Morenita rica le encanta montar en la verga

Morenita rica le encanta montar en la verga
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Monica brings Didi home We left the bar and decided to take one car and come back for hers later. As we drove, Didi kept up a steady stream of nervous chatter and was constantly touching me. Not sexually though. I think she just wanted the human contact. I decided to try some calming words. "Relax Didi. No one is going to hurt you or make you do anything you don't want to do. You just have to trust me." "I know, Monica, and I do trust you. It's just the fear of the unknown and not knowing even what I want to happen.

I'm confused and scared and excited at the same time because I don't know what I want. Can you understand that?" "Yes Didi I understand. I promise you that you'll find my master both loving and understanding. He will know you better that you know yourself.

And you can stop whatever is happening at any time. You will not be forced to do anything you don't want to do. In fact nothing will happen unless you want it to or you ask for it. OK?" "If I knew what I wanted I wouldn't be so nervous. How can I know what to ask for?" "You'll know. But better still, he'll know. It will be natural and it will be your body telling you what you want not your fears.

Sensei knew without a word what I wanted, no craved, and I haven't done one thing that I don't want to do again." "What was it that made up your mind that this is what you wanted?" "It's something I've thought about for a long time. My husband was too kind a man to treat me this way so I could never know.

I think it was the punishment that finally showed me that this is what I've always wanted to be." "What was the punishment?" "Master chained me in the basement; my hands stretched above my head and my ankles chained apart on the floor so that my legs were spread and only the balls of my feet touched the floor.

Then he whipped me with a riding crop." "Oh my God! That sounds horrible." "But it wasn't. He whipped me in the places that he knew would cause me great pain but also great pleasure at the same time. I came just from the whipping with his permission of course." "You had to have his permission to cum?" "No fluids may leave my body without his permission." "You're making me wet but I don't know about the pain shit." "If master decides that pain won't do it for you I'm positive that you won't be made to experience it." "This is all so fucking confusing!" "Again Didi, teacher will know exactly who and what you are as soon as he sees you.

He will do only those things that excite you and give you pleasure. Whether you know it or not. The worst thing that can happen, unless you say so, is that you and I will make love and I'll drive you back to your car." "That part sounds good. I can't wait. All this talk, except maybe for the pain part, has made me horny." "You know anticipation is a large part of enjoyment baby.

What is it you want to do with me?" "I don't know exactly because I've never been with a woman before. I just know that when I saw you all I could think of was sex. You're an extremely attractive and sexy woman." "As are you pet.

Do you want to taste me Didi?" "Yes." "You must learn to be more explicit little one. Do you want to taste me?" "I want to taste your whole body but the driving thought in my mind is I have to taste your pussy. I want to devour the juices that make you a woman. My own pussy is drenched just thinking about it." "Do you want to pleasure me Didi? Pleasure me in ways I tell you to that you may never have done?" "All I want to do is pleasure you. Most of all I want to please you.


I can't explain it but all I can think of is that I want you to like me, maybe love me, and I'm willing to do anything to make that happen. That, more than anything, will give me pleasure. I don't understand it and I've never felt this way before." "You've been in control in all the situations where you've had sex with men haven't you?" "Yes, most men only care about cumming in something besides their hands after what they think of as a conquest." "And control is never what you wanted.

In fact you want someone else to take control of you." "That sounds about right but how the hell did you know that?" "Because we are so much alike my child. Would you like to call me Mistress, Didi?" "I don't&hellip.I'm not sure&hellip.what does that mean?" "It means that you want me, or someone, to take control of your pleasure. That you can let yourself go completely and no longer have to control not just sex but your life.

Your pleasure comes from knowing that all you have to do is please someone else." "I'm willing to try that with you because I DO want to please you. And not just with sex. I want to make you happy with everything I do." "Then you must learn and we will teach you.

Is that what you want my pet?" "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes, Mistress." "Very good, child. Now pinch your nipples for me until we get home." Didi had taken a giant step to becoming the submissive that I, Sensei, and she knew she wanted to be.

She spent the rest of the ride home pinching her nipples and moaning softly. I knew that the moans were also caused by the anticipation of what was to come. Didi meets the Sensei and begins her discovery Monica, Mistress (I have to get used to that), parked in the driveway of a huge home and led me up to and in the front door.

It was gorgeous inside and didn't look like the dungeon that I'd pictured in my mind. In the living room a man, a young man from what I could see, was sitting in a chair watching a TV, though I couldn't see what he was watching.

He was wearing shorts but no shirt. His body was slim but muscled like a swimmer and he was handsome. Surely this young a man couldn't be the teacher, the master. When he saw us enter he sprang from the chair and came forward with a big smile on his face. "Sensei, this is Didi. Didi this is my teacher. He is also my son." No fuckin' way. Can this get any weirder? Her son is her master; the one who punished her?


The one who gives her all this pleasure and knows exactly what she wants? No fuckin' way. He came toward me with his hand out so without thinking I put my hand out and he took it, gently. "Didi I'm so pleased to meet you. Welcome to our home." "I uh, well uh, what I mean is uh thank you for having me (having me?). I mean inviting me; thank you for inviting me." "Believe me it's our pleasure. Can I get you something to drink? We have beer, soft drinks, and just about any alcoholic drink you may want.

Wine?" "A glass of white wine would be nice, thank you." "Again, the pleasure is mine." He came back quickly and handed me a chilled glass of wine. I took a sip and it was delicious.

He asked me to turn around slowly, which I thought was strange, but I could see no threat in it so I did. "She's gorgeous, Monica. You've done well." She hasn't done anything yet, buddy. At that point, I felt Mon…Mistress close behind me and her hands on my hips. She started to nuzzle my neck and nibble lightly on my ear. It felt so nice I began to lose myself in the feeling and I leaned my head back onto her shoulder but then it dawned on me that he was standing there watching.

"Well, I'm sure you ladies would like some privacy so why don't you go up to the master bedroom? Monica you have permission to cum as many times as you like." If this shit gets any weirder I'm gonna haul my fat ass out of here as fast as I can. Mistress was still kissing my neck and nibbling my ear and my pussy has never been this wet.

I don't care if it's the fucking Twilight Zone at the top of those stairs, I'm going. Then she whispers in my ear&hellip.

"Come with me my little slut and pleasure me." SLUT!? Well yeah, ok, I can live with that. I kinda like it actually. And when it comes right down to it, there's nothing in my mind that doesn't equal "SLUT" right now.

In fact I can think of a couple more things it equaled; cunt licker, whore, sleaze, sex toy, etc. And maybe I want be called all those things. Where is all this new shit coming from???

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Fuck it, I'm not goin' there. Mistress takes my hand and leads me up the stairs. It's as beautiful as the rest of the house I've seen. We walk into a dimly lit room that's huge and has a king size bed.

She stands behind me and resumes kissing my neck, on both sides, and nibbling my ears. I lean my head back and just go with it but I'm anxious because I want to be pleasuring her.

One of her hands goes from my hip to the buttons of my blouse and soon they're all undone and the blouse is lifted out of my slacks. I kick my shoes off and feel the snap of my slacks loosen. She slides them over my hips and they fall the rest of the way to the floor so I simply step out of them.

My blouse is lifted off my shoulders and it slides down my arms and off. Now I'm left with my bra and thong panties but surprisingly she hasn't touched me yet. She turns me around to face her and I see nothing but raw lust in her face. The most natural thing I could think of to do was kiss her so I did.

It was glorious but it wasn't enough. I tried to devour her mouth with my lips and tongue and she let me. Her hand was on the back of my head but I needed no encouragement. Then she broke the kiss and I was starving. "Take my dress off bitch.

Do it slowly so you can see the treasures that await your lips and tongue." My hands were shaking so badly that I wasn't sure I could do it but I needed this so I took a deep breath. I started to peel the elastic material down her chest and over her breasts.

In a few seconds I was going to see what I'd only seen in my imagination all night. These two beautiful, huge, globes of flesh slowly came into view and I was stunned; my thong was soaked. When the nipples appeared, they were hard and standing straight out. I immediately took one in my mouth and sucked like a baby. I was intoxicated by the taste and the texture. I went to the other and took it in my mouth. I never want to leave this time or this place but I know in my heart that there's more.

As I lower her dress I bend my knees to keep me at the right level to kiss and lick the newly revealed skin. Her navel is a new joy to be discovered so I swirl my tongue around it.

I keep going and even though I can't see it yet I can smell her sex. I'm transported to another world. I'm at her hips now and it won't be much longer. I slide the dress slowly and agonizingly over and down off her hips and now I see it and the aroma is much stronger. I lean forward and kiss the top right where the slit starts. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! She has a sparse patch of hair over the slit but the rest of the pussy is smooth and bare. The smell has me dizzy and I stick out my tongue to taste it.

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Her hand winds in my hair and pulls me back. NO, not now! "Come, my little whore. Remove the rest of your things and join me on the bed." She steps out of her dress, kicks off her heels, and walks around me toward the bed. I turn to watch and see that body move. What an ass! I ripped my thong off and just lifted my bra over my head still latched.

She reached the bed, put one knee on the edge to climb in, and with her legs spread I saw that gorgeous ass with the puffy, wet cunt below. I sank to my knees and crawled to the bed like the bitch in heat I was. "Come up here kitten and tell me what you want." "Mistress I want to taste you…everywhere.

I want to please you in any way you desire. I want to bury my face in your pussy and never leave. I want you to cum in my mouth and all over my face and body until you've had your fill and then cum one more time. Tell me where to start." "Kiss me first and then you may taste my neck before you move down slowly." MMMMMM that's nice.

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Fuck my mouth with your tongue." "That's right, now suck my neck but leave no marks. Very good little piglet, now my tits. You like my tits don't you?" "Yes, Mistress.

I've never tasted anything like them." "Of course you haven't bitch. Now suck those nipples and bit them gently until I tell you harder." "That's it baby nibble on those tits. Now bite the nipples harder, harder you cunt." "Oh yes you do that so well. Now would you like to taste my pussy?" "Oh, yes Mistress, please?" "You must beg me little toy. Make me know you want to lick my cunt." "Mistress, please?!

I want to make love to your pussy with my mouth and my tongue and my fingers. I want to taste all the juices you have and swallow them. I want to please you so badly and I want you to cum many times and let me revel in your flow." "Alright, gutter tramp.

Eat my asshole first and when you've done it well I'll let you have my cunt." I have never in my life thought about eating someone's ass but it was all I could think of right now. Mistress lifted her legs up until her knees were almost touching her chest. I leaned forward and smelled two distinct aromas. The pussy I'd smelt before but this new one was different and, yes, exciting.

I spread the cheeks and saw the starred hole that she shit from.

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I didn't care I wanted it. I started licking it like it was the lollipop that was gonna save my life. The taste and texture was like nothing in my experience. DUH! I started attacking the hole itself with my tongue trying to get inside but my tongue wasn't strong enough to pass that muscle. I found that if I made a tunnel of my tongue it was stronger and I was able to get it inside and lick and suck for all I was worth.

Look Mom, I'm eatin' an asshole!! "Ummm baby, you've done that before. Now lick your way up to my clit." It was irrelevant telling her that her ass was my first so I started my oral journey to where I've been wanting to go all night.

I licked her taint and my nose was right in her cunt hole. Oh Yeah. This is it. I stuck my tongue in the hole and licked and sucked until the juices flowed into my mouth. Good stuff. I want more and I knew how to get it. I licked up and found her clit but just teased it for now. Instead I turned my head a little and started to gently bite and lick her outer lips while sliding two fingers into her wet hole.

"Oh yeah baby bite me like that. Bite harder and make it hurt a little. That's it bite my cunt…harder. Just like that.

I'm getting' close come on bite me. Now suck my cunt like the little cunt lapper you are. Lick my clit, suck it. I'm gonna cum for you bitch don't stop." I worked my way up and down her pussy like a one armed paper hanger and then felt her stiffen. Juices were flowing out of her and then she squirted in my mouth and yelled. I thought it was piss but it wasn't.

I didn't know a pussy could squirt like that. Then I thought "I made it do that. I made her cum so hard she squirted in my mouth. I had pleased my Mistress." "Come up here baby and let me taste my pussy juice. Ummm, that's nice. Did you like it my little whore?" "Yes, Mistress more than I'd dreamed. Did I please you, Mistress?" "Yes pet that was very nice. And your turn will come soon." "It doesn't matter as long as I've pleased you.

I did have two little cums while I was licking your ass and then your pussy." "They were nothing. My master will make you cum until you pass out. You haven't given up on hard cocks have you?" "No, I don't think so Mistress. This was something I didn't even know I wanted until I saw you." "Then let's go down and talk to Sensei and we'll see what happens next. If you want to leave there will be no hard feelings and I'll take you to your car.

Come, child and leave your clothes here for now." "You mean go down there naked. In front of him?" "You'll be with me and I'll be naked too. I'm always naked in the house.

I'm not allowed to wear clothes unless told to." So down we went naked as the day I was born. Again, when he saw us coming he jumped out of his chair and was smiling and his eyes took in every inch of my body. Again, he asked me to turn slowly so I did. "Stunning. Didi you're quite a beautiful woman. Did you enjoy each other?" "Well um, I…well uh I've never been with a woman before but I was so attracted to Mistress I couldn't stop it." "Mistress!!?


That's interesting but let's leave that for now. I asked if you enjoyed each other." "Well yes. I enjoyed every second of it if you must know." "Excellent! What would you like to do now Didi?" "A drink would be nice. I'm a little wobbly. Vodka on the rocks if you don't mind. Thank you." "Of course, just a minute." "He likes you Didi. What do you think? Isn't he handsome?" "Yes he is but he's so young. I just don't know." "He's young in years but wise beyond his age.

You'll see." "Mistress I wanted to please you. I did, I hope, and would love to do it again anytime you want. I just don't know about the rest of it." "Here you are Didi. Now you didn't answer my question. What would you like to do now? You're welcome to stay, you're welcome to live with us, but you must know that you won't be able to just make love to your Mistress. If you stay you must abide by my rules and do what you're told without question or hesitation.

Your body, as Monica's, will be available to me and sometimes us, at all times." "That's the part I'm not sure of. I loved pleasuring Mistress and giving up control. I had no control over my body or what I did with it just now and I loved it.

Everything I did was the first time I'd done it but I couldn't stop myself. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I just don't know if I'm ready to give up total control of my life to serve you or both of you." "How can we help you decide Didi? We'll answer any of your questions or show you anything you'd like to see." "Well to begin with, maybe it would help if you were naked like we are." "Of course.

How rude of me!" Holy shit. No wonder she's his sex slave. His dick isn't even half hard and it's hanging down at least 6" and it's thick.

His balls though! I've never seen balls that hung as low as these did. And they were as big as chicken eggs. Where the fuck do people like these two come from? Did they beam down from another planet? How can two people in the same house have such enormous sex appeal? How do they have bodies that make me drool like a fucking retard?

I knew right at that moment what I wanted to do and how I wanted it done but my rebellious streak wouldn't let me admit it right away. Mistress had been running her hands all over my body and I wanted more. I wanted whatever they wanted to do to me. I knew that she was right. That he could make me cum like I'd never cum before in my life and had never imagined was possible. I just had to surrender.

I'm in. "Did that help Didi?" "It helped a lot. You're two beautiful people and I think I want to live here with you but I'm just not convinced." "We'll do whatever it takes to help you decide one way or the other. Tell us what you need." "Well I won't know 'til it's done but I think uh…I'd like to um…what I mean is…I think I need to be punished." Next: "Be careful what you wish for&hellip."

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