Busty blonde stunner rides on a bbc

Busty blonde stunner rides on a bbc
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Tracy is walking out of the TV station after finishing the 10 pm news cast. I'm waiting for her in the parking lot, watching her approach her car. I got out of my car walking over to her scaring her. " Hi Tracy, it has been a while since I have seen you." I said.

" John, what the hell do you want?" Tracy replied. Tracy got in my car and took her to a Motel 6, Tracy shift uneasily on the I wait in the TV station employee parking lot for Tracy. She has finished the 10 pm news cast, coming out to walk to her car. I approach her then take her to my car. I drive to nearby motel 6, she sits uncomfortable chair. I went into the bathroom, leaving her alone in the empty room.

Soon, I came through the door walking over to the table. Tracy turns to look out of the window, feeling me stepping up close to her. She shivers, as she feels me stroking her hair.

" I like the new color of your hair." I grin. My hands move down over her body, stroking her breast, squeezing it. " No," she whispers. " Please.John, I went back to my husband." MY hands stroke her thighs, finding their way up under her short skirt. I push her panties aside, my fingers poking her pussy lips. Tracy turns slapping my face hard. I let go immediately, staring at her. " What?" she cries. " Get on your knees Tracy." I said, with a lusty grin on my face.

I unzip my pants letting them drop to the floor, my semi erect cock hung between my legs. " No!" Tracy cries. She struggles kneeling down in front of me.

I hold my cock in my fist with one hand and force Tracy's mouth open with the other. " No, please," she protests, as I push my cock in between her lips, " pl.

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Mmm. Ngh." Tracy feels my cock throbbing in her mouth, tasting faintly salty. My fingers grab her hair, as I start thrusting back and forth, fucking her mouth. " Ah," I groan. "Ah. Unh." My thick member swells and hardens with each thrust. Tracy gasps and gags, as wet, slurping noises fill the room. She tries struggling again, but my grip held her even tighter, letting me plunge my hard cock in and out of her mouth.

Tracy closed her eyes. I'm moaning louder now, thrusting my rock hard cock into her mouth. Finally, she feels it swelling and twitching, ready to explode. I froze, throwing my head back in ecstasy. For a second, Tracy notices how all men look the same when they orgasm. "Huhn!" I yell. "Ahhh! Hunh!" Tracy tries to pull her head away, but it is no use. I push my hard cock even deeper inside her mouth, as I begin to ejaculate.

A long, hot spurt of salty semen explodes into Tracy's throat. Frantically, she tries swallowing the first creamy load, but another one follows immediately after, filling her mouth with salty semen.

And another and another. Gulping and choking, Tracy feels my sperm running down her chin and her neck, as my cock keeps jerking and spurting between her lips.

Then, finally, my ejaculations subside. Breathing heavily, I hold my cock inside her mouth, savoring the sensation as it slowly went semi soft. As I pull back, Tracy sees the skin of my shaft glistening with semen and saliva. I gaze at her almost lovingly, as I swiftly pull up my pants.

Tracy tries swallowing the rest of my semen but it is still the only taste in her mouth. She feels loosen my grip, realizing she can now move. I disappear into the bathroom, then I return standing in front of Tracy, still frowning. " I. I'm sorry," She said. I shook my head. " Not good enough," I said. Suddenly, I grab her arm, lifting her up and placing her on her back on the table. " Hey!" She cries. Swiftly, I push up her skirt to her waist.

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Then I bend down, pushing her panties aside, and place my mouth between her legs. She feels my wet tongue licking her pussy lips. " No." She cries, struggling. I grab her thighs with my hands, holding her in place as I push my tongue inside her cunt. She feels my hot breath on her belly, as I begin moving my head back and forth, thrusting my tongue in and out of her pussy. I push it all the way in, holding it still, then wiggling it around, exploring the wet, sensitive depths of her.

Tracy moans helplessly, feeling her juices starting to flow. My previous attack has aroused her a little bit but my tongue action is irresistible. I pull my tongue from her cunt, then licking from side to side like a snake I slowly move towards the base of her clit. " Oh no," She gasps. " Please." I lick her clit rhythmically, circling it with my salivating tongue.

Tracy squirming with lust on the wooden table, involuntarily pushing her pussy against my face. I continue, gasping with excitement, licking around and around Tracy's tiny, hardening clit. She bangs her fists on the table, crying out loud with pleasure. " Yes! Yes!" And finally inevitably - the orgasm surges through her. Tracy trembling in ecstasy, her juices gushing as she feels her climax surging through every fiber of her body.

It seems to go on forever, while she whimpers and moans on the table. In her post-orgasmic daze, she vaguely senses my wet tongue letting go of her pussy. I stood in front of her, undressing completely. My cock long thick and fully erect. I grab my long thick hard cock in my hand beginning to masturbate, staring at Tracy with intense eyes.

" Take your clothes - off!" I growl. Tracy's head is spinning. Still on her back on the table, she slowly pulls off her skirt and panties - and then her blouse. When she sits up to unbuckle her high-heeled shoes, I stop her, and she lays back on the table again. I stand between her legs, my erect cock pointing straight at her face.

Forcing it down, I guide it toward the opening of her cunt. " No." Tracy whispers, as the tip of my cock makes contact with her pussy lips. " Please. Please don't." Breathing heavily, she lays there staring at my hard rod.


Her breasts quivering unable to hide her arousal and excitement. Grunting, I slowly slide my cock inside her.


Tracy gasps, her mouth open wide. She feels my hard shaft forcing and stretching her pussy open, inch after inch entering her. I'm breathing harder now. Having buried the entire length of my cock inside her, I hold still, letting her feel it grow to a thicker and harder erection. I grab her thighs with both hands, suddenly, Tracy feels the first powerful thrust.

" Ah!" she cries. I slam the entire length of my hard cock inside her. Then I pull out, only to thrust again slamming the entire length inside her. The head of my cock slamming And again and again against her cervix - back and forth, in a steady rhythm, battering her cunt with relentless energy. " Ohhh." Tracy whimpers, "ohhh." I'm fucking her savagely, my long thick cock hard as a steel rod. When Tracy looks up at me, my face did not reveal my excitement.

It remains an expressionless mask, my jaw clenched in intense concentration. This frightens her slightly it is so unlike me, I always yell and drools when I fucked her in the past. She has always liked sensing my excitement. Being impaled by me now, an unfeeling fucking machine is frightening but in a really sexy way.I grab her wrists, pinning her to the wooden table, as I keep thrusting into her.

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I'm vigorously plunging into her wet pussy, moving my hips around, varying the angle of entrance ever so slightly, letting my hard cock stimulate every surface of her sensitive flesh. Tracy feels another climax approaching. She can't believe it. For all her hate towards me, there is no denying that I fuck her hard. So good. Juice gushing from her pussy, Tracy feels her body beginning to tremble again. She opens her eyes and met my piercing gaze. I'm sweating from the strain, drops of perspiration running down my face and chest.

My dark eyes are completely focused, evaluating the effect of each thrust of my cock, following Tracy's every step of the way towards another orgasm. " No." she gasps, her body spasming uncontrollably.

" No. Ohmygod. Ohmygod." Using all my strength, I slam harder and deeper into Tracy's slurping wet cunt. Once more, she succumbes to an overpowering climax. " Aaah!" she cries, "aaah!" I hold still inside her, as her pussy contracts violently around my hard cock. Then slowly, I let it slip out. Once more I kneel between her legs, licking the juices from her labia. Tracy shivers with pleasure, her orgasm seemingly prolonged by the stimulation. " John." she whispers deliriously, " you're crazy.

Stop that. I can't go on. Oh, God." With both hands, she tries to push my head away from between her legs, but it is no use. I force my mouth towards her crevice, licking thirstily at her succulent pussy with the most obscene slurping and smacking sounds.

Slowly, I slide two fingers inside her cunt, moving them around back and forth, making her whimper softly. Then finally - I let go of her pussy and stood up. " Come here," I ordered, grabbing her wrist. Tracy got off the table. She stood naked in front of me looking at me, my long thick hard cock pointing straight at her, dripping with her juices. Tracy can't believe that again she is horny as hell. She'd just wanted her husband's hard cock inside her tonight.

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I pull her towards me, her legs trembling after two orgasms, Tracy stumbles falling towards me. " No!" she said, as she realized I'm pulling her tight aganist me. " Stop!" She struggles furiously, I grab her wrists harder forcing her to turn around then making her bend over, face down, her ass in the air. " Oh yes," Tracy whispers under her breath," Ah!" Tracy jumps, as she feels my fingers between her legs, grabbing her labia and pulling her pussy open.

She feels the cool air blowing against her sensitive flesh. Holding her hole open, I slowly push my hard cock in between my fingers.

Tracy feels her cunt stretching wide, as I buried the entire length of my thick shaft inside her again. Finally, I pull my fingers out, and her soft, elastic flesh slams shut around my shaft. I grab her hips and pull back. My first thrust is so hard, it makes her scream. " Aaah!" I begin fucking her in a frantic pace, Tracy feels as if a switch was pulled, starting a powerful, unstoppable engine.

My cock hammering relentlessly inside her quivering slit like a piston, poking her with mechanical precision. " Aaah! Fuuuck!" Tracy holds on to the table, her entire body shaking from the force of each powerful thrust. " No-o-o!" She cries, her voice broken up by the rhythm of my fucking. " Jo-hn!

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Sto-o-o-op!" Tracy thrashing about on the wooden table, her legs kicking helplessly. I hold her down, my cock plunging deeper and deeper into her.

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She cries out, as she feels the tip of my thumb entering her anus. " Nuuuh!" she protests. Her body trembling with a mix of pleasure and humiliation. Slowly, I force my thumb inside her ass. This strange sensation turns her on. She is too horny to think straight anymore the cock in her pussy and the thumb in her ass just keep pushing her to new levels of excitement.

Tracy's juices flowing from her cunt, lubricating my cock with her wetness. She is getting more and more excited, but strangely not approaching orgasm. She is going to climax eventually, isn't she? Or is it just going to be like this ever-increasing levels of pleasure? She isn't sure she can take it can feel her abdomen cramping, desperate for the release of another orgasm. Tracy whimpering helplessly, as I keep fucking her hard, my thumb buried deep inside her sensitive tight anus.

Then, hearing a familiar noise, she raises her head. This is it, she thought. She struggles out of my grip, with each thrust, Tracy feels more sensual, more lustful, more delightfully filthy. I hold still inside Tracy, my hard cock jerking inside her clenching pussy.

I grab Tracy's ass and brutally thrust into her slit, making her scream " Aaah!" I'm fucking her fiercely from behind, making the small wooden table wobble and squeak in time to my rhythm.

" Oh, yes." Tracy whispers.

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She holds on to the edges of the table, as each of my powerful thrusts throw her back and forth. She feels the entire length of my hard tool plunging into her slippery pussy again and again, driving her closer to another orgasm.

Gasping for breath, she feels me applying more force to my deep, relentless thrusts. Juice squirting from her slit, running down the insides of her thighs. " Ah!" she cries. " Ah! Ah! Ah!" The table creaking and shaking, Tracy screaming as she comes again. " Aaah!

Aaah!" I hold on to her hips, as she throws herself about on the table, waves of pleasure surging through her trembling body, until she thought she will faint. Her pussy twitching around my cock, squeezing its swollen head.

As I slowly pull out, she once more feels her juices gushing from her pussy. She missed feeling so excited, so overcome by lust.

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" Aaah!" She cries. "Aaah!" She has not felt anything like this since going back to her husband. Now my cock is moving in and out in a smooth rythm, feeling the monster member now plunging in and then slipping out, each stroke stimulating a different area of her tender, moist tunnel. She feels each thrust stretching her, forcing her pussy to open wide - again and again.

I'm sweating, my perspiration dripping on her naked body. She caught drops of sweat on her tongue it tasted salty, a bit like my semen tasted earyler.

As my cock hammered away brutally inside her wildly expanded pussy. " Ohmigod," Tracy cries, as she feels yet another climax approaching. " Ohmigod. Ohmigoood." She throws her head back as she came. It is a violent orgasm, making her entire body jerk in convulsions, as hot juices squirted from her quivering cunt. Again she struggles, I hold her down, letting myself thrust into her pussy again and again.


" Yes," I yell. " Fuck yes. I'm gonna come!" I plunge my cock into the depths of Tracy's flesh and froze, my shaft bulging and throbbing. Finally, Tracy feels me starting to ejaculate. " Unhhh!" I yell, as my cock jerks spasmodically, squirting spurt after spurt of burning hot semen deep into Tracy's cunt. My thick spunk filling her pussy, seeping slowly out of her, as it kept pumping into her.

Dazed, Tracy feels my cock still throbbing inside her, until it went soft and slowly slides out of her dripping wet slit. " Ahhh." I sigh. Tracy laid on the table panting for breathe, I lay on top of her gasping for breathe. I slowly raise up off of her," Now there's a good little whore," I murmur.

" John." Tracy replies, " I can't keep seeing you?" Tracy stood up then gathered her clothes up. She nods politely and begins dressing. I sat on the bed swiftly pulling up my pants.