Sexy blonde in close up handjob scene

Sexy blonde in close up handjob scene
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Based off characters of my actual story with scenes I can't have in my story. I doubt anything like this ever happened. --------- Suzu walked alone from her internship at the tea house. She had walked though the small patch of woods as a short cut to her home; a semi-wooded trail she had used nearly everyday.

It was one of Suzu's longer nights of learning herbs and she didn't expect to share the trail with anyone. She was unaware that someone was walking behind her, following her, and getting closer within grasp.

Before she could react, a rag was held tightly over her mouth. As her eyes closed, she fell back into her assailant's arms. Hours later, Suzu started to come to. She was blind folded, gagged, her ankles and wrists were bound all together with nylon tights, and by the feel of her surroundings; she was in her solid white bra and panties and lying on a silk covered bed.

Her long honey brown hair was tied in a braided bun to keep out of the way.

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"Oh good, you're awake, Suzette." Suzu knew the voice very well and only one person ever called her by her given name - Amina. She tried hard to talk through the gag and moved around as much as she could to get free.

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Amina laughed as she watched. "Suzu, just how long do you plan to take to try to free yourself? Uhm?" Knowing that freeing herself was in vain, Suzu stopped struggling. Amina got on the bed and unchained Suzu's ankles. Quickly, her legs were bent and were taped to keep in place.

She kissed Suzu's thighs as she got closer down to Suzu's groin.


Amina slid her finger, slowly up and down, on the crotch part and teased Suzu's clit just to hear her gasp through thick tights that were tied around her head. Amina lowered her head and licked the crotch, tasting the moisture from her pussy. Suzu gasped more, her muffled sounds of pleasure gave Amina more of an incentive to keep teasing her sexy victim. When she stopped, Suzu hoped it meant that it was over; unaware of just how much Amina had in store for her. Amina propped Suzu against the bed frame and had a pair of scissors beside her.

She toyed with Suzu's breasts in her bra; causing more pleasure against Suzu's own wishes.

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Amina took the scissors and cut on Suzu's bra cups. Making them shorter and her cleavage more exposed. Once Suzu's bra was cut enough that exposed her hard nipples, Amina tug on Suzu's nipples - liking how her muffled cries sound. She reached her hand down into Suzu's panties and felt how wet she was. "Horny aren't you?

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I bet ya that if I-" Amina rubbed her finger on Suzu's clit - causing her to cry out as she came. "That was too easy." Amina grinned, her hands slid up Suzu's torso to her bra, teasing the hooks.


"Now let's see how nicely these bounce." She unhooked her bra and Suzu's G cup breasts escaped with a couple of bounces. By the sound of Amina's laughter, Suzu knew that she was pleased with what she saw.

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Amina lowered herself more to Suzu's panties. Amina frowned, "You do buy the most boring underwear." Suzu rolled her eyes in vain, Does that really matter right now?

Unexpectedly, Suzu's phone was ringing. "Now who can that be?" Amina asked as she got off the bed and went to Suzu's purse. She pulled out Suzu's phone and saw it was their friend Maya and that the phone was on vibrate and ring.

Amina smirked, completely up to no good as she held the phone in her hand. "Do you expect Maya to try to call you often?" Suzu slowly nodded, afraid to hear what Amina was going to say next. "Great, she's going to be a good help to me. She waited for the phone to cut Maya off so she could put the phone on just vibrate. She crawled onto the bed and placed the phone on Suzu's groin, Suzu tried to struggle, but there was no use.

Amina stripped out of her clothing without getting off the bed and could hear Suzu's phone constantly go off and Suzu's muffled gasps as she lied next to her.

Amina stroked Suzu's face. "Let's see how you're doing down there, shall we?" She removed the phone and saw how wet Suzu had gotten. She got between her legs and took the scissors to cut the sides off Suzu's panties so she could remove them. Amina leaned down and teased Suzu's clit first and then lapped her pussy in hunger.

She loved how Suzu tasted and wanted more. She would finally get up and went to Suzu's face.

"I'll take off the gag if you do exactly as I say without sass." Suzu nodded her head eagerly, just wanting the chance to breathe without something in her way. As Amina was taking off the gag. "Don't speak." Once the gag was off, Suzu gasped for better air supply for her lungs and then was surprised by Amina giving her a hard kiss. She shoved her tongue into Suzu's mouth, making her taste the remaining cum she had on her tongue.

Amina broke the kiss and was sitting on Suzu's lap. "Okay, Now keep your mouth open and you will lick and suck what comes to contact with your mouth, like a good girl." First Amina put her DD tits to Suzu's lips and enjoyed looking down to watch her friend lick and suck her nipples. After a while, Amina lifted herself and put her pussy over Suzu's mouth.

Like she was told, Suzu licked and sucked on Amina, hearing her moans as signs of approval. She made sure to swallow every drop of cum that spilled into her mouth without complaint. When Amina was done with that, she got off and looked at the mess she made of Suzu.

"You have no idea how sexy you are and I'm still not finished with you. You will obey that same order." Amina went to her side drawer and pulled out a nicely sized dildo. She put it up to Suzu's mouth and Suzu started licking and moving her mouth forward to suck on it. Amina beamed, as if she hasn't seen anything like it personally .

"A wanting cock sucker, I love it." Once wet enough, Amina took the dildo and attached it to a strap on base. She positioned herself and put it inside her. Amina didn't care that she was fucking her friend hard; she liked to hear Suzu gasp in painful pleasure. Amina let out a loud gasp and then stopped. As she gasped for air, she went over and removed the gag and the blindfold.

Even after Amina had taken off all the restraints, Suzu kept her eyes closed. She let her limbs loose so her circulation would regulate. Amina didn't say a word as she helped rub Suzu's limbs, she didn't know what to say, even though she was so vocal before.


As Suzu opened her eyes and sat up to the side of the bed to not look at Amina, she hears, "Forgive me?" Suzu doesn't respond; only looks for what clothes she has that wasn't cut up, and dressed herself. She knows that Amina will bother her for an answer so she turns to look at her. "All you had to do was just say something. I would have said yes! This is like you, Amina. Don't be this way again."