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Huge Rack MILF Lexi Gets Drilled
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CHAPTER 3 I rose early the following morning, just as I did every day. I woke John, unlocked his cuffs and rolled him onto his back. He sealed his lips to my cunt once I had straddled his head. He had never spilled a drop after his first three days of training.

Once I was done I permitted him to use the toilet before making breakfast. He was rapidly becoming an excellent cook. I sat at the table with a huge portion of bacon and scrambled eggs.

These I fed John with a big spoon as his head rested against my thigh. I spoke to him one I had finished eating. "Why am I doing this with you, John?" "Um…I went to the strip club instead of working here?" "That's part of the reason, John, but there's a much bigger picture.

I love you and I'd be devastated to lose you, but you were headed for a disaster the way you were going. Joseph had told me several times that your work was lackluster on your best days and terrible on the rest.

He almost fired you several times. Did you know that? No…I didn't think so. I'll bet you didn't know that I once dated Joseph before I met you.

You see, I'm full of surprises. "I'm doing this—making you my slave for several reasons. I work hard and long hours, too. I need someone to take care of the house and yard. I also enjoy all the personal attention you give me.

Today you'll also lick my feet and suck my toes when you massage my feet. Hopefully, they'll be really sweaty then. In time you'll give me manicures and pedicures, too. You'll shave my legs and my underarms and, maybe even my pubic hair. I love the way you look and feel. "I also want to start a family. Who will stay home with the baby? You're the obvious choice, aren't you? I have always earned more and I love the work while you have always hated it. Now…I'm expecting a delivery today.

You will go into the office and close the door then. I'll explain more about it then. I will tell you that I'm expecting a visitor this evening—someone who will fuck me while you watch." I could see the concern in John's face so I continued, "He won't see you and he won't even know you're here.

Now clean up the kitchen and meet me downstairs in ten minutes." He hustled down although he was obviously concerned. "I'm not planning to whip you, John unless you make me. I know you don't understand much of what I'm doing, but that's okay. You only have one thing to worry about—making me happy.

I have the responsibility for everything else. It's a lot of work managing everything, believe me." I inspected his nipples once I had him bound in place, sturdy locks connecting his wrist and ankle cuffs to the chains. Once his cock cage was removed I added the nipple clamps. His nipples were quite swollen from the abuse I'd given them and would continue probably forever. My hand found his cock; it hardened quickly to its full five inches.

Too bad—I loved fucking John, but his size and premature ejaculation were real problems. I thought I had the solution to one, but had no idea what to do about the other.

I stroked John even as I tightened the clamps. His back arched as he struggled to deal with the pain—and the pleasure. He ejaculated quickly, the amount diminished by the frequency he was experiencing at my hands.

He immediately licked my hands and fingers clean. Once I had washed him he was back in his prison. I released him with a list of chores he undertook immediately.

The delivery man arrived around one, carrying the heavy wooden chair into our bedroom as I requested. I carried the package, placing it on my dresser. I summoned John once the man had gone."Sit, John while I open the box. Each of the short leather straps were placed around his wrists and forearms, effectively locking them to the chair's strong arms.

A longer belt wrapped around his chest, another around his waist. Finally, I secured his legs to the chair's rear legs. Now he couldn't move at all. "Open your mouth, John. I want to try out this gag. "Joseph will come here tonight and I will fuck him. I told you that I need something big and hot in me from time to time. I will place you in the chair in my closet with the door slightly ajar and the light off so you'll be in the dark. You will be able to see, but you won't be seen.

Remember that I'm doing this for the physical part of sex and nothing more. You are the one I love, not Joseph. I will release you once he is gone and you will clean me then you will join me in bed. We might make love, but even if we don't I will jerk you off and we'll go to sleep. We'll have another busy day tomorrow." John spent the rest of the day cleaning the house. He was becoming quite proficient.

He prepared dinner, serving it to me at 6:30. We were finished by 7:00 and he had completed the clean-up by 7:20. John then bathed me and trimmed my pubic hair, shaping in into a neat triangle with a razor.

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I was naked when I belted him into the chair. He was not visible from the bedroom once I turned out the closet light. "I won't gag you until Joseph comes if you promise to be silent.

Gagging someone can be dangerous so I want to minimize the time you're gagged." Back in the closet I selected a black lace teddy and a long diaphanous black robe.

Checking myself in the mirror revealed that my body could be clearly seen through the filmy garment. I curled and combed my hair then added eyeliner and mascara and finally a bright red and slutty lipstick. Walking in front of John I asked, "Think I look okay, John? Would you want to fuck me?" "Oh God, yes, Miss Sophie…you look so hot." "I'm glad you think so, John. Who knows, maybe you'll get your chance later…once I'm done with Joseph." I had just finished talking with him when the doorbell rang.

"Open up, John. You need this gag to help hide your presence here." I kissed his cheek and closed the door, leaving a space of only an inch so he would be able to see us on the bed. I answered the door to find Joseph Hardman with a huge grin on his face. "Damn, Sophie—that's some outfit. I guess you do want to get fucked. Doesn't that wimp husband have enough to satisfy you?" "Leave John out of this, Joseph; this is strictly between you and me.

How are you? How's business? May I get you a glass of wine?" "Sure…white if you have it. You sure John won't interrupt us? Where is he, anyway?" "He's here…hiding in my closet, but he won't say or do anything.

He's belted tightly into a heavy oak chair and he's gagged. There's been a major change in our relationship lately. He is—for all intents and purposes—my slave.

He agreed because the only alternative was to be thrown out and divorced. It's the best thing I've ever done. Not only do I have a faithful servant who does everything around here and provides the most intimate services on command, but I have probably saved his life.

I know that John can be a colossal ass on occasion, but I do love him very much and I look forward to growing old with him. I trust you'll be discreet and make no mention of this both in the bedroom and later." "You know you can trust me, Sophie. Not a soul will know from my lips. I do find the concept interesting, though. Does he really obey you?" "Come downstairs to our basement and I'll show you where I discipline him." Once there I showed the chains, the rope, cane, crop, and even John's belt.

He was shocked at the strap-on and nipple clamps. I turned him around and kissed him, pressing my large firm breasts into his chest and rubbing my wet cunt over his thigh. "God, Sophie…I never thought I'd be able to do this again." "C'mon—show time; remember, no recognition of John." He nodded and I led him upstairs. "Before we go in…could you explain more about…?" "About how I made John my slave? Sure, want another glass of wine?" I walked quickly to the refrigerator and poured two glasses.

Handing one to Joseph I sat next to him on the couch.

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"I suppose it really began about three months ago one night when John wanted to fuck me. I told him I had just showered and hated to leak all night so he'd have to clean me after.

Of course, I meant with his tongue. He must have been really horny because he did agree about five minutes later.

I was also pleased that he licked me to an orgasm, too. After that I made him clean me every time. Then he quit his job. "I knew he'd have trouble finding a new one, especially after he told me you had blackballed him." "But, I didn't. I only received two requests for references. I told both that his services were satisfactory, but that I felt he'd be happier and more productive in another industry. He may have cussed me out, but blackballing someone for that would be childish—even more childish than all that cussing." "Hmmm…too bad I told John I wouldn't reveal that he was my slave because I'm sure you'd love to witness his punishment.

Lying is intolerable. Anyway, I encouraged him to do most of the housework while he wasn't working. However, he screwed up one day and did nothing. I made him lie over the table while I took that belt of his across his butt a dozen times just to reinforce who was in charge. "Then a few weeks later I caught him running up a thousand dollar tab at the Pink Pussycat in only ten days. That's when it became official.

I shredded his credit and ATM cards and told him to get out. He begged me, saying he'd do anything. I told him he'd have to accept a whipping every day for two weeks. After giving him two dozen I locked his penis away in a stainless steel cock cage." "So, you've been denying him." "No…I've been jerking him off three or four times a day, but I always clamp his nipples when I do.

I'm turning him into a pain slut, someone who needs the pain in order to cum. He has a problem with premature ejaculation and this is how I've decided to handle it. Speaking of handling, please excuse me—I have to make sure he's okay." I kissed Joseph's cheek and strode quickly into the bedroom. John was panting when I removed the gag.

"Are you okay, John? Were you having trouble with the gag?" "It made me drool, Miss Sophie. I had trouble breathing. I was choking on the saliva. I'm sorry." "There's no reason to apologize, John. You have no control over that kind of response. I'll leave it off you, but you must promise to be silent." "I will, Miss Sophie…I promise." "Good boy." I kissed his cheek again and returned to Joseph.

"I had to remove the gag. He was choking so—please, Joseph—ignore any noises that come from the closet. Back to my story; I've beaten him daily, recently with either a cane or a crop which are more painful than the belt.

You know that I've fucked his ass. I'm sure that was terribly humiliating, but even more was sticking his tongue up my asshole." "Yuck!" "I agree, but it will continue until I'm certain he's completely trained. I use it to reinforce my dominance and his submission to me.

I do make sure he rinses his mouth with Listerine after. It's tough being a dominant partner in this kind of relationship—I'm responsible for everything. Oh, yeah—he takes my urine several times a day. I do that to remind him who's in charge, too." "Gee, Sophie—I'm almost glad we didn't marry." "I doubt anything like this would have happened with you, but I needed to be in control with John.

He is self-destructive and I'd be devastated if anything happened to him. I plan to become pregnant sometime in the next year and he will definitely be the father." I placed my glass onto the table, rose, and took Joseph's hand. Shall we?" We walked together into the bedroom. We stood where I was sure that John could see us as I slowly unbuttoned Joseph's shirt, dropping it to the floor. His slacks and boxers soon followed. I knelt to remove his shoes and socks. Then it was his turn. My filmy robe was soon off then he untied the ribbons holding my teddy in place.

I shimmied out and we were naked together. My hand found Joseph's big cock as his found my breasts. We had dated for about three months before I had met John.

We'd had sex five times if I recalled correctly and I remembered his thick cock vividly. It was big and he knew how to use it. I was looking forward to having my pussy stretched around it.

Kissing Joseph I broke it to kneel and take his swollen organ into my mouth. My lips may have been wrapped around his organ, but my eyes were aimed straight at John. I had sucked and licked for more than five minutes when I rose, pulled the blankets down the bed and fell back, my head on the pillow and my legs spread and my knees high in obvious invitation. Joseph moved quickly to my core, rubbing the head of his cock into my slit and mingling his pre-cum with my juices.

Seconds later he entered me, pushing all the way to my cervix. I lifted my legs to his shoulders, forcing him even deeper into me. We moved together, slowly at first, until my breathing became rapid and shallow.

Joseph considerately reached between our bodies to grip and twist my clit. I screamed as my orgasm began, my body shaking as a massive spasm ripped through me. He continued his torture to extend my pleasure. It was an exquisite orgasm, but all I could think of was John. We continued to move until I felt Joseph stiffen for a second before driving forcefully into me, hot slick cum erupting from his cock.

Five more times Joseph blew into me. I knew my pussy was filled with his seed. Once it was over he collapsed onto my chest until he had recovered. "That was incredible, Sophie—thank you. I'd love to stick around for another try, but those days are behind me. John is a lucky man." He rose and I was about to join him, but he told me he could find his way out. "I'll lock the door for you, Sophie." He was dressed in another minute then leaned over to kiss my cheek.

He whispered into my ear—the one opposite the closet--so John wouldn't hear. "I hope I gave you a good deposit…something to occupy John for a few minutes." I merely smiled and laughed. Joseph was gone a minute later. I pulled a tampon from my night stand, pushed it into my puss and went immediately to John.

"You were very good, John. Come and lie on the bed. I know you're stiff so let me help you. I want to speak with you before I decide what to do with you." John struggled the six feet to the bed. His muscles were badly cramped. I doubted I could restrain him in that position again. He spread his arms and legs in anticipation of being restrained again, however I simply moved onto his chest.

"Joseph asked about you, John. He told me that he didn't blackball you. He gave you decent references. Why did you lie to me?" "I'm sorry, Miss Sophie. I felt like such a failure when I couldn't get another job. I didn't want you to hate me. That's why I lied. I know I deserve a punishment. I'll never lie to you again. I'm really sorry that I let you down." I knew he was sincere and, more importantly, he was being truthful.

He had tears in his eyes throughout his confession. "I'll never hate you, John. You know that I love you and I always will. I was going to punish you for lying, but I won't because I know you were truthful now.

I'm not going to tie you up, but I expect you to do exactly as you are told." "I will obey you, Miss Sophie…always." "Open, John." I pushed the gooey tampon into his mouth.

He sucked Joseph's and my fluids from the absorbent fabric. My cunt was over his mouth when I pulled it out. John knew what to do. He attacked my cunt, licking and scooping everything he could find from my tunnel. I kept him at it for almost ten minutes before retreating.

Moving between his legs I removed the key from my neck and unlocked his cock. I barely had to touch it before it was hard as a rock. John was shocked when I put it to my pussy. This would be an experiment. I figured at the time that there was probably an eighty percent chance of failure.

If it did I would just have to work John even harder. He felt good inside me—even better than Joseph who was much larger—but I loved John. I didn't love Joseph. We moved together, but I could tell that John was tentative, perhaps afraid due to our new change in status.

"You may touch me, John. In fact, I want you to. You will never initiate sex with me. That is my responsibility…just like everything else, but once we begin you may have carte blanche with my body unless I decide to tie you to the bed." I took his hands and moved them to my breasts. He began to massage them immediately. I continued to ride John, driving my clit into him while he repeatedly lifted me from the bed. I was shocked when I checked my clock. We had been at it for more than six minutes and John hadn't cum yet.

At this point I didn't know the cause. Was it because I had been jerking him off so often? Or was it because I hadn't yet hurt him? All I knew was that this was the best sex we'd ever had. I continued until I began to feel a rumbling in my core. Tiny tremors emanated from my clit. I was close—so very close. Leaning forward I took John's nipples between my nails and pinched for all I was worth. I came on his next thrust and so did he, drowning my cunt with his cream.

John was crying when I looked down. "Thank you, Miss Sophie; that was the most intense experience of my life. It made everything I've gone through worthwhile. I'll gladly go through it all over again if only&hellip." He never finished that sentence. I covered his mouth with mine. We kissed for more than a minute before I broke it and climbed up his body. Once again he cleaned my cunt, swallowing every drop of his and my secretions until I jumped off the bed en route to the bathroom.

Returning a minute or so later I washed John's shrunken cock before locking it away once again. "We will sleep naked, John. You may touch me, but not my breasts or pussy or ass—not with your hands. You may snuggle against my ass if you wish. Do you understand?" "Yes, Miss Sophie…thank you." I kissed his cheek, pulled the blanket over us, and leaned back against my husband—my slave. CHAPTER 4 I continued to train John daily for the remainder of my vacation. There was nothing he wouldn't do for me by the time I went back to work.

Rather than torture him daily I kept a notebook with demerits for which I would punish him every Friday evening. His nipples remained big and puffy, making them easy to grip and pinch whenever we made love. After three weeks of ongoing conditioning John was unable to cum without excruciating pain, exactly as I had hoped. I was returned to work three days when I chose to cuckold John again. My choice this time was a client, a man with plenty of money and a libido that had caused him to proposition me several times over the past five years.

I had always turned him down, but now he could serve my purpose well. He arrived at 8:00 on Friday evening.

I had barely had the time for John to bathe me and do my hair. I secured him into the chair once again, but this time I secured his legs to the front of the chair where they wouldn't be so severely restricted. There was one other big change—John was seated in the bedroom where he could see and be seen.

I had planned for him to clean my pussy in front of my partner and then to clean him, as well. John would have a difficult evening and if he failed, tomorrow would be even worse. John was just secured—there'd be no gag tonight—when the doorbell rang.

Tonight I chose a new outfit—a red wine nightgown that just covered my puss and ass with open cups around my breasts and a matching peignoir that was no longer. I added matching pumps with five-inch heels. I almost laughed when John raised his hand.

His wrist was bound to the chair arm so his motion was extremely limited. "You may speak, John." "Thank you, Miss Sophie…you look so hot in that outfit." "Perhaps I should wear it tomorrow night when we are alone here. That will depend on how you behave tonight. I've already explained what I expect from you. I know it will be a challenge, but you still need to learn blind obedience." I kissed his cheek then turned to walk to the door.

I had told Clark Donaldson that my husband was my cuckold. I did fuck him on occasion, but I also made him watch while I fucked well-hung men. I expected him to clean my cunt and to lick Clark's cock clean. I never mentioned anything about John being my slave.

I also made it clear that he would not be spending the night. I'd known Clark for as long as I'd been with the firm. He was an aggressive businessman, but had been a gentleman in our relationship. He never pushed me once I had rejected his advances. I thought I could trust him, but, just to be sure I gave John a razor knife so he could cut through his bonds to release himself if necessary.

Clark's eyes almost leapt from his head when I answered the door. "Sorry to take so long, Clark, but I had to restrain John. He'll be able to observe us, but he won't be able to interfere." "Seeing you like this is worth the wait.

Damn, Sophie—you are a beautiful sexy woman." "Why, thank you, Clark. Why don't you come in? Can I offer you a glass of wine or a drink?" "Gin and tonic if you have it." "Can do; why don't you sit on the couch. I'll join you in a minute." I mixed the drink in the kitchen then carried both back to where Clark was seated. "I can't understand why your husband allows this.

I'm not complaining, mind you, but I was shocked when you phoned me. I'm not a young man any longer so other than an occasional pick-up I don't get it much. My wife has decided it no longer interests her." "John is a bit strange, Clark. He loves fucking me, but he's a bit small. Every now and then I need something bigger in me.

He knows it's only a one-time thing and he'll get to fuck me later. I must tell you that I keep him in chastity. I won't go into details, but his cock is safely locked up until I decide to free him." "I guess you're the boss at home as well as at work." "You might say that, but why don't we finish up these drinks and get down to business?" I downed the rest of my wine and led Clark to the bedroom.

Once there I handled the introductions, "Clark, this is my husband, John. John, you've heard me mention Clark several times." "Good evening, Clark; thank you for giving Sophie the pleasure she deserves." "Thank you, John—thanks for being willing to share Sophie." I started to undress Clark, but he pushed me back onto the bed and ripped my peignoir and nightie from my body.

"Clark…what are you doing?" "Just what you want my dear—I'm going to fuck you, but first I'm going to make you pay for making me wait all those years. I'm going to hurt you then I'm going to fuck your lights out and when I'm done I'm going to kill you and your wimp husband, too." He was so occupied with raping me that he failed to see John cut through his bonds and leap from the chair.

Grabbing his hair he pulled Clark off me. Now I was worried for John. He's not the strongest man I've ever known. He had Clark in a headlock while hanging on his back. Clark staggered a bit and when he did I jumped from the bed and kicked him in the balls.

He screamed and bent over, but that couldn't and didn't stop me from doing it again. Meanwhile, John was choking him.

I made him stop when Clark was gasping for breath. "Help me get him downstairs. Take the handcuffs from my top dresser drawer and lock his wrists behind his back.

John retrieved the cuffs and was back before Clark could react. A few seconds later he was secured. "You could have fucked me—several times if you wished—but you had to get rough. Now I'll show you what rough really is." We brought him to his feet and forced him down the basement stairs. "You can either walk, Clark, or I'll have John push you. It's your choice." He walked. John attached the leather cuffs to his ankles then locked them to the floor chains.

They were spread painfully, but that was just the beginning. I threaded the rope through the two hanging chains and tied it to the handcuffs.

Once that was done I pulled his wrists up—much higher than I had with John. There was tremendous strain on his shoulders. One more thing to do; "John, get the video camera and the tripod." "You might think about calling the cops, but if you do this video is going to become public. You won't want that once you see what I'm going to do to you." John was back in a flash with the video equipment and he'd been kind enough to bring a terrycloth robe for me.

"Thank you, darling." I wrapped it around my body and tied the sash before addressing Clark again. "John is my slave, Clark. This is where he receives discipline. It's also where you're going to be disciplined. John, get a razor knife from your workbench and cut Clark's clothing from his body." He started to protest, screaming that he'd get his revenge.

He'd drop my company. I laughed. "That'll be great, Clark. Your biggest competitor has been meeting with us and the only thing that's held us back has been your business, but now we won't have that conflict of interest, will we?

You might also want to know that he's promised us much more than your company ever could." John began by cutting up Clark's pant leg and through his belt then he worked the other side and Clark was naked from the waist down. I removed his shoes and socks while John cut away his shirt. Moving to my cabinet I donned a full-face mask--something I had to intimidate John if necessary--to hide my identity. I also grabbed my favorite cane then I handed John a ball gag.

He enjoyed ramming it into Clark's mouth.

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I spoke again before beginning. "Anyone who views this will see you and be able to identify you. John is really quite talented in this regard. He'll alter my voice and his when he does the voiceover. He'll have it done before we release you. It will be somewhere in the cloud, whatever that is, and he'll set it up so we have to access it regularly in order to prevent it from being released.

Don't forget that I have a number of email addresses for your company including all the board members and your CEO. I'll bet we can get some way to notify your wife from your phone. I'm sure they'll enjoy seeing you on the receiving end of my strap-on. Okay, enough talking—how many do you think, John?" "At least three dozen, Miss Sophie." "That would be per cheek, wouldn't it?" "Whatever you say, Miss Sophie—you're the boss." "You can start with a close-up of his face.

Wait until I pull his head up." John began to film as I pulled Clark's head up. He zoomed in, pausing when Clark's face filled the screen then zoomed in even closer to show the red ball gag in his mouth.

I loved his narration. He would alter our voices so they couldn't be recognized and parts of my body, too with those squiggly lines we sometimes see on TV or even the internet. I released Clark's head, stepped back, and swung the cane. I was an expert now, having practiced many times on John's poor butt. It had helped him toward blind obedience, something that was his routine now.

My second blow wasn't even a quarter inch above the first. Over and over I belted Clark's left cheek. I could hear him scream in agony even with the gag. I was sure that John was getting all the action. I changed sides and, swinging backhand, plastered his other cheek with the same efficiency and effectiveness I had shown previously.

"I'm so glad you're one of my regulars, Clark baby. I know how much you enjoy being fucked. I hope you can wait until I get my strap-on." John helped me step into it and tighten the straps. I hesitated for almost a minute to give him a long deep kiss before stepping in front of Clark to remove his gag.

"Suck on it you cocksucker. It's the only lube you'll get." "Fuck you, I'll get you, you fucker, if it's the last thing I ever do." I was just about to whip him again when I saw John signal me. "If you can get him to speak a lot I think I can edit it so it sounds like he's asked, even begged for it.

You know, like he's a regular customer who craves being beaten and fucked." "Would you be willing to fuck him once I'm finished?" "I'd do it if you wanted me to, but I'd prefer to do only you, Miss Sophie." "Very well, John—I'll owe you a good fucking by the time we're done. Wait until you see my final idea." I leaned forward and kissed John with all the passion I owned. Returning to Clark I tried to play my role as the professional dominatrix to the hilt.

"C'mon, Clarkie baby, you complain about sucking my cock every week, but you always do. Why don't I warm up your ass a little more to get you into the mood?" "No, please—no more--I'll do it, just please don't hurt me any more." "Clarkie, why do you come here every week if you don't love being hurt? You pay me hundreds every week to plaster your ass. I'm surprised your lovely wife hasn't noticed.

Maybe I should send her a few photos in an email." "No, please—I'll do anything." Oh, how much is it worth to you, Clarkie baby? Would it be worth five? "You mean five hundred?" Of course, although I think a thousand would be better." "A thousand?

A thousand dollars? I'll pay you a thousand if you don't fuck me with that thing." "Like you have a choice, Clarkie. Open up or it'll be dry. You know how much you hate that." I grabbed his hair to hold his head up then rammed the cock into his mouth.

He choked and gagged, but all that did was make me laugh. After five minutes I withdrew and moved behind him. The head on this dildo was huge. It would be interesting to see who would win although I was pretty sure it was going to be me. Unknown to Clark I did use lube, more to help me gain entry than any pleasure he'd experience.

Pushing with my legs and pulling with my arms I slowly made headway until I could hear an audible pop as the head cleared the tight rim of his sphincter. "You're getting better at this, Clark baby. I got in much faster than last week. Okay now, let's get down to the actual fucking. I know how much you enjoy that." I started a rhythm that was slow enough that I wouldn't cum. I planned on doing that with John.

God knows he'd earned it tonight. I was surprised when I reached around Clark's hip to find that he was hard. The head of his cock was covered in slippery pre-cum. "You're such a slut, pig boy. You're as hard as a rock." John had removed the camera from the tripod using the quick release so he could get a better view of my cock in Clark's ass. This would be a great video. I wondered if I could sell it.

Now John moved in front of and below Clark to get a good view as I began to jerk him off. He came even quicker than John—how disappointing. Pulling out of Clark's ass I placed my hand in front of his mouth.

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"Lick it up, pig; it's not as though you haven't done it before. Do it or suffer another two dozen with the cane." He looked up with disgust and hatred in his eyes, but he did open and lick. I rammed the shitty dildo into his mouth once he was done. "I'll bet you just love the taste of your own shit, don't you?" I laughed crazily as I stepped back out of the video to dump the strap-on into the sink.

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John would clean it tomorrow. Time now for my final step, I thought. My keys removed John's cock cage in seconds. I knelt in front of Clark so he could see. "Look inside this tube, Clark. See these prongs? They will push against your cock and if you try to pull it off they will catch on your shaft and cut it in two. That's just something for you to consider over the next week." "You're not putting that thing on me. Forget it! I swear I'll kill you if you do." "Go ahead.

I plan on putting these keys in my safe deposit box tomorrow morning and don't forget about the video. That will go to everyone you know.

They'll see you at your best. Just try to mess with me, Clark. I dare you." Reaching below him I easily pulled his balls and shrunken cock through the ring. The tube was in place seconds later and I locked it in place with the built-in lock. It was made of stainless and used a high-security cylindrical key. A turn of the smaller key locked his dinky cock in place. John removed his ankles from the chains as I untied his wrists.

He stood up gingerly, looking down at his imprisoned manhood.


"Enjoy sitting when you have to pee, asshole." "Enough, John; you have work to do. I still plan on getting fucked tonight." He knelt to kiss my dirty feet than dashed up the stairs to the computer.

I led Clark, his hands still cuffed behind his back, up to the living room. Grabbing his hair I pulled him between my legs. "As long as you're there you might as well do something worthwhile.

I was willing to put your meat into my mouth. You might as well eat me while we're waiting for the show to begin." I untied my sash with one hand and pulled his head to my cunt with the other. "Lick it or we're going back downstairs for another whipping." My toes nudged his balls in encouragement. Knowing that I could and would hurt him he dove into my puss, the core of my womanhood and the center of the power I held over all men. He had been down there for almost fifty minutes, bringing me to two so-so orgasms, when John returned, holding a disc in his hand.

I didn't see it as a total failure—I was hotter than hell for my husband, my slave. John turned on the TV and started the DVD player. I must say that he did a fantastic job. The video began with me marching Clark to the chains. I could hear him say, "I'll pay you a thousand to beat me and fuck my ass." He said quite a lot as I tortured him, but nothing that was verbatim from the actual whipping.

He sounded sincerely pleased when I rammed the huge dildo into his ass and he squealed for joy when I made him cum. I laughed out loud when I heard him beg to eat his own cum.

Best of all, he appeared to say, "I deserve this," when I locked the cage around his manhood, although truthfully he wasn't all that much bigger than John. "John, I assume you have set up the emails with the video." "Yes, Miss Sophie—they will be automatically sent if I fail to access the site at least once a day." Then, smiling, he continued, "Gee, I hope I don't forget." I unlocked Clark's handcuffs and John handed him the disc.

"Here's your wallet—minus the thousand you paid your dominatrix—and your keys." "Thank you, John; now I suggest you get your sorry ass out of here, Clark." "But…I'm naked.

How can I go home? What will my wife say?" "Good questions—you should have thought about them before assaulting me. Get out! I'll see you next Friday night and we'll talk about whether or not to free you." John led him to the door, pushed him out, and locked it behind him.

I went to John, wrapped my arms around him and moved my head to his chest. "Thank you, John; you saved me from being raped and both of us from probably being killed. I'm sure that he would have had to do it to cover up his rape." "I couldn't let him hurt my mistress, Miss Sophie. You know I would be lost without you. I've learned how much I love and need you over the past month." Rather than lean down for a kiss he fell to my feet, kissing them repeatedly.

I ran my fingers through his hair as I pulled him up and pressed my lips into his. "Come along, John—I feel filthy after dealing with him. I wouldn't want you to fuck a dirty puss. I don't know what I was thinking.

Not only did he almost harm us, but he was just terrible at licking me. You're much better, darling." Taking his hand I led him to the bathroom where he drew a hot bath, helped me in then joined me to carefully wash my body. I especially enjoyed the tender kisses he placed on my neck. Ten minutes later we were in bed naked.

John knew not to touch me until I had given permission. I normally placed him on his back and rode him, but tonight I thought he deserved a reward. I laid back, spread my legs to bare my puss, and invited him, "Take me, John. Fuck me hard. C'mon, give it to me and don't stop." Looking down I could see that John was more than ready.

Allura and Cat punishing Bella with tickling

He was as hard as I'd ever seen him and his cock head was covered in slick pre-cum. He could have just rammed home, but I knew he wouldn't. Slowly he rubbed into my slit. I, too, was ready. My crotch was coated with nectar.

"You don't have to worry about hurting me, John. I like it a bit rough with you. I know you'll never hurt me. C'mon, darling—don't hold back." He pushed into me in a single thrust. It felt wonderful in spite of his small girth. We moved together as I noted the time. Every time I fucked John was another experiment. I wanted to see how far he could go before he couldn't hold back his orgasm. Wrapping my legs around John's waist changed the angle of his penetration to bring him into contact with my G-spot.

I experienced a strong orgasm in which my entire body felt as though it was washed over by a warm fountain. Still we continued to fuck; we'd gone on for more than eight minutes. My second came at about eighteen minutes. It was even longer and stronger than the first, causing my entire body to shake for almost ten seconds. Still John drove into me even though I could see that he was shaking.


I knew he was at the very edge, but unable to go over without my permission and his pain. We fucked for another ten minutes and I came yet again—the strongest of all. I bucked so hard that I lifted John more than a foot. I was mid-orgasm when I reached up, gripped his nipples with my sharp nails and pinched. John screamed from the pain, but he came like a tsunami.

I swear, he must have filled me ten times before he collapsed onto my chest. "Well done, slave…very well done. I love you, John. I always have and I always will." My fingers ran through his hair as we recovered. He got up and rolled onto his back, his mouth open a few minutes later. I rolled over so straddle his head so he could clean me. He did a fantastic job, not only cleaning everything in and around my puss, but he also brought me to a final orgasm for the night.

I was wasted when I fell to the bed. John pulled the blanket over us as I whispered, "Tomorrow is a special day, John. It's the one-month anniversary of our new relationship and I have something special planned for both of us. I'm not planning to whip you, especially after your performance tonight, but I will require your strict compliance with my orders. Now, let's go to sleep; you were even more wonderful than usual." I turned my head to kiss John then I pushed my tight butt into him and pulled his arm over my body, his hand just beneath my breast.

We slept extremely well, waking up when the sun was high in the sky.