Michelle amp_ Charn Entrancement Preview

Michelle amp_ Charn Entrancement Preview
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We had met Francis last night at his motel, for a great group fuck, and tonight was going to be as good I hoped. All the guys from last night were told that we would be back again tonight and to start around 6.30 again, we were ready and on our way, aiming to arrive just before 6.30, Dave parked on the far side of the carpark again.

So with nothing more than a smile, I walked towards the room, several guys from last night saw me and came over. I was only just able to get to the room before guys had thier hands all over me, Francis opened the door naked, his face lit up, guys held me as I went down sucking his cock hard, then a cock opened up my pussy and pushed balls deep, I gagged as I was pushed further onto his hard cock, hands now pulling and twisting my nipples as another cock pushed into my mouth.


It didn't take long, the first cum load filled my pussy as Francis moved us towards the bed, he slid under me, his cock went into my freshly filled pussy as another started to fuck my willing butt.

My mouth once more filled with cock, as they set about making me orgasm. I looked over to see Dave, he was already being fucked and sucking a cock, as more guys turned up, my arse was filled with cum, Francis still pounding up into my pussy, as another cock took my arse and fucked me deep and hard. I enjoyed thier attention for some time, then both guys set one another off, as cum splashed my insides, when they pulled out, I sat up, lined up with Francis mouth and filled it with three loads of hot sticky cum.

he ate and licked me clean, then swung me around fisting my butt as more cum run free.

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I let him fist me while I sucked another cock dry, then told him to lay down, with his arm up, pulling Dave over we both sat on a fist each, Francis fingering our arse's as other guys face fucked us. I saw cum running out of Dave's butt as Francis fisted us, then Francis pulled his arm towards his mouth and licked the cum from Dave's butt and his arm, my orgasm raced though me seeing this. Both Dave and I let Francis rest, then grabbed a couple of cocks each, and got them to dp us, I then sucked Francis's cock back to life while I was kept busy, several guys had changed placed as their relieved thier tension and shot me full of cum, I was enjoying plenty of orgasm's but wanted more, so the next guy I got him to dp my arse and both cocks began to give me bigger orgasms as they worked my brown hole.

We had probley been going now for 2 hours or so, and I needed a drink, so after the guys fucking me had cum, I stood up, and had a quick drink, then told the guys I wanted some action in the bathroom, those that were here last night quickly followed, as I knelt down several cocks began to pee over me, then I bent over, asking them to fill my arse or pussy with thier piss too, as some did that other continued to piss over my face and hair, 6 or 7 guys had now empitied thier bladders on or in me, and joined me in the shower, I had more hands soaping me up than needed but it was fun.

We all dried off and went back to fucking, Dave was still being used by three guys, and the puddle of cum under him was growing with each new cock. I went around and licked his butt and guys cocks before I too was pushed down and two more guys began to dp me once more.

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As one cock pulled out of Dave's butt, Francis pushed his in, fucking him hard, the two cocks firmly squesed tight inside his butt, they both gave Dave a good fucking.

I then saw a new cock, a stocky guy solid built, stood with a nice large thick cock in his hand, it looked as big as Francis cock, but thicker, so not wasting any time, I pulled him over, and got him to dp my arse with another cock, and it was thicker, my arse wedged open went into wild spasms as my orgasms took control, now none stop, I fought to stay up as both guys gave me a good pounding.


As the guy I was laying on cum, I called Francis over, then lay thick cock down and pushed his meat back in my arse, as Francis knelt behind me, I told him to shove his cock in my arse too, he started slowly, inch by inch, as my orgasm got stronger still, then with one good hard push he let every one know he was balls deep inside me.

My arse going crazy, both cocks worked me up more and more, my mind now blurred as they fucked my brains out. more guys shot cum down my throut, as I went from one orgasm to the next with no break, I was loving the feeling, shots of pure plessure raced though me, as they seemed to get more man muscle inside my hole.

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Then thick cock let go, reams of hot cum raced deep inside me, my body felt the heat of his juices, Francis also moaned as he let fly, now I was happy, another huge orgasm ripped my body, and I fell limp on top of thick cock.

As I lay there my mind blank, guys face fucked me, then Francis moved off and several more drilled my arse and filled it with hot sticky cum, when they stopped for a few seconds, I carefully knelt up, my butt leaking cum, I moved above Francis, then with a few anal farts his face was covered in cum, he opened his mouth as reams run free, licking my butt to get the last few drops.

I went down sucking thick cock, I was just able to get the first few inchs in my mouth, as he held my head, ramming more into me, causing me to gag, my pussy and butt were getting attention from more guys as I sucked his cock.

Between sucks, I asked him what he liked, a smile and "Any thing" was his reply, so turning, I got him to fist my cummy arse, his thick fist slowly pushed in, my orgasm told him it was good, as I felt his wrist pop inside me.

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Now he started to fist fuck me hard, ramming his fingers deep inside my hole, my orgasm carried on without pausing. His cock now hard, I told him to ease that in too, he did, I screamed loud as he rammed it in, but pushed back when he let it rest half way in, I was in heaven once more, his fist and cock filling me completely, as my orgams got stronger and faster. As my butt got more used to his attention, I told him to let a guy fuck my pussy too, so moving around, we found a cock, for me to lay on and shoved it in, thick cock was still fisting and fucking my arse, now totally full, another cock, took my mouth, as they gave me a great fucking.

With the pressuere from the fist and cocks in me, the two guys were having trouble holding off, and all to soon, my body was washed with thier cum, as both shot deep inisde me, my orgasm and screaming on the cock in my mouth, gave me a third load down my throut.

Dave was behind me, and as thick cock pulled his arm and cock out, Dave rammed his cock in me, fucking my cum filled arse hard, then he too fisted and fucked my butt. Dave then moved me over his fist, as I pushed down harder, taking more of his arm inside me, I rode him as guys face fucked me and one rode Dave's cock, then with the next hard push, I got down to Dave's elbow, my orgasm let every one know too.

My legs gave out as another huge orgasm shot though me, so I lay down, Dave swapped and sat on my fist, taking me to the elbow first go, my pussy was fucked and I took several cocks in my mouth as Dave wanked his cock and shot his load into my face, Francis bent down and licked him clean with me, another guy was licking the cum running down my arm and Dave's butt as he slowed on my fist.

I wanted more piss fun, so taking guys back to the shower, got them to empty thier bladders in my butt or pussy this time, most more than happy to, then I drank a couple of cocks dry, before a nice cool shower. Once back on the bed, I lost count after that, as guy after guy just rammed thier cocks in my well fucked arse or pussy and cum, Dave also now being used by as many guys too, the room was still full, and hard cocks were getting sucked back to life by guys all around me.

Most of the guys we call who know us well, are bi and often keep themselfs hard by sucking each other between fucking us, the new guys either joined in, or just fucked me, which ever way is ok, as long as every one is happy.

I know towards the end of the night, Dave and myself, were once more up ended and cock after cock drained thier sticky white fluids into us, when all the guys had finnished, we took turns sitting over the others mouth, dropping thier rewards out, some of the guys also helped Dave eat the cum from me, as we slowly came to a end.

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Francis said he was looking forward to his next visit and would sms us as soon as he knew when it was, walking back to the car, one guy pulled me aside, rammed his cock in my arse and fucked me agaisnt the wall, while the other stood around us, his cum added to the rest inside my well used butt.

On the drive home, we got stopped by the police, the look on the young constaables eyes when he saw me sitting in a puddle of cum naked was priceless. but Dave got off with a warning, so was worth it.