my little pet," I said as I sat down near her feet. "Are you alright?" She squeezed her legs together and stretched out.

"Mmmm yes," she replied while rolling back and forth a little. "That felt so good!" "I know what you mean," I responded while rubbing her leg. "I know what you mean." The three of us went up to our room. I call it 'ours' because Saki is now a permanent bed mate. And there is no way I am about to complain about it. If Kayko wants me to share with Saki on a very regular basis, then I am game.

We all piled into the bed with Kayko to my right and Saki to my left. It is really nice to be surrounded by women at bed time. Unfortunately for me I was out the instant my head hit the pillow. I guess the jet lag hit all at once because I was gone. I don't remember giving either one of them a kiss or anything before I was snoozing like a bear hibernating in the winter time. At least I would have tomorrow to recuperate.


When I woke up it was still pitch black outside and I had the unmistakable feeling of being inside someone who was lying on my chest. It was Saki. She was almost completely spread eagle with her legs stretched out wide so her knees could rest on the bed. Her arms were draped down at my sides with her head on my chest and my cock rooted deep inside her. She was nice and warm and sleeping soundly. I looked over at the clock on the nightstand, 3:20am. It felt like I had been asleep for a month but the time that went by was virtually instantaneous.

I ran by hands down Sakis' back, enjoying the feeling of her smooth naked body. When my hands got to her ass I pushed down a little while raising my hips, sinking an extra inch into her.

Saki let out a very slight moan and pushed down with her hips. Apparently Kaykos' teachings had her ready to accept anything inside her if she was awake or not. I rolled my head to the side and looked at Kayko. She was lying on her side facing me, and she was awake. "Hey sweetie," I said as I looked into her smiling face. "What are you doing up?" "I've been watching you two sleep," she said as she brought her hand up to stroke my face.

"How long has she been on me?" I asked. "A few hours," was her reply. "You were really hard and she wanted to be close to you. You know, she really loves you." She continued while moving her hand from my face to Sakis' head.

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"I can tell," I responded while pushing up into the sleeping girl again. "I love her too." "No," Kayko said quietly while coming up on one elbow. "She really loves you." I looked down at the top of Sakis' head before looking back at Kayko.

What my wife was trying to tell me is that Saki did not just love me as her uncle; she loves me as her lover and mate. I was a little concerned at this point. I have been faithful to Kayko from the time we met, and until the twins had come along I had not even looked at another woman with any kind of longing. Now, here I was, lying in bed beside my wife with my dick stuck in an 11 year old that was in love with me. I was at a loss, and Kayko could tell.

She leaned over close to me and spoke softly. "Look, she is learning a lot of new things and experiencing a lot of new emotions and feelings.

It's no wonder she has fallen in love with you. My brother is not the most affectionate man, and she is just looking for the security of someone she can count on. Besides," she continued with a warm smile, "you are handsome, gentle and kind. I can easily see why she has chosen you. And you have a big dick which she likes an awful lot." She said with a bit of a chuckle. "I am glad she feels so close to you and I don't mind sharing.

You are my one true love Mike. Nothing will ever change that.

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And I just want to see you happy." Wow! That was a mouth full. Her little talk had my heart thumping hard. As Kayko leaned over and kissed me memories of walking with her mounted on me in the garden at Hirito's' house raced through my head. She was right about one thing. I might be her one true love, but she is definitely mine. Having Saki love me as well is just like icing on the cake. I do love them both, and it is difficult to describe. One thing is for certain, I will never ever abandon, hurt, or disrespect either one of them, or anyone else under my roof.

As Kayko drew back from me she had the most loving look on her face. It's at times like this that I wish I had two dicks. I reached over with my hand and buried two fingers into my wife. Her response was to curl up at my side with her right leg draped over mine and her hand on Sakis' back. It felt so good as we drifted off to sleep again. My life was at the top of the charts!

……………………………… I awoke the next morning to find myself alone.

Both Kayko and Saki were gone. It was a little odd because whenever I am home, someone always wakes me up with either a blow job or by slowly screwing me awake.

This morning was different. The only other thing in the room was a pair of flowers on the pillow next to my face. At least they were thinking about me.


After a quick shower I headed down to the kitchen. The house was completely silent. As I went past the other bedrooms I stuck my head in. All were vacant. It appeared that everyone had gone somewhere. My breakfast was on a plate in the oven and the coffee was still hot in the pot. But none of the clues left behind gave me any idea where anyone was.

I took my breakfast into my office and switched on my computer. When I opened the link to the cameras in the gym, it was empty. I was alone at the house. I called Kayko on her phone.

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"Where is everyone?" I asked when she answered. "We're just out running a few errands," she replied with a very familiar sound in the background.

"It's just a little something for your birthday. We'll be back in a few hours." What she was doing at the airport was beyond me. But she did say it was something for my birthday so, who knows? After eating I headed in to the office in town. This would do two things.


I could finish off my work and make arrangements for my time off in July, and it would help to kill the time and not drive me crazy wondering what was going on. In a way it was a bad choice. My boss was going to give me the next day off for my birthday, but on Monday it was back to Canada to complete the work I had started there. This would take me right up to my July holiday, offering me little time with Kayko and the girls until my vacation.

At least I would have the time off. By 6pm I had everything done and was heading back. I knew everyone would be home and I really looked forward to seeing them. When I walked into the house everything was still silent. Even though Kaykos' car was in the garage I heard nothing. Things seemed a little strange until I got up to my bedroom.

It looked like there was a wrestling match going on under the blanket. Big lumps moved back and forth and I could hear moans and gasps as the girls were having some kind of fun. Without saying a word I stripped down and approached the bed with my hard on leading the way.

I was going to join in by surprising someone. When one of the largest lumps moved toward the side of the bed and a single foot came out from under the covers I took my queue. In one quick move I lifted the blanket, aligned my dick, and thrust in to the unsuspecting woman underneath. She was tight, and I could feel my dick preying her open as I sank into her depths.

A loud gasp came from underneath the blanket as I began hammering away, driving in deep to my unsuspecting host. "Oh my god!" came the strange voice just before the blankets came flying off her back. I looked down stunned to see that I was balls deep inside my cousin Jennie. (Her real name) Jennie and I had grown up together until her dad had taken a job in Colorado and moved the family away. She was great to hang out with, and she is the first girl I ever kissed.

(She was 8 and I was 9) But with the families being so far apart we really could not keep up too well. The last time I had seen her was just before I headed off to Stanford.

The whole family had a get together and a big dinner to see the young college guy off. She looked fabulous then with her blonde hair, tanned legs, and delicious looking rack. But it was also the day I found out she was lesbian. Oh, that one hurt. I wanted her to give me a parting gift that I would have remembered for the rest of my life, and give me a good gauge to grade my women by. That didn't happen. She just gave me a little peck on the cheek and a punch in the arm.

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That was actually good enough. Now I was inside her and had not anticipated it. "Who the fuck just stuck that big goddamn cock in me?" she hollered as she twisted her head around to see me plowing into her.

"Hey Jen," I said as I continued screwing my dick into her. When she recognized me her attitude changed a little, and so did her actions. "Holy fuck," she said as she lowered her head back down between Sakis' legs and grasp two fistfuls of the mattress. "He's fucking huge!" The rest of the blanket came off the bed to reveal Kayko, Saki, Erin, Shiori, and Mark all intertwined in a mass of arms, legs, and toys.

Jennie had been eating Saki and working her pussy with one of the dildo's my wife had bought. Kayko had one end of the double ended dong stuck in her while the other end was in Erin. The two of them had been fucking each other while Erin had been licking Jennie until she had moved that last fateful time.

Mark was on top of Shiori and he was mowing the lawn like a champ. "Mike," Kayko said in between gasps as she ground her pussy into Erin. "Your cousin is here for the weekend." "No shit!" I replied as I grabbed Jennie by the hips and began screwing her harder. I had wanted to do this a long time ago, and now that I had the chance, and was already inside her, I was definitely going to make the most of it. I didn't have a good look from where I was behind her, but from what I did see she still looked great.

Her blond hair and tanned skin was identical as the last time I had seen her. But mercy sakes alive, she was tight and smooth as silk. Jennie began grunting with each of my inward thrusts, hanging on to the mattress top in an attempt to not be fucked all the way across the bed.

I reached between her legs and began working her clit with my fingers as I drove down the highway. It only took a few more strokes and a few flicks with my finger before she began shaking with her first orgasm. "Oh my god!" she hollered into Sakis' pussy as the first waves plowed through her.

"I'm fucking cumming!" Kayko grabbed Jennies' hips and slid her head underneath her, using her flexibility to her best advantage to get at my cousins pussy. When I felt Kaykos' tongue start to lick my fingers I pulled my hand away, giving all the access to her and allowing me to regain my grip. Jennie was in for the ride of a life time as my wife and I began working her from both ends. Jennie started bucking up and down on Kaykos' face while I switched to long powerful strokes, pulling almost all the way out before diving back in to spread her open.

Erin got into a scissor position with her mom and started grinding her crotch back and forth at the same pace I was fucking Jennie. The two of them had every last inch of the dildo inside them, essentially keeping their bodies aligned at the crotch. Saki was wiggling around on the bed like a worm on the ground as Jennie pummeled her pussy with the dildo and tried to continue eating her out.

It looked like Sakis' pussy was running like the garden hose left on low. A steady stream flowed out of her pussy and was mostly licked up by Jennie; the rest flowed onto the sheets making a big wet spot.

As for Mark and Shiori, Mark had her legs spread wide apart and was grinding his groin against hers. Everyone was in the throes of some really good fucking as the bed shook and shuttered under the mass of bodies on it.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," Jennie repeated over and over as the waves of her orgasm raced through her and I continued to drive into her. For someone who had been with only women for the last 10 or 15 years, she was good. Very good! And she was definitely enjoying herself. Several times while I was driving into her, I pulled back a little too far which caused my dick to completely exit her. But Kayko was right there to handle the situation with flying colors on my next inward stroke.

It is a really wild sensation to be sliding in and out of a nice hot pussy and then to be deep throated on one stroke before going back in to the pink softness again. It almost made me pop my top instantly. Jennie didn't even notice, or at least I think she didn't.

She was shaking and bucking against me and Kayko in an almost endless orgasm. When she would buck forward and down, Kayko had her clit, causing her to rise up and push back onto me. Meeting my inward thrust at the same time sent her from nearly vacant to stuffed full of man meat in an instant. That, in turn, made her pull forward and push down again.

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It was a brutal cycle for her, but one that she was enjoying because she was cumming all over Kaykos face like a leaky bucket. This went on for several minutes until Jennies' movements became slower and very erratic.

I guess she must have had twenty orgasms or so and was now running out of steam. Her once wavy blond hair was now matted with sweat and plastered to her back and arms as she shook against my cock and Kaykos' tongue. When Saki and Erin both gave out squeals of joy from their almost simultaneous orgasms, I lost it. I pulled back hard on Jennies' hips and thrust deep into her, bringing about a yelp as all eight inches of me were pressed inside.

Jennies' mouth opened but nothing came out as I blasted cum up into her. Kayko began licking my balls at the same time which only made me shoot more. We were locked into place as almost everyone was cumming at the same time. Mark and Shiori were spooned together on the far side of the bed with Shiori in front and Mark inside her from the rear.

They were just lying there watching the goings on as the rest of us came all over each other. Saki pulled her legs together and curled up into a ball, shaking and shuttering from the workout Jennie had given her. The dildo Jennie had used remained stuck inside her, hanging lewdly from her now somewhat reddened hole.

Kayko slid out from under Jennie as Jennies' body continued to shake and twitch; her face and lips were covered with drops and runs of cum. When Kayko sat up, she started a full on assault on Erin and the double ended dong. Apparently she was the only one to have not gotten off. Kayko began grinding her pussy back and forth as Erin laid there gasping having already had a big orgasm.

"Come here sweetie," I said as I pulled my cum coated dick out of Jennie. "Daddy will help you out." Kayko didn't need an engraved invitation. She pulled away from Erin, leaving the dong stuck in our daughter.

As soon as her ass was facing me I slid in. Ah yes, my favorite pussy! Kayko began squeezing me the instant I was inside her as I started fucking again with long deep strokes.

Jennie lay down on the bed next to us and watched as I drove home the money. "Damn Mike," she said as she brought her knees up and pressed legs together. "It feels like you split me open." "Sorry about that," I said as I continued to drive my wife's ass into the bed. "I've wanted to do that to you since you were 10." "Well I hope you enjoyed yourself," she said with a bit of a smile.

She ran her finger through the large amount of my cum that was leaking out of her, "It feels like you shot a gallon into me." "His capacities have always been good," chimed in Kayko. "I have always enjoyed having him fill me up." "Me too," said Erin. "I love it when he cums inside me," said Saki. "I try to keep it all inside after he is done.

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But usually I am open to wide and it leaks out." Jennie looked back at me with a bit of surprise on her face. "Well," she said as she looked down at my cock sliding in and out of Kayko.

"It seems like you have a satisfied crew here Mike." "I aim to please," I grunted as I continued my pace. "I have to go to the bathroom," Jennie said while looking at the large strands of cum on her fingers. I had really given her a full load. As she disappeared into the bathroom everyone shifted around on the bed, except for me and Kayko.

We were just a little bit busy. Erin and Saki moved together and began kissing while Mark and Shiori just stayed where they were.

They seemed to be happy just watching. When Jennie came back she was just finishing drying her pussy with a hand towel. "You," she said while pointing at Shiori.

"I haven't got to taste you yet, come over here." "Yes mam," Shiori answered and she pulled away from Mark. Marks dick appeared to be a little bigger than when I had seen it last. I guess all the fucking he and Shiori have been doing has made him grow a little.

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Besides that, he had just pulled out of his second home so his dick was at full size. Shiori scooted across the bed and lay down in front of Jennie, spreading her legs wide open once she was in place. "My goodness," Jennie said as she kneeled down beside the bed. "Look at the delicious looking little honey pot," and she licked her lips. Shiori smiled really big as Jennie lowered her mouth onto her spread pussy and began licking. Shiori had never been eaten by a woman before, at least not that I knew of, and her reactions showed.

As soon as Jennie started to work her magic Shiori arched her back and let out a loud moan. Both of her hands went to the top of Jennies' head and grabbed two big handfuls of hair, holding her in place as she began to tremble.

Mark seemed like the odd man out. He was just lying there with his stiffy as he watched his girlfriend getting pleased by his distant relative. "Mark," I said, and I motioned him to come over. He walked around the bed and stopped beside me. "Batter up," I said and I pointed to Jennies' ass that was sticking out in space and completely unoccupied.

"Are you sure?" he asked as he looked from her ass back to me. "Have at it son," I said as I changed my strokes inside Kayko to shorter and quicker little thrusts. Mark stepped up behind Jennie and knelt down. He looked at her pink hole with the neatly trimmed landing strip above and then looked up at Shiori.

She was in the throes of her first wave of orgasm while Jennie slid two fingers in and out of her. Her head was rolling back and forth and she was pulling on Jennies' hair, almost like a jockey pulling on the reins of a race horse. My son took aim and dove in, sinking into Jennie all the way down to his balls.

A very pleasurable look came over his face as he entered his first adult woman. Jennie gave out just a little grunt as she was occupied again but did not stop her attack on Shioris' pussy. Mark began hammering away. He was not going to last long at the pace he was going because I could see him already tensing up and he had just got started.

That will change with time. The more he gets, the better he will get. While this was happening at the side of the bed, Saki and Erin were in a 69 out in the middle of my king sized bed. Saki was on top and was pounding Erins pussy with the double ended dong in what could only be described as hammer strokes. She was really jamming that dildo into her hard while Erin was doing the same to her from underneath. It was quite a sight. Both girls had their mouths open and were virtually screaming as they abused each other with the rubber dongs.

Kayko, who was watching her son just as he blew his load into Jennie, began bucking up hard against me in a sudden onrush of pleasure. Her crotch twitched up and down as she watched Mark tense up, then ram in deep, and then jerk back and forth as he unloaded into my cousin.

When Jennie felt him start to cum, she quickly reached between her legs and worked her clit in a frenzy. She was doing her best to catch up and have her own orgasm before Mark withdrew. Shiori was shaking like a leaf with her legs stretched out wide and stiff against the mattress as Jennies' fingers and tongue ripped her world apart.

Her chest was heaving up and down and her eyes were clamped shut as she rode a tidal wave of an orgasm around the world. Saki and Erin were still pounding away at each other with the dildos when I finally reached the summit of success and began filling Kayko. I let out a loud moan as I drove into my wife and fired away. Saki heard my moan and began convulsing on top of Erin, her whole body shaking and jerking in erratic fits as she leaned back against Erin's fist.

Using both hands Saki pounded the dildo into Erin, bringing her to a screaming orgasm as the two of them shook in uncontrollable spasms. Everyone was getting off. Jennie was right at the height of her own orgasm when Mark pulled out of her and sat back on the floor holding his head. Jennie raised her head from Shioris crotch and leaned back on her heels. "Damn Mike," she said as she cradled her boobs and rubbed her nipples. "I haven't had this much fun in a long time," she smiled as she gazed over the aftermath of completely wasted people.

"Yea?" I said as I pulled my now spent cock out of my wife. "Well my birthday isn't until tomorrow!" End Pt14