Zwei nerdy Mädchen saugen Hahn ihrer Mitschüler

Zwei nerdy Mädchen saugen Hahn ihrer Mitschüler
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Fbailey story number 266 Sex Club Fuck Queen I was a thirty-six-year-old man at the time with a thirty-one-year-old wife. I had gotten my beautiful wife pregnant just after she had turned sixteen and she gave birth to Vivian before she turned seventeen a week later.

Vivian was then fifteen and her birthday was only a month away. Then she would be a sixteen-year-old girl and legal sexually in our state. Fucking her would no longer be a crime…as long as she was willing that is. Raping a sixteen-year-old is still rape.

I had heard about a "Teenage Daughter Swapping Club" but you needed a daughter that was naturally born to you and not adopted, she had to be at least sixteen, and she could not have reached her twentieth birthday yet…hence the "Teenage Daughter Swapping Club." I had explained the club to my wife and she said that I could join it, as long as Vivian was all for it.

Yes, she is a very understanding wife and yes, we had wife-swapped in the past too. So I sat my wife and Vivian down and simply told Vivian what I wanted.

She took it rather well if you ask me. However, she wanted to think it over. I gave her a day. +++++ Hi, I'm Vivian and my lame father just asked me to join a fuck club. He needs me as his entrance ticket so I've got him by his balls for once.

I could ask for the moon and get it. Only mom stood in the way of me becoming rich. So anyway I told dad that I was willing to join with him as long as I could get paid for it.

Money talks and bullshit walks. +++++ The next day Vivian told me that she was perfectly willing to let a bunch of old men fuck her as long as she got paid for it.


I told her that it wasn't that kind of club and that men didn't pay for sex. Vivian told me that if she didn't get paid then she wouldn't join. I almost had her in my grip but she was slowly slipping away.

Frustrated, I told her that I would pay her to accompany me, and that for a hundred dollars she had better let them all fuck her. +++++ A hundred dollars was not much but it was more spending money than I had ever gotten before.

I figured that I would enjoy getting fucked anyway and that the money was just icing on the cake. Then he wanted to fuck me first. Now that was just kind of grouse. He even smiled as he said it. I would be turning sixteen in a few weeks and it would be on a Tuesday.

He was planning on fucking me Tuesday, Wednesday, and again on Thursday before taking me to the Saturday club meeting. He said that he would rest up on Friday. I talked to mom and she said that it was no different than letting a dozen other men fuck me. Yes it would be, he is my father. A dozen…what to fuck! That's right, mom told me that at the present time there were twelve members and that dad and I would make it thirteen. She also told me that being the new girl that I should expect to get fucked by all of the other twelve men that first night.

Oh crap! +++++ I was so happy when my wife told me that Vivian would allow me to fuck her three times before that first meeting. I had been thinking about fucking her ever since her tits got to a B-cup and her pussy swelled in her tight shorts.

I had been sniffing her panties for years. My wonderful wife placed Vivian's used panties on my pillow every night like a maid in a motel does with a chocolate mint.

I would sniff them, think about fucking my lovely daughter, and then plunge my cock into my wife. I was just waiting for my night of pleasure to come. Finally the Tuesday arrived, Vivian came home from school, and we celebrated with a nice dinner, a birthday cake, and opening her presents. It had been a great day for her and the end of a very long wait for me.

Then about an hour before bedtime I asked her if I could have sex with her. She looked at her mother first and she nodded, then she said okay and walked to her bedroom. I quickly kissed my wife and followed my daughter into her bedroom. She turned on the lights, closed the door behind me, and then she locked it. She lowered her window shade and pulled the curtains closed.

I just sat on the edge of her bed and watched as my daughter undressed for the first time in front of me. It was absolutely amazing to watch. She took her sweet time too and prolonged my enjoyment and my agony. Each button of her blouse was an act in itself, parting the opening was like watching a curtain going up at a live performance, and then as she shed her blouse it was like watching a big sheet being pulled of from a statue in the City Park to reveal the town hero.

Her bra was just as dramatic to see. Her breasts filled out the cups nicely allowing a little cleavage to show. I made a mental note to get her some push-up bras to wear to the club. She reached back to unhook it thrusting her titties out nicely. The bra clung to her breasts as she carefully undid each of her shoulders and removed her arms. It held there on her heaving breasts as she breathed deeply. She was just as nervous as I was! Then it was off and flying through the air at me.

I caught it and smelled of the cups that had just been holding her breasts. I sniffed it as I admired her breasts. They had just the shape that women's breasts should have. Her areolas were just a shade lighter than her erect nipples were, as God had intended. Vivian then stood there topless in her jeans with her hands resting on her hips as I admired her. She was in no hurry for it to end.

At the perfect moment she started to fumble with her jeans unable to undo the button her self. Then she stepped toward me and said, "Daddy can you help me?

I can't get it undone." It was nonsense and we both knew it because I just flicked my fingers and it released. I then grabbed a hold of the tiny zipper pull and pulled it down brushing my hand across her love mound in the process.

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I felt the smoothness of her silky panties too. Then I hooked a thumb into both sides of her hips and tried to push them down but I couldn't. Vivian stepped back, hooked her thumbs in them, and said, "I like them tight Daddy. Don't you?" I was only able to nod as she lowered her jeans to her knees and then pushed them down further until she could get them off her feet. Once again Vivian stood up so that I could admire her in just her panties.

They were silk, they were pink, and I had smelled them many times before but when she lowered them and tossed them at me I just had to smell them again. They smelled of her perfume, of her natural fragrance, and they were damp. I could see a spot of thick moisture on the inside of her crotch.

I could see a loose pubic hair too. Then I looked at my daughter's bush for the very first time. It looked magnificent, it was hardly trimmed at all, and it was everything that a grown man could wish for. I was like a magnet as I was drawn to her as she backed away from me to sit on the edge of her bed. I was on my knees crawling toward her. The closer I got the higher her knees rose. Then her hands tucked in behind her thighs lifting and opening her…well, her opening.

Her pussy was so moist that it just opened up like a flower in bloom. I nuzzled my nose into her slit coating it with the fragrance that I sought all those years. I reveled in her existence. I had made that pussy, I had fucked the pussy that it came out of, and soon I would fuck that pussy too…but first I wanted to kiss her navel from the inside.

That was when I started eating her pussy, licking up her juices, and trying to get my lips and tongue inside of her. She giggled at first, then she breathed very heavily, and finally she started moaning in absolute pleasure as I ravaged her clitoris and caused her some of the most incredible orgasms of her young life. I wanted her all primed for my cock. I wanted to be the first man to go where man had gone before.

Slowly I moved up her body kissing her navel from the outside, her nipples, her neck, and then her mouth. I wanted her to taste her pussy from my lips instead of from her fingers, as I knew she did often. While she was still on the edge of the bed and her knees were up, I plunged my cock into her.

She was so slick that I felt no resistance at all. She didn't jump as I had expected but then at her age I was sure that she had masturbated with some kind of sex toy. +++++ I had a feeling of superiority over my father as I undressed for him. He just stared at me not being able to take his eyes off from my body. I watched as his mouth hung open and drool started to come out of his mouth before he realized it and closed his mouth again. When I fumbled with my jeans it was on purpose so that he could get in on the act but then I had to pull them down for him anyway because they were so tight.

Every night I would give mom my panties so that she could put them on dad's pillow. It would ensure that she would get sex that night.

So when I threw my panties at him it was the first time that I had actually seen him smell of them. I saw him lick the cum drops in them too and then I saw how hard his cock got in his pants. I loved the oral sex that he gave me. It was as if this were his last supper before being executed.

I didn't even know that he had become naked until his cock first touched my pussy…and then it was in…all the way in. He wasn't the biggest that I had ever had but he was damn good. I wondered if he thought that I was a virgin. +++++ Fucking Vivian was fantastic.

I don't know how long I was in her but I was sure that I hadn't cum after just a minute either.

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I knew she had some orgasms but I was not in any condition to count them. Finally I cum, and I cum, and I kept cumming in my daughter until I had no more to give her. As I lay on her stomach her pussy tried very hard to get just one more drop from me. As I pulled my limp cock out of her I noticed that her pussy had in essence acted like a squeegee on my cock and cleaned it off. Then I noticed that her pussy had closed up and kept everything inside. Her mother always and I repeat always leaked my cum onto the bed before she could even cup it with her hand and run to the bathroom.

I thanked God for giving her virginity to me. All I knew at that moment was that I wanted my cock in her a lot more often. +++++ Wow! I had no idea how good my father was in bed.

If I had I would have been fucking him for the past two years. Instead I had allowed a string of guys to fuck me. There had been fifteen according to my diary. I lost my virginity at a basketball game when I was fourteen. Of course mom had me on birth control right after I started my periods at twelve. I was now looking forward to having daddy fuck me for two more days.

Then on Saturday twelve more 'Daddies' would fuck me. I could add them to my diary too. All I knew at that moment was that I wanted my daddy's cock in me a lot more often. +++++ I kissed her good night on her lips, on her nipples, and on her pubic mound too before pulling the covers up. I went to my bedroom and found my wife waiting for me. She was very interested in what had taken place. As I told her my story I got hard again and slipped my cock into her.

As I finished my story I cum in her too. Then I had to smile as I pulled out and watched my cum drip down onto the sheet. We just cuddled and fell asleep without cleaning up first. That was not usual but it certainly was nice. +++++ Daddy made love to me again on Wednesday and again on Thursday. Each morning afterwards mom thanked me for letting my father fuck me. Hell, she was the one doing me a favor. Daddy was the best lover that I had ever had. I couldn't wait until Saturday so that he would see how thankful I really was.

I would let those twelve guys fuck me raw, smile about it, and thank them for doing it afterwards. I would let them fuck my pussy, my mouth, and even my asshole if that is what my Daddy wanted me to do.

+++++ I had enjoyed making love to Vivian for those three nights but I really did need a rest on Friday because I was dying to get a chance to fuck twelve more girls just like her. Both Vivian and my wife tried everything in the book to get me to change my mind. They ran around in almost nothing, they put on a lingerie fashion show for me, and they made me very direct offers. I almost gave in when Vivian said that I could be the first man to fuck her ass if I wanted to be.

When I turned her down she said that she would get one of the other 'Daddies' to do it then.


+++++ On Saturday I was told to take a long hot bath, do my makeup and hair as if I were going to the Prom, and to put on something sexy. Mom catered to me all morning, she helped me with my hair and makeup, and then she helped me pick out my clothes. Together we chose a simple white bra and white thong panties.

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Then we picked out a soft tight sweater that would really show off my breasts to their finest. My outfit was finished off with a tight black miniskirt and sandals.

Daddy's mouth dropped open when he saw me so I knew that I was pretty enough. I took his arm and let him lead me to the car and hold my door open like he does for mom. As I approached our destination I was very nervous. My panties were soaked too.

+++++ Vivian looked delicious when I saw her in that outfit. I wanted to throw her down and fuck her right there but I didn't. Instead I offered her my arm and took her out to the car. As I drove I couldn't help but admire her hemline, the outline of her breasts, and the smell of her perfume.

I reached over to cup a breast and she snuggled into me. My hand fondled her breast while she fondled my cock. When we arrived I was hard and her nipples were showing nicely too. I rang the bell and a very good-looking man greeted us.


He already knew our names but he just wanted us to confirm them anyway. Then he led us in to meet the men and introduced Vivian to them. She was on display and she knew it. They sure liked her. Then we were both taken in to meet the girls. Each one stood up and allowed me to observe them until the leader took me out leaving Vivian in there. +++++ When the man took Daddy out of the room I found myself surrounded by twelve other girls some of which I already knew from school and church.

We hugged and they welcomed me into their group. I was introduced to everyone else and we became immediate friends. Then there was a loud knock on the door. The girls told me that it was time to get undressed. We each had a chair to put our clothes on as we undressed.

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One of the girls was nineteen and she looked like a model, she was tall, thin, and absolutely gorgeous. Daddy would certainly enjoy fucking her. One of the girls that I knew from school was a little chunky but she had nice big tits and I really liked her.

The girl that I knew from church was the Minister's daughter. I knew that Reverend Jim would be fucking me soon and I had to smile as I thought to myself what a hypocrite he really was. Mister holier than thou fucked his own daughter and other teenagers and then tomorrow he would be preaching abstinence to all us teenagers in his parish.

Fucking hypocrite! +++++ The men introduced themselves but I knew one from work and I knew Reverend Jim from church, he is our pastor. The rules were simple. All of the girls were sixteen or over and had already given their permission for sex, so essentially I could just take it as I wanted it.

Vaginal and oral were a given but anal was by request only. Noon to midnight was the time limit and it was almost noon so we were to get undressed.

We each had a chair to place our clothes on. As we undressed I realized that I was quite normal in the cock department. Then I saw Reverend Jim. He was an inch or two longer and maybe twice as big around.

The first thing I thought of was if Vivian could take it. Only time would tell. +++++ When I followed the other girls into a big room the men were already there. It was quit obvious that I was the prize catch of the day. I was placed in front of a line of men that all wanted to fuck me to death.

All of the other girls lined up for my father. Let the games begin. +++++ I watched as the girls entered the room and Vivian was placed in front of the other guys. Meanwhile the rest of the girls came to me.

The tall gorgeous young lady said, "Hi I am Kay, I'm the oldest, and you get to fuck me first. May I suggest that you try to pace yourself? You will not be able to cum in all twelve of us today, no one ever has. I would suggest though that you poke around in all of us for fun and just pick the two, three, or four that you would really like to cum in." She may have been beautiful but I got the distinct feeling that she knew it too.

So I merely bent her over, had her grab her ankles, and fucked her just as hard as I could. I was going to show her who was the boss.

I slapped her ass, grabbed her tits hard, and pinched her nipples. I rammed into her hard and steady. I was lucky enough to make her cum before I did.

When I backed up she rose and said, "Thank you. I like it rough. Now that the tension is over you can enjoy my friends all that much more. Now who would you like to see eat your cum out of my cunt?" I pointed at the Minister's daughter and the two girls got in position and then started in. While I was watching the lesbian action the next girl in line was on her knees sucking me hard so that I could fuck her.

I hated to disappoint her but as soon as I got hard I slipped my cock into the Minister's daughter. I had admired her tiny body for a very long time. She very much reminded me of her mother. I didn't cum but I sure had fun in her pussy as I played with her A-cup breasts.

All the time I was fucking her I told her how much that I wanted to fuck her mother. When I pulled my cock out of her pussy the one that sucked me hard was still waiting so I put her on her back and fucked down into her pussy. She whispered that I really should pace myself.

Then she said that she went to school with my daughter. She said that she could come for a sleepover if I wanted to fuck her during the week. She also said her father trades her to other members and ex-members for the night too. When I questioned her about ex-members she said that once a girl reached twenty that both she and her father were thrown out of the club. However, some still keep in contact and swap their daughters for the night occasionally.

Some of the girls get married and then the swap is between her husband and the other girl's father. Surprisingly many husbands have fucked her. I knew right then that I had four years with Vivian before I was out of the club.

Right then I wished that I had given in to my wife's request for more children. +++++ I felt just like a piece of meat. I was pushed onto my back and had a cock shoved into me unceremoniously. He fucked me, cum in me, and pulled out after telling me his name. The next two men just fucked me too. Then Reverend Jim slipped his huge cock into me very carefully. It was big and I was completely filled. It stretched my pussy walls to the maximum and it touched me deep inside too. As he fucked me I got the most incredible feeling ever.

It was even better than when Daddy had fucked me. I had an incredible orgasm and screamed it out so that everyone would know it. Fuck his hypocrisy, he could fuck me anytime he wanted too and still preach to me about abstinence. I knew that I would kneel in his podium and let him fuck my face while he preached too. God loves a sinner! +++++ I managed to get my cock in all twelve of the girl's pussies and in most of their mouths too before I finally cum that second time in the preacher's daughter.

I had Kay eat her out, fair was only fair. I was spent so I let the girls suck my cock all they wanted too while watched Vivian getting fucked by the last three men. It was just some kind if ceremony. I could tell that they thought of it as a job and that they hardly had the desire to fuck her. I hoped that I never got to that point. When they were done with her Vivian looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. +++++ As the last man pulled his cock out of me I felt quite sore between my legs.

I was pretty sure that it wasn't over either. The only rememberable cock was Reverend Jim's cock because it gave me several orgasms. I found a clock and cringed as I realized that it was only two o'clock and that there were ten more hours to go. I looked over at my Daddy and he smiled at me. I smiled back. +++++ Vivian came over and sat on my stiff cock while everyone watched her.

She fucked herself on my cock putting on one hell of a show for everyone. Together we reached a mutual climax and we both screamed out in appreciation.

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She told the guys to lie down if they were ready for round two. She told Kay and the preacher's daughter to start getting them hard for her. I knew from fucking all of the other girls that it wouldn't be long at all before Vivian was the "Sex Club's Fuck Queen." It was quite obvious that her heart, or in that case her pussy was in the right place. The End Sex Club Fuck Queen 266