Twink foreskin porn and gay penis sex free xxx The boys were like

Twink foreskin porn and gay penis sex free xxx The boys were like
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Holly sat twitching her foot up and down as she listened to the other women. Between them they had over thirty years combined experience here at Journey's End and each of them earned easily in the mid six figure range depending on the efficiency of their efforts. "Wheres Janet?", she said, straightening her tight skirt. The others were getting a bit impatient also, and sat staring at their devices, having thoroughly checked and prepared for the Cum Production Unit who would be arriving soon.

"I hope the bastard produces well", offered Susan, as she stood and walked to the door, looking out into the hallway. "They finally got us some SNIPS units at least, I've been wet all day looking forward to using one." The SNIPS unit was the latest torture and persuasional device available to Journey's End, and subsequently to the five dominatrix.

The unit was actully designed and built here and was now in use during the past few weeks. SNIPS was an acronym for Severe.Non.Impactive.Pain.Stimulator. The device was worn on the hand as a glove and when used properly could produce agonizing pain, leaving no brusing or abrasion whatever on the skin. The palm surface of the glove had a smooth carbon copper alloy surface which was a super conductor of electricity.

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There were other elements around the cuff such as a high gain capacitor, an electrical intensity control, and a focus control that could distribute the shock over the entire palm surface, or concentrate it into one small center spot.

The surface had a unique spring dampering construction designed to absorb the shock of the blow. So no matter how hard one struck the skin, no physical truama occurred, eliminating brusing, or even flushing of the skin.

The powerful electric discharge released on contact with the epidermis of the skin was a different matter altogether.

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The electrocution was administered with each strike of the hand and shattered the integrety of the subdermal nerve endings, and could cause almost unbearable pain. One could adjust the settings so that a mild shock was administered over a large area, or a severe shock over a very small area, or vice versa.

It was known to produce almost catatonic cooperation when used on the Semen Production Unit in the proper manner.

This insured total cooperation and additional ejaculate produced during each session. Diedra flashed a sly smile and rubbed the crouch of her skirt lightly, mentally enjoying some vision, beyond the perview of the others. Holly grinned slightly at the over sexed Diedra."You're not on crack again are you dear?" She then turned and looked out of the door window peering all around the hallway.

Diedra slumped and spread her legs widely. "No, and even if I were Holly, what difference would it make to you." Holly smiled as she turned back and sat down. "Never mind darling, I was just thinking about what the owners would say if they found out.

Don't worry, I'm just bored and I want to get this session out of the way." Diedra spread her legs even wider."Oh it's ok, believe me no one will make a fuss about a little high now and then, and even if they did I don't care." She stood and held a leather quirtin her hand and polished it, laying it neatly in her leather case. The five women were expert Dominatrix, with perfectly formed bodies and movie star pretty faces.

They had worked at Journey's End for some time now, and the staggering wages that they could earn made them firm disciples and ardent servants of the owners of the huge facility. They worked on a piece rate, if one may be excused a minor play on words, and each drop of high concentration semen given to them was worth ten times it's weight in platinum.

The fly in the ointment was, however, that the semen must be produced under the most extreme conditions of embarrassment and humiliation, the word embarrassment being repeatedly distinguished from humiliation by the scientific staff here, and they were expected to find a useful middle ground between the two definitions in order to eek out even the slightest concentration of E-11.

E-11 was without doubt the most valuable substance on earth, molecule for molecule, and for reasons known only to the insiders here. Only a few of the CPU's here produced larger quantities of the rare substance and most of the men produced just enough for consideration. The workers of the large complex allowed themselves the luxury of referring to the unfortunate male captives here, alternately, as either.Semen Production Units, or Cum Production Units.but there was sometimes the necessity of distinguishing between a Journey's End slave, and a computer hard drive unit.

To this end they devoted themselves each day as they force drained countless male slaves. The men were slaves to them, regardless of the euphemistic title 'Semen Production Unit', given the inmates here. They worked together, as a team, and extremely well, one complementing the other in skills offered, and enjoyed the sopping hot sessions during which their vaginal secretions increased severalfold, and their needs in a like manner.

Professionalism was the watchword here, and they were only one of many such groups at Journey's End harvesting the liquid treasure from captive men. They were all to extract as much semen as possible each day, the whole complex was almost exclusively devoted to milking, and in the highest possible quantity.

-------------------------------------------- Suddenly the door opened and Janet breezed in, a coy smile on her face, and she immediately checked her equipment for the next male slave, and then flopped down in a comfortable couch.

Janet was age 30, with dirty blond hair, and already imminently experienced at using men's privates. Her specialties were forced milking, urethral probes, and TENS torture.

She could clean out a man's balls completely given a little time using her own version of a TENS unit, and she really didn't mind the discomfort to them, and in fact always wore extra vaginal protection during sessions to avoid leakage since she tended to be overly wet during femdom activity. She and the other women insisted on extreme ass worship at times, from their helpless captives, and they had all taken this to the nth degree occasionally, coercing the secured males to do oral anal duty on them in a mind boggling way that we will not discuss at the moment.

Holly was about age 28, with dark hair, and seemed to be the de facto leader in the group in a very general way. She had an enigmatic smile, and her forte was humiliation and surgical modification. She was trained as a surgical nurse and could perform rather involved genital-surgical procedures, and her two years in medical school was a great help in this. Her being a doctor was not to be, however, and she had, instead, been a registered nurse for several years before coming here.

She always wore a gray skirt and white blouse during her sessions, and the flats she wore allowed her to move about easily for whatever purpose she had in mind. She enjoyed using men painfully, and in scientific ways, and found many outlets for her spare energies here at Journey's End. She was allowed her way only at certain times here, and consequently, had been trying to be transferred to the torture nurse area for some time now.

The owners evidently considered her much more useful here in the milking area though, and she actually was very happy, and earning very high pay. Christina was about 25 years of age, with dark hair also, and was very serious in her manner, and businesslike about her duties here.

She wanted the men to produce at an optimal rate, and she was expert at causing unique kinds of humiliation to the vulnerable males during their uncomfortable sessions.

Her areas were humiliation, needles, electricity, and urethral chemical treatments. She had been a nurse also, working in a male erectile treatment center until her discharge for unnecessary cruelty with the male patients.

The receptacles used to collect the semen in these special collection rooms were of a special design, and were treated on the inside surface with certain chemicals to show, immediately, whether the ejaculate contained any appreciable amount of E-11. Condoms filled during the intense sessions were removed and tested with a few drops from the chemical analysis pack. A light blue tinge indicated the presence of E-11, and anything less indicated more need for concentration on the part of the male subject under duress.

Diedra was age 32 and had amber hair and wonderfully red and well formed lips. She was from the old school and enjoyed whips and quirts, and paddles, and certain unpleasant kinds of body position torture.

Of course none of the women could vent their full abilities in this situation, and merely concentrated on vacuuming cum out of the their assigned male units. Diedra was born and raised on a farm and was quite experienced with stallions and bulls when it came to milting them, and collecting their large quantities of seminal fluid.

She also liked to jack them off and spent hours doing it. She spent much of her time doing this same thing to some of the neighboring males in her area, and they found that instead of normal sex she insisted on tying them and draining them in the barn. Needless to say she never married, and had now found happiness doing what she loved most.

Susan was a breathtaking beauty, about 35, with dark, well groomed hair, a perfect ass, and sculptured body in perfect proportion. She was stifled emotionally, and though she got on very well with the other women, she did not display her feelings normally, but seemed to express herself in her strict, painful usage of the naked male inmates.

She was a merciless milker, and the males in her charge gave up every single drop of their nut fluid under her care. She was very preoccupied with the vulnerable balls of the cum units, and could be quite unfeeling when checking and probing the inner workings of a man's testicles.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- I was quite numb after my excursion out into the city, and especially the complete degradation at the nightclub. I had been drained under the most demeaning conditions, and it seemed, was always in a constant state of recovery. I was allowed to sleep for a full eight hours the next day and was served a hearty breakfast with a whole series of supplements.

The large amount of sex additives had caused my testicles to increase production of semen noticably, and if not for the daily evacuation of my balls by the dedicated staff I would probably be having wet dreams every night making quite a mess on the sheets. After my good breakfast the usual two nurses and two guards came for me, and just before placing me in the conveyance chair, gave me a powerful cocktail of aphrodisiac and other ingredients, and after they strapped me in I began to jerk to the intense heat in my whole groin area.

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The head nurse rubbed her hand over my neck and shoulder muscles as I sat there before we left, and the feeling was wonderful. "Try to relax hon," she murmured, "it'll be easier for you if you do. I know you're real hot down there but we need that to get your nuts to open for us, ok? I hope you don't hate me sweetie. you're going to have some good old fashioned cocksucking before long and I'll bet you'll like that. She kissed me on the lips and they rolled me down the long hallway and to the elevator.

I looked at her and smiled very slightly, I understood her position and she was kinder than most had been so far. After an elevator ride down two floors we got out and headed toward the milking room not far away. She stopped me for a moment and smoothed my hair with her hand. Sweetheart these ladies are going to put you through the ringer I'm afraid but theres nothing that can be done about that.

Just let that hot nasty feeling take over and try to get some fun out of it, ok. She smoothed my hair down again and pushed me to the door entrance.

She pushed the door open and wheeled me into the room and there were five very hot looking women there waiting. The room had an examination table with full restraints on it and several other fixtures designed to hold the captive male unit for usage, and there were wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling as well as a whole body harness. There were glass cabinets filled with drugs and instruments and two stainless steel rolling tables filled with lubricants and penis probes.

They left me there and after the door had closed one of the women rolled me to the center of the room. I was frightened and was trembling slightly when I was released from the chair and I was told to stand in the center of the floor. The cable connecting my ankles was still in place and I still wore the hospital gown. My penis was rock hard and my balls were swollen from the extreme production of seminal fluid and an intensely erotic feeling gripped me causing my cock to drain onto the floor.

--------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- Janet licked her lips in anticipation as she ripped the paper hospital gown from the male inmate. He had a very large cock and huge balls and would be obviously be a major producer.

He shivered and looked uncertainly at them and this made them all even hotter than before as they devoured him with their eyes. They surmised that he was not a bad looking slave and had a certain kind of defiance in his manner. This slave was one of three in the whole complex who were absolutely indespensible to the owners, and he would receive very special treatment with that in mind.

That's why five dominatrix were required in his milking, and they were very special dominatrix at that. "You will not speak under any circumstances," she said, as she prepared an inhalent injection, you will do exactly as you are told without a seconds hesitation or you will be punished, is that understood," she said tersely. She shot a whiff of an exotic aphrodisiac into his nostrils with the delivery gun and watched for effect.

It was immediate and he stiffened and moaned and his hips pushed outward slightly in a fucking motion. The orgiasmic drug overtook him and he squirmed violently as his penis flung precum over the floor. Christina was in front of him now and gripped his hard cock tightly, milking it downward. She gripped his large balls and rolled them around in her fingers, feeling the inner cords and the large nuts themselves.

"Oh shit Holly, this fucking boy has a load in him. She looked him directly in the eyes as she pulled on his pecker. "Are you going to jackoff for us?", because we like to see a grown man jack himself off. I'll bet you know how to stroke that thing don't you. Diedra took his nuts in her hand and squeezed until he winced from the pain. "You get on your knees, my man, let me see you on your knees. The rest of them looked on amused and let the command stand.

The slave immediately did what he was told, and dropped down, looking up in submission to the women over him. Janet was breathing heavily now and was obviously very aroused. By now the padding between her legs was wet and the odor was detectable in the room. Susan reached down and stroked his hard pecker, and it bobbed up and down between his legs as he kneeled on the cold floor doggie style, and looked up at them.

She expertly slipped a rubber up his dick and it slid on and upward as she peeled it back. She pulled down on his balls and jacked him off a bit. Holly looked down at him grinning widely and pulled the leash, leading him around the room. His cock bobbed up and down and liquid started to accumulate in the large condom.


Holly jerked the chain and spoke in a stern voice, "Jack your dick off, and look at us while you're doing it." They all laughed and were really getting into the fun wanting to put in their own contribution to the usage of this helpless slave.

The man started jacking his cock and stroked it slowly at first but when Holly jerked the dog chain he speeded up and was soon doing his himself more rapidly while she led him crawling around the room.

Janet put her foot out and stuck it in his face. "Lick my foot you ignorant son of a bitch. The man was beating his meat rapidly now and groaning as he sniffed Janet's shoe. He began licking it as he masterbated, and the women were enjoying every minute of it. Susan and Christina pulled off their shoes and forced their toes into his mouth.

The pathetic prisoner looked up and grunted at Holly as she held his chain firmly. As he sucked on Janet's toes he began to shake uncontrollably and groaned out loud ejaculating into the rubber tightly gripping his cock. He pumped his hips several times in an exaggerated manner and the hot sperm fluid continued squirting into the bag. His eyes were on Holly who held the dog chain tightly and she grinned down at him in a sarcastic manner.

He couldn't stop and moaned as each spurt of cum was ejaculated into the rubber. Finally he stopped and looked down at the floor as Holly pulled up roughly on the chain. He looked up at her and the others and shame gripped him as his cum continued draining into the drooping collection bag.

Some of the drugs given him were designed to produce humiliation and they seemed to be working very well at the moment. He was absolutely livid with shame and could not take his eyes off Holly's pretty face.

Christina quickly reached down and tore the condom from his still bobbing pecker and took it over to the testing unit. As the other women looked down at the degraded slave she retrieved an eyedropper and introduced a few drops of the chemical tester into the bulging rubber.

She shook it and kneaded the clear bag and placed it in the light analyzer, but found that the bluish coloration was practically non existant, and far below the extremely high rating of this prisoner. She pinched up her cute nose and placed the bag in a storage bottle, sealed it, and put it in the refrigeration unit. She wrote briefly on a lab analysis clip board, then turned back to the prisoner with a sneer on her face. She looked at the women and shook her head in mock regret. He's not cooperating, she said slowly, his reading is at a 9 percent level, barely detectable, and he is supposed to be one of the top three elite slaves here.

------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- Fear gripped me as I heard the frightening words of the dark haired dominatrix who stood over now. The others were looking at me with contempt, and looked at each other briefly with obvious aggravation on their faces.

The one holding the dog chain looked down and directly into my eyes. She jerked the chain roughly and began to pull me over to the examination table. "If that's the way you want it, she snorted, that's the way it will be." I scrambled to follow and felt a hard slap and searing sting on my asscheek as I was pulled to the flat examinatiion surface.

As the blond haired dominatrix gripped my hanging balls painfully between her fingers, I was brought to my feet and unceremoniously splayed over the cold stainless steel table. My arms were drawn back over my head and clipped into wrist restraints and my feet were quickly snapped into the thick ankle cuff assembly.

A few adjustments of the controls pulled my body straight and taught, and the women expertly strapped down my legs, midsection, and head so that I was completely immobile. The hard, cold surface of the examination table was very uncomfortable, and it was obviously designed with that in mind. My legs were resting on two movable sections of the cold table and after the ankle cables were removed my legs were spread widely by the motorized unit.

Then the one who had held me by the dog chain pushed another control and my legs were slowly brought upward and back so that I was soon laying widely and completlely open to them.

My cock was hard as rock again and I could actually feel my balls recovering and refilling despite my discomfort. One of the gorgeous dark haired ones had a strange looking glovelike thing on her hand and was adusting the wrist controls on it diligently. She looked at me with blurred, unfeeling eyes."That slap you felt on your ass while ago was nothing," she grinned wickedly, I've increased the intensity now and the next one will be much worse, I promise you.

You know what we want and you'd better give it to us." They all put on latex examination gloves and Holly rubbed a thick substance all over my penis and balls. Then they wheeled the examination table over to the other side of the room into a curtained off area, and I now lay in front of several video cameras pointed at my naked body from all angles.

------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ Holly pulled and pushed at the slaves balls, and flipped the super hard erection back and forth a few times.

"Ladies, it's time to go online and provide some entertainment for our viewers." The others were smiling wickedly now and Janet brought over her TENS unit and layed it beside the helpless male inmate.

Holly looked into the eyes of the restrained male unit. "You are going to appear now on our special online website, so that millions of horny viewers can get a good look at you. Won't that be nice! It's the latest thing here and I sincerely hope that you will produce a richer load of semen on this next milking. Otherwise, we must go to the next step in our graded extraction process. You won't like it I promise.

Do yourself a favor and revel in your humiliation, be embarrassed, be very embarrassed!" Holly turned on the camera and a computer nearby verified that the prisoner was indeed online and fully visible.


The sex shows from Journey's End had become quite popular worldwide, and once the viewers had paid for membership they could enjoy a large number of possible humiliation formats, each designed to provide hot masterbation entertainment for countless people, both male and female.

She moved a mounted camera closely to the slaves face and two more to the genital area so that exited viewers could get a good look at the activities during the whole session. A special set of attachable electrodes were placed at the base of the man's neck and fastened on with adhesive tape so that readings could be taken.

These electrodes led to a quite sophisticated computer program, and a graphic readout of estimated humiliation intensity that could be viewed and analyzed. It was actually quite accurate and gave a good estimation of the slaves feelings in humiliation-embarrassment based format. This way the women could adjust treatment of the CPU to produce the optimum concentration of E-11. It was quite experimental now, and had taken quite some time to develop, but was quckly becoming a standard instrument in the milking labs of Journey's End.

Janet was breathing heavily as she brought her instruments out and looked at the trembling slave with lust and and excitement in her eyes. "We're going to have some fun now fuckface, we're going to have some real nasty fun, at your expense." Christina squeezed his balls and cock, pinching the pisshole causing it to open and close.

His pisshole was already fairly large but would no doubt be somewhat larger by the end of this session.

Diedra kissed him passionately and delved her tongue deep in his mouth as Christina played with his dick and balls. His huge cock stood out in an intense erection, and the skin on the surface of the glans was hard and shiny as glass. Precum dribbled from his distended pisshole and collected in a pool on his abdomen. Janet took out a long partly steel and partly plastic urethral probe and coated it with a think viscous lubricant.

Holly then forced a ball gag into his mouth and tightened it securely. Janet slowly moved the slightly curved and rounded tip of the probe to the bouncing dick and spread the pisshole with her fingers. She watched his wide open eyes as she rubbed it around his raw pisshole and began to slide it in.

She worked the thick probe slowly letting it penetrate deeper and deeper into his sensitive ureter. The probe was hollow and would allow semen to be expelled during ejaculation. The long rod was fairly wide and began to cause a pronounced stinging sensation as it slid further and further in.

The slave was now pushing upward against the thick straps and his eyes showing the sharpness of the discomfort inside his dick. The probe was a special one designed by Janet to be more effective for this purpose. There were thin metal copper rings around the outside of the probe, one of which would be touching near the inside base of his cock, another that would be touching near the middle inside of his cock, and a third that would be flush with the entrance to his pisshole.

His eyes were watering from the pain and Christina was enjoying his discomfort. "Look at him cry," she said mockingly, "he's a big fucking crybaby." "You're not crying are you?", she taunted, "take it like a man you pathetic bastard." Janet was enjoying it too and finally had shoved the entire length of the probe into his tender penis.

She then snapped a special hollow tip on the probe that had an extension for connection with the electric wire lead. Christina looked closely at the humiliation abasement readout and got quite a kick out of it.

"He's fucking really embarrassed, according to this, look at this fucking thing. Are you embarrassed boy. You're such a nasty boy aren't you?" The slave had closed his eyes and Susan slapped him fairly hard on his ass with the SNIPS glove.

He jumped in agony and squealed under the ballgag and turned and squirmed under the tight straps. You keep your fucking eyes open cry baby, you're not getting away with that!" He looked at them in fear as Janet continued her obscene work. She took a much thicker anal probe and lubricated it also. She slowly shoved the probe up his exposed asshole and deeply in until the copper metal end nub was seated close to his prostate gland.

This probe also had three thin outside metal bands around the circumference, one would rest near the prostate, one would make contact midway against the inner rectum, and the last band would rest at the anal sphincter, holding it open a bit, being larger than the rest. She placed a cap on this also that had an extension for connection of the electric wire leading from the TENS unit.

The slave was sweating profusely by now, and was forced to maintain eye contact with the camera near his face, sharing his most intimate reactions with the huge mass of horny viewers watching. Next Janet pulled apart and separated his large balls and pulled down on the two large nuts inside until they rested at the base of his scrotal sac.

The remaining wire from the TENS unit had special copper clamps on the end, and she isolated the epidiymis and upper tubal complex at the top of the testes and carefully clamped them with the copper clips. The clips exerted only enough pressure to insure good contact, and did not cause undue pain or damaging pressure. Next she coated both his balls with a super conductor liquid that would bring them indirectly into the electric circuit.

Janet was sweating a bit now and the other women looked on in amusement as she finished her rigging. Holly looked at the work in amazement. "Fuck Janet," you've got this down to a science don't you? Fucking poor bastard!" She pulled on his groin area lightly as she looked into his eyes. "You'd better give us some blue cum my man, get your ass into it.look at that camera and think of all the people looking at you now.

You'd better be thinking humiliation!" Diedra was almost panting now and all of them were producing juices in their cunts, and the odor was becoming obvious in the room. They knew that if anything though, the smell would contribute to the slaves erection. Diedra had put her hand up under her skirt and panties and had inserted it into her asshole.

She worked it in for awhile and pulled it out holding it next to the man's nose. She rubbed it into his nostrils. His pecker was actually forcing out precum out now because of his extreme arousal, and his breathing came in halted snorts. Janet had an IQ of over 160 and was the brainiest member of the group, and had designed her own equipment for quite some time now, building it to her own specifications.

Now she would show her stuff to millions of viewers and her milking friends. She placed a large flat bottomed glass container on the slaves abdomen just below the tip of his cock, and the special extended and flared opening at the top of the container allowed the tip of the urethral probe to be inserted inside so that all of his ejaculation would be efficiently collected.

The interior of the container had been coated with test chem so they would see immediately if his semen contained what they needed. "This will suck the cum out of his brains ladies," Janet said, connecting the wires to the device.

Each load will have less content and after that the fun starts. He's going to fucking cum until he's squirting air. The slave looked pleadingly at the women, and at the screen, and knew how futile it was. He braced himself and concentrated on feeling humiliated. That didn't take a lot of effort since he felt genuinely mortified right now. They all gathered around him and Janet slowly began to apply current to his package, intimate hurtful, shameful current that would cause him to ejaculate more powerfully than ever before.

Janet adjusted several controls to get the right effect. "First we have the direct current from his asshole through his prostate to the tip of his cock, along with the current from his asshole through his balls, through the tip of his cock, and then we begin to make it pulse, and gradually build, and voila, instant carnage!" She slowly turned up the current and the look in the slaves eyes was beyond belief. He jerked his hips upward straining against the straps and grunted through the ball gag.

His large nuts began to quiver and he pumped his hips involuntarily, unable to control himself. He was fucking an imaginary partner now, at least his involuntary reflexes were, and as saliva dribbled from his ballgag the current was continually increased.

His head was jerking back and forth under the strap now as the high intensity pulsing began, and he struggled violently against the restraints. Janet started to play with herself now, masterbating her crouch and the others began to do the same. They all watched the suffering slave as they masterbated, and their groans could almost be heard above the poor cum unit's groans.

He screamed through the ballgag, jerked upward with such force that the thick leather straps actually make a creaking sound, and a thick powerful streamer of white paste squirted up his cock into the collection chamber. Right away they could see that the color was dark blue, and they rejoiced by masterbating themselves with one hand, and hanging onto the treatment table with the other.

The unfortunate man jerked again and again and thick squirts of white scum splashed into the large container. The unit was on automatic now and Janet let it do it's work, however cruel it might have been to the CPU. Spurt after spurt of semen shot out of the metal tip until finally the spurts became smaller and less often.

He was still in the throes of the electric shock storm, and his asshole, dick, and balls jerked with each surge of the cruel current.

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He was making a very strange deep gutteral sound now every time the current pulsed, and by now the semen had stopped squirting out of the hollow probe. He continued to spasm violently but there was nothing left inside his tortured balls.

Christina had her face over his and spit on his forehead as she watched, near orgasm. He was jerking dangerously now and unable to breath so Janet quickly shut off the device and ripped his ballgag off.

He was still making long heart rending sounds but they became less frequent and Christina slapped his face. "Come out of it bastard, shit you should be thanking us." They were all near orgasm and Christina squealed and grunted as she got her load off.

They all soon followed suit, grunting and looking at each other with blurred eyes. They seemed to accentuate each others erotisism, and had cum together on several occasions now. They were all very wet now and one by one crawled onto the slaves face and rubbed their smelly cunts into his nose and mouth. All five of them covered his face with thick juice, and they left him in front of the internet cameras for the masses to enjoy.

They all went to the sinks and cleaned themselves using many of the washcloths provided, and Janet managed to put the large glass container in the refrigerator full of blue cum, sealed and labeled, and they all knew that their wealth had increased significantly. They left the slave there for an hour in full view of millions of people, his face covered with thick paste, and his dick red and tortured from the ordeal. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ I was unable to think or function mentally as I lay there still exposed to the prying eyes of countless people, but at least the pain had stopped and I could just rest and let my raw privates begin heal.

I looked into the camera with the deepest since of humiliation and shame I had ever felt, but couldn't bring myself to look away. I'd discovered that I healed very quickly after being abused, and knew I would soon be viable again.

The supplements did their work well. The cunt juice from all the women was thick and smelly, and dried on my face and I dozed off from sheer exhaustion. I awoke when the nurses came for me, and once in the wheelchair, I just relaxed and let them take me back to my room.

Evidently I had produced high content E-11 for them this time, and I was slowly learning how to make myself more sensitive to humiliation, so that I could give them what they wanted.

I knew that this would be very harmful over time, but at least my pain here would be greatly lessened. -------------------------------------------------------------- Once in my room they gave me several injections and medicines and I feel into a coma like sleep, and didn't awaken until the next morning.

I was sore but the good breakfast and super supplements had started me on the road to normalcy and I was feeling much better now. The nurse who had been nice to me came around again and sat on my bed beside me. "Hon, we've got a treat for you that will make you feel better, I promise you. Are you ok," she asked smoothing my hair down softly.

Look, I told them you needed some good nut release and they said to take you to the cocksucker room again. I know that you received a real nice blowjob there not long ago and there's more where that came from. She gently massaged my cock and nuts and I began to come to life again. I was semi hard as she and the assistant nurse helped me into the wheelchair, and they and the guards wheeled me down the hallway to the pleasure center.

I got up and sat in the restraint chair and they strapped me in for a good blowjob. The head nurse kissed me on the lips and gently stroked my semi hard dick.

"These two women are real good cocksuckers and they're real knockouts too hon, that's right, a double blowjob. She left the cubible smiling and I lay there strapped in with my legs slightly bent backward and my knees up, and my hands strapped tightly behind me.

This position exposed me completely for oral manipulation, the designers of this unit were pretty smart. I didn't have to wait long and the side doors opened widely.

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Two blonds came into the room and the nurse was right, they were just super hot. Cute faces, perfect ass, both were petites, and were already licking their lips. They sat beside me and pulled their tight skirts up around their legs. I could see that their cunts were very wet,and very hairy, nestled between their creamy white legs and when they both got a vibrator and began to stimulate their vaginal orafice my cock began to bob up and down insanely, and cum was already running in a stream down to my balls.

As they fucked themselves they spoke to me in the most obscene way possible, and I felt like I could almost ejaculate right at that moment. The very pretty blond on my right smiled and put her head down to my anus. I knew that I was slightly soiled down there and when she sniffed my asshole and rubbed her nose in it I almost blew my nuts there.

She rubbed it with her nose a few more times and was preoccupied with the smell. The other pretty blond stroked my cock in her hand and put her head down to my pisshole. She peeled back the foreskin and smelled under the head, and the slight head cheese fragrance obviously made her very hot.

The first blond slid her tongue into my asshole and lapped it in and out a few times. She looked up at me and licked her lips as she shoved her finger deep into my anus. It sank in all the way, and as the second woman began to suck my cockhead, the first one began to clean inside my asshole in earnest.

She stopped for a moment and gave me a sly look. "I'm a cocksucker but I really like to eat ass too!" She went back down and tongue fucked my craphole, sliding her skilled appendage deep inside.


I could tell she was eating the residue because of her gulping and slurping sounds. The second woman was now sucking my dick with great concentration, and massaged my swollen balls as she took my pecker down her throat.

I was in a world of pleasure now as I got my ass ate and cock sucked at the same time, and knew that I was very close to shooting my wad. The one with her tongue up my ass raised up, and rubbed the brown residue all over her face. "Pop your nuts in her mouth," she said softly, I'll take the second load. About that time a nurse came in from behind me and gave me an unexpected injection with the air gun.

I jumped in pleasure as the powerful aphrodisiac hit me, and as I went into a trance of pleasure I lurched upward and shot a thick load of semen into that sucking mouth. I felt the cum rush up my dick and into her cute oral cavity, and as her mouth filled she began to grunt, and finally pulled her lips off and spit in the collection container. Very quickly the ass licker dove down and sucked my pecker into her wonderful mouth and held my balls tightly as she performed rapid fellatio on me.

I screamed in pleasure and another heavy load ejected from the tip of my cock and into her warm suck hole. I jerked and squirted several times as she looked up at me, and just as the white scuzz began to dribble from her chin she spit into the container also. The first cocksucker came down again on my swollen prick and began to suck it hard, jacking me off as she suctioned the head. She was squeezing my balls again and her hot mouth was driving me toward another orgasm.

They traded off now, one sucked for a moment, then the other, and I jerked and moaned as my ejaculation took me to another high. It was one of the most incredible feelings I'd ever experienced and because they were so pretty I couldn't control my ejaculation anymore. I was wracked with one continuous orgasm, their pretty mouths servicing me in rapid succession.

I yelled loudly and got my nuts off again and again, as the professional cocksuckers spit my semen into the filling container. Finally I could ejaculate no more and they both kissed me on the lips, got up and left. There was cum all over the floor and my legs and abdomen. I don't know how many times I spit my seed between their wonderful lips but it was one of the hottest experiences in my memory.

The nurse took the container of semen away and I was released from the seat and put back in my wheelchair again. I could barely move and rode back to my room. I was smiling broadly and unable to assimilate the pleasure I'd just experienced. There is nothing quite like being sucked off by a pretty woman, and when two pretty women are doing it words fail to describe the feeling.

--------------------------------------------------------------- Once back in my room watching TV later that night, I had time to reflect on the day's activities. The blowjob babes had been a kindness, but I knew that they wanted the heavier loads produced under duress and degradation. I knew that most of what I would experience from now on would probably be at the hands of the disgustingly nasty dominatrix in the milking rooms.

They needed blue cum, and they knew that I would give it to them if they forced me to. I had to learn to degrade myself and make myself feel true humiliation while being used there. If I could do that I could save myself a lot of pain. I began to practice each day, reinforcing the very feelings most of us try desperately to avoid most of our lives. My self esteem was becoming lower each day, and dangerously so, but I knew that I had no choice, and began to give myself over body and soul to the milkers.

They built on this unfortunate circumstance, and each day I looked up into the eyes of women who's sole purpose was to make their living by my utter debasement. They enjoyed this immensly, and I allowed, even encouraged it to happen. This would lead to unspeakable mental slavery in the coming days, and eventually, to my horror, I began to embrace it, to the delight of the milkers.

They had total dominance over my mind and spirit, and it was the thing they loved most. I vowed that I would enjoy all of this rather than to fight it, and the cruel milkers ran over me day by day, while I produced the blue E-11 nut wad that they were so desperate for. I soon occupied the lowest possible position in the milking circuit, and the clever dominators began to lower me even more than ever before. I was one of the favorite cum bags, a true gold mine, and was set up for many appointments in the coming days.