Straight amateur dude sucked off

Straight amateur dude sucked off
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It was about 7pm and I told her it was time to get ready. She went and got a shower and shaved everything. She came back in the room and I already had an outfit laid out for her. It was a sexy black lace body stocking and a pink bra, nothing else. She snapped the bra on and slid the body stocking over her body. There was no crotch in the stocking so her pussy was very accessible.

She is a very slender blonde with 32c tits and long sexy legs. She asked me what she should wear over it. I told her to just put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt so it was easy to take off. She complied. Now that she was all dressed, it was time to head to the theater.

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We got in the car and began the half hour trip to the theater. As soon as we got in the car, I started playing with her clit to get her pussy nice and wet for all the guys. I continued to rub her clit the entire way there. She was soaking wet by the time we got there. She was ready for some strange cock. We got out of the car and walked in. The cashier asked us how we were doing and let us in. He recognizes us now and no longer asks for our IDs. We walked in the dimly lit theater and headed to one of the sections that had a tv playing porn, a long bench that wraps around the area and a circular table in the middle.

We caught the attention of some of the guys on the way in and they had already made there way over to see what was going on. My girl immediately took off her sweatshirt and sweatpants and set them in the corner. I handed her the blindfold, she still likes to wear it because she likes not knowing who is fucking her.

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She starts to get on all fours on the bench like she normally does, but I want to do something different this time. I grab her and lay her back down on the circular table in the middle. I want to really see her get fucked. It's not easy watching when she's bent over. So I want to see her take cock on her back.


She lays down and spreads her legs wide. Her pussy is glistening in the dimly lit theater. There are already four guys standing around the table rubbing their cocks. I start rubbing her pussy to get her going as I look around to see the guys that are there. They are all white, but ages range from 30ish to 60ish. I know my girl is in for some fun.

My girl looks so fucking sexy laid out waiting for cock. The one guys had started rubbing her tits and fondling her legs. He's about 40 and has his cock in his hand. He's about 6 inches. Nothing special.

I look at him and ask if he wants to fuck her. He nods yes and I hand him a condom. He quickly unwraps it and slides it on his hard cock. He grabs her hips and gently slides inside her. She lets out a soft moan. He starts fucking her slowly, enjoying every moment of her pussy. She looks so hot getting fucked by some stranger. I grab her hand and place it on my cock.

One of the other guys sees me do this and does the same thing with her other hand. Now she is pleasing three cocks at the same time. The guy fucking her is still fucking her in a gentle rhythm. I'm about to tell him that she is here to get fucked hard not be made love to. Then I realize he's just trying to enjoy her young pussy for as long as he can before he cums.


It's not long after that he starts to grunt as he cums in her. He slowly pulls out and takes the cum filled condom off. He slides to the side so the next guy can take his turn.

He stays near by to watch the action. The next guy, who she was stroking, slides between her legs and pulls out his own condom. He is probably about 65.

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It's so hot knowing she's about to get fucked by someone who could be her grandpa. He has a fat cock, but pretty short. It's probably about 4 inches. I don't mind because this is probably going to make this guys year.

Hell, he might even have a heart attack fucking some young pussy. He slides the condom on and mounts her. He kind of lays on top her and starts kissing her neck while he fucks her pussy. He looks up at me and asks how old she is. I tell her 23 and he moans softly. He keeps fucking her for a few minutes. He tells her she is beautiful and stands up off her. Poor guy, probably can't blow loads anymore.

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He tells me he is going to let someone else have a turn. The next guy slides between her legs and gets down on his knees to eat her pussy.


He's about 40. He goes right to town, licking her clit as he has a finger in her pussy. She is moaning and lifting her back off the table. I know she is about to cum. He can tell too. He starts licking harder and slides and extra finger in her. She starts to shake and moan loudly as she gushes all over his face. Once she's done cumming. He stands up and smells his fingers, then tastes in again. Another guy kind of pushes him out of the way He already has his cock out, he's thick and long.

About the size of a medium Red Bull can. I know she is going to cum so hard from his cock. She's never had a cock this big. He's already hard and prepared with a condom on.

He slides his thick cock in her and starts pounding away. I mean really fucking the shit out of her. She is moaning and trying to grab the table. I know she's about to cum again. The guy notices as well and starts pounding her pussy as hard as he can.

He only last another minute as he dumps his load in the condom. My girl is breathing so hard from the pounding her pussy has taken. I want her to take even more.

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The guy who had eaten her pussy slides back between her legs and asks me for a condom. I hand him one and he puts it on. He slides his cock in her, which is about average and starts to fuck her pussy.

He is taking his time, I know he won't last very long inside her young pussy. It only takes about two minutes her him to cum in her. There are still two guys standing around her, waiting patiently for their turn.

I want her to fuck both of them before we leave. Then she will have satisfied all the guys there. Unless someone else shows up. The next guy is Mexican, about 50, with a pretty small cock. I figure whatever, she is here for strange cock so that's what she'll get. I'm loving watching her get used by all these perverts. So he puts a condom on and slides inside her.

He pumps a few times and blows in her. My girl lets out a little giggle knowing she made him cum in under thirty seconds. The last guy is about my age. He has a nice cock. About 7 inches and a little thick.

He steps in between her legs. He already has a condom on. He guides his cock in her and places his hands on her shoulders. He starts pounding away at her pussy. She is moaning and arching her back.

I know he is hitting all the right spots. She says she's going to cum and he keeps fucking her. She cums hard all over his cock as he pulling her closer as he's thrusting his cock in her. I can see her legs shaking, she's about to cum again. He says he's going to cum and pounds away at her pussy for another minute then cums in her. He pulls out and thanks us. I take the blindfold off my girl and kiss her.

I ask her how it was. She fucking loved it. I tell her it's time to go home because I need to fuck her and there are no guys left. We get in the car and I play with her pussy the whole way home.

We get home and she is still dripping wet. We fuck for about an hour when we get home. We talk about her favorite parts of the night while I take her pussy back.

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The nights ends with me cumming all in her pussy so she knows that it's mine.