Masked babe gets anal from friends man

Masked babe gets anal from friends man
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This is a boy/girl one, just a chill sex story, not bondage/domination. --- I stepped out of my shower, dripping water on the floor. Wrapping a towl around my waist, I walked into my room, surprised at seeing my girlfriend Chelsea laying on my bed in delicious lingerie: a black lacey teddy, a tiny black thong, and black platform heels with fake blood splatters on them.

"I like it when you're wet, Felix," she purred, crossing her legs. "I like it when you're wet too, Babygirl," I replied, grinning. I went to my mirror and looked at myself. Medium length brown hair, always looking like I have bed-head, and a nice bod with a six-pack. I took my towel off my waist and dried my hair a little bit. Chelsea got off the bed and got behind me, reaching her hands around me to play with my cock. "Get hard for me," she whispered in my ear, almost as tall as me in her heels.


Her breath in my ear and the tone of her voice made my dick wake up, twitching but not immediately getting hard. I went and laid on my bed.

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"Come suck suck me off Chelsea," I said, my voice a little demanding but playful. She climbed on the bed, putting her panty-clad pussy in my face as she started to suck my cock. I inhaled, loving the smell and licking her through her panties. Chelsea moaned and grinded her clothed cunt on my mouth. I moved the little bit of fabric covering her slit and stuck my tongue between her little netherlips, straight inside her.

The moans of pleasure she uttered sent vibrations in my dick and my hips bucked, shoving the rest of my cock into her throat. [Author's Note: I'm not sure how it is with other writers, but I personally get horny while I write.] She gagged and pulled up for air, but I tightened my legs on her head so she couldn't.

She knew I needed to shoot my load, and kept going, moaning on my now-completely hard dick as I worked my tongue in her pussy, getting close to cumming.

As she started to spasm, about to cum, I picked her up and impaled her on my cock, both of us moaning.

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She immediately started to ride it hard, trying to get me to cum at the same time as her. "I'M GONNA FUCKING CUM," she screamed, loud enough for my neighbors to hear, I'm sure. I grabbed her hips and held her above my cock, fucking her as hard as I could from bottom.


She started spasming again, and I began to shoot ribbons of cum inside of her, her tightening pussy milking my cock. As I felt her pussy relax, I decided I wanted to cum again. "Clean me off like a good girl," I said, pushing her off the bed onto her knees. I stood in front of her and started face-fucking her, her gagging sounds making me get close to cumming soon, and I kept going until I came again, not letting her breathe until I had finished cumming and my dick started to soften.

Exhausted, but not ready to be done, I grabbed my knife from my dresser and cut her bra off, her nice tits falling out. I sucked and bit them, fingering her with one hand and pinning her down with the other.

After I had made her cum again, we got under my covers and went to sleep holding eachother. --------------------------------------------------- So, I just read someone's sex blog, and it sucked. She's obviously a virgin. So here goes my attempt: My girlfriend and I were sexting, and things got a little heavy.

Suddenly I heard a knock at my door and there she was, wearing her big overcoat and some heels.

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"Hey babydoll," I purred softly, pulling her into my house and shutting the door. "I couldn't take all the teasing anymore," she muttered, grabbing my hand and pulling me to my room. I sat on my bed, my thin short nightgown showing my perky nipples, and watched her as she pulled off her coat, wearing nothing underneath.

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I gasped softly, watching her walk over to me in her heels. "I want you," she whispered as she got on my lap, pulling my nightgown off. "Oh, fuck," I murmured and kissed her hard, my hand immediately going to her tit, my thumb rubbing her nipple. She kissed me back, and I pulled her down onto the bed, getting on top of her. I trailed kisses down, from her lips to her bellybutton, watching her own hand move to her tit to play with it.

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"Eat me," my girlfriend whimpered, the delicious scent of her wetness intoxicating me. I eagerly complied, my hand moving to seperate the lips of her pussy, and I gentley started sucking her clit, looking at her as her eyes closed and she moaned quietly. "More," she whimpered. I sucked more, then pushed my tongue inside her, tonguing her sweet pussy. I went back to sucking her clit and pushed a finger inside her, softly finger-fucking her.

She moaned louder, and I stuck my second finger inside her, pushing in and out as I sucked her cute little clit. She moaned my name, and i used my other hand to wipe my mouth, coming up to kiss her as she started to cum, having saved up all her sexual energy for days. I went back down to taste her sweet juices, and she spasmed several times, to my great pleasure. -Comment if you liked and want more (3 I enjoyed writing.