Petite gorgeous Isabella Pacino throat fucked and double penetrated

Petite gorgeous Isabella Pacino throat fucked and double penetrated
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Please rate and comment Prior: Merry Christmas MOM "Stop this NOW. Stop and we will just forget this happened. This is wrong." "Come on bitch, you like it." Laughed Eric. "You are sure gonna like the fucking you are gonna get." We each took turns stroking her pussy, rubbing her pussy, squeezing her clit.

Eric yelled. "Time for the SHOCKER." "SHOCKER SHOCKER SHOCKER." We all laughed. Eric took his fore finger and middle finger and started pushing into Moms cunt. His little finger started pushing in her other hole.

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Mom started swearing and screaming her head off as we laughed. "Two in the Pink, One in the Stink." Dave put his hand next to Eric and pushed his fingers in matching Eric's. DOUBLE SHOCKER. DOUBLE SHOCKER. The yelled as the finger fucked her.

They pulled her hole open and they both spit inside. I was watching her face. Mom was just crying, red in the face. She looked up at me, pleading begging with eyes. THUMP THUMP THUMP I heard the noise and saw Mom jerking back and forth. Eric was up against her, inside her. Mom was screaming. Eric had her ass firmly in his hands as he pumped as hard as he could.

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"Bob, stop, please, don't do this.!!!" "Merry Christmas MOM." I was watching my own Mom being fucked by my friend. She strained against the rope holding her across the table. Her screams turned to moans and groans. "Dam the Bitch loves it." Yelled Dave.

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Eric slapped her ass. "Let's hear you moan bitch. " "Fuck You assholes, I don't want it." "Sure you do Slut." "Your Mom's a whore, loves being fucked by your friends." Dave pulled her head back and spit on her face. "Come on Bob, spit on the slut face." I pulled up a big load of spit and aimed at her eyes. Dave held her face while I let the big load go dripping down her face.

Dave shook her head.

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The bitch was grunting and groaning as Eric kept ramming her cunt with his cock. I couldn't take it any more, I got up on the table and sat with my Mom's face in my lap. I pulled her head up.


She begged me, looking down at her she was so fucking pathetic. "Bob don't do this. Please." I tried to shove my cock in her mouth but she kept her mouth tight so I beat my cock around her face, I pushed and shove against her lips, her eyes, her cheeks.

I cock slapped her face again and again. I shoved my dick against her eyes her nose, her mouth. I was so hot, so up, I held her head rubbing my dick head against her cheeks. FinalIy I jacked off on her face. My load shot across her face. Cum mixed with the spit in a lovely mixture, luckily we had placed a sheet of plastic on the pool table as mess dripped down I wiped my cum around her face watching it drip down.

I scrapped up some of the mess and rubbed it on her face now red from the cock slapping. I wiped the mess on her face while Eric continued his wild fuck. She grunted and groaned like a pig, like a fuck pig. I couldn't believe what we were doing. Looking at her, looking at my Mom, we were treating her just like the sluts in the videos but this was real. Eric was sweating, I couldn't believe how long he was going. Dave was ready. He wanted his turn. Finally Eric was screaming.

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"Fuck Ya, Fucking whore. That's it. AHHHhhh." Dave untied her and turned her over so she was face up laying on the pool table, her crotch on the edge. "Bitch don't give me any trouble." He pulled her legs up over his shoulders and jammed himself inside her. - CHRISTMAS DAY MORNING Dave Eric and I were sitting in the front room. We could hear good old Mom moaning in the Dining Room. The night before had been unbelievable. We each took our turn several times.

Most of the time we couldn't tell if she was screaming in pain or &hellip. The door bell rang. It was Dad. He didn't understand why we had asked him to come over. Mom hated him now and he hated her even more. "Bob, Merry Christmas, surprised you could have me over? Where is the Bitch? " That is what he called Mom. Got a little surprise for you Dad, hang on." Dave, Eric and I led him in to the dining room. I hadn't seen him smile like that for a long while.

He circled around taking it all in. Mom was kneeling on a 2 x 4 edge up. Knees were tied to the beam so her legs were spread about waist side. She was tied to a short stub cross with the cross beam about waist high.

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Her arms were roped to the cross beam and she was tied to the upright at the waist. Dad laughed loudly as he looked at his bitch EX. Her mouth was gagged with a ribbon bow held by a green and red ribbon. A string of lights circle her head.

Breasts were bound with a sting of lights. A Christmas Ornament was hung from each nipple pierced with a hook. The cum and gook from the night before was caked over her face and body. "You guys are fucking unbelievable, awesome." Completely helpless Mom was terror struck as she watched Ken circle her. Her EX was a total bastard and here he was. She was helpless and at his mercy which would be none. "Dad, You do the honors, we have a couple ornaments for her pussy lips.

We gave Dad Mom's favorite ornaments from her grandmother. The bitch moaned as he pierced her cunt lips with the ornament hooks. He took delight on pulling on her lips and pushing the hooks through.

"Turn on the lights." Lights on, Mom looked almost like a Christmas tree. "Hey put the Santa Claus on her head. " Eric took a branch from the Christmas tree and jammed it between her head and the lights.

He stuck the Santa Ornament on the stick. "No lights on her pussy?" Laughed Dad. I took a string of lights wrapped around her waist and then ran the string between her pussy lips.


Tears were streaking down her face. Her eyes filled with terror. "Perfect, fucking Perfect Laughed Dad." Dad grabbed her hair. "Now I am going to face fuck this CHRISTMAS TREE WHORE just like the old Days." "You gonna be a good fucking whore or break your jaw?" "You understand?" Mom shook her head. She knew he would do what." He took the ribbon out of her mouth. "Stick out your fucking tongue!" Dad laid his cock on Mom's tongue to play with.

I almost felt sorry for the Bitch. Dad is so BIG. As she played with his dick she knew what was coming. He moved the head of his swelling cock around the insideof her mouth. Her eyes showed her panic as he grabbed her head.

Slowly he pushed his cock deeper in her mouth. Deeper, Deeper.

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Mom's eyes were bulging, she was turning redder. "Gag Her. Gag her. Gag her." We yelled, laughing at the sight of the Christmas whore stuffed with Cock. As Dad was raping her mouth the door bell rang. "I invited my Christmas guests over yelled Dad." I gave him a quizzical look." "Go ahead it is cool." As I headed toward the door I could hear Mom gagging on Dad's dick.

At the door was Maria, Dad's girlfriend, her two sons and Dad's brother Tony. "Dad's busy right now, come on in." You should have seen the smile on Maria's face. She always hated Mom. They all hated the bitch who caused Dad so many problems. Maria, Tony the boys, my friends and myself surrounded Mom watching her brutal throat fuck. I turned off the lights and closed the doors. Christmas lights gave her an erree glow The Christmas ornaments bounced around her breasts and pulled on her cunt lips.

Everyone around her was laughing, shouting. Dad was grunting shooting his load down her throat.


Mom was coughing up Cum, phlem, and vomit. We all clapped. Maria, grabbed Mom by the hair. "Its my boys turn next slut but first we need a few more ornaments." Maria took another ornament and hooked into Mom's breast. "Bob, please stop her. Stop this madness." "Oh the Bitch wants me to stop, after all the pain you cause.

FUCK YOU." "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Mom screamed. Maria grabbed a boob and pierced her with the hook of another ornament. She spit in her face. "My boys are going to fuck that face until it bleeds." THE End