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Emo gay twink young first time He erupts such a big explosion of jizz
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"Where are we going?" she asked. She was being pulled along, but she was following him. "Back in the van." he told her. "Come on girls, you should see what punishments are like." He led all three of them outside, and got them all seated again. Once more, Mrs.

Bailey was put in the Captain's chair in the back. She swiveled it forward to look out the front window as they drove. Brian somehow knew that Mrs. Bailey's newfound strength to resist his commands came from her limited exposure to the van's effects, so he got on the freeway, noting full gauges in both gas tanks.

He drove an hour north, then turned around at a rest area to drive back, but before he could exit the parking lot, he saw a woman hurrying up to the van. He came to a stop, even though he didn't recognize her. She approached the passenger side, and her face showed great surprise when she saw Brian driving. "Where's. where's Master Brad, sir?" she asked, looking very confused.

"I have his money. I guess I give it to you." "Did you just ask a question?" he asked, exasperated. She blanched and shook her head. "I'm sorry sir." "Brad sold me this van this morning and took a job in Europe.

He's on a plane and in the air right now." he told her. "Give me the money." "I need to get in the van." she said, licking her lips.

"It's a lot of money, and I don't want to flash it here in the parking lot." she said nervously. "Sure." he said. "Get in the back for a minute, please, little sister. Mindy went into the back, and the girl got in the front.

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Brian put the van in gear and got back on the freeway. "Oh, where are we going? My punishment isn't over yet." she said. She had an over-sized purse with her, and she put it on the console between the seats. It was stuffed to packed full of neatly stacked money, fifties and hundreds, fastened with little rubber bands. "I didn't get the whole fifty thousand that Master Brad told me to get yet.

That's why I didn't call him." she said. "You're not going to call him ever again." Brian told her. "I'm your new Master now, and with a new Master comes forgiveness of old sins. Whatever you have in your bag is punishment enough. You are coming home with me." "Yes sir." she said, sounding most pleased. "Does this mean that everyone's punishment is over, too?" "Yes, of course it does." he said.

"Let's go get them all." "Oh, thank you, Master! It's been a year since my sister and I have seen each other!" "Where is she?" Brian asked.

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"We can go get her first." "She's probably at the other house. I'm not allowed to go over there." said the girl. "Unless you say it's okay?" "I say it's okay." he smiled. "Where are we going?" "Right next door to the house I live in." she said, puzzled. "How come you don't know that?" "Suddenly, I do know that." he said.

"I also know that I can't take you there yet. Let's get this van back home." Sudden images had filled Brian's head suddenly. He knew lots of things he didn't before. The address of two houses in Brad's name. The fact that there were twin pistols and holsters in the glove box. That the switch just under the dash board would recess the gas and brake pedals all the way to the floor and allow the van to be driven by hand, gas and brake now buttons on the steering wheel.

That the bed had a hidden compartment under the bed big enough for two live girls or three dead ones. He knew that it was the van that made him confident enough to give orders that he never would have considered last night. He knew it was the van that gave him confidence enough to even know what his pleasure was. He knew it was the van that was the power behind his new ability to control others. What he didn't know was, was the van controlling him? He thought of something horrible to tell the new girl to do, then willed himself not to tell her to do it.

The compulsion to speak grew in his mind, but he was able to force it back and held his tongue. It left him a bit mentally strained, but he resolved to strengthen that part of him. Sitting inside the van and driving made it easier to exert his own will, he found. He drove back to Mrs. Bailey's house and brought them all inside. After two solid hours in the van, there wasn't an ounce of resistance left in the married woman.

"Now, what's your name, your sister's name, and how much money is in that bag?" he asked the girl, once they were all back inside and seated in the living room. "I'm Sarah Humphrey, and my sister's name is Heather, sir." she told him. "There's thirty seven thousand, eight hundred and fifty dollars in that bad.

I'm supposed to call Master Brad when it gets to fifty thousand. That's my punishment." "What did you do wrong?" asked Mrs. Bailey, a little fearfully. There was more money in that bag than she'd ever seen in her life, and it wasn't enough?


"I'm fucking asking the questions here!" Brian roared at the woman. He could feel a ball of rage in his heart, rage that belonged to the van, and he willed it away. This was much harder than doing it in the van had been, and watching Brian stifle obvious emotions scared the four women more than anything he could have said or done.

"Your punishment just doubled again. Please don't anger me further." "Yes sir." she whispered, thoroughly cowed. "I'm sorry, sir." "UN-forgiven." he told her, then looked at the girl again. "Would you like to go upstairs and take a shower? I'm very sure that Rebecca will help you pick out some clothes to wear. She's even going to give you her prettiest underwear, even though she's never worn it. Both of you come back down here dressed in her nicest clothes. You're both little, so I'm pretty sure that the fit will be close enough." He smiled sweetly at them and dismissed them with a wave.

"Thank you, sir." Sarah looked happy enough to cry as she followed Rebecca back up the stairs. "And that leaves me with you.' he said, looking at Mrs. Bailey. "I need someone to show my sister how to suck cock properly, and since you were unwilling to help me have my first choice assist me properly, I guess you're going to have to do it yourself, and if you don't do it properly, your punishment doubles again!" She hesitantly raised her hand, almost afraid to let him know she had a question.

"You may ask me one question." he said, granting her permission with his eyes, too. "How much is my punishment up to right now?" she asked, knowing that she was acknowledging the debt. "It started at $500, but it's been doubled three times since, so it's currently up to $4000." he told her. "That's a lot of pussy to sell. You should stay in the van until tomorrow morning.

You may sleep on the floor, not on the bed.

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You may make it cleaner, but not messier." "Right after you finish sucking my cock, you can go out there." he told her. "First, take off all your clothes, no trying to hide behind your hands, then get on your knees and pleasure me with your mouth. No hands for you.

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You will stop sucking just before I come, lean back one inch with your mouth open, and catch every drop of come I squirt at you. You will then show me the mouthful, swallow it all, and then show me your empty mouth.

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Do not fail, or I will become angry again, and that is what we both need to fear." "Yes sir." she said meekly, reaching up and taking his boxers down. He stepped out of them again and let Mrs.

Bailey do her thing. It hardly took any time at all, in her willing, sucking mouth, and right on time, she leaned back the perfect amount and opened her mouth. She caught the first two squirts perfectly, but then Brian purposely lifted his cock up with his belly muscles and caused the next one to blast over her nose and cheek.

He let her catch the rest in her mouth as she leaned forward to catch the tip and the lest little bit coming out.


She showed him the mouthful, swallowed it with an awful face, and opened her her mouth once more to show it empty. "$8000 is more money than I can get out of the bank in one day." she told him. "I'm not sure how much you know about finances, but that bag of money sitting there is highly illegal." "Try sixteen thousand, bitch." he snarled.

"Talk out of turn one more time, I dare you!" Her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, and he laughed. "You won't be getting it from any bank, either. That's your husband's money; he earned it, not you. No, bitch, the sixteen thousand you owe me is gonna get earned by you, and the only way you can make that much money is by whoring that fine little pussy on the street.

You have a week before your husband gets back. If you're devoted to it, you could maybe finish before he gets home, and he'll never know." She raised her hand again, so he nodded permission. "May I make a phone call, sir? I can make sixteen thousand in an hour if I can call one of my husband's friends." "How?" Brian asked.

"Is it legal?" "Sir, it's not legal at all, but one of my husband's friends has directly told me on many occasions that he would pay twenty thousand to fuck me for an afternoon, and my husband would never have to know." she told him. "Why haven't you done it?" he asked. "Twenty thousand is a lot for one afternoon." "Sir? I'm a married woman!

I love my husband with all my heart and I would never betray him!" she protested. "You have come on your face." he told her. "Make the call. You'll be having come in your pussy, too, I expect." He laughed at the look on her face, but let her go over to the phone.

"What do you think of all this, Mindy?" he asked his sister. "I like it." she said promptly.

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"I get really scared when you get mad, though. Please don't get mad at me?" "I'll try, Mindy. I'll try not to ask you to do anything that would make me mad if you fail, too." he promised.

"I have full confidence that you'll be able to suck me off perfectly, once I'm done showing you how." "I'm pretty sure I already know what you want, Brian." she admitted. "I don't think you do." he chuckled. "Mindy, I really don't want to punish you, ever.

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Not even once, do you understand?" "Why? What's the punishment?" she asked, but then quailed when she saw the look on her brother's face. "Never mind, I'll ask Sarah when she gets out of the shower." she said quickly, and the storm abated.

She made a mental note not to ask him any questions anymore.