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"Want to come hang out at the Town Talk with Billy and me for a while?" Linda asked her long time friend.


Classes had been rough on that day and Linda figured Kelli could use some relaxation, as bad as she needed it, herself. "Oh my, Honey, I would love to but I just finished my period and I'm so horny. Uncle Don's prob…" Kelli cut her sentence short when she realized she had almost given away a forbidden secret. "Uh… so, what did you start to say?" "… Never mind, it's nothing." "Oh my God, Kelli," Linda complained, "Don't be keeping any secrets from me.

I tell you everything. Tell me; what about your uncle?


Tell me!" Kelli began to wonder if she should lie to her best friend. They had always been as close as sisters since the second grade. "Oh Lord," she thought, "my big mouth could get us thrown in jail… she won't tell… I'm sure she won't say a word. She can always tell when I'm lying… Shit. She loves me, and she loves uncle Don. She won't tell…" "Kelli!

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What's going on?" Kelli had lost almost thirty pounds in the last year and a half. She had been a chubby senior in high school when it all started. Now her figure was envied by many of her college classmates.

Since none of her classmates were interested in the 'fat redhead', as some of them had called her, she didn't care enough to fix her hair attractively or learn how to apply her makeup to enhance her beauty. As a result, she had no date offers for prom dances or other activities.

Since her parents had been killed in a terrorist incident overseas, she had lived with her uncle, who was barely nine years older than Kelli. Immediately, Don's wife objected to the girl coming into their home.

Don, however, had put his foot down, "I'll only tell you this one time; Kelli needs a home where her family loves and welcomes her. She's staying; there's nowhere else for her to go. That's the way it's gonna be, like it or not." His wife left the next day, before Kelli's arrival. His explanation to the girl was that his wife left him for someone else. "Okay, Linda, text the others and tell them something came up. You can hang with them tomorrow." The girls sat on a park bench, two blocks away from Don's home.

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Kelli told Linda that if she ever told anyone her secret, she'd deny it and start a lot of shit about her friend, "I'm not kidding, I'll go to jail, uncle Don will go to jail, and I'll hate you for the rest of my life. I trust you more than anybody in my life, except uncle Don… deal?" Linda hugged her best friend, "I don't care what you tell me, I'll never breathe a word to anyone; even if uncle Don is fucking you, I won't tell… unless he's forcing you.

Then I'll just go cut his balls off." That brought chuckles from both the nineteen year-old college freshmen. Kelli took a deep breath and said, "Okay, here goes…" It had been on her eighteenth birthday, six weeks before graduation.

The father/daughter dance happened to be on the same night, and Don had no problems accompanying his overweight niece. He already knew most of the kids in the small town, as well as their older siblings and parents. Nobody would dare make wisecracks about Kelli while he was escorting her. "We had so much fun that night, Lin. We dined, we danced, we laughed; it was the most fun night of my life.

When we went home, we stopped on the front porch and I thanked him for being there for me, for loving and taking care of me. You know what he did? He told me that he had never had a better date, and he always kissed his date goodnight at the door. My God, Lin, you wouldn't believe the kisses he gave me.

I damn near fainted. "Now you can never tell this part to anybody; I spent half the night with my fingers in my pussy, masturbating and thinking about what his cock might look like… and feel like. It was kinda creepy, but Lordy I was horny… and I'd never been fucked in my life… except for, you know… the zucchini." Linda snickered at remembering the night they decided to take each other's virginity with the long, hard vegetable.

They had made the decision after hearing a couple other girls talking about how wonderful it was to have sex. It had taken nearly an hour apiece, but both hymens had been busted and Linda had reached her first orgasm, although it was a light one. The girls spent many nights fondling and finger-fucking each other since. Linda sat with her mouth agape as she listened to her friend tell about breakfast the next morning. "So I was wearing a t-shirt, a wrap around terrycloth skirt and my panties; close your mouth, Lin, some guy might come by and want to stick his dick in it." Linda had never heard Kelli say words like 'cock', 'dick' and 'fucked'.

The small blonde was mesmerized at what she was hearing.

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She told how her Uncle Don came to breakfast wearing only his boxers, which he always did. That morning, it was easy to see he was sporting a big hard-on. He poured his coffee and turned off the stove; right in the middle of her cooking some bacon. He took her hand, turned her to face him and sat down. "We need to talk," he said, "have you ever been with a boy?" "Uh… what do you mean?" His hand went to the bare part of her stomach, between the t-shirt and the wrap, "Have you ever had sex?" "Uh… no." His hand felt good, but it made Kelli a little nervous; only Linda had touched her bare skin, before.

Don touched the fly on his boxers, letting his seven inch shaft free, "You've never even seen a cock like this?" "Uh, yes. I mean, no. I mean, just on the little ones when I babysit. No, sir, I've never seen one that big." "Touch it, Kelli.

Please touch it. You'll make me so happy." "But…" "Please?" Kelli's hand touched the head and her fingers found their way to encircle the engorged meat. Don gasped when she gave it a couple of quick tugs. "That feels amazing, honey. God, it's making me even harder." Thinking she did something wrong by making it harder, she let go and apologized, "I'm sorry, does it hurt? I didn't mean to…" "No, keep it up… it wants more." Smiling, Kelli wrapped her hand around the rod again and began stroking, causing Don to moan with pleasure and brag on her, "Oh, honey, you just keep that up for a few minutes and you'll get a handful of cum; man juice.

Please just keep it up…" He watched his niece become fascinated by the member and its feel. He made his decision… "Wait, honey; stop for a minute." She felt a little confused as she dropped her hand. As he reached for the button on her wrap, she knew where this was headed… they were going to fuck.

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She would finally have the feel of a real man's cock inside her. Everything was still a mystery, though, so she waited for instructions. The wrap dropped to the floor and Don's hands rubbed her bare legs, abdomen and ass. Her bikini panties covered her small bush and puffy mound, but within seconds, those were on the floor beside the wrap, "Uncle Don," she breathed the words quietly, "You don't have to… You should have a pretty girl, a slim one; not your fat niece." Don pulled her to his face and planted kisses all over her pretty cheeks and ears.

It occurred to him that she was already wearing her makeup, which he usually, jokingly, called 'war paint'. As his lips neared hers, she gasped at the feel of his finger entering her wet pussy. She fell onto his lap and straddled his legs, forcing her cunt against his raging cock, "Please, Uncle Don, please make a real woman out of me. Please fuck me." It surprised Don that his fat cock was able to enter Kelli as easily as it did.

At that point, he hadn't learned of her experiences with Linda and zucchini. The girl's eyes told him that, although she may be somewhat uncomfortable; his hard dick was a pleasure she had been anticipating, "Oh, uncle Don… Oh my God! I never thought… Oh fuck, this feels so good!" Don had been dealing with his hard cock problem all night long. He knew he wouldn't last long, so when he felt his nuts begin to spasm, he pushed Kelli back; letting his shaft fall out before he might make the mistake of filling her tunnel with hot seed.

Grabbing his manhood, he aimed upward, shooting the massive load onto both their abdomens. Kelli watched, wordlessly, as she witnessed a man cum for the first time. "It was amazing, Lin, "his cum just kept shooting and shooting.

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I wanted to feel what it was like to fill up my pussy, but he explained that he didn't want to get me pregnant. "Duh… I hadn't even thought about getting pregnant." "Oh, my God, Kelli! You and Uncle Don are fucking? Oh, God; I wish that man would fuck me. He's so handsome and… and… well, hell; he's all man! I told you a long time ago I think he's so, so hot. "Tell me more; how often does he fuck you, now?

How big is his dick? Does he do it in different positions or just lay on top of you?

I'll bet he has a pretty ass, too." Kelli laughed at her friend and began answering her questions. She and Don had slept in the same bed every since that Saturday, when she lost her virginity.

He had been careful to pull out until they were sure her new prescription for birth control pills had time to start working. She told Linda that on the first night he had cum inside her cunt, they fucked six times, including the one he'd filled her with just before she left for school, the next morning. They were now having sex in every position they could think of and would do it spontaneously, anywhere in the house.

"It was right after graduation that I decided to join the gym and lose some weight. Don loves me and I wanted to be slim and pretty for him. Now here's something I never thought of; during my periods, I give him a blow job when we go to bed. If he wakes up horny," she chuckled a little before continuing, "or if I wake up horny; he slicks up his cock and slides it up my ass.

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"He says Aunt Donna liked it better, but not me. I'm so, so glad she left. She's stupid for leaving him, though." Linda was still shocked as she listened to her best friend tell all about her incestuous relationship. Her mind raced, wondering how she had missed seeing signs of a change in Kelli over the last year, "Maybe I just thought we were becoming more adult," she thought, "Maybe I just thought she was changing because of losing her weight.

Oh, my God… she's loving having sex every night,, every night.

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I've only been fucked six times. None of those shitheads love me, either, they just want a place to dump their cum. God, I wish she'd share Don with me." "Oh, Lordy, Kelli; here we sit blabbing, while he's waiting for you at home with a hard dick. I'm so sorry for making you late, but I have to say; I wish it was me, in your shoes. I don't care if he is your uncle; I know Don loves you and I envy you for getting to satisfy him every day… well, as well as getting yourself satisfied, too.

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"Go… get that man's pretty, red-haired pussy to him before he goes looking for some, somewhere else. And, don't worry; I won't say a word to anyone. I'll probably wear out both my dildos tonight, though. I'll see you tomorrow." The girls gave each other a hug and a kiss on the lips, "Oh, yes; it would be fine with me if you'd tell Uncle Don he can have this skinny blonde's pussy any time he wants… but only if you don't mind.

Love you, Kel." Don and Kelli were lying on their bed, cum oozing from her hole and a thick drop clinging to the head of his cock, when she told him about the conversation she had with Linda. "I don't know, Honey, I certainly hope she never says anything to anyone.

You and Linda have been friends for lots of years and I'd hate to have anything come between you." "Tell you what, Don, fuck her once; while I watch. No, fuck her all night; fill her mouth and ass and everything. I'm sure I'll figure a way to join in, because I love both of you more than anybody else. We'll see how I feel about it, and how you feel about it. The only way she'll feel bad is, if one of us feels bad. What do you think?" Two days later, on Friday night, Linda was riding on top of Don's hard seven inches when her orgasm hit her like a fat woman stomping a spider.

Kelli's warm mouth was sucking her tit and her ring finger was in Linda's small ass, to the hilt. Don's balls triggered at the same time as he slammed upward into the petite girl's pale, but thick, bush… and two fingers buried inside his beautiful niece's red one. Satiated, all three fell onto the king sized bed. Don turned toward Kelli and smiled.

Kelli kissed his lips, looked at her friend and said, "So… can you move in this weekend?"