Wild party babes cock suck strippers bbc

Wild party babes cock suck strippers bbc
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Amy felt ridiculous as she knocked on the door of the apartment right across the hall from her. She was wearing or rather, forced to wear an outfit that had less actual material to it than slips of strings and crisscrossing ribbons.

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The black fuck-me shoes had higher heels than anything she was used to, and she kept feeling as if she was about to topple over. The thigh-high, lacy edged stockings threatened to slip off her slim legs, and she pulled them up hurriedly as she heard footsteps nearing the door on the other side.

She struck what she hoped to be a sexy pose, pouted her glossed-up lips, and waited. Her head was screaming at her to bolt when she hear the chain slicking back, and the key turning in the lock, but her feet felt glued to the floor.

And then the door swung open. It wasn't Jack. "Oh, fuck," she said, staring in shock at the shirtless, towel-waisted man who was most emphatically not her neighbour. Jack was blond and tanned; this guy probably had some Native American blood somewhere in his ancestry, with a coppery skin and slightly tilted eyes. And he was really, really big. Jack was tall, but this guy would make even him look short.

And Amy was pretty sure Jack didn't have biceps like that. Or a six-pack you could cut your finger on. Or dark, silky smooth shoulder length hair and eyes like green moss.

Her eyes inevitably found the happy trail of hair leading into the depths of his towel and she swallowed. It was a short towel, tucked around his narrow hip, riding dangerously low.

Water drops glinted over his body and she realised he probably had to get out of the shower to open the door. "Fuck," she repeated and wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere. She was here to seduce and bed Jack an act of blackmail from his sister. She had actually been surprised when Elizabeth bribed her with the promise of concert tickets to an André Rieu concert.

Front row, no less. Amy had always kind of assumed Jack to be, well, gay. He was a really cute guy, and he had a pretty great body.

But he dressed better to stay in than she did to go out, and she'd never seen him with a girl. She suspected this was Elizabeth's way of trying to shock him straight, and although she didn't approve of that at all, she was willing to give the whole seducing-thing a try. They were talking about André Rieu, for pity's sake. Amy was much more of a stay-at-home-with-a-book girl than a get-out-get-drunk-get-laid one. She loved classical music and classic books and classic movies.

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She secretly lusted after men like James Dean, even though she would probably be better suited to, say, Gene Kelly. The bad boy versus the dancing American darling. The stranger moved slightly, widening his stance and folding his arms across his chest. The move had the towel threatening to slip off and she had the mad urge to make a grab for it. She was frozen in her pose as surprised seductress, and didn't that just have a ring to it?

"Like what you see?" he spoke in a husky voice that reminded her of day-old stubble and callused hands smoothing over softly parted thighs. "I…" She swallowed when her words evaporated from her dry throat like a drop of water in the desert. He didn't say anything and she bravely tried again. "I'm…" He was definitely amused now, the corner of his lips lifting ever so lightly. She gave up trying to explain herself. There was no possible way to explain this, anyway.

"Jack," she said helplessly. "He should be here in about an hour or so. Would you like to wait inside for him?" "No," she said quickly, trying to imagine how it would feel, sitting in Jack's stylish sitting room wearing only threads over her nipples and a scrap of fabric between her legs. "No, I'll, uhm, come back later." "So you don't like the view?" He managed to sound amused and hurt at the same time and she hurried to reassure him. "The view is fine. The view is, uhm, great, but I need to see Jack." He grinned.

"Oh, honey," he said softly. "Trust me, Jack probably isn't up for whatever you have in mind. Unless you have a really big cock hiding in those fine panties of yours, which I sincerely doubt." "So Jack is gay?" "Since I woke up this morning with my dick in his mouth, I'd say yeah." She cringed and her arm finally slid down from the ridiculous position she had asumed to try to seduce a gay guy with.

Maybe next time she should show her ass, if she wants results. "Dammit, I thought so! Never mind. I'll just be hiding in my apartment, if anybody needs me. Drinking. A lot. Getting drunk enough that I can chalk up this humiliating little encounter up to a drunken hallucination." "Oh, sweetheart, why are you shy about this?" Amy cringed as she started backing away towards her own apartment. "See you around," she mumbled. His arm shot out, catching her shoulder. "Wait," he said, and she stilled.

"Why are you embarrassed?" he asked again. "Because I'm standing here in less fabric covering my entire body than you'll find in your average thong, trying to get somebody clearly uninterested to take me to bed.


I made a fool out of myself. Sorry for interrupting your shower." His grin turned sexy. "Do I look uninterested?" he murmured, and pulled her lightly against his body. She could feel something nudge against her hip. Something hard, and big, and decidedly penis-shaped. She couldn't stop the surprised gasp as he lowered his head to lick at her collarbone with the tip of his tongue.

He smelled so clean, and fresh, and he was hot and wet, and hard and male. "Do I feel uninterested?" And with that he yanked her harder, firmer, into his grasp, so that she was plastered against him from top to toe. His erection was more insistent now, as his mouth travelled across to the other side of her neck.

And even as Amy heard several panicked voices in her head shouting at her to back off, she ignored them and tilted her head to grant him better access. She hadn't had sex in three years three dry, dry years with only her hand as company and to be honest, she found that lacking in conviction, to say the least. This hard body against her was heating her up like nothing she'd felt in a long time.

He spun her around and then the wall was against her back, and she felt the fabric of the towel rub against her thighs and hips. "I though you said you're gay," she gasped and felt his smile against her skin. "I'm not. I'm bi. And right now, I want to fuck you hard and deep." The crass expression heated her up unexpectedly. "What are you waiting for then?" she asked breathlessly, throwing all caution to the wind as lust curled low in her belly. He swooped down and the next thing she knew, she was in his arms, and he was kicking the door to Jack's apartment shut behind him.

"In here?" she asked, surprised. He was nibbling on a sweet spot under her ear as he carried her towards the bedroom. His response was a grunt of assent. "Jack will want to join the party." "But I'm a girl," she said, bewildered. "I noticed," he said drily.

"Believe me. You're an incredibly hot one, at that." "But…" His arms dropped away from her unexpectedly and she fell. Her body bounced against the bed before she could shriek. He stood, looking down at her, his impressive erection pulling at the precarious hold of the towel.

"Jack is gay,' he said. Generally that means he'd rather go for guys. But I've been in threesomes with him before and trust me, he doesn't have a problem sticking it in a girl every now and again, if there's another man in the sandwich." She felt slightly light headed.

"Right," she said. He opened the drawer on the bedside table and she scooted up on the bed as he took a few things out. A bottle of lube, some black silk scarves, a pair of handcuffs. "Do you like kinky fuckery?" he asked, swinging the cuffs from one finger.

"I… don't really know," she replied, bewildered. She was out of her comfort zone here, in territory that she'd never even considered. Or would ever have admitted to consider, to be honest. Wasn't this what she'd been dreaming about for years? A sexy encounter with a complete stranger? She might have told herself that she was going along with Elizabeth's plan for the concert tickets, but if truth be told, she wanted the sex. And here she had the chance for what would probably be really great sex handed to her on a platter.

But handcuffs? "Nothing to serious," he added. "I won't go hard-core on you, and you can stop me anytime you feel uncomfortable. But I'll settle for vanilla sex if that's what you prefer." Kinky fuckery? Wasn't that the term the writer of Fifty Shades had used for the light bondage and play? The idea of being tied up, the excitement of the thought, had her lie down, her mind made up.

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"Safe word?" she asked, just to be sure. "I'm happy with yellow for ease up and red for stop,' he said, seriously. "But let's leave the cuffs for later, right now I want to get that delicious body of yours completely naked." His hands were sure as he started to peel what little there was to her outfit off, his fingers stroking her skin.

Her body bowed under his as he boldly took her boobs in his hands, cupping them, stroking her nipples until they pebbled under his attention. He paused to undo the strings that held the strategic pieces of fabric together, his movement unhurried. The heat growing between her legs had her parting her thighs in an attempt to hold it of longer. His head bent down and he kissed her stomach lazily, trailing open-mouthed kisses over her belly, his tongue making circles on her skin as far as he went.

She moaned low, deep, hungry, as his hand held down her straining hips. "Steady," he said. "Have patience, little one." He picked up a black scarf and slowly let the tip stroke over her body, teasing a hard nipple, before tying her one arm to an iron bar of the elaborate bedframe. She moved it experimentally, and found she still had some movement left, but not a lot.

The mattress dipped under his weight as he lifted himself over her body, one leg against her side with his foot hanging over the edge. He swung his other leg over, and then he was straddling het.

She wriggled under the unfamiliar weight of a man on her body, and he leaned over her to secure her other arm. Her tongue shot out to taste the skin of his belly, and his muscles ripped in surprised response. "You still ok?" he asked as she pulled on both ties. She nodded. "Then let the games begin." He lowered his body and begin the onslaught in earnest, finding her mouth and kissing her senseless. His tongue stroked over her lower lip, tasting her, nudging her open, licking and teasing her with light touches that had her hungry for more.

"You look so sexy with your hands tied up like that," he murmured against her. "Makes me so hard. You are so beautiful." And she felt it, with him.

Beautiful and desirable and so completely… woman. He slipped his tongue unexpectedly into her mouth, sweeping and tasting the chocolate she'd eaten to bolster her spirits before her courageous knock on Jack's door. He grunted his approval at the taste and slid his tongue in and out, an unashamed preview of what he wanted to do with her body.

She felt dizzy with the lack of oxygen when he finally lifted his head, only to lower it again almost immediately. He coaxed her tongue out from her mouth and sucked it into his, hard. She gasped into him, and her legs fell open to nestle him between her thighs. He began a slow grinding with his hips, his erection pressing between their bellies.

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Her breath was racing by the time he shifted to suckle a nipple between his lips, her body bowing almost helplessly against the restraints. "Take it easy, sweetheart," he muttered, licking over her nipple a few times with broad, flat strokes of his tongue.

"We have all the time in the world." "I can't,' she whimpered. He blew cold air over her nipple before shifting his attention to the other side. His rhythmic suckling gave answering tugs between her legs, and she felt herself grow damp. He lifted himself slightly and slid one leg between hers, moving it against her crotch.


Her own thighs tightened around it and she began to hump against him instinctively, desperately. He growled and helped her along, shifting his leg against her so she could feel the coarse hair of his thigh against her shaved pussy.

"Come, then," he said. "It'll be the first of many orgasms tonight." She ground down faster, wanting more, wanting him, wanting release from the terrible, delicious pressure that had been building up in her for three years. He pressed against her harder, knowing just how to move his body, and licked her nipple once, twice, and then bit down on it unexpectedly. She cried out as the orgasm hit her a tidal wave that had her bowing her body up in response as it washed through her, the release it brought like a scorching flame that threatened to incinerate her.

She fell back, gasping to the bed, when it was over.

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He kissed her gently. "You needed that badly, didn't you?" The best she could do was a muttered, "Hh-hm." He chuckled and cupped both breasts in his palms, his weight on his elbows. "Poor baby," he said. "I'm just getting started, and once Jack comes home we'll be sure to take good care off all your needs." He circled his tongue around her earlobe, his voice to a husky whisper.

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"And I do mean all of them." The next second he moved down, taking nips of her satiny skin and flat belly, wedging his shoulders between her strong thighs. "Open up, sweetheart," he said. "And get ready, 'cause daddy's thirsty for some cream." Her moan was low and helpless as he liked a circle around her clit with only the tip of his tongue, and then he flicked it over and over fast and hard.

He moved his head lower to slide his tongue inside her pussy, making it stiff and tongue-fucking her while he rolled and pinched her clit expertly between two fingers. Her hands grasped at air as her hips almost bucked him off the bed. The wet sounds of his mouth against her were raw and base in the room. "More," she gasped. "More! Stop. No, don't stop. Please, I'm…" But her previous orgasm had been too big for her to have another huge one immediately, and the need kept building slowly as he worked her over with his mouth.

And then he slipped her knees over his shoulder, lifted her body up to his mouth, and unfolded her love petals to kiss her.

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He plunged three fingers into her and moved them around in small circles. "Fuck, you're tight," he moaned as her body started convulsing around his fingers. The sensation had her shrieking out her pleasure, especially when his mouth found her virgin rosebud and rimmed it with his tongue.

"I can't wait to have my dick in here," he muttered and slipped his tongue into the tight ring of muscle, just teasing her with the promise for more. It was wrong. It was dirty. It was somehow degrading. It was what finally pushed her over the edge for a second time as his fingers moved inside her relentlessly, one thumb rubbing her clit with varying degrees of pressure.

It was hard, and it was too much. Tears streamed down her face as she came for the second time, the wetness covering his hand. He started to suckle her girl cum hungrily, making noises in his throat that for some reason pushed another small orgasm through her. There was something about the slurping, suckling, unmistakably sex noises that turned her on so much. "Taste," he commanded when she was clean enough to his liking and she opened her eyes, realising that he was holding his hand in front of her mouth.

She hesitated only for a second before sticking out her tongue and licking at her essence.


It wasn't bad, she decided as she lay with her hands tied behind her head and a stranger still eating her out, but she would prefer to taste him. "My turn," she said, but he shook his head. "Not yet. I'm far from done playing with you." He let her body down slowly. "I'm going to fuck you now," he whispered, grabbing the bottle of lube on the bedside table. "You're all wet and ready, but you're so tight.

I don't want to hurt you." He rubbed some of the lube over his dick, stroking himself up and down for his pleasure and hers. He was bigger than both of the guys she'd been with before, but not so big that it would hurt.

His cock was thick and hard and the head was smooth-looking. It looked perfect to her. Drops of pearly pre-cum shone on it in the light of Jack's bedside lamps. "I want a taste," she said and he grinned. "You'll get it, too, but right now, I want to come inside your pretty pussy if you don't mind. I'm clean as a whistle and I'm pretty sure you are too. I never have sex without condoms, ever, but baby, I can't bear the thought of having a barrier between us." "I'm clean.

Plus I'm on birth control." "Do you trust me?" he asked intently, and there seemed to be more behind the question that just a request for no protection. "I do," she whispered. "Good," he said as he kneeled between her legs, opening them wider to allow his body in there. It was the perfect fit, and he teased her clit with the head of his cock, sliding it in and out between her folds.

"You're so smooth," he groaned, slapping his cock against the sensitive little nub a few times. The mixture of her juice and the lube had them both hissing as he slid effortlessly inside her.

He felt bigger that he'd looked, stretching her cunt as he slipped in a few inches, and then back out till only the head of his cock was inside her. "More," she gasped again, feeling bereft. He obliged, pushing back inside her, deeper this time, and then he teased her with a few short, measured strokes that had her swearing at him.

"Fuck me,' she demanded, thrashing her body up and down in an attempt to get him all the way in. "As you wish,' he growled, and plunged into her, hard and deep and sure. She cried out as he hit a spot that had never been hit before, and then they were thrusting against each other madly, trying to find a pace that suited them both.

She was like a wild animal, bucking and heaving while he pumped her hard. It was unrefined and amazing. Hot monkey sex with black scarves. His hand cupped her hip, tilted it up for deeper penetration, and they settled into a rhythm that had them both moaning and gasping. "So fucking good," he said, his teeth clenched as he fought against the release. "So fucking tight!" "Harder," she gasped. "Fuck me harder, dammit!" He quickened the pace, thrusting in and out of her tight cunt, his balls slapping against her body and setting nerve-ends on fire in them both and pulling up tight against his body in warning.

This hot little slut was a sex machine, and as he'd seen photos of her on Jack's phone, he found it surprising. She'd looked like a prissy miss, all knee-length skirts and buttoned up blouses. Who knew she would turn into such a little sex-kitten?

He wanted this pity-fuck to last more than he'd ever wanted anything in the world before. He wanted to make it good for her, for himself. He never wanted to let her go again. He pulled out and flipped her on her stomach, the scarves swivelling easily in his knots to accommodate him.

He lifted her hips up, his hands stroking over her ass as she parted her legs so he could slide back in. They both groaned at the new angle. He held her body up with ease as he fucked her, loving the view of his dick sliding in and out of her cunt. He wanted more, wanted her to lose control completely as he fucked her hard and fast and deep.

The next second she felt the sting of his palm on her ass, and she cried out. He spanked her while he rode her, and slipped a finger into her asshole. It was well lubed up from the mixture that had run between her cheeks earlier.

She cried out again, and he took her even harder. "Mine," he growled, spanking her again and moving his finger inside her, the other hand even between her legs to rub her clit. He could feel himself going in and out, and it nearly pushed him over the edge. He held on, wanting one last orgasm from her before he succumbed. It didn't take long. Her body convulsed around him uncontrollably, her inner muscles contracting again and again around his cock, milking him with hot, liquid tugs.

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He grunted and threw himself over the edge of that cliff, freefalling as his body pumped spurt after spurt of cum inside her. The release was so exquisite he roared like a wild beast as he came. Her cunt tugged as his cock as if trying to squeeze the last drops out of his balls. He don't remember ever having had such an intense orgasm, and he's never cummed so hard before. They were both panting when he collapsed on her, and he roused himself with trouble to undo the knots and pull her onto his chest.

They lay like that, gasping for air, his fingers stroking through her curly blond hair for a while as she fell asleep on his chest. He had to tell her, had to let her know the truth about Elizabeth's request. And he had the feeling she wouldn't like it very much, but he would find a way to break it to her gently.

He would find a way to beg her forgiveness. He'd had a taste of the shy, sweet girl across the hall from his best friend, and he was far from done with her. But that would have to wait till later. Jack was home.