Dude Fucks Hot Redhead Gf

Dude Fucks Hot Redhead Gf
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Town Square is looking awfully busy tonight. The one place I go to get away from it all. Too bad tonight had to put me in a slump. Feeling the cold drink slide down my throat helps in distracting me from what actually hurts. I dislike being cold and I shiver lightly feeling the cold drink settle in my stomach. There's not too much to my tale of woe. Same old thing that happens to everyone. Having the time of your life till she dumps you. Now the only thing left to do is just sit at the bar and look into the distraction called alcohol.

There's nothing truly great about it. Alcohol that is. It helps me forget but tonight just seems wrong. With so many people around, making so much noise. Why do they have to be noisy? Looking around I see a bunch of frat boys in the corner smiling and laughing and being over all drunk jerks to any good looking girl in this joint. I see the usual crowd in here as well. Most of the time they seem all too high and mighty, barely talking to anyone.

Then there are all the new people. Nothing really interesting there. Wait a second. I put down my drink to look past the new people coming in through the door. I think I see someone who could be interesting. Of course she's dressed like everyone else. Nothing too flashy and nothing really sticking out. But I see something in that smile of hers. She truly means it. I watch her walk in with her friend who looks equally as stunning. They glide easily across the floor to the bar.

My eyes drift back to my drink. Well the past is the past I can always go for another shot. Or maybe just another shot of whatever I'm drinking. No can't think like that. But she's sitting so close now. What can I say? Why am I shaking? Must control myself. Breath. "Sir? Hello?" Someone's trying to talk to me. I look to the left and there's the girl.

I quickly let out a "Yes?" The girl looks a bit stunned like she didn't expect that. Well that's how I am. I do the best I can with what I got on the spot. "I'm sorry but you looked kind of bored there. Just looking at your drink." I look back at my drink and chuckle to myself. I must look like so kind of fool. "Yeah I'm pretty bored." Swirling around in the stool so my back is against the bar.

"Well look at everyone." I can see her face turn towards the rest of the bar. "We got jocks over there" Using my left hand I point at the corner both. Moving my hand across to another section of the bar "We got the regulars," and then moving more towards the center stage with the dance floor. "And finally we got the new people here." Her friend seems to ordering something for the both of them. "Hey! I'm new here.

Besides it's too boring just sitting at the bar and looking at your drink." She says while playfully smiling. Quickly grabbing my hand and pulling me onto the dance floor. I look back at her friend who waves us off and looks after our drinks. 'What audacity this woman had' I thought as I regained my footing and joined her on the dance floor.

I wasn't anything special. I mean by myself I looked like a fool waving around doing what everyone else was doing. The music was blaring and not much could be heard. Only the continuous techno song going. The dance floor had enough room and wasn't tight like I thought it would be. Quickly looking around I saw only twelve other people were dancing along with us. 'That's right… us.' I thought as my eyes gazed back at the woman who dragged me here.

Her moves were smooth and fluid. Easily flowing to the music and setting herself apart from the rest of the crowd. I couldn't help but notice that she jiggled a little as she danced. The music was slowly fading away when I heard her giggle. My eyes were still looking at her breasts, caught by there hypnotic dance. She stepped closer and held me.

I was wondering why she did this till I noticed that a slow song had started, and calmly put my hands on her sides. Her head rested on my right shoulder. She was breathing lightly against my neck. It was comfortable being there with her. With this woman whom I knew nothing about. I felt her long hair move across my back through my thin shirt. She moved her head up to my ear and whispered into it. "I saw you staring." My face immediately went flush.

I had been caught.

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Opening my mouth to explain myself, I heard her whisper again. "I liked it." and to emphasize that point she pressed her chest harder against me. "Bwah?" Was all I could manage. Giggling in my ear she said, "Yeah I did. Although I better not catch you again. Not with my friend around anyways." And with that she lightly bit my ear. I'm sure she could feel the heat coming off my face as I was blushing even more now. Resting her head against my shoulder we continued the slow dance, giving me time to cool off.

Once the song was done she raised her head, let go of me except for my hand and said "Now let's drink!" Flashing that dazzling smile I had seen before when she entered. Again I was dumbstruck and just followed her back to where her friend was. Her friend was sitting with her back to the bar and silently sipping from her glass. The light blue tube top she was wearing held up her breasts fairly well and let off enough cleavage to tempt the poor souls of men she targeted.

Running down and gripping tightly to her legs was a pair of smooth black jeans, detailing every curve on her hips.

Sitting with one leg placed firmly over her other on the stool. Her glass rested in her hands on the top of her leg. With a smile she greets us back and points towards our drinks behind her.

The girl I was dancing with ran up and hugged her friend, nearly spilling the drink on her best friend's legs. She quickly whispers something into her friend's ear before sitting down beside and looking at me. Leaning over to the next seat she places her hand on it and taps it lightly.

"Come on. Sit down will ya? She kept our drinks safe." Flashing a smile while she says this. Feeling quite odd now. I haven't danced in a long time and feeling her up against me felt right somehow. I can't really explain it but it was comforting to hold her in my arms while we danced. Looking over the woman I was dancing with I get a good look at her tender thighs in her tight blue jeans. She was wearing a white tank top along with the jeans and I could only imagine spilling something on her and watching for what would appear.

Gaining some confidence I walk up and sit down on the stool. Leaning back I spy my drink which is placed close to her friend. I reach over and grasp it in my right hand.

Feeling the glass in my hand I realize that it is no longer cold, good. Pulling my arm back I hardly realized that my arm was so close till it was too late.

My arm and hand graze across the breasts of the woman I was dancing with. Upon realizing this I jerk my hand back and spilling some of my drink all over my hand. I look up towards her face and I'm prepared to say sorry but her eyes are closed.

Studying her face for a moment I realize she enjoyed it. My mouth stays shut and I smirk, "Heh…". Her eyes dart open and she looks at me with a devilish grin. "Getting bold are we?" She says while tracing her eyes down my body. "It was an accident but the next one won't be." My smirk stays planted on my face. "I think now is the best time to tell you my name," I say politely "The name is Chris." She brings her shot glass to her lips and downs it in one quick motion and the smile I once saw was gone.

"Got a nickname?" I raise an eyebrow at her question. "Well… some people call me noble because I'm nice so often." The smile returns to her face as she looks at me. "Then you shall be known as Nobie!" Draping her arms around my neck and giggling as she says this. My smile grows as I mull over the nickname 'Nobie'. It's cute and it's original. No one as called me that before and I guess I can let it be for this mystery woman.

What a sec I don't know her name yet. Bring my hands up I place them on her elbows. "You can only call me Nobie if you can give me your name." Her eyes look straight back into mine and she calmly says, "I'm Sara." and with that she leans in and kisses my cheek.

As she takes her arms off me just stare at her for a moment. My starring has caused her to giggle again and I return the giggle with a small laugh of my own. Over her shoulder her friend looks at me with a smile on her face. "Did she introduce me?" She asks nicely. "Ummm… no, she didn't." I reply. "Oh… well bad Sara!" She rose her hand up and lightly tapped Sara on the back of the head.

They both start laughing at the playful gesture. "Name's Michelle by the way." she let's out during her fit of laughter. From their fit of laughter I start my own and we all start to have a little fun with it.

The rest of the night went by pretty quickly. There were a few more moments of embarrassment on my part as she got close when we danced. Michelle let us be and I'm sure she was also out on the prowl to search for her own boy toy. I didn't care much that tonight was probably going to be only time I see this woman named Sara. I was happy and my mind was off of my troubles. Every time she embarrassed me by pushing herself against me I could see a gleam in her eye.

She knew exactly what she wanted and that no man could refuse her. The bar was closing now. Very few people were left. Sara, Michelle and I were all exhausted from dancing the night away.

Michelle had informed me, earlier that night that she was in fact a lesbian and was only here to look after her friend, Sara. She was about to leave now when her girlfriend walked through the door. The beautiful red head walked straight up to us and looked down at Michelle. "I thought you were going to wait for me till we went out?" She says with a bit of spite. Looking her over I see that the red heads clothes were dirty compared to what would be counted as usual night club wear, must have come in just after work.

"Sorry Alycia but Sara really wanted to go out and besides I think she met someone she likes." Michelle says casually and points over towards me. My hand is already up and I wave to Alycia before putting my hand back down on Sara's knee. For a quick moment I saw all three of the girls look each other with a devilish grin.

"Well I hope you know what you're getting into." Alycia warns me. "But we have to go. So, nice meeting" Alycia picks up Michelle's hand and drags out the door, both of them smiling. The last I saw of those two were their delicate hands on each others firm ass cheeks. Once out of sight Sara looked at me. She looked at me with those hungry eyes and pressed her lips against mine. Her soft lips gave me a chill down my spine and I barely had time to react to this new sensation. Moving her head back a bit from my face and her delicate hands found their way to my cheeks.

She held me there in place, "Come back to my place." The words dripping with sexual energy and the hunger in her eyes burning brighter. I could not refuse this woman so I brought my hands up to her face and continued the kiss we shared a moment before. When the kiss ended she picks up my hand and said "Come on, let's go Nobie, I need it." My hairs stood on end as I heard this. A woman was actually interested in me again. It was the feeling I had lost when I broke up with my ex.

Sara pulled out a cell phone and dialled us a cab while we walked out the door with our arms hooked.


It's raining. The cold droplets of water fall on my head and run past my cheeks. It's raining quite hard and I hope we don't catch a cold.

My eyes gaze back to the beautiful woman on my arm. I had expected to see her smile but it was there.

She was shivering beside me. I place my arm around her waist and pull her close to me to try and keep her warm. The white tank top she was wearing was quite wet and I didn't want anyone else eyeing up the girl I had.

Looking down at her I notice she's all scrunched up against my chest but at least she is not shivering anymore.

We don't wait long in the rain nor do we talk. It was just the sound of the rain and a few others that were still leaving Town Square. Nothing really fazed us. We stood together keeping each other warm.

The bright yellow Taxi pulled up in front of us and was a stark contrast to the cold dark background. It was a safe haven from the rain and the ride to a place of bliss.

Sara leaves the embrace we held to enter the cab and told him where exactly to go. Stepping into the back seat, closing the door behind me, sitting next to Sara. She looks over with that look she's been giving me all night and just grabs a hold of my head and pulls it towards her.

Her lips met mine and locked in place. The fiery kiss we are sharing right now feels like nothing I've felt before. It's pure unbridled lust. I can't keep track of time as our tongues start to dance inside each other's mouths. I can't tell for sure how long it has been but the taxi is slowing down and pulling into a parking lot in front of some building. Sara pulls away from the kiss and just breaths heavily holding onto her chest. "That'll be $27.65 please." Reaching into my pocket I pull out my wallet and give the driver two twenties.

"Keep the change." I quickly say before I feel something jerking at my hand. Looking over at Sara I can see that the weather has changed and her twice dry tank top started to get wet yet again, revealing some sort of lacy bra underneath.

Stepping out quickly I run with her, trying to avoid the rain as much as possible, towards the front door. I quickly think back to how this night started. Me sitting by myself, drowning my sorrows in alcohol.

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Now I got a sexy woman leading me up to her room for some mind blowing fun. Standing up to the door of her apartment, I watch her hastily pull out her key and unlock the door. "I hope you're ready because my roommate won't be back till tomorrow afternoon. We got a long time to enjoy ourselves." The devilish grin returns as she saunters inside her apartment.

Oh thank lady luck for smiling on me tonight. I follow her sexy ass inside her apartment. At first glance the apartment looks small and unflattering but once you factor in the girl in front of me, it's more then enough.

With her back turned and walking further into the apartment my hands start to shake. I'm not shaking because I'm nervous but because this is more exciting then anything I've experienced with the woman before. Quickly pushing my hand against the door behind me to close it and remove my shoes. Looking back up I don't see where Sara is. Standing there dumbstruck I have no clue what to do, that is until I see her white tank top fly out of the closest room. Gulping, I press on.

I move one foot in front of the other as my hands scramble to remove my shirt. Upon reaching the door I'm hit with something against my chest. Instinctively grabbing a hold of it and holding it out to try and see what it is. In front of my hands is her jeans.

Darting my eyes up I witness a gorgeous sight before me. It was Sara, it was the fluid dancer, it was the flirt. Now she's on the bed. Sitting on her knees and lightly playing with her hair with one hand and another holding up her mouth to cover up the smile and the giggle. My mouth drops open as my eyes drift further down her body where her lacy black bra holds up two marvellous globes, probably 34C breasts.

Further down her hips are gyrating, making her black thong slowly start to disappear from my vision. "Are you going to join me Nobie?" Giggling her hands tantalizing her hands move down her body and cup her breasts.

"Do you need those puppies free?" questioning with my dry voice. Moaning slightly as she pushes them together, "Mmm… yes… please." Taking a deep breath I walk towards the bed in confident strides. Her body looks so sexy and frail at the same time. Gently I put an arm behind her and pull her head close for a kiss. Our lips meet each other and our tongues intertwine quickly but that's not my main objective.

My other hand quickly moves to her breasts and cup one of them, running my thumb along the fabric searching for that hard nipple. As she leans back, her hands move behind her to hold her weight. Deftly, my hand behind her moves down and unclasps her bra. Breaking apart from the kiss and moving forward, placing my knees onto the bed open, so they are on either side of hers. Slightly slouching her shoulders, the bra she was wearing starts to slip and reveal her breasts.

Kissing my way down her cheek and neck, letting my hands and fingers explore her voluptuous chest. With my right hand I cup her right breast as my mouth approaches. Gracefully running my tongue down her collarbone, to the beginning of her perky breasts, right down till my tongue starts to circle the hard nub. Pinching and pulling lightly on one nipple with my fingers and doing the same to the other with my tongue and mouth.

Hearing Sara's breathing increase only pushes me forward. Sucking the hard nub into my mouth and then sucking in more of her breast in my mouth before engulfing half of it inside my mouth. It's a tough fit and I need to be careful of my teeth but as I run my tongue around inside my mouth I can hear Sara whimper a tiny bit. Lower down my body I can no longer feel the restraining fabric of my pants.

A cool breeze blows between my naked legs. I can softly feel her hands running themselves up and down my legs pushing my boxers higher up. Releasing her breast from my suckling mouth I stand up before her on the bed. Her hands grasp the bottom of my boxers and release my man hood from it's prison. Revealing myself to her is making my face brighten up but I'm glad that it's dark and she doesn't see it.

Looking down I can see her face parallel with my manhood and her eyes seem to be fixated on it. Her hands run back up my legs and grasps it lightly, tilting it down. Watching her tongue slip out between her lips and touch the tip of dick.

A small shiver goes up my spine, as I tighten my fist so I don't reach for her head. Her hands slowly start to move up and down along my shaft and her tongue starts to lick the tip, tasting the pre-cum that is being released. Watching her lips open up and move along the head of my dick. Letting out a small moan as her lips engulf the head and her tongue continues it's massage.

Her hands keeping my dick straight as her lips slowly engulf bit by bit of my dick. Removing her hands and placing them tightly on my ass she moves down and keeps half my cock inside her mouth.

Using her hands to hold her head steady she starts to move back and forth along my cock. Sucking hard on one stroke and then using her tongue to play with my head when she went back. I can't control my breathing anymore it just feels too good. I place my hands on her head. Looking down I can see her eyes looking back up and she just holds her head still.

Along with my hands on her head and her hands on my ass, I proceed to move my hips and drive my cock further inside her mouth. I can just stare blankly down at the site as I move my hips back forth and watch my cock disappear half way into Sara's mouth and then back out.

As I increase the tempo I can tell it's getting too much for me. The way she moves her tongue and how she keeps her lips wrapped around is exquisite. "I'm nearly there Sara… just hold on and you'll get a treat soon enough." Looking down I see her with her eyes closed. Suddenly a small jolt of pleasure as I hear her moan and it vibrates across my dick.

Looking past her head I see one of her hands had moved away from my ass and was currently between her legs and was currently rubbing herself through her panties. That was it. I can't stand the stimulation anymore.

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Holding her head still I pull out till only my head is still inside her head and is still being licked and I finally release. My cum shoots out of my cock and splashes against the top of her mouth. I can pick up a small moan coming from her as my cock continues to release it's contents. Mmmm… that felt great.

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My legs become weak and I slowly move my dick out of her mouth and I watch her shallow and smile back at me. I move myself to the side and lie down on the bed. Looking up at Sara, I signal her over. Reaching my hands out I grab her waist and bring it up to my face.

She moves her legs so she is straddling my head, with her body facing down towards the rest of my body. I can smell her and she smells so sweet, so good, so addicting. Holding onto her hips I move her down lower until I can move my tongue right on across her wet thong.

She tastes better then she smells and I can't get enough. My tongue snakes out again and again, licking her damp thong and pushing it deeper between her folds. Between her legs I can hear her moaning slightly. My hands reach up around her ass and fish her thing out of her soaking pussy. Upon seeing her bare and unprotected pussy my mouth waters. My tongue quickly starts going back to work, pushing deep inside of her.

Her moans are getting louder and hit their loudest whenever I ran my tongue over her hard clit. I was really getting into this and loving it. I loved licking up the juices from a wet pussy and I love it more when a girl moans. Just then I can feel some hot and warm surrounding my cock. I had gone limp but I knew exactly what was happening. I push two fingers into her pussy and start to push them in and out so I can say, "That's lovely Sara. Bring it back to life so I can fuck you with it." Upon hearing that I can feel her working harder to get me hard, and as a reward I move my mouth back over her clit and continue sucking and licking hard against it.

Her moans increase in tempo and that is only helping to revive my deflated cock. I push another finger into her cunt and start thrusting in faster then before. She can no longer keep her mouth on my cock and lies down beside it and starts to chant, "God yes Nobie. Make me cum. Make me cum and drink it up for me, then fuck me with this hard cock.

God yes!


YES!" Her moans and grunts are all that is left as her legs start to shake and her orgasm pushes her to heaven. My tongue relents up on her clit and my fingers remove themselves but my tongue replaces them and starts to gather up her cunt juice. "Please Nobie. Please fuck me now." Sara pleaded as my tongue is still busy licking her snatch. Slowly I can feel her lift herself away from my tongue and a small whimper escapes her lips. We both know that what will happen next will feel twice as good but it's the moment without contact that is agonizing.

It feels like an eternity as she moves down my body. Watching her just hover above my cock and breathing quickly in anticipation.


I move one hand to her hips and the other to my hard cock, holding it upwards. With her back to me she slowly lowers herself down yet watching hungrily.

Feeling and seeing her pussy reach the tip of my cock made my shiver. I really want to just slam her down on top of me, instead I held her hips tightly with my one hand and then with the hand on my cock I start to move my cock head across her slit.

Just slow steady strokes and pushing slightly against her clit. "Please Nobie…" She pants, "I want it. I need it. Please let me have it!" Grinning evilly I line myself back up and let her descend slightly onto my cock. The feeling is powerful. Her pussy feels really warm and incredibly tight. My other hand moves to the other side of her hips and in one fluid movement I bring her hips down and my hips up to meet her and in the process thrusting my cock deep inside that wet pussy of hers.

A gasp escapes her lips and then a small purr as she finally adjusts to the size inside her. "Mmmm… this feels better then when it was in my mouth." I can hear another moan escape her lips as she slowly raises herself up my cock. My hands slowly start to stroke and rub the out sides of her legs as her pussy clamps tightly around my dick. Watching her slowly move herself up and down my dick but trying not to move myself was a difficult task, but I know that once she's ready, I'm going to fuck her brains out.

It becomes a relief once she starts moving faster. I can see my cock covered with her slick pussy juice as she continues to ride me. I figure now is the best time as I start to help her and start pushing up whenever she comes down, pushing myself completely into her.

I listen to her whimper every time I do that but her pace continues to increase. I'm starting to moan now and I can hardly control myself.

I grab a hold of her hips and roll her over. Keeping my dick inside of her, we position our bodies so we're now fucking doggie style. I'm in control now and I start to slam myself into her pussy. The loud smacking of my balls against her wet legs along with her moans and whimpering drives me on and pushes me deeper, harder and faster into her. "Oh god! Oh god! OH GOD!" I hear as Sara's pussy twitches and then clamps down harder around my dick, signalling to me her orgasm.

I only thrust a few more times before I let loose my load into her. We collapse together onto the bed. I'm breathing pretty hard and I can feel the creamy liquid flowing out of her pussy and along my dick, out of her.

Carefully moving to her side and keeping my softening dick inside her I raise my knees up and spoon with her. I can barely keep my eyes open.

The drinks and that fuck just really made me tired. I reach down and grab the blankets and pulls them over us. I can hear her whisper "Thank you Nobie. That was wonderful." I brought my arm up and held her tightly against me.

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We both fell asleep shortly afterwards.