Masturbating my pumped up uncut cock

Masturbating my pumped up uncut cock
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The alarm rang again, ringing, ringing, ringing and ringing the day has started however much Alex didn't want the day to start, Alex flipped onto his side and smashed the top of the alarm several times lazily with little aim, eventually he hit the "reset" button, Alex was a tall, young teenage boy with bushy brown hair and brown eyes to match, many people found him good looking and boy didn't he know this.

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He spent no less than one hour in front of the mirror daily just making him self that much better, his vanity got the best of him sometimes. Anyway today was no different Alex go up and headed straight for the bathroom grabbing the hairbrush in one hand and in the other still franticly pulling up his trousers, The comb slowly made his way though his knotty hair making it a little more presentable and less "sex hair" has his mates called his rather messier side, he grabbed the tub of gel and took a decent amount in his hand and slapped it on slowly manoeuvring the gel around his hair and shaping it in a punk/rebel type look.

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He then franticly checked round in the mirror to see if he had any imperfections such as spots or blackheads, none could be seen much to his relief. As he walked out he turned around and looked at him self in the windows reflection, to make sure his entire body was perfect.

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After a close inspection he realised he was ok and headed downstairs. By this time his mum would already have gone to work and his dad well Alex never saw his dad, he left when he was jut 2 and while he was around he was always at work or at the pub, Alex was solely brought up on mums teachings, mum never re-married or even dated another guy even though just like her sun she could easily off found another guy she was everything a guy would look for, long blonde hair, Glistening blue eyes and a nice shaped body the lot.

But she was scared and never really wanted to try again.

Alex moved across to the kitchen were he put 2 slices of bread into the toaster and put the toaster down the cooking process began. Little did Alex know for some reason his mum wasn't at work and was still sat in the living room.

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He found this out as he grabbed his toast and ran into the living room to watch some music on the TV obviously much to his amazement as Alex ran in ready to jump on the sofa his mum was sat there with a Man wasn't to old around 20, Alex looked at the man his eyes darting up and down trying to work out who he was, the man was a tall, handsome, young man with beautiful golden ginger hair and a nice toned body.

Alex wasn't sure whether he was gay or not but did on many occasions find himself watching Gay porn or looking at his mates in a sorter loving way. Alex was looking at the man in that same way imagining how big his cock was and how it would feel to have his salty goodness in his mouth.

His mum was stood there smiling at Alex as he looked at the Man.

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Alex looked at his mum then pointed at the man "Who Is He?" he said, "His name is Dan, a new employee at my work, but I invited him round for a little one to one tuition you will be at school soon so I didn't think you would mind," his mum explain. Of course Alex didn't mind he was stood there at amazement at the tall muscular ginger Man, although Alex wanted a piece he new he couldn't not with mum sat there and especially if he isn't interested in men. Alex was franticly looking at the man for signs of him liking him as he tried to make himself apparent while eating his toast tough fist legs wide apart, the jeans were tight around his crouch and fairly obvious he had an erection.

Alex now was positive he wanted a piece and of course when mum said "I have got to go round shop, keep our visitor entertain while I get back" didn't help his feelings at all.

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His mum set of to go to the shops and Alex and Dan were in the room together and noting but the birds chirping can be herd, then Dan Showed Some interest as he saw Alex's erect cock though his jeans, Alex Saw Dan Smile then Dan said "how big is your cock then" Alex pinched himself to see if he was dreaming or something and then looked into Dan's "eyes I don't know never measured it," Alex replied, "Take down your trousers so I can see it," Dan said starring at his lump "But… but I don't know," Alex stuttered "Go on I know you like me, and I like you" Dan said with that perfect smile Alex Nervously lowered his trousers and boxers and his smallish 5 inch cock popped out and fell to the side, moved up closer the Alex and touched his cock, "not bad" Dan Giggled as he put his hand down to lower his trousers, As he did Alex was amazed by the size of his 9inch cock and it was a fat one at that Alex only ever saw Porn starts Cocks and immediately he knew this was better than porn.

"So Alex what you want to do to me, I mean I never been sucked by another guy before, dreamt it a few times," Alex bent down over Dan's lap and kissed the top of his 9inch cock and slipped the top of his mouth over the bell, and the out again, he licked up and down the shaft a few times while they rearranged the position so Alex was kneeled on the floor and Dan was sat in the chair with his head knocked back enjoying his your apprentices mouth wrap round his cock, Alex slowly licked all the way up the 9inch shaft and popped the bell into his mouth with his eyes looking up at Dan, his eyes moved down as he gradually took more and more of the cock in his mouth with ever bobbing motion he made, Alex had no experience of this and was loving every moment, then Alex decided to take the lot in his mouth, as he felt the thick bush of Dan's hairy light brown pubes touch his nose, he had too much in his mouth and chocked, Dan groaned lightly as this was amazing pleasure the tip of his cock was tight in his warm dry through and pushed out, Alex recovered and worked again at the bell end sucking harder and faster every time, then Alex tasted the silky goodness of Dan's pre-cum he lapped every bit off it up as he could, then without warning Dan's balls tightened and he sat up to attention and with a heavy deep moan the cumed all in the young boys perfect mouth.

Alex tried to swallow as much of this has he could but some dripped down his chin and cheek.

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Dan looked at the young boy and said "thanks for keeping me entertained now its my turn" and without and words he got up and moved Alex so he was bent over on the couch with his tight ass facing the air slightly.

Dan felt around his ass and slowly fingered it trying to prepare it for his 9inch cock. Then when he was as ready as he would ever be Dan tapped end of his cock in his ass crack twice then pushed it in, slowly at first been careful not to hurt him Alex closed his eyes and has he felt Dan's Pubes run against he ass he knew the pushing was over.

This carried on for a few more times until Alex was wide enough to take a bit of speed.


Then it started Dan franticly pushed in his cock as fast as he could, in out and then in again and gradually getting faster, Alex let out a deep manly groan and then bit the pillow to release a bit of the pleasure like pain he was receiving. As the unlikely couple gained in speed and ecstasy Dan started to get more rough and slapping at is ass as he ride him, "I'm close" Dan muttered.

Then in Alex's view he forgot about his mum who was at this moment coming into the door, Alex herd the door close and Dan too.


Dan was way past the point of no return but in shock pulled out and cummed all over the small white ass. As his mum came into the living room door she saw the too guys half naked sprawled over each other. "Oh my god!" She Screamed "You two have been fucking on my sofa" she said, then much to the couples surprise she said "without me". Alex looked up at his mum who was checking the two perfect bodies out.

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"What?" he asked "You heard, without me, I haven't had sex in over 17 years and you have it on my couch" she giggled She moved over to Alex and kissed his cheek were some cum had spilt out of his mouth and slapped his bum "you been a bad boy she wisperd" and as she walked off she gripped Dan's Cock and said "you seemed to have enjoyed it hear.

Maybe you should come back another day, Alex school time, clean yourself up and go before your late"&hellip. More to come later… please comment this is my first story and comments would make the new ones a lot better