Mom and kids duration panjang

Mom and kids duration panjang
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LAURA AND ME, PART 1 I'm not sure exactly how it started, since it happened around ten years ago. But it was in the swimming pool in the apartment building where I lived with my mother.

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I would have been 11 at the time I guess, a very shy child, pretty much a loner, and preferring to be by myself rather than hanging around with a bunch of noisy, giggling girls my own age. I really missed my dad . He and my mother separated when I was 10 and dad went to live in another state. I remember going down to the swimming pool one hot day.

I was wearing a Bikini . I used to have a white one and I thought it contrasted nicely with my sun-tanned skin. On this particular day, the pool was empty, except for me.

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Most people were at work and it was a hot summer day. I dived into the pool and started to swim around, pretending I was some bathing beauty in a movie or a swimming show. After several turns around the pool I heard the gate click as someone walked in.

It was a woman who lived in the building. I had seen her around a couple of times. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties, with a good body and a nice tan. She was also wearing a Bikini .

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dark blue, as I recall . and her shapely body was shown off to good advantage by it. As I looked at her, she smiled at me, so I smiled back. I don't remember what was said, but I do remember her saying her name was Laura, so I told her my name, Alice. We chatted about everything and nothing for what seemed like ages, until Laura said that she was getting hot in the sun. "Do you want to come back to my place and have a cool drink?" she asked.


Since I was also pretty hot, I gladly agreed, so we both gathered our towels and left the pool area. Inside the apartment complex it was quite cool so I wrapped my towel around me. Laura's apartment was on the first floor and she opened the door to let us both in. "What would you like?" she asked. "I've got coke, lemonade, orange juice or apple juice." "Lemonade would be good," I answered. Laura went into the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out a pitcher of lemonade, from which she poured us each a glass, passing one to me as I followed her into the kitchen.

While drinking the lemonade, we continued the conversation we'd been having out at the pool, about stuff like my school, my few friends, my teachers, what I liked at school, what I didn't like, and so on. She also told me a little bit about herself . that she lived by herself and that she worked at a local department store. She also told me she was 22 and worked out at the gym a lot, which explained why she had such a good body.

I'm not too sure what happened next, but we ended up sitting on the couch in just our Bikinis, the damp towels tossed aside, watching some show on daytime television. At one point, we both laughed out loud at something on the TV, and I felt Laura's hand come to rest half-way up my leg. I felt a bit nervous as she left her hand there. I tried to pretend I didn't notice. I didn't know whether Laura noticed or not, but she made no effort to remove her hand.

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The reason I felt a bit nervous was because I could feel my pussy starting to get a little bit tingly. Suddenly I realized that Laura had turned her head, and her eyes were focused on me.

I looked around at her and as our eyes met, I felt her hand move farther up my thigh towards the edge of my Bikini bottoms. "Is this OK?" she asked. I swallowed hard, not really knowing what to say or even whether I could say anything at all. All I was sure of was that my pussy was suddenly wet.

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I managed to nod my head to signify "yes," and that was all Laura needed. I felt her hand cover my cunny, with the nylon material of the Bikini the only thing between her fingers and my by now sopping wet pussy. Laura rubbed the palm of her hand over it and let her fingers trail across the little camel's foot that showed when my bottoms were pulled up tight against my cunny.

"Do you like playing with yourself?" she asked.

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Not sure what she meant, I just nodded my head again. For some reason, the power of speech seemed to have deserted me. All I could feel was the fact that my pussy was very wet and that what Laura was doing to me felt really good. I leaned back and closed my eyes, just enjoying the sensation of Laura rubbing my cunny.

I have to admit that I felt embarrassed by it, but Laura didn't seem to be. Although I wasn't looking at her, I could feel her eyes on me as she rubbed me.

I felt her fingers moving up and down my slit which was so wet it was almost like I had peed my pants. Every so often her fingers moved down and caressed my little butt cheeks. Now I felt Laura move on the couch and I felt her other hand reach across and moving up to my tiny breasts to tweak the nipples with her fingers, which made me jump, but not with pain. Then her hand moved slowly down over my tummy and I felt her fingers snake their way into the waist band of my Bikini bottoms. Her fingers were like little spiders crawling under the waistband.


I looked down and I could see my cunny being uncovered. Some instinct made me lift my bottom so that Laura could pull my Bikini bottom down. "Stop me if you don't like anything, Alice," she breathed, almost in my ear. But I was loving it. Having someone looking at my bare pussy while it was wet was becoming a huge turn on for me, though I hadn't really analyzed my feelings at that stage. Suddenly I felt the touch of Laura's bare fingers stroking my pussy lips and I felt myself inhale sharply.

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I looked over at Laura and her eyes were still locked on mine. She smiled at me and somehow I think I managed a smile back at her. This was her signal to run a finger along my pussy slit and gently push in between the little labia, as far as it would go. I remember distinctly that at that time my labia only opened a little bit, and wouldn't open all the way until I was older. Looking down at Laura's groin, I saw that her Bikini was also damp at the crotch, though she hadn't been in the pool.

Laura saw my look, and took her hand off my pussy to pull at the waistband of her own Bikini, and before I realized what had happened, she had kicked her Bikini bottom off completely. I could see her pussy for the first time . the first time I had ever seen an adult's pubic area . and it looked much different than my little cunny. Her pubic hair was thick and silky, sort of reddish, like her head hair, and it covered the area above her vagina.


I noticed that it looked quite wet, as if she had peed herself slightly. Laura's hand moved back to my pussy and continued what she had been doing before .

pulling my vaginal lips open, running her finger up into my girl cunny and finding the little knob which I had discovered only recently with my own fingers. Laura stood up and I got a really close look at her pussy, and its mass of pubic hair. To me, with my little bare pubic region, it looked incredibly hairy. Laura then pulled me to my feet and hugged me firmly against her breasts and belly.

Since I was shorter than Laura my face was right at the height of her breasts, as she pressed them against me, catching my cheeks between her mammary orbs. Then I felt her right hand descend to my pussy which was even wetter, if that were possible, and continue her gentle stroking.

With her other hand, I felt Laura pushing away my Bikini top and playing with one of my little nipples. I was shocked at what an incredible feeling that was. I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that my little nipples could be so sensitive.

Now Laura's hand started moving faster and faster on my pussy. She bent her head down and I felt her lips brush mine. Without even thinking, I returned the pressure of her lips and I felt her tongue lick my lips.

Again, without thinking, I opened my mouth and allowed her tongue to worm its way in. By now, I was almost overwhelmed with sensations. Laura was stroking my pussy, lightly pinching my nipple and kissing me. I could feel myself going weak in the knees and almost fainting. I could feel Laura holding me up, though she never faltered in her stroking or pinching or kissing. Suddenly I felt as though I were going to have some sort of seizure or something. I felt my abdomen contract and the most incredible feeling shot right through my pussy, through my whole body.

From somewhere in the distance I could hear my breath, sharp and excited. My knees literally failed to hold me up and if it weren't for Laura holding me, I would have collapsed to the floor. This incredible feeling lasted maybe ten seconds or so, during which I didn't even think I was on this planet. When I had played with my pussy before, I had never continued to this point, as I was usually afraid that I'd hurt myself, or even worse, that the girls at school would be able to look at me and know that I liked playing with my pussy.

When I recovered sufficiently, Laura looked at me and smiled. "Did you like that?" she asked. I really didn't know what to say. "Like" didn't even come close to describing what I was feeling. All I could do was nod my head. When I think back about it, Laura must have thought I was some kind of deaf mute that day. Laura slowly sat me down on the couch, facing her, and started playing with her own pussy.

She took my hand and placed it on her pubic hair, gently brushing my fingers through it. It felt so weird: very soft on the outside, but when Laura pressed my fingers into the crack beneath the silky pussy hair, it was wet and slick on the inside. With Laura's hand around mine, she moved it back and forth, slowly pushing my fingers into her vagina and then back out again. She took her hand off mine and I sensed she wanted me to continue, so I did.

After a very short while, Laura's breathing became heavier and She started moaning. I really didn't know what to do, so I kept on rubbing my hand over her pussy. Suddenly I felt her pussy almost spasm and she got even wetter as my hand slid freely in and out of her spreading vagina. Taking my hand from her pussy, Laura pulled me towards her and squashed me against her belly and breast.

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Her pussy was still wet and, so, I realized, was mine. Leaning down, she kissed me again and I felt the most incredible feeling come over me. It was nothing like as intense as my orgasm (I found out later from Laura that that was what it was called!) but just the warmest most loving sensation. That's the best I can describe it. Lowering one arm so that it was underneath my bottom, Laura picked me up and carried me into the bathroom where we had a shower and cleaned each other's pussies with hot water and soap.

That was just the first of many wonderful sessions with Laura, my first love, over the next couple of years. Through Laura I came to realize that I was a lesbian, and that it was not something to be ashamed of but rather, to be proud of.