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Jake heard several giggles in his head, looking around he saw that three of his four Jinns were awake. "Um Master Jake that looks so delicious, as you do," he heard Gen say as she and the other two floated over to him. Each started to passionately kiss him each releasing their kiss after a few minutes breathless. All of the council nodded and bade Jake and his Jinns good bye as they all winked out. Jake started to look around a little worried that Rosalinda wasn't with the others.

Walking into the bedroom he saw that she also was awake but was still resting apparently still in a weaker state than the others. Walking to her Jake bent to kiss her and felt a slight shock shoot through him. Rosalinda's eyes lit up then a peculiar smile came to her lips. "Ummm master Jake you can shock a woman well!" A little laugh had Jake staring at her.

"Dreama? I thought I wasn't going to see you for a while yet." Jake told her. "Oh dear Master Jake I am and will always be a part of her. I find you far more exciting than any master either of us have ever had. You will see more of me fear not, for now I am trying to help her recharge faster.

It shouldn't be long now, until I see you again my sexy master!" With a deep, hot passionate kiss Dreama was gone and Jake was holding an unconscious Rosalinda. "I wish that all of you were feeling better, and as close to normal as you can be." Jake suddenly said. All of his Jinns eyes lit up as they all suddenly felt a rush of energy fill them.

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Rosalinda awoke a moment later. Lowering her eyes she said, "I am sorry for the worry I caused you Master Jake. I will do better for you, my master." Reaching up Rosalinda gave Jake a smoldering hot kiss that he and she felt all the way through their bodies. "Rosalinda, I cannot consciously ask anymore of you than you are already providing. For all that you and the others have done for me, anything that I can do for you pales in comparison to me.

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Please rest, there is much to do in the next few days." Jake told the adoring Rosalinda before she nodded and lay back down. Turning back to the six Jinns that were present Jake could only sigh. Looking over all of them he felt as if he had lost the right to have them in his life; especially after they had all almost died because of him. They shouldn't have to fear for their lives, nor his.

Inger and Akeesha were still engaged in their passionate kissing, as it also seemed that Gen, Sheeka, and even Rashala were. Shaking his head Jake went to his drafting table he'd been struck with an idea when Rosalinda and Dreama had been separated. It was perhaps an hour and a half later when Jake felt a soft hand touch his arm. Looking at the hand, then the arm and finally the body it was attached to, Jake nodded to Rosalinda.

"Are you feeling better Rosalinda?" "Yes Master Jake, thank you, may I stay with you while you work? I have been curious as to what you have been doing." Rosalinda responded.

"I am an architect." When Rosalinda face showed confusion Jake had to think a moment how to explain. "Mimar Sinan he made pictures of buildings five centuries ago for the Ottoman Empire." "Ah!

Yes, I remember him briefly, he was always drawing it seemed, buildings and temples. You are saying Master that this is what you do?" Rosalinda asked him innocently. "Yes, I have always dreamed of creating buildings that were safer and beautiful." Jake replied to which Rosalinda was nodding as she looked at what Jake had been working on.

"Master Jake?" She started a question in her voice, "That isn't a building it looks more like a." "Shhh, I know, not a word. This is an idea that I have for something that we may have to use in the near future. I hope that it is something that will help ensure that we all have a future." Jake said with weariness in his voice. Rosalinda quickly moved behind him and started to massage his neck. Suddenly Jake could swear that he could feel a number of soft hands on his back.

'Damn,' he thought as all the tension started to flow out his body and sleep threatened to overtake him. With a sigh Jake stated, "That's enough all of you, thank you I needed that badly. However, I need to stay awake." Looking around he saw Nyrae. "Nyrae I need Juno here for a bit. I think it's about time we started to discuss strategy." Nyrae nodded with a huge smile then disappeared a moment. Possibly a minute later Juno appeared and the two of them moved off.

Jake started to tell Juno of the building he had the council making. Then he pulled the latest project that he'd just been working on. They were talking for well over an hour when Inger perked up then vanished. Jake looked up and nodded he figured that Mary would want Inger sooner or later, as he was sure she wanted him again as well. Finally agreeing on a sound strategy Juno and Jake shook hands. Leaning over Jake started to whisper into Juno's ear, which caused his eyes to fly wide then he nodded and sat to wait.

Jake rubbed the talisman thinking of Trully. "I am here Master Jake is all well?" Trully said as she looked about the room but saw no one injured.

Confused a moment Trully looked at Jake, going to her Jake started to whisper in her ear also. A wide smile lit up her face then she nodded as she walked to each of Jake's Jinns examining each of them.

Turning she nodded to Jake then walked to Juno and floated beside him. Jake next grasp the talisman and the entire council appeared. Jake quickly walked to Rasmir whispering to him and the leader. Both of the male Jinns smiled wider than anyone had seen in a very long time. Gen, Rosalinda, Rashala and Sheeka could only stare at what was going on with confusion.

Jake walked to the bedroom, reached into the hidden nook, and took out Rosalinda's bottle a small smile on his lips. Entering the room Rosalinda saw the bottle and started to tremble. Jake walked to the center of the room. "Rosalinda, I find that I can no longer abide with you as you are." Rosalinda like the three before her, threw herself at Jake's feet begging him for another chance.

"I find that we cannot exist as we are with you the way you are. I have asked the council and my second here to witness this." Setting the bottle down Jake drew a deep breath trying to remember the words he needed to say. "I have decided that you have done far more for me than I can for you.


You as your sisters before you risked your life for me. I find that I cannot live with the constant fear of your bottle hanging over you. I therefore before all those present, I wish for you to no longer be a slave to that bottle and be free to love and live!" Jake almost shouted. Rosalinda had been there for two of her sisters being released. Through her grief she too didn't hear the words that Jake had spoken.

Suddenly Rosalinda stopped and stared at Master Jake had he just released her? The slave bands that only she wore, out of all his Jinns started to glow.

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Rosalinda looked at them then at Jake. What had he done? Both bands started to vibrate violently then suddenly shattered! Rosalinda dropped to the floor bowing her head to it. "Yes my dear Master, I hear and obey only you!

I am yours forever as is my love!" The entire building started to shake then Rosalinda's bottle also started to vibrate violently then it too shattered. There were tears in all of Jake's Jinns, as there were in all the council member's eyes. The greatest of the prophecies had just been fulfilled. They each knew that the war was about to reach a climax and unfortunately Jake, Juno, their Jinns plus another master and their Jinn would be the turning point.


Now there were only two things left. His other three Jinns gathered around Rosalinda, each kissing her face as all four hugged.

Jake was about to go and join them when he felt strange. At first it was only a tingling then it started to feel like insects all over his body. That's when he noticed the red glow around his body. Looking at the four females before him they were also glowing, though nothing like they had before.

<You are the Ever Last Master, you have withstood far greater than this. Show us that you are indeed worthy of the bond and love that we give freely to you.> Jake heard several voices say. With a determined look on his face as the pain started to increase Jake thought. <If it is the will of the one that guides all of us, then I will gladly give my life for the four women before me.> <A very wise and truthful answer, we shall see Jake Freemon, we shall soon see!> With that, all was quiet, then the pain really started to increase.

Though not as bad as he'd felt before it was starting to push that way. Jake could only estimate that he'd been in the red glow at least an hour.

The pain was almost too much but he had to resist for them. He had to do this for them, it didn't matter if he died as long as they were safe. <Very good Master Jake, we ask you why do you not give up?

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These Jinns couldn't possibly be worth the pain that you are suffering. Just be a good boy and give up, it would be so easy!> <NO!> Jake shouted out in his mind. <I will take all you do to me they are far more important than I am.

Kill me I don't care as long as they are alive and well. Get it over with! I am tired of this I am not going to give up so do your worst!> Just as suddenly as it started, it stopped. The visage of a woman appeared before Jake who'd been dropped unceremoniously on the floor unable to move no matter how hard he tried. "I see that that fate has chosen well this time." Moving over to Gen the visage slowly caressed Gen's face, then turned back to Jake.

"Take care of my little sister Master Jake." Leaning down she gave Jake a soft kiss and disappeared. Suddenly it was as if everything had been unfrozen, the council, Juno, Trully plus the other Jinns moved toward Jake. All four of his Jinns passed out as did Akeesha. Jake felt several hands hold him up as he smiled looking at Gen and the darkness took him also.

It only seemed a few minutes later though it was in fact a few hours that Jake suddenly awoke. Surrounded by several bodies he couldn't seem to get his eyes open. 'Damn it, this sucks,' he thought as he fought harder to open them. Finally he managed to get one open, Sheeka and Gen were nestled next to him on one side. Rosalinda and Rashala were on his other side. Both Inger and Akeesha were at the foot of the bed again wrapped in each other's arms.

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Trully was beside the bed also asleep. Jake turned to the other side of the room and saw that Juno was asleep in a chair with Nyrae floating beside him.

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<Hello master,> Jake he heard her say. <Can I do anything for you?> <No, how long have I been out?> Jake asked. <I believe it has been about 10 of your hours though I am not sure. The council left not long after you lapsed into sleep.

They said to tell you that they are going to hurry your building pictures? I am unsure of what they meant, but was asked to convey the message to you.> Nyrae told him. 'Damn,' Jake thought, 'I feel so damn weak plus the fact I am packed in between all this female flesh. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but right now I need to eat.' <Nyrae,> Jake thought, <you think that you could.?> Nyrae looked up when she heard Jake's thoughts.

Nodding Jake was suddenly standing in the dining room and dropped like a stone into the chair. Nyrae looked at the table and then it was full to capacity with food.

Jake listened to the table groan from the sheer weight of everything.

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"Thank you Nyrae not sure I could have made it had you not." Jake told Nyrae with a small smile on his face. "You are welcome Master Jake. I hope that you didn't mind that Master Juno and I put all of you in bed." Nyrae replied. "No I didn't mind, though it is taking me a long time to get used to all this attention." Jake told her. Nyrae nodded and thought a moment, "Master Jake I am afraid that this will be how it is for a very long time. You are the Ever Last Master, the savior of the Jinn race.

Right now I don't think there is anything that you aren't allowed." Dropping her face, Nyrae blushed a little, then whispered, "including making powerful children."