Elegant czech cuties stretch their asses with anal plug and hefty fuck toys

Elegant czech cuties stretch their asses with anal plug and hefty fuck toys
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I was just heading to the shower. I was thinking of bringing you there with me. of tying your hands together and raising them onto the hook in the bathroom. I was thinking of taking my shower head off the wall, directing it onto each and every single inch of your body. sometimes from distance, sometimes from close in. Watching every reaction, every twitch, your every single lean into the water stream as I do so.

knowing how you react, watching what your body enjoys more or less. Watching your eyes, changing the shower head to the jetstream.

the massager. repeating the whole process again. every single inch of your body, every pore of your skin explored with the more powerful jet. and this time, I stay with your eyes, penetrating you as I do so. boring deep into your soul, watching your eyes flinch, seeing you try to hide, feeling you open up as the water cascades over every single inch of you.

Then. Only then would I cover my hands in soap: a nice lathery gel. As the gel falls into my hands, you can smell the perfume within it. You slowly close your eyes and take in the scent. With your eyes closed, I turn you round to face the wall. The water now landing on you half way down your back, over your ass to your legs. you feel the cool air against your arms, your shoulders; your nipples just starting to come to attention as the cool air pings against them.

The shower gel is cooler still. I pour the gel onto your wrists. Slowly. slowly, it trickles down your arms. No touch from me as the smooth, cool gel slides down your wet arms, tickling every millimeter it passes. finally, after an age, it reaches your underarms. You wriggle, a big smile on your face as it tickles you. Finally, my hands. strong. firm. hands take the soap from your underarms and slide the full length of your arms, twisting as I do so, covering your entire arm with soap, with the warmth of my hand, with the smooth sensations.

with goosebumps. Admittedly, they may have come from my warm breath on your neck as I massage the soap into your arms. taking forever and a day, massaging each muscle, each joint, each and every cell of your skin coming alive with my attentions.

a gentle moan exudes from me as your entire upper body springs into sudden goosebumps. I love that. My soapy hands come down onto your shoulders, your neck. eradicating the subtlety of my breath. just my strong hands. U hear my voice again, this time hissing a "shh" at you as I hear you moan.

"No noise. I don't want any cheek from you today. Nod if you understand" You nod a slow nod. Now, we understand each other. My firm hands on your neck become gentle nails VERY softly scraping down your back. more touching the beads of water on your skin that the skin itself.

I know you tried to keep it in, but the sharp intake of breath and the "fffffffffffff" sound that accompanied the breath in makes me stop. I take the water off you. "I thought we understood each other.

I will ask one more time. nod if you understand." My voice firmer, sterner yet quieter. Again, I see you nod. I so hope you actually mean it this time. "Last time. not a single sound." Each 's' reverberates in your mind. You're trying to fathom why when the water returns. The warm water feels like a relief, taking away the cold air. again a wider, softer waterfall. Immediately, you feel my hands, warmer this time. caressing the soap into your breasts, your sternum, your neck, your tummy.

all over.

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moving too quickly for you to hold onto one sensation. just warm soapy hands all over you. To test our understanding, I tweak your left nipple.

A knowing smile arrives on your lips before you know it. A little confidence growing inside you now as you weren't even close to making a single sound. As my hands explore you, I take slightly longer each time I touch your breasts, taking a millisecond more to squeeze you a little firmer, or slowly brush your hard nipple. Every time my hands pass your breasts, you feel a moan swell up inside you. every brush, every lingering touch, every single squeeze.

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Oh. God. Must. hollllllllllllld. it. in. The water up above your head, pouring over your shoulders so that it splits front and back. It goes more over your back, but most of you feels warm. You can move and shift the water's ripple ever so subtly, so that every part of you feel its warmth.

Enjoying the play, the control of the water. My soapy hands firmly, yet with no hardness, stroke down your back, taking a moment to linger just above your crack. slowing right down. my fingers gently, yet firmly digging in to your butt cheeks, enjoying your buns. my thumbs, splitting open the cheeks and gliding their way teasingly softly down the crevice.

The smile on my face is a mile wide, as I feel you pushing back against me. I firm up in response. telling you that I enjoy your pushing. your only limit is silence. everything else goes. I want you. need you to enjoy this. this is for you. Teasing the entrance to your ass. just the softest. the merest of touches and your legs give way. the tie on the hook saves you and you regain your stance. Taking an aeon to enjoy your arse. you know I love everything about it.

touching, licking. kissing, biting. smacking the living shit out of it. each of these pass through your mind as I tease the entrance. willing me to slide a soapy finger inside. pushing against my hand, quietly hoping one will slide inside you. And down your legs we go. taking time to get more gel into my hands. every muscle receiving a good massage.

Still huffing from not getting my finger, this isn't working for you as much as the arm and shoulder rub did. Yet, I am enjoying touching you, exploring your body. every detail. My hands come up the insides of your thighs.

my fingers wrapped round your thighs from the outside, still kneeling behind U my thumbs come up the back of your legs. As I reach round to touch you, my thumbs come up over your ass cheeks.

my fingers achingly close to touching you. I know you soooooo want to push against me right now yet you are trying not to give me that satisfaction. Your brattish self still there, as ever.

Now, I have your attention again. I turn you round so you are in front of me, facing me, watching me. See the smug look on my face as I sit on the edge of the bath, the shower head in my hands. Just the quietest of whispers comes from my mouth, struggling to hear me over the water, I see the confusion in your face. A little louder, yet still whispering, I ask you to spread your legs for me.

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The "for me" makes you smile inside. knowing it's for you, but knowing, too, that this pleases me. The water is back on full jet now, and you know exactly where this is going. starting on the inside of your left knee. all the way up the inside of your left thigh. slowly. so slowly. too fucking slowly. It feels sooooooooo good and yet in your mind you are pleading higher. just high. just. But no. back down your right thigh to your knee. Over and over and over again.

up. down. up. down. up. closer.


down. up. down. up. down. up. closer, closercloserCLOSER.

Eventually, your aching clit feels the water jets. I aim just above so it's not too sensitive. close enough that you feel it.

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warm enough that it cascades down and takes away the ache deep inside you. Oh, my fucking god. the smile on your face guides me, guides the water jet. Taking the water jet down now. skirting it quickly from left to right, fast as I physically can. with your legs spread, I can tease your labia with it. only just touching them and no more with the outside of the spray.

you know the one that just seems to spray out at a slightly different angle. That is the one I use to tease your lips. So, fast. sooooo fast. I can see your eyes closed. biting your lip. stifling that sound. yes, that sound. you know it's inside you. but you can feel it's under control. Without warning, I take your stomach and push you back onto the wall.

the tiles are fucking cold against you back. my left hand pushed back against you, my thumb pulling up the hood of our clit. Oh My God, this is gonna hurt. You look at me for my reaction: you don't even know if you said that or thought it. That I haven't moved, my full intensity focused on your clit, tells you either way i didn't hear.


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. you feel the full jet against your exposed clit. Almost instantaneously, you feel a shudder go through you. It is so fucking intense. the waves of pleasure ripping through your body. the lightning bolts sparking through you, making you judder.

the tremors ripping through your legs. it's too much.

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it's too much. oh, GOD IT'S TOO FUCKING MUCH.

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I know you are trying. I know you are holding it back. I know too the scream is inside you. Welling up right from the root of your soul. Oh, For fucks sake. Can you feel how close you are?? Seconds now. the torrent on your exposed clit is too much to bear.

seconds. just hold it. the trembles in your legs pull you back as you lose the strength in them again. regaining your composure, you can feel it again. so. fucking. close. My entire face willing you to cum for me.

the water on your clit. my thumb pulling up the hood and exposing it to the full power of the jet.


So close. the sound is welling. can you fight it?? can you. So fucking close. oh, God. don't scream. don't scream.

no. just. hold it. no. don't. don't "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh. " Too late. The sound flies from your mouth. Soaring high and true.

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but just too early.