Jock gets asshole filled by bearded stud big dong

Jock gets asshole filled by bearded stud big dong
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This is a true story that happened about last Thursday please excuse any grammatical/punctual errors as English is my second language.Names have been changed for the safety of people featured in this article It was Thursday night, i had nothing special going on, laying upside down on my bed staring at my 'Whitechapel' poster.

I heard my phone vibrate, so I sat up and grabbed it. It was Ms.Baxter, a middle aged, single mother that lived down the street from us. I opened the text message and it said "Hey, Chelsea, could I ask you for a HUGE favor?" "Depends, what is it?" I replied.

A minute or two later I got a reply from her, it said "I need to go up to LA to see my mother in the hospital, she broke her hip! And i need someone to watch Tommy for about a week" I thought about it for a minute, thinking that i had no school for the week, because of a 'snow day', and there wasn't shit to do for that week, so i said "Sure, when will you need me?".

She replied "Wud it b possible for u to come over tonight? Reason being I wud like to get n early strt on the flight." "Umm, idk, let me run in by my parents, brb" I replied. I got the approval of my parents, and so i replied "sure when should I be over?" "About an hour" she replied. I started getting ready putting on a pair of black skinny jeans with small and large rips going down the front and back legs, and a black skin tight shirt.

I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked sexy enough to be a respectable girl, and not a girl that didn't give a fuck about herself. With about 15 minutes to spare i went to Ms. Baxters house, when I got there the door was already wide open, I knocked, then heard some yelling about how tommy (her son) needs to clean up his room, I knocked again, harder this time, probably 30 seconds later she came down to check who was at the door. "Oh, Hi Chelsea! How are you?" she said in a speedish tone, "I'm good, thanks" I said with a smile.

"You look fantastic" she said right over me "Now Tommy can be hard to deal with, so just let him do what he wants to an extent" she said "Also, His bedtime is 9:00 P.M. make sure he is in bed at that time!, and there is $150 Dollars on the counter for food and what not".

"Ok, is there anything else I should know?" i said.

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"I think that's everything" she replied. "Ok Then" I said. She then walked over to the fridge and opened it asking if I wanted anything "Would you like a beer, coke, anything?" she said "Haha, I'd like a beer but I'm only 15!" i said "Sweetie, all teens drink, I'm not dumb" she replied "You can having anything you want" she said while walking out the door.

I grabbed a beer and walked up the stair to see what's up with Tommy. I open the door too his bedroom, he was playing some football game called madden or something like that.

Tommy was about 11-12 years old, medium length black hair, probably weighed about 90-100 pounds with his small frame. "Hi I'm Chelsea, you must be Tommy, right? I said, he paused his game and turned his head to look at me. He sat there with his eyes in awe, looking at my face until I snapped my fingers in front of his face.

"Hello? You there?" I said, "Oh,uh, yeah.haha, I'm Tommy " he said with a cute smile "So what is this you are playing exactly" i asked before taking a sip of my beer. "It's a football game, you get to be the quarterback and throw to receivers or hand it off to running backs, just like real football! and you can play defense too!" he said which made his face light up with happiness. "So how about we go order a pizza and watch a movie?" I said sipping my beer.

"That would be awesome!" he said So the pizza came about 20 minutes later and I turned on the TV to see what was on while waiting for tommy to get into his pajamas when the screen fully turned on, it was hardcore porn, with some black chick taking a big white cock into her pussy!

While i was in my state of shock, i guess i didn't realize Tommy walked in "Chelsea!

WHAT IS THAT!?" he screamed "Oh My God" I said as i rushed toward the DVD player and turned it off "What was that Chelsea?" he asked again "It Was Nothing sweetie" I said "Lets have some pizza and watch a movie!" i said to get rid of the awkwardness So i cut up and served the pizza and gave Tommy a soda, while i grabbed some pizza and a beer "I wanna watch Toy Story 3 Chelsea!" He said So we watched Toy story 3 and after it was over tommy went straight to bed, that was until I forgot to tell him to brush his teeth "TOMMY!, COME DOWN HERE AND BRUSH YOUR TEETH" I yelled.

Didn't get an answer "TOMMY!" i yelled again but no answer. I walked up the stairs and up to the door of his room, I couldn't hear anything so i opened the door, and what I saw next changed my life.

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There was Tommy playing with his penis, ass-naked, rubbing the tip of his cock. He then saw me and went under the covers to hide from his embarrassment, I was in awe.


I Had seen many penises before his, but there was something different when i saw him masturbating, I couldn't explain it, but I knew I couldn't take my mind off of it. So i went to lay down in his mom's room, just thinking about what happened, I started getting dirty visuals of me jerking off his tiny cock and him fucking my tight pussy.

That was soon broken up by the calling of my name, it was Tommy, actually wearing clothes. "Chelsea, I can't sleep" he said "Awe, it's ok sweetie come sit with me!" I said "So, why can't you sleep, Did you have a nightmare, or is it about what happened earlier?" I asked. "It's about what happened earlier" he said in an ashamed tone "Do you want to talk about it?" I asked "Yeah" He said "I Have some questions" He said "Go ahead" I replied.

"Why does it feel so good when i touch my pee-pee? he said.


That question caught me off guard "ummm, because your hand is simulating a girls pee-pee, and when grown up guys take their 'pee-pee's' and stick it into a grown-up's woman's pee-pee the guy feels good and so does the girl" i replied the best i could.

"But don't guys and girls have the same pee-pee's?" he asked. "No, Sweetie, A guys 'pee-pee' is like a hot dog or sausage while a girls 'pee-pee' is like a hole or cave" I replied "Can I see your 'pee-pee' Chelsea?!" he asked "No! I can't" I said "Please?


Please? Please?!" He asked. "You saw mine!" He said "I can't" I Said. "Please!" He pleaded Soon the tingle in my pussy started and the pleasure was starting to overcome my morals "Fine, But YOU CAN NOT TELL YOUR MOM! GOT IT?!" I Said sternly He smiled and his face turned a thousand times brighter So I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, only to reveal that my pussy has gotten a lot wetter then when I last felt it.

I kicked my shoes off then pulled the rest of my jeans off. Letting my horniness take over i said. "So Tommy if you want to see my fucking pussy so much why don't you pull my panties off for me" I asked in a state of pleasure. "Really?! You would let me do that!?" He asked. "Yes, go right ahead" I smirked at his cute expressions. with that he moved down toward my pussy and grabbed each end of my panties and pulled them down and off of my ankles.

He marveled at my tight, wet pussy. "Wow!, Why is it wet Chelsea?" he asked "It's wet because I'm turned on, and my vagina is looking for something to go inside of it" i explained to him. "Do you think I can touch it?" he asked "No, i shouldn't be doing this!" i thought to myself, but again pleasure overrided my morals. "Yeah, But be gentle, OK?" i said "Ok" he said happily in return.

He slowly glided his finger into my inner thigh and farther down to my pussy lips. Then he starting gliding his index finger over my pussy lips and then he inserted a finger into my pussy, which caused me to almost have an orgasm.

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"Oh, Fuck" I moaned. "Are you ok Chelsea"?

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he asked. "Yeah I'm fine" i managed to utter "how about you stick your finger in farther Tommy"? i asked with that, his tiny index finger was all the way in me. "OHHHHH, FUCK, MY, GOD, YES!, IM CUMMING, OHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YES OHMYGOD!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. After catching my breath i said "Tommy, get on your back, I'm going to return the favor". With that he laid on his back, then I pulled his pants down exposing his tiny 3 to 4 inch cock fully hard. My hand went to his cock immediately and as soon as i touched it, I felt a surge of pleasure run through my body.

I wrapped my hand fully around his thin, tiny cock, and I just started jerking his cock as fast as i could. I slowed down my jerking and then moved my head down slowly to his balls and started lapping them with my wet tongue, i dragged my tongue up his shaft, getting it all wet with my spit. Then I brought my mouth over his cock, and started sucking, bringing my mouth up and down his cock while playing with his balls.

I soon had his whole cock in my mouth and still had enough room to stick my tongue out of my mouth and lap his balls. After a few minutes of this, he then puts his hands on my head and pushes my head down and thrusts his hips up toward my face. Then I felt spurt after spurt after spurt of cum go down my throat. It Felt like we had been doing this for hours, but when I look at the clock it had only been about ten minutes.

I looked back at Tommy and he was fast asleep, soon we're both naked and sleeping next to each other cuddling.


-------------- Part 2 coming soon in the meantime please don't be too harsh but tell me what you think. btw they're WILL be some Fucking in Part 2! Thanks <3 xoxo