Mia khalifa con su amiga

Mia khalifa con su amiga
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This story is unlike any other stories you have ever read. This is an actual role that me and my boyfriend have done. I have cleaned it up a bit, so there are fewer spelling mistakes.

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Please do not leave comments on bad grammar and spelling. This is a real instant messenger conversation.


Just in case you don't know, lol = laugh out loud. When there is a set of two paranthesis, likes this ((word)), it's me and him breaking out of the role. I hope you enjoy the story because it is really good and hot.

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Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yankees2girl: i say we roleplay fucinhigh08: lol fucinhigh08: ok fucinhigh08: what you feel like yankees2girl: up for sum strip poker? fucinhigh08: hell yea yankees2girl: lol bro/sis then?

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fucinhigh08: absolutely yankees2girl: haha fucinhigh08: ok fucinhigh08: so how old you want me yankees2girl: i dont care as long as your older than me fucinhigh08: lol fucinhigh08: 22 fucinhigh08: lol yankees2girl: ok yankees2girl: lol fucinhigh08: ok you being innocent or slutty yankees2girl: shy but naughty fucinhigh08: nice fucinhigh08: ok so mom n dad are out and i walk in the living room where you are watching TV yankees2girl: yea, just be dominate, not like rapist dominate though, brotherly dominate fucinhigh08: no problem yankees2girl: im wearing that out fit i had on u know pink tank top, shorts, thong fucinhigh08: im n just jeans no shirt yankees2girl: "hey bro what's up" i say glancing up and seeing your half naked body fucinhigh08: i look over .hey sis w'sup fucinhigh08: where's mom and dad yankees2girl: "i dont know out somewhere" fucinhigh08: i look you up and down noticing how damn sexy you are your body looking all hot in your little outfit fucinhigh08: "im bored you wanna do something?" yankees2girl: "yea im bored too you got anything in mind" fucinhigh08: "i dunno" fucinhigh08: "wanna play cards" yankees2girl: "yea, just like we used to when we were younger" fucinhigh08: "ok you got money to bet?" yankees2girl: "no." i look at you disappointed fucinhigh08: as i get up to get the cards "well then how you expect to play poker then" i say laughing yankees2girl: "idunno, there's gotta be some other way" fucinhigh08: well there is but i dont know if you want to play that way" i say sitting down at the dinning room table yankees2girl: i sit on my knees across from u "what is it?" fucinhigh08: laughing at you bein so cute "its called strip poker.instead of money you bet your clothes and gotta take them off when you lose" yankees2girl: i look at u reluctantly "sure.i guess" fucinhigh08: lol "c'mon you'll like it sit down here at the table" yankees2girl: i go and sit in the chair "ok" yankees2girl: "now what?" fucinhigh08: i deal you your cards "ok now what piece of clothing you gonna bet" yankees2girl: "uhhh, my shorts" fucinhigh08: "ok ill bet my pants" fucinhigh08: i flip over my cards and i have a full house fucinhigh08: now lets see what you got" i say smiling at you evil like yankees2girl: "i have three of a kind" fucinhigh08: aww you lose yankees2girl: "ya ya ya.so do i really have to take my shorts off?" fucinhigh08: lol "ya you have to that's the deal" i say laughing yankees2girl: i sigh "fine" i stand up and slowly start taking them off "no peaking" fucinhigh08: i lean back in my chair "ya right im looking" yankees2girl: i glare at you and take them off fucinhigh08: i smirk back and blow you a kiss yankees2girl: i quickly sit down so you cant see anymore fucinhigh08: peaking around the table to catch a peek i ask you "what you wanna bet now?" as i deal your cards to you yankees2girl: "hmmm i guess my shirt." fucinhigh08: "ok i'll bet my pants again" i look at my cards smiling "what u got?" yankees2girl: a full house fucinhigh08: i say starin at ur boobs unconcisly yankees2girl: i catch you and cross my arms in front of them fucinhigh08: "straight flush bitch i win" as i toss the cards in your direction yankees2girl: "SHIT, ur cheating!" fucinhigh08: "hell no i aint im just fuckin good, lol now lets go take off that shirt already" fucinhigh08: as i shuffle the cards fucinhigh08: starin at u yankees2girl: i bite my lip and slowly start taking off my shirt fucinhigh08: i lick my lips as it passes ur belly fucinhigh08: reveals the bottom of your tit yankees2girl: i take it off completely and then slide really low so the table covers my nipples fucinhigh08: lol "sit up dont be so shy" i say dealing you the cards yankees2girl: i sit up again and look at my cards fucinhigh08:" ok so i guess that sluty little thong is all u have to bet" i say smiling at you and peaking around to see it yankees2girl: i roll my eyes "ya ya ya" fucinhigh08: " lol ok i got a pair of kings" yankees2girl: i smile "3 aces" fucinhigh08: "lol damn u win" yankees2girl: "dont sound so suprised" yankees2girl: "now you take it off" fucinhigh08: i stand up and pull down my jeans kickin off my sneakers fucinhigh08: i toss them aside and walk back to my seat you can see my hard on bulgin outta my shorts yankees2girl: i cant hide my smile as i see your buldge fucinhigh08: i notice upu looking and smiling at it and when you look up at me wink as i sit down yankees2girl: i turn red "ok deal" fucinhigh08: i deal you your cards smiling and staring at you yankees2girl: i smile back yankees2girl: "i gotta full house" fucinhigh08: "damn i only got a pair of 2's" yankees2girl: i giggle "get naked" fucinhigh08: lol i stand up"you better not tell mom you lil bitch" i say as i slide my boxers off and toss them aside fucinhigh08: my hard on stickin straight out yankees2girl: "big bro, tisk tisk getting hard off ur lil sis" i say coming out of my shell a bit yankees2girl: i grin at you fucinhigh08: i look at you surprised yankees2girl: "what" i ask tilting my head fucinhigh08: "your a dirty lil bitch aint you" i say smiling at you and looking at you almost confused but interested yankees2girl: my jaw drops "why, just 'cause i know what boner is?" fucinhigh08: "lol yea you know you like it" i say grabbin my cock and stroking it a little making and harder and bigger yankees2girl: i feel my pussy tingle "your my brother!" fucinhigh08: "so what?" i say walking closer "noone has to know" yankees2girl: i take a gulp "know about wat?" fucinhigh08: i walk right in front of you and stand there."what im about to do to you" fucinhigh08: i say stroking it almost in your face yankees2girl: i look up at you half wanting to you to continue, half reluctant about what could happen fucinhigh08: i shake it in your face.''c'mon sis you know what to do with it .i aint gonna tell noone yankees2girl: i smile weakly and grab ur cocl in my hand watching your reaction fucinhigh08: my eyes light up as you grab on my cock.i let out a little moan and lick my lips yankees2girl: i giggle and stick the head in my mouth then take it out and lick ur shaft all around fucinhigh08: "mmmmmm" i grab ur head and let you work my cock "mm ya thats it sis i knew you liked it" i say moanin yankees2girl: i then stick your cock in my mouth and deep throat it on my first try fucinhigh08: "holy fuck" i yell out ."mmm damn sis" as i hold you there for a sec yankees2girl: half giggling, half choking i let you hold me there fucinhigh08: i pull your head your slurping as my cock leaves your mouth.i say "mmm i take it you've done this before sis" fucinhigh08: taking my cock and slapping it on your tounge as i ask you yankees2girl: i giggle as some spit drools down my chin "maybe" fucinhigh08: i smile at you as i slide it back in your mouth with spit dribbling down your chin yankees2girl: i start working my head up and down your cock increasing my pace fucinhigh08: "mmmm" i grab your head and follow your pace"mm ya sis suck that cock damn" fucinhigh08: i move my hips with your head yankees2girl: i swirl my tongue on the bottom while you fuck my face, spit still dribbling from my mouth on my chin, i reach down and stick my hand down my thong and start fondling with my clit fucinhigh08: i start slaming your face a lil harder when i see you start rubbing your clit fucinhigh08: "mmmm i knew you liked it sis" yankees2girl: i start moaning as i suck you while i rub harder and faster fucinhigh08: noticing how much you like it i fuck your mouh hard as i hold ur head fucinhigh08: you gag each time i slam your throat yankees2girl: i start chocking but i keep rubbing my clit fucinhigh08: drool dripping down your chin to your belly and thong fucinhigh08: "mmm you fuckin love it nasty dont you sis" i say smiling as i watch you choke and rub harder and harder on ur clit yankees2girl: i feel myself cum and make my thong wetter and my moans and screams are muffled by your cock fucinhigh08: "mmmmmmm" knowin you came makes me so horny.

i slam your face and cum hard down ur throat fucinhigh08: alot of cum yankees2girl: i choke on your cum as some of the extra drips down my face fucinhigh08: ((mmmmmm thats hott)) fucinhigh08: i pull it out letting the extra cum run down your chin and drip down fucinhigh08: as you choke on my cum, coughin and chokin, still with your hand in your thong yankees2girl: i try to swallow what i can and then i look up at you with cum and spit on my chin, cheeks, boobs, and stomach fucinhigh08: "mmmmm" i grab you by the chin."you look so fuckin hot sis" i lean down and kiss you hard rubbing the cum all over your belly and tits yankees2girl: i smile and help you rub it in yankees2girl: then i bring my hand up and lick everything off of it fucinhigh08: "hows my cum taste sis" i say as i stick my finger in ur mouth after you clean yours off yankees2girl: i suck your finger like your cock "mmmm really really yummy" fucinhigh08: "mmmmm" i reach down with my other hand as you suck my fingers and start playing with your pussy through your soaked thong yankees2girl: i giggle "how do i taste bro?" fucinhigh08: "im gonna go find out right now" i say as i dive between your kneeling legs yankees2girl: i spread my legs so you can get to my pussy easier and i look down at you fucinhigh08: i pull your thong aside and start licking and tickling your clit with my tounge as i look up at you yankees2girl: i moan as i feel your tongue on my clit yankees2girl: ((now thats really hot)) yankees2girl: i smile and stare into your eyes fucinhigh08: i stare at you as i swirl my tounge all over your clit and i start rubbing your pussy lips with my fingers yankees2girl: "mmmmm oooo bro eat ur little sisters tight pussy" i squirm around a little fucinhigh08: "mmm fuck yes " i say garbled with a mouthful of my little sisters pussy fucinhigh08: my upper lip rubbin ur clit my tongue going in your pussy yankees2girl: i moan loud almost screamin, i close my eyes tight fucinhigh08: i start tongue fucking you as deep as i can as i mash your clit with the palm of my hand.slowy putting a finger in your ass with my other hand yankees2girl: "mmmmm ooo fuck im cumming!

im gonna cumm all over ur face!" yankees2girl: as i say that my pussy clenches around your tongue and i cum fucinhigh08: i start finger your ass hard as u say that fucinhigh08: tonguing you fast and pressing down on your clit yankees2girl: "mmmmmm holy fuck mmmmm yea" i roll my head around, squirming around fucinhigh08: i lift my head still rubbing clit and playing with ur ass fucinhigh08: ((im havin trouble typin over here)) yankees2girl: ((hehe)) fucinhigh08: ((ive came twice)) yankees2girl: ((same)) fucinhigh08: ((nice)) yankees2girl: i relax my body breathing hard fucinhigh08: i look up at you still going easily."so sis that wasnt so bad was it?" yankees2girl: smile "no.i guess not" fucinhigh08: do you wanna fuck" i say i stand up with a huge hard on in my hand yankees2girl: ((u can be a lil forceful on this one)) fucinhigh08: ((lol nice your gettin real horny huh)) yankees2girl: ((uhuh)) fucinhigh08: i stand there jerkin off waitin for your answer yankees2girl: "isnt that too far bro?" fucinhigh08: "fuck no" i say walking closer." you just swallowed my cum, now your gonna fuck my cock" yankees2girl: "no.that is way too far" yankees2girl: i stand up slowly, some of my cum dripping down my leg fucinhigh08: i push you hard back in ur seat fucinhigh08: "sit down bitch" i say still jerking my cock yankees2girl: "bro.im.im uh…a uh.virgin still.

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you dont want knowing you took your lil sisters flower away on your chest do you?" fucinhigh08: "no i want it on my cock, now stand the fuck up and bend over the table" i say as i grab you by your pigtails yankees2girl: i stand up slowly realizing if i dont that youll make me fucinhigh08: "there you go c'mon hurry up" i say rushing you n spinning you around to face the table yankees2girl: i bend over the table, my boobs pressing into it hard fucinhigh08: i push you down harder."good lil bitch" i say as i put the head of my cock in your tight little pussy yankees2girl: i instinctively spread my legs fucinhigh08: "mmm you fuckin whore" as i grab your hair and slam into your little virgin pussy pumping in and out right away yankees2girl: i scream loud and grab onto the other side of the table for support fucinhigh08: i pull on your hair each time i slam your pusssy."mmm damn sis your pussy feels fuckin soooo good" yankees2girl: i start moaning getting used to your cock fucinhigh08: i slam your head down as i grab your hips n pump your tight little pussy hard, moanin loud as i do yankees2girl: "ooooo fuck bro your cock is so big, fuck me harder!!" fucinhigh08: "ya you like that sis.

you like that big fuckin cock slamin your lil pussy" yankees2girl: "oooooo fuck yesssssss mmmmmm shit it feels so fucking good!!" fucinhigh08: i reach down to fuck with your clit as i fuck your little pussy yankees2girl: "mmm im cumming again, im cumming on your huge cock oooo fuck!" i close my eyes and grind my hips against yours fucinhigh08: i push it in deep as you cumm .

i move it around while you cum, and then fill your pussy with my hot cum as your cumming fucinhigh08: i slam each time i shoot it yankees2girl: "ooo fuck your fucking great!" yankees2girl: i cum hard all over your cock dripping down my legs mixed with your cum fucinhigh08: ((mmmm)) fucinhigh08: i lean down." your fuckin pussy is so hot sis" as i kiss your ear still with my cock in your pussy yankees2girl: i smile "your fuckin cock is the greatest bro" fucinhigh08: "mmmm i love you sis" yankees2girl: "i love you" fucinhigh08: i pull out my cum soaked cock and ask you if youd like to clean it fucinhigh08: its drippin with both our cum yankees2girl: i quickly turn around and get on my knees "my pleasure" yankees2girl: i slide your cock in my mouth and stare into your eyes as i clean it of our mixed juices fucinhigh08: mmmmmm i stare at you lovingly as you clean my cock yankees2girl: our cum is all over my face and your legs and balls yankees2girl: i reach around and grab your ass pulling you into me deeper fucinhigh08: so horny by seein you loving our cum, i start to feel like im about to cum again fucinhigh08: ((mmmmmm grab my ass)) yankees2girl: i suck your cock deeper and harder and faster grating my teeth lightly against your cock fucinhigh08: "mmmmm" i start to moan as im about to cum fucinhigh08: you start makin bobing and sucking sounds your goin so hard and fast yankees2girl: i reach my hand up and start playing with your balls feeling your about to cum again fucinhigh08: "mmmmmmm ya rub under my balls" i say as im about to cum yankees2girl: i rub under your balls and stick my pinky up your ass fucinhigh08: i grab the back of your head fucinhigh08: i moan LOUD as you do that and shoot the biggest load of cum in your mouth.so much it overflows and runs out of your mouth yankees2girl: i swallow some of your cum with your cock down my throat, half of it flowing out of my mouth onto my boobs and chin fucinhigh08: mmm i leave it in ur mouth for sec after i cum fucinhigh08: letting it sit in your cum filled mouth --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please leave comments!

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