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Bbw whipping of Nimue in hardcore dungeon spanking of fat amateur slave girl
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There were a few generally accepted ways to handle a kidnapping; you could panic because you didn't know what was going on, you could kick and scream in some vain hope that a passerby felt inclined to help you, or you could fight back if you had the strength to do so.

Sarah chose none of those. Instead, she went along. She didn't flinch when the black bag came down, nor when the four men-- and one woman, judging by the hand size-- groped her every which way looking for weapons. She knew better than to resist because resisting made it more likely she'd be strip searched. She couldn't loose her belt, because with it would go any hope of escape. Deep breaths became mandatory.

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Keep focused. She told herself. Just stay on top of things. You're smarter than they are. You're better than they are. That might not have been the truest statement she had ever made. They'd ambushed her, kept spread out so as not to make one target and boxed her in so smoothly she hadn't even realized it until they were on top of her.

The mark of professionals, no doubt. Tessarie was in full on panic behind her and Sarah turned against the hands still feeling her up for weapons. She couldn't see much through the bag but the pinpoints of light peeking through holes in the fabric.

She could imagine plenty, though; the fear and uncertainty. Knowing that her dreams of freedom had just been dashed by forces unknown. The group's woman slid her hand into Sarah's blouse, feeling around her skin, groping her breasts-- massaging them. Sarah exhaled a huff, idly wondering just what kind of kidnapping they were in for.

"Miss Variel, you've no reason to panic. . Calm down, dear. I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding. Let's let the good woman be on her way, hm?" The little elf whimpered and cried out indistinctly. There was a distinct sound when someone was punched in the stomach-- that sound like air being ripped from their lungs by hot tongs. That sound came from Tessarie as her weight sagged and her silhouette disappeared from view.

Replaced by a man scooping her up into his arms and turning down the alley. The people crowded around Sarah jostled her deeper into the alley. She let them, closing her eyes half way while she forced her heart to beat slower. She would be all right. They weren't taking her directly to Zxhoo or half the city would've been in flames by now, which meant they probably would have to transport her to Lekemsal-- or the remains of it, anyway.

Knowing that, she could plan her tactics. Yes, there was no reason to panic. Deep breath. She was better than they were. Smarter, wiser, longer lived. She threw her shoulders back and stood straighter. Damned straight, she was. She was Sarah-gods-damned-Kettar, after all. She could carry herself with dignity and pride all the way there because she had, or would have, a plan. So that's exactly what she did for the rest of the 20 minute walk to the docks district.

They entered a warehouse, went up a ramp and stopped in an office where both women were deposited into chars. Sarah was tied down at the wrists and a handcuff was locked around her right wrist. Her heart punched into her throat when the metal came down, the heavy padlock pulling at her delicate wrist like a ball and chain. Her confidence began to falter. The man with the scars on his face ripped the hood off.

Sarah barely managed to keep from flinching as she looked up at him and said in her most cheerful surprised voice. "Is this the part where I promise to look you up the morning after? Because if it is--" He reared his hand back to slap her. She jerked away by reflex. He smiled. "No' so funny when yer tied up, are ya?" "Humor has never been my strongest suit, but I can tell its yours." She leaned back in the creaky wooden chair, glancing at Tessarie out of the corner of her eye.

The little elf had been given the same treatment she had and remained perfectly still, her rich olive skin beaded with sweat as her eyes searched the four around her for some sign of what was to come. Sarah put the girl's fate out of her mind and turned to look up at scar face. She flashed him a smile and crossed her legs as though she was atop a throne.

Scarface leaned against a table littered with iron tools designed for metal work; cutters and pressers that could easily meld warm steel into shape and, Sarah was sure, rend bone every bit as easily.

The man caught the look and glanced at the table. It was his turn to smile. He took a deep breath and stepped forward. "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah--" "Dear, best not to take my name in vain, lest it mean less when you actually do want to call it." He arched a brow.



An' why would I wann'a say your name, ay?" He stepped froward, his greasy hand reaching out. He ran his fingers through her silky mane, no doubt leaving trails of oil in her coppery strands. "You know what this stuff is, don'ya luv? He only said we gotta bring you in alive-- doesn't haff'a be in one piece." Sarah didn't recoil, turning her gaze up to him with a smarmy little smile. "Let me let you in on a little secret about dealing with dragons, dear." "Oh?

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Yah hear that? She's gonna educa'e us!" There was a hoot from some of the men to her left. Tessarie whimpered, struggled against her bonds. It was all Sarah could do not to break eye contact with the man looming over her. "Lean in, dear." The man did so, grabbing a hand full of her hair so she couldn't move. When he was close enough she nipped at his ear playfully and murmured in a sultry, silky tone.

"Dragons kill anyone they deal with so they never have to pay on their debts." "That right?" "Mhm." He jerked her head back, shoved himself into her lap and bore down on her with the wretched stink of body odor and sweat. Before she could react, he kissed her roughly and grabbed her breast through her vest with one large hand. Her glasses smashed up into her eyes, she sucked in a breath through her nose, finding only his fetid stink.

She sunk away in her mind and let the man have his moment. She was better than they were, she reminded herself as she opened her mouth to invite his tongue in. He didn't tease, ramming his tongue into her mouth and squeezing her breast hard.

"Sarah!" Tessarie cried out. One of the men whistled loudly and a murmur of approval rippled through the group. A few seconds later the elf was letting out a groan, muttering for them to stop for all the good it would do. Sarah knew better, though. This wasn't going to stop. She closed her eyes and focused her thought. The man's tongue swirled around hers and he sucked her breath away as his hand groped her roughly, pressing her nipple in to the generous flesh of her breast with his thumb.

After a moment he broke the kiss to look at his would be conquest. He smiled a dark grin that showed off his rotting teeth. "Done so soon?" Sarah breathed. The thought of Tessarie's own cum still on her tongue, the tongue he had just been attacking, tickled her fancy and so she smiled.

"Business 'or pleasure, luv." "Ah, yes, business. ." She brushed her foot against his shin, up to his knee and down, stroking the flesh underneath.

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"Shame about that." She smiled. Calf high boots with no hidden daggers. Good to know. Tessarie was in mid cry when the female in the group kissed her just as roughly as scarface had done to Sarah. The human woman looked like she hadn't missed a meal in a while and yet she still tried to pour herself into a corset that did more to emphasize her bulk than hide it. Sarah steeled herself and put the elf out of her mind once more, looking to the man.

"So what is our business, my good man?" "Gold." He took a coin from his belt pouch and held it up for her to inspect. It was one of Zxhoo's, no question about it, the image of a dragon wrapped around a screaming elf had been engraved into the coin.

"Boss wants it back." "I'm sure he does!" Two of the men stepped away from the group and went to the table, picking up pliers and a pair of snips. Sarah felt a cold shiver run up her spine.

Scarface flicked his gaze to Tessarie and the fat woman. "Start with her. Take her ear." Inwardly, Sarah's stomach lurched but only briefly. Outwardly she settled back into the chair and laid her back straight against the rickety backing. It didn't give at all.

Neither did she. "Torturing someone you don't even know?" "Bett'n you do, 'hough!" He leaned back against the table and crossed his arms over his leather clad chest. The men mounted either side of Tessarie's head and the woman helped hold it as they pinched the tip with the pliers. Her scream was deafening and yet Sarah clung to her mantra. She was better than they were. Her fingernails dug into her palms. She could have let them mutilate her until the cows came home, but what good would that do?

Sarah needed an opportunity to escape. She needed a reason-- She had it. Step one: The set up. . "Not really! I just met her. . I was taking her home for a little fun, you know how it goes." She flashed a smile at his look.

"Posh, when was the last time you had to pay for it?" He sneered. Step two: The diversion. "You can cut her up all you like but let's be completely honest, you'll not get what you're looking for any quicker! I've no personal connection to this girl, nor do I value her life." Sarah bobbed her foot, keeping as much force in her voice as she could.

"This is the problem when pawns play in games between chess masters, don't you think? They. Get. Used." She smiled at the implication, hoping he'd take the bait. Scarface clenched his teeth briefly and stood up. "Hold on." He said to his subordinates. "She's right.

. . She's the one we want." That's it. Sarah tried to still her heart as it slammed against her ribs. Stay in control. She chided herself. Focus. Panic was the natural reaction to the threat that was going to come but she saw it coming and so she could keep herself controlled. She just had to look like she'd lost it-- "Cut her ear off-- no. Better yet, start with her fingers." "My fingers?! Gods, how will we explain this to your mother?" That earned her a swift punch she didn't see coming.

Her head reared back and blood trickled from her split lip. Hands grabbed her hand and uncoiled her fingers wide. The pliers came down on her knuckle and pinched it as the metal cutters lined up on the tender flesh. She couldn't help it, she screamed out. Tessarie screamed. "Wait!" Sarah found her focus.

Grabbed onto it tightly and spoke up in the firmest voice she could manage. "Wait indeed! I think I might-- I might be able to help you!" The man with the snips turned to scarface. "I'm lisn'n." "Th- The gold!" Sarah sucked in a breath. "I hid it! I'll tell you where, just don't do anything rash!" Thus began step three; effecting an escape. "We're all friends here, right?

If you want my fingers in tight spots, there are better ways to go about it!" Scarface grinned a smarmy, dominant smirk that parted his lips. He reached out and ran his thumb across Sarah's lower lip, reddening her lips with her own blood as he cupped her jaw. "I'm listening." She swallowed.

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Took the tip of his thumb between her lips and looked up at him with a coyness she didn't feel. Men like him were easy to read, easy to figure out and easy to manipulate if done properly. The covetous glint in his eye told her all she needed to know. Him pressing his thumb into her mouth told her a lot more. This man was their ticket out. She didn't bat an eye as she sucked on his greasy thumb, speaking around it with practiced ease.

"It's in the centrul' distri't. The fifth stone from the base of the Leinian temple-- just righ' of tha cornerstone." As she swirled her tongue over his thumb, revolted by the taste but too proud to show it, the man relaxed. With his thumb palm deep in her mouth, he nodded to the others. "Go find it. . Take Rachel with y--" he faltered when he looked over.

Sarah followed his gaze to see Tessarie squirming under the woman's bulk as the fat woman snored into her ear. The bright red mask that had become the elf's face made her skin look almost purple as she kicked and flailed ineffectually against the much heavier woman. Her whimpering cries came breathlessly as she struggled all the more. "Someone get her up, gods. . Randy bitch." The three men hauled her off Tessarie, revealing the poor girl's naked chest where her clothes had been pushed aside to make room for Rachel's demands.

It was too bad she hadn't gotten the view that Sarah had, but maybe it was for the best. The men slapped Rachel's face a few times to wake her up and they collected themselves, trooping out of the office. Finally, scarface pulled his thumb out of her mouth and looked between the two elf blooded women. A smug grin pulled at his lips and he turned around to the table.

Sarah noticed a punch dagger kept at his lower back but made sure she wasn't looking that way when he turned around. He was holding a ring gag designed to keep the wearer's mouth open. She looked at the gag and then him, perked a brow.

"I hardly think that's necessary." "And why no'?" He tested the give on the leather and Sarah leaned forward. "You just gonna--" "Dear, if you've not figured it out by now, I'm quite content to orate my way into and out of many things. Isn't that right?" She looked to Tessarie who was eying them both with wariness. Sarah mouthed the words Trust me in elven. It was scarface's turn to look between them dubiously. He relaxed a little when Tessarie blushed a deep crimson and settled his gaze on Sarah.

"You ain't gonna bi'e or anything?" "I don't bite unless you ask me to." She chuckled casually, uncrossing her legs. "As you said, you're going to deliver me whole, aren't you? So why don't we work something out that's mutually beneficial.

Let the poor girl go home and I'll ensure you have a very satisfactory trip." "And what makes you thin' we won't just do it anyway?" He strolled up to her, confident in his position of power. "You got some grea' curves and my boys aint had a go at someone like you in a while. ." He looked her over for a moment, mentally undressing her. Sarah leaned forward a bit more, testing the bonds of the rope around her wrists. She pouted her lips playfully, looking up over her glasses. "Oh yeah. . Yeah, we're gonna have a lot of fun." "Ah, but what good is fun if its not shared, hm?

I believe firmly in give and take. ." She nodded to the gag. "So let's dispense with that and let me show you the difference between good oratory and debate." He eyed the gag, then her. A moment of confusion flashed over his face and he tossed the gag back on the table. "Use your teeth and I'll take a lot more than a finger." "Then we'll have something in common." She looked up with a smirk.

"Be a dear and let my hand free, why don't you?" He laughed as he undid the buckles on his trousers. Unceremoniously he opened his pants, releasing the pent up stink of unwashed body hair as his cock freed itself from his leathers, almost stabbing her in the cheek.

He was just about the right size for Sarah's taste in humans, big enough that she could handle him well but thick enough that she couldn't enjoy it. "You think I'm stupid?" His cock bobbed against her well rounded cheek. She smirked at him. "Dear boy, what am I going to do. . I'm tied up!

You've won, the vicarious conquerer and what not, but I'm not going to be nearly as much fu--" He crammed his cock in her mouth, grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down on it. A low groan escaped his mouth as he drilled into her mouth, slapping her tongue down with the thickness of his rancid tasting meat log. Sarah closed her eyes, knowing there was no getting out of this and resigned herself momentarily to doing what had to be done.

She clamped her lips down around his cock and, with no provocation from the man, she bobbed up and down on his cock, pushing against him when he thrust and pulling back to keep the friction going.

She turned her head and worked her tongue along the underside of his thick member. Sarah, being no fool, knew how this was going to play out and had already started plotting her moves out-- to the left to brush his cock into her throat to make him feel bigger.

Then to the right to take it all with no trouble. There was no struggling with her breathing, she'd mastered that art some time ago. But the stench of the man's body made her want to gag. Even a public bath would have been better than none at all, but this man apparently didn't believe in even that. His disgusting meat throbbed in her mouth and he thrust into her hard, smashing her glasses into her face as she was forced to kiss his pelvis.

All the while he held her there, she rolled her tongue around his cock, turning this way and that so no one part of his member went without attention. He let out a low groan as his cock ticked the back of her throat. Sarah inhaled through her nose and let out a low throaty moan of false satisfaction. His cock throbbed once more and for a moment she thought he was going to blow.

Instead, he yanked her head back and ripped his cock from her mouth, panting softly. They looked at each other, her in a submissive position and him dominant. He towered over her, in control and he knew it-- or thought he did. Sarah licked her lips lasciviously and whispered in a husky voice. "I wasn't done. ." Tessarie mewled and struggled against her bonds. Both Sarah and the scar faced man looked at her briefly before turning to one another.

He was breathing hard as he reached into a pouch on his armor and pulled out a dagger which he used to cut the ropes on Sarah's left arm. He threw the dagger behind him uncaring and grabbed her head again, shoving her forward to meet his cock. She threw out her arm to cup his testicles. Looking up, she pouted her lips coyly and smiled.


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. Tha's where you belong. ." His cock slapped her chin as she leaned in, splashing her angular features with a load of pre-cum. Sarah dutifully took him in her mouth, forming a tight seal to roll his foreskin back where she had more control. Now that her hand was free she could help that along, much to the man's chagrin, no doubt.

He thrust into her mouth and stabbed into her throat this time, arching his back into her to get more leverage, pushing so hard that her nose scrunched up to accommodate the pressure.

She swallowed back on her gag reflex, breathing deeply through her nose. Tessarie's cries became a distant background sound to the sound of the man's balls slamming into Sarah's chin as he thrust. His hands fell to her shoulders as he rose on the balls of his feet, drawing back and slamming his cock into her throat. She glanced up briefly. The man was looking up at the ceiling as he thrust harder.

Faster. Sarah drew her hand back from his balls and to her belt, fishing out one of her lock picks from the hidden pouch. She moaned, sucked, pushed against him, hiding her true intentions. The man's thrusting had grown more erratic signaling Sarah to slow the pace down, to give herself enough time to do what she needed to.

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She slid the pick into the padlock and felt around for the pins even as scarface started forcing himself in even harder, seeking out the pleasure he was getting before. Easy pins. They couldn't have been more obvious if they'd been made out of her hammer's head and there were only two of them. She pushed the first one up and used the fatter end of the pick to turn the tumbler. At the fringe of her consciousness, she was aware of the man's throbbing.

That aching moan of a man about to unleash himself. She had the second pin pressed in and the tumbler turning when he did.


Scarface growled out a hearty, dominant groan of satisfaction as he thrust his thick cock deep into Sarah's mouth, smashing her glasses up her face and blasting the back of her throat with a punch of hot, sticky seed. Blast after blast erupted into the half elf's throat and splattered across the back of her mouth. He thrust with every secondary eruption, forcing it into her willing throat while Sarah wrapped her tongue lapped at the underside. She clamped her lips around him and sucked out every last drop even when he was too weak to continue.

He kept coming for several seconds after. Slumping forward with his hands on Sarah's shoulders, he thrust once, groaned, defeated, and started to pull back. The half elf knew better than to let him go just yet, though. He hadn't heard the click of the lock opening and she still had the element of surprise. She wrapped her arm around his waist and pulled him closer, moaning deeply.

Unlike his stench, the seed coating the back of her tongue and throat actually had a pleasant aftertaste to it. It was one of her weaknesses, human seed, but this was a particularly delicious blend of oily, salty flavor and something sweeter. It was worth relishing if only for the time it took her to get the dagger from his back sheath. He didn't seem to mind. "G- Gods." He moaned over her.

"Mmmmhmmm~" Sarah lapped at his cock with a false dreaminess to her tone. Dagger, lock-- she checked the blade with her finger. Razor sharp.

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Now. She leaned back and kicked him in the stomach with both feet. A look of shock passed over him as he tumbled back, spraying an arc of pre-cum and jizz from the tip of his flaccid cock to Sarah's lips. Sarah didn't waste a moment, undoing the lock from her wrist and shearing the ropes with the punch dagger.

Before he could get up, she pounced on him and straddled his lap. "You should know something about me, dear boy." Sarah flexed her hands, murmuring an prayer as she placed her hands on his chest. She leaned in, kissed his ear and said, "I don't like chess and I don't play fair." That's when she felt the necrotic energies ripple through her fingertips, burning like acid fire into the man's chest. Wounds opened up across his exposed flesh and he screamed out, grabbing for the wounds as though he could help in any way.

The wounds split his skin and bled openly as Sarah jumped off of him and turned back to Tessarie who was backing up into her chair, trying to hide from Sarah now. "It's okay, he'll be fine." "But-- you!" "I'm a priest, sweetheart." She held her hands up in a 'what can you do' gesture and twirled the blade around her finger.

"You want to come with me, or wait here until they return?" The young elf swallowed, eying Sarah dubiously. "Y- You won't hurt me?" Sarah frowned. "Dear. It was an infliction blessing- hardly-- Oh look, he's found his healing. Time to go!" The man was half way through the potion when Sarah cut the bindings and hauled Tessarie up. She whispered. "Can you put him to sleep?" "I-- N- No. I can't focus!" Sarah spun and threw the blade at the opposite wall, hoping she might get lucky and unsettle the scarred man.

It went wide but he still flinched. "Good enough!" She took advantage of the momentary distraction and launched off for the door with the reluctant elf in tow. This was going to be an interesting day, Sarah decided.