Take your daughter to work smalltits pornstars

Take your daughter to work smalltits pornstars
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Not too long ago in my senior year, my band class took an out of state trip. Our teacher said we could pick our roommates.

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I picked the room with two fellow students, Dane and James. Dane was a very cute senior that I had a crush on. Dane was tall with black hair and beautiful eyes.

I had a crush on him since freshman year. So a few months had passed by when I found out James couldn't go due to bad grades. I was so excited because Dane and I were going to share a room together for three nights. On the day of the trip I was very excited because of the possibilities that could happen. Suddenly Dane walked up to me and said "I hope you don't snore, Zach". I chucked as Dane walked away. While he walked away, I stared at his fine ass. About eight hours later, we arrived at the hotel.


It was late at night about 10:30 pm. My teacher gave me the key and told me to take care of it. After Dane an I went up to our room. It wasn't too big, but it wasn't small either.

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I was a little happy knowing tonight is the night something may happen. I told Dane " I'm going to use the bathroom". "Sure" he replied with. About a minute later, as I came out of the bathroom, I saw Dane in his bed. " You're going to sleep already?" I asked. "Fuck yeah", he said.

Soon enough he was asleep.

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I was disappointed that nothing happened. The next morning I woke up and I saw Dane's bed empty. I also heard the shower run I g. I instantly thought of Dane taking a shower. His body against the cool water. At that moment I got hard.

A minute later I heard the door and pretended to be asleep, but with an eye slightly open. Dane came out with a towel around his waist and grabbed his shampoo. I saw his body had abs and was well built. Now I was definitely hard as a rock.

I decided to quickly jerk off to the thought and image of Dane. Later that night after a day of activities, we arrived at the hotel room around 9:00 pm. When we got to the room, Dane instantly turned on the tv. He flipped through the channels until he found something he liked.

While we watched tv it was quiet as all I thought about was Dane's abs. Then the show ended and Dane once again flipped through the channels. Then he found some porn on HBO. "Oh shit!" Dane said. Both him and I were into the porn.

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I could tell Dane was rock hard in his pants, as he was touching his bulge. Soon the porn ended and said "that chick was fucking sexy". "Yup" I replied with. Then Dane asked "Are you gay?". No I said and Dane relied with " I always see you staring at me in class." I didn't know how to respond.

Then Dane took off his shirt and I just stare at his pecks and abs. "See!" Dane said. Oh shit, he got me. " Gay boy, get over here and suck my dick". I didn't know what to do.

I had a perfect opportunity, but if I did do it, it would prove I was gay. But I got up from the bed and went to Dane's.


I looked at his shorts as he had a big bulge. I unbuttoned his shorts and zipped them down. The only thing in my way was his boxers which had a big tent in them. I slowly took the boxers off and then I saw it. His big cock, it must of been 9 inches hard, just as I imagined.

It was surrounded by black pubes and his beautiful balls dangling beneath his cock. I grabbed his hard cock and wrapped it in my hands. I instantly sucked him off. His cock in my mouth felt so good as he moaned " Zach, fuck". I keep licking the tip and even played with his balls. I had trouble putting the whole thing in my mouth. Then he told me to get up and I did.

He then told me to take off my pants and I obeyed. A second later, he pushed and bent me over. I felt his large cock hit my ass and then up my asshole. It hurt like hell when Dane shoved his cock up my ass. "Fuck Dane!" I said. He didn't say anything. Dane soon started to thrust back and forth up against my ass.


At first he was going slow, but then he started to take it faster and I almost screamed. It hurt but also felt so good. While Dane fucked me I touched my own cock, as I was masturbating while being fucked. "You like that, huh" Dane said. Then about two minutes later Dane said, " Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" But Dane kept fucking me until I felt a warm liquid inside me.

His cum felt so good.

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I wanted more of it. At that point we both stood up and we were both sweating. Then Dane said "cum on me". I was shocked to hear him say that. He layed down as I continued to masturbate.

As I did I kept staring at Dane's abs and cock. It was still hard and I could see cum on the tip of his dick. Then suddenly I came on Dane's hard abs.

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Then Dane said "lick the cum off of my stomach." I listened to what he said. Even though it was mine it tasted good, partly because it was on Dane's abs. Dane told me " never speak of this again". I agree as I never talked about to anyone about the best night of my night. The next night we jerked off together.

It wasn't exiciting as the previous night but it was still fun. Graduation soon came after that trip, and we went our separate ways but my class trip would always be on my mind.