Riding black guy bareback tube porn

Riding black guy bareback tube porn
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Sitting in the back corner of the bar, I watch you working.

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Your smile lighting up the room as the old drunks flirt with you, your laugh even sexier. The bar is pretty busy, so I can sit back and watch as you move through the bar, the patrons seeing you in jeans and blouse, but me secretly knowing you are wearing a black garter belt, stockings, lacy boy shorts and matching bra.

You treat me like any other patron, exactly like I told you too, and expect of you at work, with only a sly wink or a bitten lip here and there. Finally, the last patron leaves, leaving me in the bar alone with you.

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You go and lock the last door, and I grab you, spinning you, forcing you against a wall and taking your hands and holding them together with one hand over your head, the other gripping you by the neck, as I kiss you deeply and forcefully as you try to struggle away from me. Finally you relax as and moan into me, kissing me back. My hand slides down your body, roughly grabbing your breasts, and then ripping your shirt open and burying my face between your breasts kissing and gently biting them.

I start kissing up your chest, my hand slides back up, gripping you hair and pulling your head to the side as I kiss and bite up and down your neck.

My free hand then slides down, unbuttoning your pants and sliding them down as you gyrate your hips allowing me to slide them down so you can step out of them. I then force your legs apart with my knee and then slide my hand between your legs, powerfully caressing your pussy through your boy shorts, rubbing the material between your lips and against your clit.

I release your hands, telling you not to move, I rip one side and then the other of your panties open, allowing the tattered material to fall to the floor I kiss you deeply and then whisper in your ear "You aren't allowed to cum". I then take your wrists and pull them to your sides as I drop to my knees, burying my face in your cunt and begin eagerly licking at your clit, and shoving it deep into you.

To get better leverage, I take one leg and pull it over my shoulder, never removing my tongue from your wetness.

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You begin moaning, as your leg pulls me further into you and your juices begin flowing more freely as you fight your body's urges. Finally, you give in to your orgasm as your legs and pussy begin to quiver.

I flash you an evil grin as you finally settle down, because I knew you wouldn't last, I stand facing you.

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I grab you by the neck forcing you to a table, pushing you over the bench, pressing my hand against your back presses your face and body into the bench. I take your shirt and tie your hands behind your back and then smack you on the ass, lightly at first but building up the pain. First one cheek until it is bright red and hot to the touch, then the other, alternating until my hand hurts, each smack echoing through the empty bar. Then with one final hard swat, I quickly slide two fingers deep inside you, and begin a slow come hither motion.

With the other hand, I grab a piece of ice from my glass of water and begin gently rubbing it along your ass cheeks. You begin moaning again, this time at the cooling effect of the ice and my fingers inside you.

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Out of breath you pant "please can I cum sir, please"? I ignore your pleas, and speed my fingers up inside you, as I grab another piece of ice, your ass cheeks glistening from the redness and the melted ice. Again you plead breathlessly, "Please let me cum sir". Again I speed up ignoring your question, my fingers going faster and harder between your lips which are getting wetter and wetter as I finger you.

"Please sir, I can't hold it much longer" you nearly sob. This time I say yes, and almost instantaneously you let out a guttural moan as a huge orgasm shakes through your body, your pussy clenching against my fingers as you spasm.


"Oh…sir…thank…you," you manage to get out between the breaths you are trying to catch. After you finish, I drop back to my knees, behind you this time. I tell you to push your ass up so I can eat your pussy again, because I like the way you taste, especially after you cum.

As you stand up, I lick up both thighs and then bury my tongue deep inside you again. "Now slut, you have my permission to cum freely now," I say between licks.

"Thank you sir," you reply with a moan at the end when I bury my tongue back inside you, lapping and sucking your cum from your swollen lips. Standing, I allow my pants to drop and I reach forward gripping your hair, I pull you head back as I slide my cock inside you. Slowly I start sliding my cock in and out, keeping your head pulled back, your ass cheeks warm against me.

I slide almost all the way out, and then deeply back inside you nice and slow, as you moan, and press back into me. "Please will you fuck me harder," you ask. In response, I keep with the same slow deliberate pace, but am more forceful when I thrust forward.


My free hand slaps your ass and then grips your hip as I thrust hard into you. You moan as your body starts shaking again. You arch your back more as your third orgasm shoots through you. "Thank you sir," you pant again. I respond with increasing my speed, fucking you hard and fast, our bodies slapping together. I release your hair and grip onto your elbows pulling you back into me as I thrust.

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Keeping you lifted off the bench by your arms, I keep fucking you hard and fast. "Fucking take my cock whore" I say, as you moan "fuck sir, I love your cock inside of me." After a few minutes of hard fucking, I pull my cock out of you, with a moan of displeasure from you. I untie your hands and lead you to a chair. I have you sit on it, and then tie your legs to the chair legs, spreading you open. I say "Keep your hands on your knees, or you'll be punished again." Obeying your hands grip your knees, I bury my face in your wet snatch again.

You cum fairly quickly, as my tongue flicks quickly across your clit, I turn my head and see your fingers clenching and releasing on your knees as you try to obey, as your juices coat my beard and face.


I spend a few minutes lapping your juice from your lips and from out of your cunt. Then I bite on your inner thigh, sucking gently, leaving another hickey there to mark you as mine. Then I stand up, and kiss you deeply.

"For being such a good girl, I'll let you decide where I cum," I tell you as I break the kiss. Glowing, you say "Sir, would you please cum down my whore throat?" Nodding, I kiss you lightly on the forehead, my personal reward for being as good as could be expected.

I kiss down your body, slowly, making you antsy with anticipation, as I slowly slide down untying one leg, kissing back up and then down the other leg to untie it. As I stand and help you off the chair, I kiss you deeply again. I drop the shirts on the ground and you kneel on them, taking my cock in your hand. You go to put in your mouth, but I grab your hair, pulling you back from it, giving you a glare, letting you know I stopped you from making a mistake.

"I'm sorry sir, I almost forgot. Can I please suck your cock sir?" I nod, and keep eye contact as you say "thank you," open your mouth and slide my cock in. You slowly start stroking the base as your tongue circles around the head and you bob your head up and down. My hand still gripping your hair, I force your head down farther and farther, until you take my entire cock in your mouth.

I let go of your hair, and let you go up and down the entire shaft on your own. "That's my good sweet girl," I moan, your skills with your mouth having always been impressive. But I stop your motions, and holding your head, I begin to fuck your mouth, my hips thrusting in and out as you keep suction around my cock. With one final thrust, I explode in the back of your throat. You try to keep it all in but a little bit leaks around my cock and out of the corners of your mouth.

I slide my cock from your mouth and you swallow, and then take your finger, cleaning the rest off of your face, and then licking it clean. We sort of collapse on the floor, I hold you, your head on my chest as I gently stroke your hair, "You did very well, I'm proud of you," I say as we lay there, "I'll put a gold star on your reward chart later, you are almost up to getting to wear the vibrating panties in public." You become giddy, and then look up into my eyes and say "Can I get you something to drink, sir?" Which snaps me out of my daydream and back to the bar where I'm sitting quietly in the corner watching you.