Fabien Rossi Enrico Cunardi and Zack Hill from Hammerboys TV

Fabien Rossi Enrico Cunardi and Zack Hill from Hammerboys TV
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I walked to school today just as I did every other day. I felt the moisture of last nights rain permeate my skin. Today was a cool, overcast sort of day. The rain had always been a good omen for me, so I assumed today was going to be an outstanding day.

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Coincidentally, I had been worrying about today, my first day being a senior in high school. Last year, I had taken both of my entry exams and passed them with flying colors and gained every credit I needed to graduate.

I only went to school to socialize and meet new people. My friends say they love my humor and it always brings a smile to everyone.


I'm addicted to making people happy. My boyfriend, Antonio, had moved away since about 3 months ago. He was graduated himself, and he was well on his way to becoming a wealthy man even at his age. The passionate nights and long hours of young, untamed sex always lurked in the back of my mind. The positions were always endless, and new. Antonio had been my first, so I trusted him in every meaning of the word.

I never let anyone near my pussy if I knew they would try to harm it.

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"Baby… Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?" he asked, with a sweet voice, yet a deviant morale in mind. "Hell yeah!" I said with horniness and excitement.

He had already stripped his clothes down to naught and there was no one home at the time. My bed was so full of young, innocent sexual memories. It had softened over the years of quiet masturbation both solo and with a few special friends.


The walls in my room were not insulated, creating a comfortable heat. The blowing of the fan gave the perfect relief as it oscillated over my freshly eaten out pussy.

Antonio had been stroking his diamond hard cock beneath me as he proceeded to inch closer to me. As the excitement welled up in me, the wetness on my pussy grew. He took in a deep breath and touched his love maker to mine. He softly pulled up and down to wet it, and slowly entered me… but not where I had been thinking. Antonio slowly started to engage in anal with me.

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I had absolutely no problem with it. He had bought me a lovely butt plug about two months back, and I loved the way it felt. "Feel good so far?" he asked breathing slowly but deeply. "Hold on." I reached back to grab my baby oil and slathered it on us both.

"Take it away!" I said, and he picked up the pace. I loved every bit of his 8 inch erection within me. I could feel us connect between the heat of our bodies. I moaned with every thrust he gave, seeming to say thank you for every single inch.

I let him fuck me for a good 5 minutes before he said he was going to come within me. I was surely disappointed at his endurance time but I loved seeing him happy.

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As he finished within me I thought of how I was going to get a sweet orgasm. He slowly pulled out, and dropping to the bed beside me he gave me a very passionate kiss as he rested.

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I reached over the side of my bed to pull out my vibrator from my ottoman, and placed it on my clit. He sat back up eagerly to watch. He began to finger me to help, but I had asked him to wait a while because I had something else in mind. I closed my eyes and the pressure began to build up on my clit.

I was ready to orgasm after about 10 minutes. As soon as it was to happen, I pulled Tony down by his long black hair and forced his mouth on my clit, the warmth of his mouth seemed to further excite my orgasm, as I began to thrash about as I never did before. He did a good job of following where my pussy went. After about 30 seconds the feeling got so intense I dropped down and pulled him up to kiss me.

'I never knew I could taste so good!' I thought to myself. He had pulled back, looked me in the eyes with his big brown peepers, and said, "Taylor, I love you." I said it back to him, and we clothed ourselves.

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I went to the bathroom to clean myself out and noticed how much cum Tony had shot into me. I giggled to myself as I flushed the toilet and washed my hands to return to my swift silent lover. We both took a nap, and when I woke up he had left.

Tony had texted me a list of why he loved fucking me so much and asked if we could do it again sometime.

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I replied with another "Hell yes!!!<3" As I sat up, I felt the need to make a sandwich, not only for hilarity but also because I hadn't eaten much that day. 'It was kinda funny, because that day the only thing I would always think about was video games and memes, but now… Heh' It felt like the perfect night.

I was absolutely smitten with the feeling of cock within me from that day on.Tony had come over every weekend to try new positions and fetishes he had wanted to test with me, and each one was way better than the last.

The louder I got, the harder he'd fuck. We tried everything in the book and then some. When it came time for Tony to move to Chicago to start his life, he told me that he would come back for me someday. We were totally in love with each other, and the great fuckings only made the love that much more intense. When he left, we promised to be faithful to each other, but three months without sex started to be pretty harsh on me, and I was dying for a fuck.