Gay porn movie and boy sex download The shower is one of the

Gay porn movie and boy sex download The shower is one of the
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Debra was summoned by Roland, the Director of her organization, to his office. There had been rumours of job movements and Debra had expressed an interest in moving on. She thought that this might be her big moment.


She strutted down the hallway to his offce. When she arrived she told Jessica and Jessica buzzed Roland.

He came out of his offce and asked Debra to come on in. He closed the door behind her. When he escorted her into his office he had her sit on is couch. She asked how things were going and Roland took a deep breath, "Not well," he said, "Things are slowing down and we are going to have to let some people go." Debra expressed the fact that she did not want to lose her job and she would do whatever it took to keep it.

Roland said that she had a very positive attitude and placed his hand on her knee. Debra shockingly asked what was going on and that she did not do that kind of thing. Roland looked and her and said, "Enough of this! I know the two gentlemen you spent an afternoon and evening fucking to get your husband hired here!" Debra said that they had needed the job then.


He responded, "Since you don't need your jobs now you can leave and you will be laid off at the end of the week. You have a choice, Strip now or walk out now!" Debra started to undress and Roland buzzed his secretary and said he was not be be disturbed until further notice.


When Debra was completely naked he had her sit back down and spent several minutes sucking her nipples. Debra had large breasts for her size and Roland enjoyed all of them. He then had her get on her knees in front of him and pulled out his eight inch long two inch around dick.

He pulled Debra's face down to it and she opened her mouth and took his full length in. "Suck it! Toungue it!" he groaned. He started thrusting his hips and holding her head still. Finally he burst in her mouth and Debra gagged. Roland removed his shaft and had her lick all of the cum off of it and also lick all of the cum off of her lips. He then had Debra suck his cock until it was hard. Ordering her to lay back on his couch, Roland spread her legs and laying down between them and shoving his cock up into her cunt.

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"Get your arms and legs around me and this had better be the best ride that I have ever had," he grunted. Spurred on by her fear Debra had her hips humping.

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Finally she felt his juices spurt into her cunt. "That was good," he gasped. "Now lick me clean." After she was done he had her sit naked on the couch. "This is the deal," he said, "You and your husband are done for the day.

He will be offered a new job with travel, in fact he will have to travel tomorrow. You will report to this office when you arrive for work tomorrow and you will be assigned a new position. If either of you turns down the offer, you are both laid off." Debra got dressed and left the office. Not meeting Jessica's eyes she walked back down the hallway, she did not strut. The next morning Debra approached Roland's office full of dread. She and her husband had talked last night.

Debra did not point out everything that had happened to her, only that she could transfer to a new position. Her husband was excited so they agreed to accept the offers. This time when Jessica buzzed Roland he replied over the intercom to send her in and he was not to be disturbed until further notice. Jessica smirked at Debra. When she walked into Roland's office he was not alone. "This is my buddy Burbridge, we share everything, are you going to take your new position?" She said yes but inquired what her job would be.

"You will be a courier!" she was told.

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"Courier?" she asked. "Yes you will carry your cunt tits and ass around to anybody in and out of the company that requests it." "That's just a company whore!" Debra cried.

"You are so right," Roland responded, Now close the door and get your clothes off!" Slowly she did.

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When she was naked Roland laid her back across his desk. Burbridge stepped between her legs but waited for his buddy. Rolad stepped up to Debbie's head and she opened her mouth automatically and took in his dick. Roland started pumping his hips, giving Debra's mouth a good fucking. When he was finally going good. Brubridge brought out his monster, 12 inches long and 4 inches around. He noticed that Debra was leaking fluids from her pussy. He brought his cock up to her pussy lips and then with no waiting rammed it in his full length.

Debra tried to groan but Roland's dick was in the way. Burbridge was punishing her cunt but her clit was getting a real good workout.

Debra made a cock muffled scream as she came. She was breathing heavy through her nose but her pelvis was grinding away at Burbridge.

Roland jammed his cock into her mouth up to the hilt as he came. Debra was swallowing as fast as she could. Finally he was finished. Burbridge was still riding her although her cunt was now sore. As he felt himself getting close to climax, Burbridge really started hammering it to Debra.

She made little sounds of pain as he drove into her and small cries of passion as he drew out. Finally he came and the load squished out the of Debra's pussy around his prick. Roland then had Debra suck on his dong until it became rock hard again. Burbridge then stepped up and worked his now soft lance into Debra's mouth. As soon as he got it all in Debra tried to suck on it.

His prick became harder and longer and more engorged. Debra could not even move her tongue. He started moving it in and out of her mouth. Roland grabbed a camera and as he was snapping pictures he said "Debra, these pics will make you famous!" Burbridge was now back to his normal monstrous size.

Debra could not do anything. Her tongue was trapped. She could only try to clamp her lips to increase friction to get Burbridge to come faster. Burbridge was fucking Debra's mouth as fast as he could. Finally he came and as the head of his dick was already in Debra's throat the cum launched down her throat. Roland then stepped between Debra's legs and fucked her one last time. He then called Jessica in.

"Jessica will get you cleaned up and take you where you have to go," He said, "Do everything she tells you to with no question or there will be a big problem." Jessica got her into the bathroom and douched her out and got her washed up. When asked where they were going, Jessica replied, "We are going to your house where you will spend the evening tonguing my pussy.

Tomorrow you will be introduced into your new duties."

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