Nubian tgirl masturbating until cumshot

Nubian tgirl masturbating until cumshot
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"So tell me Lisa was it really you in the gazebo. Did you really fuck 10 guys in there? Lisa starts to laugh, "10 guys, wow the story has changed up to 10 huh? Well let me tell you something. In no way did I fuck 10 strangers in the damn gazebo" Stacy interrupts her "yeah I didn't think so, your too prissy for stuff like that".

Lisa gets hot under the collar "if you let me finish, I said that I didn't fuck 10 guys, I only fucked 6 in the gazebo. Lisa's eyes almost pop out of her head realizing that she just told her friend she's been sluttin around. "Oh my god you slut I can't believe you Lisa. What we're you thinking? Never mind so tell me how was it? Was it hot? Lisa couldn't believe that her friend was so interested in all of the details.

She told her everything that went on in the gazebo. "Oh god Lisa I am so envious of you. I don't think I could ever actually bring myself to do something like that but I must tell you I have fantasized about doing a gangbang for a long time. I guess the opportunity never presented its self" Lisa listens intently thinking "hummm I wonder if I should set her up with a gangbang of her own?" Stacy continues so what about the rumor at the rest stop did you do that too?

Stacy's voice was exploding with anticipation of the answer." yup I did that too" Lisa grins, "I knew it. And brad? Lisa quickly responds "yup I fucked him too if you can call that a fuck. He was the lamest fuck of the weekend" Stacy gasp "you little slut what has come over you?

Not knowing how to respond Lisa just spits out " I don't know I got horny I guess" Stacy laughs, "I guess you did. Then I guess that puts the other rumor to rest" With a puzzling look "what rumor would that be Stacy? Stacy immediately sensing that Lisa is getting frustrated "well there's this rumor that it was you at the party on sat night that took on 60 guys but I can now see that it can't be true because, you've already were busy on your own" Lisa starts to sweat "60 guys?

Where did that number come from?" Stacy in a mater of fact way tells her that the number is most likely bullshit and it was probably half that amount. "What if I told you that it was me who fucked all of them? What would you think then? Stacy snaps back "I know you girl, the gazebo think and the rest stop thing I can see, maybe even try, but there is no way that your going to let all those guys use you like that anyway. What are you gonna do for a job did you find one yet?

Lisa was beside herself and was very relieved that her friend changed the subject because she wasn't sure that she could lie to her friend Stacy. Stacy always had a way with her and she has never been able to lie to her. "Nope not yet but I'm gonna be looking this week. I need some cash. I want new clothes. The ones I have are old and they make me look like an old lady" the girls continue their conversation for another hour.

Lisa then rolls in her blanket and drifts off to sleep. The next morning Lisa is woken up by a knock on her door "Lisa why don't you come by my work today. I hear that there's an opening in the office" Lisa rubs her eyes "Ok dad, I'll be there in a little while" she rolls out of bed and sits on the edge.

The first thought of the day is where and how was she getting laid "I really have changed, the first thing on my mind is sex. Well I guess that's what youth is for. I have plenty of time later in life to be a fuddy duddy" she walks to the bathroom down the hall to do her morning ritual.

She passes her brothers room and see's him combing his hair "Hey Lisa let me talk to you for a minute" she turns to face him still half asleep " I hear that you've been hangin out with that Jose dude" she looks at him scared to be questioned by her brother about her whorish weekend. "Yeah, I've been hangin with him. He's nice" as her brother continues to dress.

"Well be careful, he loves to turn out girls if you know what I mean." Lisa turns then stops "Turn out what the hell does that mean? He gives a little grunt " you really are a prude.

Turn out is when a guy gets a girl to be a total slut. To get a girl to want nothing but sex no matter how or with who or how many" she gets a sinking feeling in her stomach because that's exactly what's happening to her.

"Ah don't worry not me" she turns and goes in the washroom. "Ok but be careful" is the last thing she hears as the door shuts. After about 2 hrs Lisa pulls into the parking lot that's filled with cars. After circling the rows she finally finds a spot near the rear. She makes her way into the very large building. The receptionist looks her way "may I help you? Lisa smiles "yes I have an appointment to see Mr. Johnson. The receptionist looks at her calendar " I don't have you down for an appointment" Lisa sighs "well let me see what I can do for you" the receptionist picks up the phone.

Just as she starts to reach for the buttons on the phone Lisa's dad walks by "hey Mary she's my daughter, Mr. Johnson said that he'd meet with her this morning". Mary then buzzes her in and her dad walks over to her "you look nice honey. That's a nice business suit you have" Lisa smiles "thanks dad, I wanted to make a good first impression" they both smile and head down the corridor. "Here's his office now go in and get the job.

I know you'll do well". Lisa pushes the door open and finds Mr. Johnson sitting there waving her in. she stares at him for a moment and thinks, "not bad looking, I was expecting a shriveled up old man" he the motions for her to sit. She taps her foot and looks around his office while she waits for him to finish his call. finally he hangs up. 30 minutes pass and Lisa comes out of the office. Her dad notices and quickly walks up to her "well?

How'd it go? Lisa smiles "I start tomorrow. He's paying me 12 per hour. He said about 25-30 hours for a couple months than if I work out he'll move me to full 40 and full benefits" her dad gets a big smile on his face " that's great honey now you won't have to bother me for cash. You'll have your own" he gives her a tap punch on her shoulder. " Well congrats honey but I need to get back to work.

I'll see you later ok? Lisa gives her dad a hug "thanks dad see ya later" Lisa leaves the building reaching for her cell phone immediately. "Hey I just got a job I need to celebrate" she's saying this to her friend Stacy who responds in a way that Lisa doesn't like at all. " Sorry Lisa but I kinda promised to take care of some kids for the neighbors. I didn't think anything was going on. After all it is Monday and I could use the extra cash" Lisa pouts "fine then I'll go off by my self" Stacy quickly comes back with "please don't get mad at me, how was I supposed to know you we're gonna celebrate on a Monday" Lisa straightens her face "yeah I guess your right Sorry I'll call you tomorrow ok?

She hangs up. "I know who I'll call.hello, Jose what are you doing" there's a pause "well nothing much I wasn't expecting to hear from you so soon what's up" she tells him about her job " so you want to help me celebrate? Jose sighs" I don't know I've got a few guys coming over for the game. It's a big game. We all have money on it" Lisa quickly replies in a rising voice "I could be your guys entertainment" she smiles "well Lisa we'll probably be into the game too much, not that the offer don't sound great" she gets anxious "how bout this you guys watch the game and I'll be available when ever you guys want.

I'll watch it with you and I'll do what you like best. With a little laugh "oh really and what would that be? Lisa lowers her voice to a sexy tone " I'll be the naughtiest whore you've ever fucked" there is a moment of silence "well your already that but that is an offer I can't refuse. Wear stockings, no bra, a micro skirt and a tube top. Don't forget the high heels. Wear your hair in pig tails." Lisa smiles "you got it.

I'll be over at 6. I'll help you set up" they talk for a little more than hang up. "I'll show them what a whore I can be.

Later that day,Lisa is racing down the road towards Jose's house on her cell phone weaving in and out of traffic "hey I'm on my way to your house" Jose replies with a response that she doesn't like at all "we're already out of the house and on our way to the other side of town and it doesn't change anything. I still own you for one month starting tomorrow after work". Now with a downed look on her face " damn, I was hoping on having some fun and I know about our agreement.

I wasn't trying to get out of it, I just wanted some but if your not home than I guess I'll just have to wait". A little more chatter between the two and they hang up. "Now what am I going to do. I'm soooo horny" she see's the supermarket on her right. "Well since I don't have any toys, I could get me some veggies to play with".

She parks and heads in the store. Walking around the store with a small basket hanging from her arm she grabs a good size cucumber, a zucchini, and as she looks around she notices that there are allot of veggies that would be suitable for playing with. Looking over to her right she notices the squashes "I wonder if I could get that in?" shortly after that thought she remembers the fisting that she received at the party and grabs the squash and puts it in her basket.

She decides to get some soda so she makes her way down the isles to the other side of the store. " Hey Lisa" she hears from behind her. Its one of her classmates from school " oh hi Steve what are yaw up to? Suddenly realizing that she has never really talked to him before. She also noticed that he is actually good looking. Not in the model sense but more like the avg good looking guy. "I work here.

I'm one of the managers. I saw you walk by and had to say hi" after some chit chat Steve asks "hey how about we grab some dinner and a movie or something" Lisa thinks real fast and decides why not, it could be a good time "sure when?


Steve now excited to be going out on a date with Lisa squeals out " Fri. night around 8 ok" Lisa finds herself a little excited as well" sounds good to me here's my number call me Thursday and we'll talk then ok? Better yet, text me its easier for me. I have allot going on right now" she gives him the number and they say their good bye's. "This is turning out to be one hell of a week". Lisa walks towards her car with groceries in her hand thinking about her date with Steve suddenly gasp. "Oh shit, I'm sure Jose had something lined up for Friday night.

I'm gonna have to see if he'll let me off and make it up to him later" just as she presses the remote on her keys to unlock her car " hey Lisa" she hears from across the lot.

A car speeds up her way when she recognizes the driver. Its one of the guys from the rest stop "hey there sexy what cha doing tonight? She smirks almost annoyed " going home I have to work tomorrow. " awh come on its only 8:45 want come over and hang out? Normally she would have told him no but the state of horniness that she's in gets her thinking.

Looking at her bag she thinks "well I could go home and play with these or I could get me some warm dick and the cum that I've been wanting all day" looking back and forth between the bag and him " that's allot of beer who else is there?

Perking up in his seat " there's 4 including me. I'm on a beer run and saw you. I thought you might be up for a little fun." knowing damn well she's not about to tell him no, "4 huh I don't know, I need to get to bed early.

If I agree to go I need to be out the door by 10 at the latest" brightening up his smile "I swear we'll have you out by 10. Come-on it'll be fun. The others are good looking so you don't have to worry about that.

Hop in I'll bring you back here. The house is only 4 blocks from here" thinking a little more " no I think I'll bring my car there. I'll follow you but remember I need to be out by 10 and you and the guys must promise to keep this quiet. If I find out that you or them tell anyone I'll never hang with you guys again.

The guy smiles " Cool, it'll be our little dirty secret". They arrive at the house and as she enters the guys all stare at her. Brian the guy that picked her up at the store immediately directs her to the basement. "Come on guys we only have about 45 minutes". They head down the stairs to a dimly lit room that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in months. Cobwebs are everywhere and an old couch off to the side. Brian grabs Lisa and starts kissing her darting his tongue in and out of her mouth.

His hands roam all over her body squeezing her ass and tits. He pulls up the dress she 's wearing and rubs her pussy "hold on a minute. I need to get this dress off. Its expensive and I don't want to mess it up" Brian helps her remove her dress and she now stands in the room in her matching red panties and bra.

Everyone there stares at her and shuffle to move the couch to the center of the room.


Brian continues to fondle her and kiss her. With expertise he removes her bra with one hand and lets his hands fall to her waste to pull her panties down. Once she is naked he guides her to the couch where he pushes her to her knees. Immediately the guys pull their pants off and pull their cocks out. Just as they come at her she starts thinking, "what the fuck am I doing? Here I am about to have sex with these guys. One I don't really know and I've never been introduced to the rest them.

I can't believe I'm doing this. Now I think I know what a hooker feels like having sex with people she hasn't known for more than a couple minutes.

I really should get dressed and run out of here" as the guys approach her she notices that the smallest cock in the group is 7 inches. The largest cock being near nine. " But how could I turn down these gorgeous cocks" she parts her lips and a cock is immediately put in her mouth.

She greedily sucks the cocks presented to her when Brian makes an announcement. "Ok we're gonna do a merry go round. We're only gonna fuck the sluts ass during this. The game goes counter clockwise, ready, set, go!" now Lisa starts to get a little put off and really contemplated leaving but doesn't move.

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Then realizes that it's probably a good idea since she's had so many dicks in her pussy over the last few days, she could use the rest and her ass is a great alternative. Brian grabs some lube from the drawer nest to the couch " I go first since I brought the slut here" he's talking about her like she's not even there. He blobs some lube on her ass and rubs a little on his cock. He guides it to her puckered hole and very slowly pops the head in stopping in.

he goes in gentle, which surprises Lisa because of the way, he was talking. He takes about a min or two to get the whole thing in. Lisa is now thankful to him for being so nice since the last time she got her ass fucked the guys we're so brutal. "Ok I'm all the way in. here's how it goes.

You fuck her ass for 1 minute then you move to her mouth for one minute then wait your turn for her ass again.

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Remember one minute than switch". So one guy puts his cock back in her mouth and Brian clicks the stopwatch hangin from his neck. One minute passes "switch" the guy in her mouth moves to the side freeing her mouth for Brian's cock, which was just in her ass. She takes it like a champ since she is starting to like the taste of her juices on a cock. Immediately another cock is introduces to her ass.

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After each guy finishes with her ass they pull out and spread her ass enjoying the wonderful gaping of her asshole. After a while her ass no longer needs to be spread as it starts to gape all by itself, giving them all a great look down her dark hole.

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This goes on for 40 minutes. At no time was her ass or mouth ever vacant. She's in heaven. Brian looks at the clock "ok guys 5 minutes left, lets cum on her now.

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Brian flips her o her back and shoves her legs up allowing him to enter her ass missionary style. "I'm gonna fuck your ass while these guys cum on your face. Right now Lisa would just about agree to anything since she is totally loving this game and the fact that she came several times. Brian props her head on the arm of the couch, which allows the guys to stand directly over her head.

Brian pumps slowly so her head doesn't rock too much. The first guy screams he's Cumming and dumps his cum all over her face. Most landing on the side of her face running down her neck to her hairline.

He steps out of the way making room for guy two which is now stroking his cock aiming it straight at her nose. Seconds later he blasts cum on her nose and mouth. Some pooling in the corner of her eye. A few more strokes and he lands the rest of the cum on her forehead.

He pulls away and now number three immediately dumps cum on her. He shoots the first shot over her head landing on her tits. The rest dribbles out in a messy pattern to further drench her face. After the third guy finishes Brian picks up the pace. His balls are slapping hard against her as he pounds her ass.

"Oh that's a good slut. Look at you with all that strange cum all over you while I fuck your ass. You want my cum don't you? You slut. Barely able to let out a response "yes I love cum I love the feel and smell of cum, give me more" he picks up the pace even faster "here it comes bitch open your fucking slut mouth" he quickly hops up pointing his cock in her face "you like the smell well take this" he takes his cock and presses the pee hole of his cock up to one of her nostrils.

He starts to cum shooting the first powerful shot right up her nostril causing her to squint her eyes even harder. He quickly moves his cock to her other nostril and blasts another shot of cum up her to her nostril. She coughs almost gagging from the amount of cum now running down the back of her throat from her nose.

His last few blasts are shot on her face adding to the already messes up face that is lying beneath him. "Hope you liked that cause I did" she lets a cum filled smile cross her face acknowledging to Brian that she liked it.

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The guys help Lisa up and bring her over to the laundry sink so she could wash up. "Wow that was a awesome guy. I don't think I've had a constant flow of cock in me like that before. You guys kept me full for the whole time.

Brian, that was the weirdest thing that anyone has ever done. Not sure if I liked it but it was different" she wipes her face, glances at the clock, 9:52. "Good timing guys. If you guys can keep me on time maybe we could make this a weekly thing, maybe, but right now I need to get out of here.

After getting cleaned up, the thank you's and goodbyes, she heads home. While Lisa's driving she keeps blowing her nose. "This is different, how many girls can say they needed to blow the cum out of their nose.

The nice thing is, I'll have this smell in my nose for who knows how long mmmmm nice". By 10:15 she's in her room undressing when she get a knock at her bedroom door "hey Lisa mind if I come in" Lisa had never been shy around her brother so she just shouts a "come in".

Her brother comes in and quickly looks away "Lisa get some clothes on" Lisa grabs her shirt telling her brother that its not the first time he's seen her like this after all she is wearing a bra and panties. "Look I don't want you too. hey you left some moose in your hair" Lisa rubs her hair "that's not moose" her brother face turns to a shocked look "LISA!!!! I don't want to hear that shit. Do you forget that I'm your brother? We need to talk about what your doing, I mean your becoming, well.

a." Lisa abruptly and sarcastically iterates "what a slut? No bro, if you must know I AM A SLUT, I just let 4 guys fuck me in the ass and cum on my face not more than 20 minutes ago and I'm liking every minute of it. If it bothers you so much, stop asking me questions and bringing it up" Lisa quite angry with her brother at this point. Her brother now backs off and tries to calm her down "I just worry about you. You could get and are in fact getting a reputation. It reflects all of us.

I know it doesn't seem fair but that's the way things work. Guys are only going to ask you for only one thing once you get a reputation. That will take and emotional toll on you. I'll admit that I am curious but talking to you about this has to stop.

Its too hard for me". Lisa looks at her brother and walks over and gives him a hug. "See that's why I love you so much you worry enough for both of us. Sorry bout what I said earlier, if it made you uncomfortable but it is the truth. I'm not trying to hurt anyone especially you and the folks but I need to be myself.

I really like exploring different things. I'll admit it that it's a little sick and demented to be talking to my brother about my slut ways but you're the only one I ever talk to about personal shit. I don't even talk to my girlfriends about allot of stuff. I don't trust them like I trust you. If you want me to keep it to myself then I will. I can understand it however, how about if instead of talking face to face about this kind of shit we could do it over email or text.

That should make it easier. At least you won't have to look at me when we're talking about this stuff". Her brother lifts an eyebrow "yeah that might work. Tell you what we'll try that out for a bit". Lisa raises her arm to give him a hi five. "Sounds cool to me".

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Her brother eyes her "so Lisa I'm curious" giving an evil grin "how many sis?" Lisa starts to recall out loud "lets see, on Friday night there was 7, sat morning let me see, first 4 then another 5, then the 24 at the party.

On Sunday there was 4 new guys, then tonight there was another 4 new ones, so that makes it uhh 47! And that's just this weekend. Her brother's eyes nearly pop out of his head and his jaw falls further than he ever thought possible "47!!!!?

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Holy shit girl. I.I.I. WOW how the fuck can you even manage that? much less walk. Lisa is about to answer when "never mind, I'll read about it later. Holly shit 47 I just can't get over it. 47. Lisa almost laughing "yeah bro 47,oh that's just from this past weekend I don't think you'll ever forget that number now" they both break out in laughter.

He opens her door and starts to leave turning to her "good night slut" Lisa quickly snaps, " You know it and lovin it". He shakes his head and closes the door. Lisa now lays down not believing the conversation she just had with her BROTHER of all people. After some thought, she notices a huge relief in her. The fact that she could now talk to her brother about it is giving her a new look on things "if he understands me and accepts me for what I'm doing that it can't be all that bad" she turns on her side, closes her eyes and goes to sleep.

To be continued………………………&hellip.