Adorable shemale Duda Mark with tattooed ass gets banged

Adorable shemale Duda Mark with tattooed ass gets banged
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Anyway where was I? Oh yes, I was telling you my story, and I probably confused you as I started near the end and then jumped back to the beginning.

Now I am going to start telling you the end or rather my new beginning. You have already met everyone involved and I am going to pick up where I left off with sweet little 22 year old Candy.

I woke up that Saturday morning in Candy's bed. She was already up taking care of her little one. I got up and went out to the living room and asked her if she had anything that needed fixing in her house.

After a quick trip to Home Depot for supplies. I ended up replacing her garbage disposal and fixing a toilet that kept running on her.

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She was grateful and rewarded me with some more hot kinky sex. I ended up spending the entire weekend with her, then the next and the next. It seemed there was always some home repair project she needed help with, or at least that is what I told myself at first. Then it dawned on me one weekend when I was replacing her entire deck on the back of the house that somehow I had fallen into relationship with her and while neither one of us called it a relationship for the first time in my adult life I quit having sex with other woman.

They just didn't appeal to me anymore, and as far as I knew she didn't date anyone else as all of our free time had been spent together. This went on for about six months. Then one Tuesday about two weeks out from Christmas Candy called me in the morning while I was working. "Hey, are you ready for something really hot and kinky this upcoming weekend?" she asked. "You know I am always up for something like that," I replied with a laugh. She seductively asked, "what is the matter are your clients failing to satisfy your needs?" This was her way of bringing up the status of our relationship without talking about it being a relationship.

So I gave her one of my standard replies, "why would I want to drive a Chevy when I already have a Porsche?" She gave me one of her wicked laughs and asked, "I don't know why you are always trying to sell me when I have already bought? Anyway, the reason I called is my mom and her boyfriend are coming in for the holiday. They are staying at the casino their first weekend here and offered to book me a weekend getaway so I could meet her boyfriend. I have a babysitter for little man lined up and I was hoping you would want to spend the weekend alone with me in a nice mini-suite?" "You and me in a hotel suite all alone for a weekend how could I pass that up," I replied.

She gave me all the details and we said goodbye. She was happy as this was our first weekend together without her child. Truthfully, I knew it was a mistake. I had already let this go on longer than I should have. In fact it was the longest relationship of my adult life even though it hadn't quite been six months yet. As I told you before every adult relationship I was in had turned out badly as I ended up cheating so I avoided them.

Yet here I was in this one getting deeper and deeper every day. I just couldn't bring myself to break it off with her as she was everything I had ever wanted in a woman in terms of looks, sexual appetite and personality. I knew I was in love, but how long could it continue with all this pussy being thrown in my face every day? I told myself as I had many weekends before just one more weekend with her and I would let her down as easily as I can.

The weekend finally came and even though I was heading into my winter season I was able to knock it off at noon as I had worked every night until 7-8 pm since she had called on Tuesday morning to catch up and get ahead.

The Casino is in a small city about 35 minutes from our large town. As always, I was real eager to see Candy by the time Friday came.


I arrived at her house about 1 PM she was waiting for me. As I told you Candy is incredible to look at as she is 22, has long reddish blond hair, c-cup breasts and an incredible ass. Even though she had a baby there isn't a stretch mark on her body and I have examined every inch of it up close at this point. She did look a bit different than the way I usually saw her as she had full make up on and sexy out on the town attire.

Since a normal weekend for us was sitting around her house or my house with her son we didn't really get a chance to get dressed up much. If we were lucky we all three got a meal or two out and a shopping trip for food or supplies over the course of a weekend, but that was about it as far as going out.

I hadn't really seen her made up like she was now. Objectively I think most guys would see her as a solid nine maybe a ten, but with her make up on, in her short skirt, cleavage bearing top and sexy heels even objectively speaking I think most guys would see her as a ten. She got in my truck sat down and put her seat belt on. She leaned in and gave me a French kiss before I had a chance to say anything. I looked at her and said, "you look beautiful Candy." "I am happy to see you too," she said as she gave my cock a squeeze with her hand.

I playfully asked, "is that all you ever think about?" She replied, "I haven't been able to quit touching myself since we finalized our plans on Tuesday.

It is my first time away from little man and I get to be all girl this weekend and not a mom first." We weren't on the road for 10 minutes when she flipped up her skirt exposing a new black lace thong. "Do you like it?" she seductively asked. "I do, but I like what is underneath it even more," I replied. She pulled her thong aside, stuck two of her fingers in her pussy and I could tell even from the driver's seat that her pussy was good and wet.

She pulled her fingers out of her cunt and stuck them under my nose and seductively asked, "so is this what you like?" I said, "yeah that is what I like," as I stuck her two fingers into my mouth and sucked her pussy juice off of them.

Her scent was like sweet honeysuckle and it was filling my truck up, but I didn't care. Hell I'd love it if her scent stayed in the truck for weeks if it meant I got to smell it all the time.

She pulled her thong all the way down and leaned back. She began to masturbate herself as we went down the road. She rubbed her clit, and finger fucked herself as she let out these little lustful moans. "Oh oh oh fuck Rodger, I have missed you so much I want you so bad," she said. It was a challenge keeping my eye on the road and her at the same time, but that is what made it so kinky.

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I reached over with one hand and rubbed her wet slit. I managed to dip my finger in her hole and I took her wetness and rubbed it over her clit. "Oh yeah, ah I am such a naughty girl," she said as she dipped her finger and started rubbing her asshole as I worked on her clit.

It only took a couple of minutes and she had herself worked into a frenzy. "Ah Ah Ah Ah oh oh fuck," she screamed as her hips bucked and she let out a little gush of cum on my tuck seat.

She giggled and said, "sorry about your seat." I laughed and said, "that is ok I can look at it and feel like your with me during the week when I miss you." I wished I hadn't said that because it made her face light up. I knew it pleased her and I knew I had just drawn both of us deeper in.

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It was going to hurt us both that much more when it was over. She picked her thong up and instead of putting it back on she started slowly shoving it up her snatch.

I asked her what she was doing and she replied it was too wet to put back on. When she was finished she left just a little bit of the thong sticking out of her cooch. She undid her seatbelt and her head was soon in my lap as she started unbuckling my pants. "Aren't you afraid of messing up your makeup?" I asked. "No, I'll make sure it all ends up in my mouth," she said and then laughed wickedly.

Out came my hard cock that had been spewing precum as I had watched the little show she had just put on. Her warm wet mouth felt so good on my cock as she started going up and down with her head. "Ah fuck Candy that feels so damn good I missed you so much this week," I said. She took her mouth off my cock and looked up at me.

I knew I had fucked up and done it again. I had revealed my feelings to her. I couldn't help it the things she did to me sexually, the time we had spent together, her looks and her personality were all making it more difficult for me to hide my feelings from her. She smiled and engulfed my cock with her mouth again.

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It wasn't going to take me long and after five minutes and some erratic driving on the rural highway I was ready to cum. "Oh fuck Candy I am going to cum I said and shot my load into her mouth. It all went into her mouth, but she didn't swallow at least not right away. She got up looked at me, opened her mouth showing me her mouth full of cum and swallowed it as I watched.

Then she seductively ran her tongue around her lips.

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For her grand finale she got back over on her side of the truck, spread her legs and slowly pulled the lace thong out of her pussy. Once it was out she dangled it on the tip of her finger. Then she leaned over and stuck it in my shirt pocket. "Now you can always have me with you wherever you go. If you miss me just take a hit of these." she said. She put her seatbelt on and she was smiling.

I could tell she was quite pleased with herself. She didn't feel the need to talk about our relationship because she had already figured out how to get me to tell her what my true feelings were. We arrived at the hotel, checked in, and went to up to see our room. All the way up to the hotel room my hand was under her skirt and on her bare ass. I am sure the bellboy got an eyeful. The room itself was just a bit larger than a normal hotel room about 750-800 square feet if I had to guess.

It had a king bed, a separate sitting area and the neatest thing about the room was the bathroom was open to the rest of the room. The bathroom had a normal door on it, but when you walked in there was a two sink vanity on one side and then a large oversized tub with whirlpool jets on the other. The other side of the tub was open in to the room and over looked the bed. Then at the end of the bathroom there was a separate door that led to the toilet and a one person shower.


As we were looking over the bathroom Candy said, "oh, I have to pee." She went and sat down on the toilet in front of me. She seductively looked at me and ran her tongue around the outside of her mouth as she let loose. Somewhere along the line she had picked up on the fact that hearing girls pee really turned me on even though I had never told her that.

Yep, she was getting to know me too well as she knew most of my kinks and all of my tricks.

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When she was finished she said, "Rodger, as much as I would like to hang out in the room and get fucked I promised I'd meet my mom in about ten minutes. Why don't you go down and hang out in the casino and I'll text you when I am done and meet up with you. " I agreed. Candy put on some fresh panties and adjusted her makeup.

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She left the room, I took a few minutes to freshen up myself and then I headed towards the elevator. When the elevator arrived as I stepped in I was shocked when my Uncle Brian stepped out.

"Rodger," he said. "Uncle Brian what are you doing here?" I asked. He replied, "I came in a little early for Christmas this year. I was going to stop by and surprise you at the office next week, but I see that won't be necessary. Carla is here too maybe you will bump into her down at the casino. I am sure we will run into each other some more this weekend." The elevator doors shut and I was on my way down to the lobby.