Karamel Gets Doggystyle Fucked By A White One

Karamel Gets Doggystyle Fucked By A White One
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Janet's Journey Chapter Four Janet's Grandfather had one of his now frequent attacks and her Mom said she'd be going to look after him for a week or so.That short statement at dinner had her almost in a frenzy.She'd have her Daddy all to herself for a whole week, maybe more.He'd told her that Mom was asking somewhat strange questions lately and he wanted to cool it before she really understood what they were doing.He hadn't come to her now in over a week and she was learning at her young age what true frustration was.Sure, she still masturbated as much but it just wasn't the same.She couldn't wait for her Mother to leave and even helped her pack.

"You're growing up so quickly now.I can see that bra is becoming uncomfortable, when I get back we'll get you some new things and by the way young lady, I've told you this before!

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I don't want you going around the house in just a T shirt and your panties anymore.Your nipples stick out and you have to remember that there's a man in the house" Remember??? How could she forget when all she wanted was for that man to fuck her to pieces but she placated the woman.She didn't want any problems or even the thought of any before she left.

"Yes, Mom.I know.I'm sorry; I'll be sure to wear my bra and shorts or pants.It's only Daddy, but I understand" She smiled when she said that.Inside her emotions were roiling, she knew it'd happen while her Mom was gone, she was sure of it and her Mother's prattling words were falling on deaf ears now.all she could think about was him fucking her.Not having to be quiet or secretive.She knew her panties were sodden and as soon as the taxi taking her Mom to the airport pulled away from the house she ran upstairs, throwing herself on her bed.She'd just begun when a thought occurred to her and she thought, why not?


She knew which drawer where her Mother thought she had her toys hidden and had looked at them often enough so now she wanted to try them.Not being able to decide which, she gathered them all and returned to her room. Some she recognized as regular vibrators by their penis shapes and she tried turning on each one.Two had dead batteries and she laughed.Those must be the ones she used more often but there was a small blue one that Janet thought she would be able to use easily.It was just a slightly curved and slender probe looking thing.There was one that had graduated sized balls on it's shaft and a string with balls of different sizes as well but she didn't know how those were supposed to be used.maybe she could ask her Daddy and he'd show her.


Lying back, she opened one of the books and quickly turned to pictures of a woman using a vibe.She was smiling for the camera as she licked and sucked it so the girl did the same.Maybe that was to lubricate it, she thought but Janet needed no such help.Her pussy was swollen and wet enough that she could feel it oozing.First rubbing the pointed head against her distended clit was wonderful and she debated just doing that until she came but she wanted it all so after a minute or so of that, she inserted it shallowly and then ran it up and down just inside the lips of her cunt.her cunt responded quickly and she gasped.Gawd but it was so good and she tried to keep her hips still as she fucked herself with it.She couldn't put it too deeply before she felt it hit something that she knew was her cherry and she didn't want to break that.She wanted her Daddy's cock to do that wonderful chore.

The blindingly sweet orgasm came from out of nowhere and her back arched into it as she groaned heavily.She hadn't heard the door or his step on the stairs but when she could open her eyes, he was standing at the end of the bed smiling. "Didn't take you long after your Mom left, did it?

She just called me from the airport and said her flight was boarding.Makes me crazy to see how you look when you do that, makes my cock so hard that it hurts" Her eyes watched as he took the rigid flesh from his pants and lazily started to stroke it.The head almost purple and so angry looking.It fascinated her to watch a clear drop of fluid ooze from it and she licked her lips unconsciously.She wanted to blurt out her questions but she knew he liked to take the lead, do the teaching.

He was slowly taking off his clothes and she wanted to scream at him to hurry.She'd just cum but her cunt was seething and she wanted him more than she'd ever wanted anything in her life. "Got all your Mom's toys, huh.I'll bet you want me to show you how to really use those, don't you" She didn't trust her voice but nodded quickly as he sat beside her and helped her take off her T shirt.Her nipples were distended and again he was slightly cruel to them, twisting as he leaned to take her mouth and having her groan into him.She felt his finger slide between the greasy lips of her cunt and sighed.When he lifted from her mouth and looked deeply into her eyes, she could contain herself no longer.

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"Pl.Please Daddy.She's gone now, there's nothing to worry about.PLEASE.don't make me wait anymore" He just grinned as he picked up the handle with the balls on it's shaft and began running it though her cunt lips. "There's no hurry honey.We've got all the time we need and there's things I want to do with you first.you don't know what this is, do you? It's an anal probe and I'm going to teach you just how good your ass can feel with it" He'd rubbed some of her juices onto her star with his fingers and then fitted the probe to her.Noticing something come into her eyes he told her not to worry, that he'd never hurt her and the girl tried to relax.She felt just pressure and then it began to go in.After the first small ball, the others went in more easily until he told her that she'd taken four and that was enough for her first time.He pulled them out gently and she felt a surge of sensation but it was nothing like the sensations she felt as he eased it back to her.The next time he pulled it out, he leaned and spit on it.It was going in and out easier and he was being tender.It felt wonderful and then he leaned close kissed her and told her she was going to love this.

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He did it when it was as far into her ass as those four balls allowed.The vibrations when it started caused her to jolt and cry out but he ignored that as he continued to fuck it into and out of her.The sound changed and the vibrations got stronger as he changed the tempo of her fucking, then he reached with his other hand and started on her cunt.When he just touched her clit her hips bucked and she stiffened.

"That's right baby.Just let it go.Cum.Cum for me.you can do it" Janet couldn't speak.It was too strong and she gurgled and moaned though it, finally crying out sharply as it caused all thought to cease.He brought her down slowly, kissing her nipples and telling her what a good little girl she was and Janet almost began to cry because it moved her so.When she could speak, she was still breathless. "ohhhhhhhh Daddddy.That was sooooo, that was so strong.you make it different for me all the time and it's soooo good".

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"I know honey" he said and went on to explain to her that that her orgasms would be different, that he would teach her all the ways she could cum and all the ways she could please him as well. "Daddy.I wa.I want to please you.you KNOW that.Please let me make you happy like you do me".

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He seemed to be deliberating and finally to make his decision as he nodded and turned her onto her stomach.Raising her hips and positioning her on all fours as he got behind her.She looked over her shoulder, watching him holding his cock and then bringing it to her.

"Your ass is ready for this now and god knows I need it" he laughed and she again felt the pressure.This time she knew it wasn't going to be any plastic toy and shivered as she felt it at her hole.

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"I'll be easy with you baby.if it hurts too much, I'll stop" he grunted and then the pressure increased.He pulled out and again he spit in his hand before she felt it again.It did hurt but Janet bit her lip.No way she was going to tell him that and have him stop.He wanted his cock in her and there was nothing she would do to prevent that, even if it wasn't in her cunt where she wanted it.Her ass surrendered and she could feel it moving deeper into her bowels.He stopped and withdrew, then again until the pain started to abate and that wonderful feeling began again.He was fucking her now, slowly and steadily and she felt wonderful.His hands on her hips drew her back onto his engorged cock when he pulled back and she tried to back into it.She looked back again and saw his grimace when it started, felt the strength of his lunging as he groaned.

"I'm.I'm gonna cum, baby.I'm gonna cummmm nowwwwwwwww" She felt the hot gushing and how easily he was sliding in and out now.She never wanted him to stop, she wanted it to go on forever but she could feel his cock softening and his strokes slow.When he finally pulled from her, she felt a gout of him slide out and run down her thigh.

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"God baby but that was good.your ass is soooo tight.I didn't want to hurt you but my cock felt like it was in a vise and then I just couldn't stop" She admitted that it hurt when he started but had gotten better and it wasn't something she couldn't take, that it had felt good when he came so deep inside her.He slapped her ass playfully and told her they they should grab a quick shower and he'd order something in for them to eat.Maybe they could watch some of his special movies later and he could explain about them.

***To be Continued***