Husband films wife sex chatting with stranger on webcam

Husband films wife sex chatting with stranger on webcam
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This is the first chapter in a short series that will take you through the most incredible night of my youth. It's all true, though the names have been changed. Also, this is my first time publishing anything in any form, so be gentle.

I made a serious attempt to communicate something, so please don't expect instantaneous jerktxt. If you take the time to read it and I haven't been too terribly wordy, you're hopefully gonna get that its about connecting with people… and something more than just jerktxt… though I hope you enjoy too :) I've always been the silly, soft spoken, over thinker; less a fighter, more of a hugger.

At 22, I was still skinny, though I had a slight build from 3 years of three square meals and physical training on the daily. I was born on the beaches of Tampa, so I knew to keep my clothes clean, my teeth white, my smell good and get some sun on the regular. I'm maybe a bit goofy lookin, but presentable.

To start with a bit of subtext, I had only a couple of months until the end of my enlistment contract, so I was returned to the states early from overseas deployment and going through the process of transitioning out. My new "company" was the Rear Detachment (you can't dream up more plays on that name then we already have). You were sent back to rear D if you were getting out, broken, or a problem.

The detachment's mission is to maintain the company and battalion areas for when the units return, thus it's basically a bitch work, chain gang unit that always gets the shit end of every deal. Did I mention how completely fucking over military life I was by this point? So when they said we could take a couple days during April, everyone was suddenly going crazy, talking and planning for spring break trips.

All the guys were planning to hit up various local college towns, but what can I say, I'm not inclined to go crazy in public, even if I do enjoy getting fucked up on occasion, and I'm not comfortable in large crowds with lots of noise; I get panic attacks.

So I decided to take it back to my last known homestead, Baltimore, and even scored a bit of ecstasy before I left in hopes that the opportunity might present itself. Well, it was a seven hour straight shot and I had only one night to work with, so I burned into town and started calling the usual suspects.

Well, fuck my luck, the usual suspects were all off on spring break, so my only remaining options were to party by myself or join my ex-girlfriend Sarah, her new boyfriend Tim, and her best friend Laura, for dinner.

Well, they're both intelligent sweethearts, and I was kinda curious about the new guy anyway, so I went to dinner and… it was ok, kinda tense, friendly enough, but I hadn't really communicated in the years I'd been away and I could tell that my ex wasn't comfortable after a bit, so the night ended early with my ex saying they were gonna catch a cab back to her place and her best friend Laura asked if I could give her a ride home.

At this point, I should mention that Laura and I were casual friends through my ex except for a single incident of drunken consolation-turned-sex shortly after the ex broke my heart and two days before I left for Basic Training. After the fact, she was still a sweetheart, but pretty clear that she thought it wasn't right for it to happen again; no worries, I was on my way out and too fucked in the head at the time to really process anyway.

So I was driving Laura to her place, a little disappointed in a rather quiet trip and doing some internal grumbling about shitty luck and bullshit leave schedules, and it must have shown on my face because she turned down the music and poked me to bring me around. She looked at me with a straight face and said, "That was a good time wasn't it?" I couldn't help but crack a smile. "Yeah, too much fun. I should have brought a DD." "Yeah right, I noticed you only had one, but driving so distracted isn't safe either.

I've had three and you're making me nervous over here." She laughed softly for a moment and then asked more seriously with a hint of concern, "Is it bothering you?" "What? That? Nah, not really. I'm pretty much over it. Actually, I'm just bummed that it isn't the "spring break" trip I was looking for, ya know? I wanted to blow off a little steam.

I won't get off the base again until I'm officially discharged in a few months and it's a pretty dreary existence right now." I reconsidered and hurried to add, "I don't mean to say it wasn't good seeing you both again." "No, I get it," she said. "Well, don't mope.

If you want to have some fun, I know of this party some of the kids at school are having." Have I mentioned that Laura is 17 and a senior in high school?

I considered out loud, "Hmmm, high school party. Let me think about it. Pressure to do alcohol runs, likely to be crashed by angry parents and/or cops, and clique fights… Sounds like liability to an honorable discharge, not fun." "Oh my god, unwind your panties already and stop being a whiner!" she told me and gave me another good poke. "Well look, it's like 45 minutes away and I'm not sure how many people I will know until we actually get out there, but this is a private school, so it's not so much like that.

The kids are seniors, pretty cool and get along, mostly. And they'll probably all have their own alcohol, so nobody needs you, grandpa!. And besides, her parents are the ones throwing it for them; they'd rather keep it under their own roof." "Speaking of liability, that's crazy." I only gave it another moment's thought. "But yeah, what the hell, I'm in, so where to? Laura started navigating and we headed out of the city, eventually winding up on a long dark road through the hills.

We were about 15 minutes into the trip when she started rummaging through her purse. "You mind if I pack a bowl?" she asked, pulling out a small glass pipe and a small bag of weed. "Not at all," I replied, punching a button to crack the window on her side. "Wish I could join you, but I get tested regularly." "Yeah, that has to suck." "Well, not so much… Listen, I'm not much into alcohol, but do you think anyone would mind if I was fucked up in a different way?" "What do you mean?" she asked.

"I mean I have a couple of double stacked beans that I brought with me," I told her. I fished out the ecstasy and held them out so she could see the little four leaf clovers on each pill. "You're welcome to have one with me if you'd like." "Wow. Really? Hell yeah," she said in between taking a couple tokes from the bowl, grinning at me. "Thanks. I take it this isn't your first time?" I shook my head and grinned back at her.

"Second time, actually, but you don't worry about me. I can keep my shit together." "Good, but if we do this we should use the buddy system anyway. Look out for each other, check in occasionally, you know?" She giggled and winked. "Of course!" I was already in better spirits about the evening as I gave her one of the pills. "I'll look out for you, but it's your party, at your friend's house, so-" "Don't worry," she interrupted.

She popped the pill into her mouth immediately and bit down on it before swallowing. "I'll get you through the night. In fact, why don't you go ahead and pop yours?" "I'm driving," I said. "We're only like 20 minutes away, if you can remember, it's gonna take that long just to start feeling it unless you snort it.

You'll be fine. In fact, bite it into a couple pieces before you swallow so that you're feeling good when we get there." She held the remaining pill up to my lips. "Whoa," I quipped. "Didn't know I was rollin with a docta'!" What the hell, I grabbed her fingers with my lips, snatched the pill with a quick swipe of my tongue and bit down. "Ew, ya cheeky bugger," she exclaimed, but she was smiling as she took another hit of her bowl.

Trouble was, in biting it the taste was a lot stronger and suddenly swallowing was an issue. I REALLY needed something to drink or I was going to start gagging.

Luckily, we immediately came upon what was quite possibly the only convenience store on that long, desolate stretch of country road, but unluckily, I had a bottle open and was chugging before I noticed the long check out line.

Cut to 10 minutes later, we're getting back into the car and I'm already starting to feel flush and warm and I mentioned this to Laura. "Don't worry, it's only a few more minutes and a couple more turns. You can do it. I'll keep you focused," she assured me. And though (and maybe because) her eyes and lazy smile told me she was feeling even toastier than I was, I pulled out and we kept on.

Now, before we continue, let me share a little more subtext. I don't know how many of you have had the opportunity to try true MDMA, the real ecstasy, but in case you haven't, I'll use simple ideas and words to give it to you quick and easy. You know how unreserved you were in loving your parents as a child; how deeply you loved your first young crush?

You can feel that kind of connection with anyone, instantly. The medical grade compound increases the sensitivity of every nerve ending in your body and over a 2-4 hour period, begins firmly massaging the pituitary gland that produces the same chemicals and hormones that create that intense pleasure you feel when climaxing during sex. You start craving contact because touch practically turns to taste and everything, everything, has its own sweet euphoric flavor of ice cream. So anyway, true to her word, when my eyelids started to droop, she cracked my window for fresh air and took my hand in her lap, running her smooth, soft fingers over mine.

As I continued to stay focused on the road, she would occasionally slide our hands down and squeezing then between her thighs. Between the hypnotic night driving, the sensation of a cool wind on my face and a soft, humid warmth hugging my hand I was actually NOT keeping focused that well, but I was happy and sometime later, without me really knowing how, we were finally deep into a neighborhood full of houses.

"Sam…" She said it in a sleepy voice, but with an instantly recognizable huskiness. "It's just a couple more blocks. But Sam, I wanna do something first…" Sometimes certain signals are more easily picked up on when you're intoxicated… This immediately grabbed my attention. Looking at her through my own growing intoxication, I realized that she was ahead of me and definitely well into her own experience, probably due to the weed and alcohol, and she was suddenly a very different creature.

She had her knees pulled up with her feet on the dash and my hand was now squeezed tightly between her thighs. I remember thinking I knew what she was going to ask for. I wasn't too far off the mark. She slid my hand down and pressed it firmly into the now sweltering apex of her thighs and I swear I could feel every bit of her soft flesh pulsing against the denim of her jeans.

She made a short, soft throat noise. "Please, Sam, I just need your hand for a minute. What do you say, just drive around a little bit and let me take care of this before I have to deal with people?" I swear I felt another pulse of flesh and warmth when she said "this." In that moment, for all the increased arousal I was suddenly feeling, I wasn't really feeling picky about who was getting what out of such a deal. And besides, like I said, she was a sweetheart and, for that moment, I was suddenly in love with her.

Besides it was almost unbearably exciting. My ego, mind and body were blowing up and there was no way I was gonna refuse that kinda of request from this primal, sexy creature me now revealing itself next to me. "Sure, Laura. It's totally cool," I said kind of lamely between increasingly shallow breaths. It was getting harder to concentrate with my own experience becoming more intense.

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."I'm enjoying it and I want you to be comfortable with me, so do what you want. Just tell me what you want me to do." She slid a free hand up my arm, across my chest and up my neck to softly rub my ear as she pulled us gently closer and giving me a kiss on my neck and then my cheek.

Then in a rush she let the seatback all the way down, undid her belt and slid my hand up onto her belly. "Just please don't stop touching me!" she whispered, almost impatiently. And while I started tracing my finger tips absent-mindedly around her navel and along her waistline, she quickly undid her buttons and shimmied her pants and undies almost to her knees. The air was suddenly filled with the overwhelmingly incredible scent of roses and young lady musk ice cream.


With her feet still on the dash, she spread her legs as wide as the bunched up jeans would let her and grabbed my hand again, shoved it back between her thighs.

There's no other way to call it then to say she became, at this point, a bothered mess. My fingers were plunged into a thick flood of sticky wetness as, with an awkward effort, she worked them around and then slid them inside her lovely lady part. As the fingers slid between her warm folds, I could feel a steady heartbeat pulsing from her engorged yummy button. Remember what I said about increased sensitivity and that euphoric sense of touch/taste? For all that they were my fingers, they might as well of been an extension of the engorged member straining against my pants and given the opportunity to simply expose my flesh to cool night air, I would likely have been making a flooding mess of my own.

And yet still bound and constrained as I was, she would wiggle back and forth against my hand, steadily plunging my fingers in and out, and I could feel waves of pleasure through my whole body every time I felt another small spasm suck at the fingers between her legs.

At one point I finally got the bright idea to contribute and started to stiffen my fingers in an irregular rhythm. I tried curving them so that the tips would pressure stroke that special spongy lady-spot, and began working my wrist to meet her soft thrusting.

It was only our third trip around the block and her throat noises were no longer soft when she clamped down on my hand and her velvet walls started clenching. She was grinding her slick little node hard against my palm and began to cum in a gush of ice cream and syrup, wet convulsions now gently trying to swallow my hand. She wasn't loud, but damn she was expressive. I could hear how good it was for her and for a second time I was almost driven to pulling out my cock and giving it the couple strokes it needed for its own happy ending… but a part of me was scared it might get weird if she was to finish and I was still there wanking off beside her., so I held off and just concentrated on the sensation *I* was feeling between her legs.

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And so I just had to stop the truck. I swear, 2 minutes or 2 hours, I was right there with her the whole time and though I didn't get to enjoy everything that she did, it blew me up to a whole new level I hadn't experienced my first time rolling, and I was god damn King of the Pleasure World. But I was no longer in any condition to continue driving and I mentioned as much while she extracted my hand and slid it up between her pressed thighs to remove as much of her syrupiness as possible.

She gave my palm a kiss and returned my hand. "It's actually just another block or so. Just go up there and hang the next left," she said, pointing a short distance up the road. I started the truck back up and begin cruising slowly down the street as she pulled her outfit back together. My hard-on faded and I had a nice steady sense of contentment and building excitement. Had I not been rolling, I would have likely felt only anxiety knowing that I was about to enter a loud house full of strangers.

"Turn left here." She said, and I pulled back onto the road we were originally traveling. "Well, that deeefinitely took the edge off of it, but jeeesus, I'm still pretty messed up," she said with her own slight slur.

"That's some reeeally good shit you got there." "Yeah, it is. I don't even remember feeling this good my first time… but that could have something to do with the company…" I gave her a wink and said, "Giiirl, you just about had me in a fit!" She reached over to run her fingers through my hair, sending a shock of electricity down my body. She gave me another warm smile.


"I know. You're sweet. But listen, I told you I would take care of you and I will. If you can trust me like I trusted you, I won't let you down, ok? Promise.

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That's it right there, just pull into the driveway." "No worries, lovely lady," I replied. And then I saw the house packed full of cars, with a group of people smoking on a vast wrap around porch, and wondered how I had failed to notice it before. It was practically a mansion and we had passed it multiple times on our trips around the block. "Don't worry," she told me when I pointed this out. "They probably didn't see anything and they probably wouldn't say anything even if they did." Which is funny, in retrospect, because I remember thinking, as I parked my piece of shit GMC into a space crowded between a BMW and a Mercedes, that we probably stuck out like a sore thumb in this neighborhood.

Anxiety is a bitch people; thank god for drugs. Instead of having the panic attack like I normally would, in that moment, I was calm and content, mentally and emotionally stimulated beyond anything I had ever known and riding a slowly intensifying wave of euphoria. I was about a quarter of the way into a chemically induced 4 hour climactic journey, and we were only just arriving to the main event.

As I killed the engine and we got out to stretch, I suddenly felt the need to tell her how happy I was with the way things had already turned out. "Listen, I think you just gave me the experience of a lifetime," I said. "Thanks for including me." She gave me the nicest smile and told me, "Well, it's your spring break.

It's supposed to be all about experiences of a lifetime, right?" She giggled. "And thank you too." The music got louder as she took my hand and lead me around the side of the house and through the back gate. As we emerged onto a pool deck full of young, beautiful boys and girls, people were dancing to the music, swimming in the pool, and laughing in the Jacuzzi. I looked through the large sliding glass door and saw what had to be a large basement-turned-lounge, with full bar, a wall sized TV playing some music video, and a pile of giggling teenage girls playing twister as a drinking game while the boys laughed and hollered from plush seating that lined the walls.

I was just starting to develop a plan to conquer the future and make enough money to enjoy throwing a similar party for my kids one day when I felt Laura give my hand a squeeze, bringing my attention to the cute, tan girl rocking cascading dirty blonde hair in a southern styled bandana, with large rips in her jeans that showed off the skin of her smooth, young legs.

"Get your shit together, Sam," she said jokingly as she gestured to the girl. "I want to introduce you to somebody." Somehow sensing that she was presenting me to this ravishing creature, I stood a little taller and made an attempt to flash a confident smile.

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She was looking me directly in the eyes and she returned my smile. "It's nice meeting you, Sam. My friends call me Petal." She held out her hand.

I took it and was suddenly once again very distracted by this new, soft warmth. Laura was saying something… "…the military and just has gotten back from overseas. He's back in town on leave, but has to go back tomorrow. His evening started out rough, so I thought I would show him a good time.

Oh, and he's rolling. She gently turned my face, pulling my eyes away from Petal with a smirk. "Sam, be careful with Petal; she's one of the bad girls at school." Petal's laughed and blushed. "Ok, enough already! So, you're rolling? Very cool. I bet you feel really good right now, huh?

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I tell you what, Laura, let me take him for a little bit and I'll introduce him to a couple of my friends, then bring him back… maybe. Is that alright?" I nodded and looked at Laura and she smiled and nodded before giving my hand a final little squeeze and letting go.

"Have fun, be safe, check in," was all she said. I felt a gentle tug from Petal who was still holding my other hand and then I was being gently led into the crowd…