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Rubia con novio me hace un rico sexo oral por dinero infiel teen traga polla delicioso experta maman
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He always dreamt of a small little patch, to call his own. A home set aside from others that had a little land that he could cultivate both beauty and nutrition. He loved biting into a home grown tomato or taking slices of same and placing them on his grilled hamburger. He was thinking about that when he saw her. She, a creature from one of the many sexy faces filling the magazine pages. she a creature unlike any other. There was not something particular about her. Or perhaps, it was the mud smeared on one of her cheeks and the tight t-shirt that had other splatters of mud.

His walk slowed as his eyes caught her reflection. She was working in her garden. cultivating things to grow with her tender loving. She had her red hair curled up in a sloppy bun and a straw hat covering her crown. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that at one time was white. She had on a pair of jean cut-offs that held her buttocks snuggly in their hands.

She was sweating and the sweat pooled under her eyes before it fell down her mud streaked cheeks. It was raw beauty. it was her essence that showed glowing in the bristling sun.

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Her desire to suffer a little heat to make beauty grow. She saw him and he said hello. The word sounded hollow and almost unreal. It fell from his lips and he was unable to grab it back, demanding from himself a word that was more real. a word that described his feelings and maybe reflected desires. She brought her dirty gloved hand to her face, and swiped away some of the moisture, leaving another dark streak.

"Hello", she responded. She smiled with her response and some how it made it more real. tangible. a feeling of happiness to meet him. He smiled back and asked if she had any ripe tomatoes.

Then again, he caught himself. he was close to accepting defeat. defeat in trying to control his lame tongue. again, he sounded so unreal.

She smiled and laughed. "Tomatoes?", she inquired. "Why yes, I have a few." "The best thing is a slice of home grown tomato on a home grilled hamburger! Could I perhaps, interest you in one, that is that you bring the tomatoes?" Again, she laughed.

the emotion filling her face with warmth and light. She looked embarrassed and started to blush. "That is a very tempting offer.


but it needs an ice cold beer - Coors is my preference." "Then Coors it will be. say at 6pm at my house?" "But who are you and where do you live?" "I am your new neighbor. I live right here, next door. and my name is Scott." "Well, then Scott.

6 it shall be. with a tomato in hand!" She giggled and continued with her gardening. He stood for one more moment admiring her lines and her face. And then he turned and climbed back into his car. He had to pick up a few things, namely Coors! He hadn't had an ice cold Coors for the longest time.

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actually, his mind reminded him it had been since Natalie. Natalie. what a name. He had been married to Natalie for over 5 years. The first few years were filled with ice cold Coors and hot loving. He loved screwing her. He enjoyed the feel of her body under his hands. The suppleness of her flesh and her hot wetness. They sometimes would rub a cold Coors can down her firm body, opening it and sharing its essence.

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He hadn't had sex since that day. several months ago. more than 8 but less than 12. That day she divorced him taking with her his little patch. the patch he had called his own.

He enjoyed growing his own vegetables and filling their life with their life! It was something he always considered special. a special thing they shared together. She had seemed happy, caught up in the provincial of it all.

but in reality, that was not the case. In reality she had become bored, craving more than his little patch had to offer. He thought she enjoyed the quite relaxed life he had wanted. He thought she was a willing participant. wanting that same life as much as he did. But soon the sex evaporated and then the desire.

Was she ever a willing participant? Or was she just there for the moment, until something new came by.


At 6 sharp, the bell rang. He opened the door, not to a radiant gardener with mud streaked cheeks but to an evening beauty.

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She was wearing the simplest of cotton sun dresses that accented her every feature. The dress clung to her firm breasts and was freely draped down her long elegant body. He wanted desperately to undrape her and seeing, with his own eyes and hands, what lay hidden beneath.

In her hands she held three bright red large tomatoes. He could smell their fragrance from where he was standing and his mouth began to water.

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He moved aside letting her to come in. They walked through the house to a small back yard. It was not nearly as large as his previous patch.

His resources had been diminished by Natalie's greedy attorneys. He still couldn't believe that his Natalie. his beloved had taken from him the only other thing he had truly cared for. his lovely patch. But this house would have to do. One of these days, he would be able to re-cultivate his own. but for now he would borrow from his charming neighbor! She felt a little uneasy.

She was not accustomed to men just asking her out on a whim. She thought the tomato clause was cute. She almost felt that Scot was a little to good to be true.

a man that held nature and her abundance in the same exalted praise that she did was a bit overwhelming. Men, in general did not crave patches of their own, unless they were referring to the patch of bush between a women's legs.

And then, they didn't crave that patch for any length of time longer than it took them to fulfill their need to penetrate and explode. She too had been married once. and she too had her heart broken.

She was not willing to jump right into a relationship, putting her heart back on the line. waiting, holding her breath for what. for him to squeeze the blood from her and leaving her yet again.

But her mind struggled against these thoughts. The romantic part of her wanted to believe that perhaps Scott was her match.

Perhaps, he was the one. and together they could. Together they prepared a mouth watering dinner. He prepared the meat for cooking and she tossed together fresh salad which included her home grown tomatoes. They sat out on his balcony, looking over his little garden that was struggling to grow and enjoyed the feast that they had prepared. At first there was a dark deepening silence. Its blackness filled the air around them tingling with the unmoving desire to be filled.

filled even with the harmony of meaningless words. meaningless statements that others used to converse at parties and other social occasions. Chatting that held no purpose except to fill the air with voices. voices of people who were nervous, uncomfortable or did not have the confidence to speak with meaningful sentences.

They did not know which category they were in. were they nervous, uncomfortable or lack the confidence to speak out and express their feelings.

They sipped their beer and looked at each other. watching, waiting for the other to speak. They both were in anticipation.

wondering what the other was thinking, and wondering where they were going next. and if they would ever be a "we". "We" that wonderful word that propelled two people into a relationship as a couple. The "we" adventures that the couple shared either alone, or with other couples who shared their same interests and or desire. the we, that many single people desire. and once achieved, some even regret. But if the "we" was not forced, and the two complimented each other, than the "we" was perfect and harmony flowed.

from the harmony came love, lust and peace. the peace of knowing that finally, finally the perfect partner had been found and life as a couple, doing couple things, could be enjoyed. The joy of knowing that movies, parties, and other get together would never have to be attended alone. That in the bedroom, laying on the same bed, was a warm, willing, exciting body open to the same hearts desires and passions.

the knowing there was another fighting the same battles and together, to conquer the world. It was Scott that spoke first. not a real sentence, but a good effort. "The tomatoes made the meal. There is nothing like it. I was once married to a women, Natalie. " She caught her breath when she heard the name. was it possible or just a little weird. He continued without realizing that she had made a sound, "we had a patch, actually it was mine. and I thought that she enjoyed it as much as me.

you know that simple life. A simple meal similar to that which we just had.

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She left me, for another Scott, which is quite weird. someone she said fit her more perfectly. at first she had enjoyed the fruits of my patched and then had gotten bored." He stopped and looked at her, almost embarrassed by what he had said, wondering why he had said so much, not meaning to explore that side of himself. At least, not this soon in the relationship. Relationship, another mystical word filled with so much promise.

Scott looked at the beauty across of him and wondered. his penis was stiffening in his pants, turning into a hard ball. He felt the skin underneath tightening up, and he wondered if he would achieve something tonight.

if he would get a taste of her. see her personal patch and would the visit be a delight or a failure. She cleared her throat and started to speak, at first it was a mere whisper and hard to hear, and then it became stronger. ".weird. It has to be a coincidence. because it would just be too weird. too weird!" "What would be too weird?" Scott inquired. "Well. you see, I was married before. I just recently got a divorce. His name was Scott and he found another Natalie.

another Natalie that fit more perfectly in his life. At first, he enjoyed the simple life that I had set out to enjoy. Growing my own vegetables was the foundation. but enjoying meals together at home, versus going out to the "night scene". After 4 years of marriage, he all of sudden stopped having sex with me. As was as if he was being fulfilled someplace else. Someone else was filling his needs, both sexually and emotionally, and he was pulling away from me.

At first I tried everything to rope him back in, trying to hold him fast to me. and then, I don't know. something inside me snapped, and I just didn't care. I just opened my heart and let him go." Scott looked at her and was unsure he had heard her words correctly. "what is your name?" "My name is Natalie!" What were the odds, he wondered of two people meeting up with each other, that their partners have left for the other.

He reached over the small table and cupped her face. He brought her full lips to his and they melted together. as it was meant to be. Two people. who made the perfect "we". They had accidentally fallen for Mr. and Mrs. Wrong only to be given the right path to find Mr. and Mrs. Right. Their kissed flowed into something else. dams of built up passion exploding. The table was no longer a barrier. Their hands desperately peeled the clothing barrier away, wanting to fill each other with their heat.

Their bodies moved together, blending and bending. melting together with the heat of their desires. They found themselves on the back lawn, the stars as their witness. his hands cupped her perfect breasts, bringing the nipple to his mouth. He flicked his tongue over the nipple and then buried the globe into his mouth.

He wanted to swallow her and taste her. savoring her flavor and becoming part of her. Unable to control themselves, she reached down and buried his hardness into her hot wetness. He moved in deep, one short uncontrolled puncture into her domain.

and then exploded. The explosion rippled through his body and caused hers to convulse. She moved her hips up meeting his grind, and allowing the feeling to build. and then she too exploded, her walls pulsing with the pleasure of their mutual song.

Their own private music and the melody of which shone on the sweat of their brow. A sigh of pleasure escaped each of their mouths and they laid there on the lawn for a moment or two.

Scott drew himself up and turned on his side. He looked down on to her lovely face. He knew that he was just about to speak the obvious, but also knew that he had to. knowing that somehow it would clear the static that may or may not be growing in their air. again with the "we". "I just want to get this straight, before we talk about us.

and our future. Shhhs. (he raised his finger and covered her lips) wait a second. I just need to get this out before. before we add anything else. Your ex-husband was Scott Plane and my ex-wife is Natalie Concourse." "Yessss, that is my ex-husbands last name." "We both thought we had found Mr. & Mrs. Right only to discover 5 years from the date of our first meeting, that a mistake had been made. I now, we meet each other.?" "It does sound quite unbelievable.

but it seems that you and I may be destined to be together too." "We can give it a try." "We, what a wonderful word. " As it escaped her lips, his head bowed to capture her lips. Once again their bodies melted into each other, becoming one.

this time slower, more relaxed. enjoying and savoring the new flavors of a budding relationship. their had a little unsure.

as with their minds. A little unsure of what tomorrow would bring or even they after that. but knowing for now that that moment. the moment they were currently sharing with their bodies, souls and minds. that one moment was perfect in all its ways. Knowing that perhaps they may have rediscovered a patch of their own. The end.