Clamping your head between my iron thighs

Clamping your head between my iron thighs
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After Sofia shut the doors to her balcony, a gust of wind caused the lamp to topple off, and fall down onto the ground below, in the gardens of the palace. As it lay there, it began to grow warm, before clouds of violet-coloured smoke began pouring out. It formed into a nude girl, who sighed.

"Honestly, it's ALWAYS just as I'm getting comfortable," she said. "Alright, what to do you-" The genie looked around, and realised there was no-one around, and it appeared to be night time.

"I heard something!" She heard a voice shout. "I think it came from over here!" The genie turned to see two guards approaching, wielding swords. "There! You! How did you get in here!?" "You two aren't my Mistress," The genie said. "She's obviously insane," said the 2nd guard.

"Why else would she break naked into the most heavily guarded places in the kingdom?" "Oh it was quite unintentional, I assure you," the genie said. "Right, come with us," the first guard said. "The Queen can deal with you tomorrow." "Oh, I don't think so." "Don't resist us, girl.

We have permission to kill intruders if we need to." "I'd love to see you try." "As you wish…" The two guards lunged at the genie with their swords, but she just grabbed hold of the blades effortlessly. She grinned, and held them up over her head, before throwing them up against the wall.

"What…are you…" One of the guards said in his pain. "Just a passing-through genie," she smiled. "No need to remember that." The genie walked off, holding her lamp in her hand, and making sure to wipe their memories of the experience.

"Now then…where are you, Mistress?" The genie looked around, trying to sense her Mistress' essence. Eventually she managed to detect her, and so she floated seamlessly through the walls, and up into Sofia's bedroom. Sofia, meanwhile, was sat on her knees, saying her prayers.

She was asking Mathulevius and Sorreliftia to forgive her for fornicating with her brother, and then for worshipping him as a God. She didn't know what had come over her, it was like she'd been possessed. Not that that was anyone's fault but her own, she added.

She had given into her lust, and for that she was terribly sorry. She assumed this altered body must be her punishment from the Gods. "Are you done?" Sofia turned to see the genie, reclined on one of her armchairs. "Oh! Um…who are you, may I ask?" Sofia said, standing up. "Nyssha, your genie," she replied, setting the lamp down on the nearby table.

"Now hurry up and make your wishes. I've got a bubble bath and the Fawlty Towers boxset waiting for me, so I'd appreciate if this didn't take long." "Wishes?

I'm sorry, I do not understand. But I would please ask you to knock in future before entering my bedchambers." "Wow, you're posh," she said.

"And this place is pretty swanky. What are you, a Queen?" "I am Sofia, daughter of King Sargo of Farfalla, fifth of that name, and Queen Lascinda, third of that name." "Princess then. Good. Royalty needs less stuff from me." "Nyssha, I do not know who you are, but I do not appreciate your barging into my bedchambers unannounced, and I certainly do not appreciate your current state of undress." "I'm comfy like this.

Now please, make your wishes." "I do not have the slightest idea about what you are speaking." "I'm a genie. You're my Mistress. Now make your wishes please." "I am sorry, what is a genie?" "…You're kidding, right?" "I am afraid not." "But everyone's heard of genies. Certainly every human has." "I have not." "We're magical beings who grant wishes for humans. Now again, make your wishes please." "Magical?" Sofia backed away slightly.

"You are a demon." "Oh God not this again. No, I'm not a demon. I'm a genie. Genies are totally different things entirely.

We're less horny, although at the same time, pretty damn horny." "No, you are a demon," Sofia said, before getting down on her knees. "Oh Mathulevius and Sorreliftia, I beg of you to rid me of this unholy creature." Nyssha eventually decided she'd have to play this girl's game.

"Well actually, I'm from the Gods," Nyssha said. "You lie!" "No, it's true! The Gods sent me to, um, reward you for your loyalty." "Why would they do that? I have sinned. I lay with my brother, and I worshipped him as my God." "Well, you know, you're normally great and all that, and they've seen you repent, so the Gods sent me to reward you." "…Really?" "Yes.

Wishes please." "And the Gods will give me anything I desire?" "Almost anything. Just tell me." "I don't suppose you can bring my father back to life, can you?" "The dead must remain dead." "I thought so. But then, I would not want to tear him away from the glories of Heaven anyway." "Sure, whatever." "So then…what do I desire…" "I'm waiting…" Sofia's first wish was interrupted by the door opening, with Harson parading in, Lexia not far behind.

"Alright Sofia, I'm here to give you your nightly fuck," Harson said, a big grin on his face. He then saw Nyssha, and his grin grew even further. "My my, giving in to our lesbian urges, are we Sofia?" "Harson, do not suggest such a thing in the presence of such an honoured being!" Sofia scolded him. "What the fuck are you talking about?" Harson asked. "Well, I…" Sofia said, looking over at Nyssha, silently asking if she was allowed to tell him who she was. "Well, aren't you a lovely specimen," Nyssha said, standing up to speak to Harson.

"Oh…interesting. Your mind is completely blocked to me." She then looked at Lexia. "Wow, another genie. Tell me, is yours as batshit crazy as mine?" "Only a little bit," Lexia smiled.

"Will someone PLEASE tell me what is going on!?" Harson shouted. "Well Master, I'm not quite sure how this has happened," Lexia said, putting on her best lying voice. It had taken her millennia to overcome her urge to tell the truth to her Master.

"But it seems that your sister has somehow acquired a genie of her own." "WHAT!?" "Miss Nyssha, is this girl also a reward from the Gods?" Sofia asked. "What's she talking about?" Lexia asked. "I told her I was sent from the Gods," Nyssha replied. "She's some religious nutjob." "Lexia, I don't want Sofia to have a genie," Harson said. "I wish for you to get rid of that girl." "Master, I can't," she said, trying to sound disappointed. "It's against the rules." "Obey me, slave!" Harson shouted, slapping her.

"Harson! Do not beat the servants!" Sofia said. "Don't you dare tell me what to do!


I am your God!" "And do not blaspheme!" "Master, those wishes will have been undone when Princess Sofia rubbed her genie's lamp," Lexia said. "So what now!?" "Well, I'm afraid this means Princess Sofia has her free will back.

And you won't be able to make any more wishes involving her." Harson groaned, and pushed his way out of the room in a huff.

"Harson!" Sofia shouted. "I'd leave him, your highness," Lexia said. "He'll cool off. He's just a little annoyed that I gave you a lamp." "Wait, you gave me to her?" Nyssha asked. "Yes," Lexia nodded. "I thought having a second Master around here would help to keep Prince Harson in line." "Oh, so it's your fault my snooze was interrupted!" Nyssha said, annoyed.

"Well yes, but I'd have thought by now you'd have gotten used to it.

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I'm Lexia, by the way." "Nyssha. And I'd appreciate if we could get through this quickly so I could go back into my lamp." "Could someone please explain to me exactly what is going on?" Sofia asked. "Certainly, your highness," said Lexia, bowing respectfully. "You see, my sister Nyssha and I are not really from the Gods. We are genies." "I do not understand. You do not come from the Gods, yet you have displayed magical abilities, so logically you must be demons." "That is not true.

We were not created by Mathulevius and Sorreliftia, we are creatures who were created to bring joy to the human race. By rubbing our lamps, you and your brother have acquired our services, from now until the moment of your deaths." "But his cannot be.

Such things would have been mentioned in our holy texts." "Until recently, there were no genies on Janosia. Our lamps were brought to your planet by King Reylos, as one of the holy relics which your people so revere." "Do you mean that King Reylos was not a messenger of the Gods?" "No, and I'm sure he'd have freely admitted that if given the chance." "I see…and as genies, you are capable of granting any wish I desire?" "Almost anything." "And may I ask, for what has my brother wished so far?" "Well…" "This oughta be good," Nyssha smiled.

"He wished to have sex with me," Lexia replied. "And then he wished to have sex with you, your highness. And for you to worship him as a God." "That…is appalling." "Yep, humans are dicks," Nyssha said. "Now are you going to make some wishes, or can I go curl up under my duvet again?" "Nyssha, don't rush her," Lexia scolded her sister. "Your highness, Nyssha here will give you anything you desire.

Is there nothing you wish for?" "I wish only to serve the Gods." "Sofia, your highness…" Lexia said, trying to get through to her.

"We may not have come directly from the Gods, but…they approve of us." "You are just saying that to make me trust you," Sofia said.

"The fact of the matter is that this past day has been an incredibly strange one. I have had my mind and body altered by forces unknown, and been forced to fornicate with and worship my own brother." "What can we do to convince you all we want to do is make you happy?" "Well actually, I just want to get back in bed, watch DVDs, drink wine and eat chocolate," Nyssha corrected her. "And actually, Lexia, you already have a Master. Stop trying to steal mine." "I'm just trying to help her realise what a great thing she has." "Both of you, please," Sofia said.

"I do not wish to discuss any of this further, I just wish to rest." "Suits me," Nyssha said. She pointed a finger at Sofia, and the princess instantly fell into a deep sleep. "What was that for!?" Lexia shouted. "She wished to rest. I made her rest." ------------------------------- Harson groaned as he woke up the next morning.

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He was still incredibly frustrated by what had happened. Anything he desired. That's what the genie had promised. But now, Sofia was off-limits, and she could get in the way with her desires. Suddenly his near-limitless power had become slightly more limited. Harson reached for the lamp, and rubbed it. A cloud of smoke immediately poured out, and Lexia materialised on her knees on his bed. "What do you desire, my Master?" She asked. "Cheering up," he said. "I wish for you to pleasure me." "Your wish is my command, Master." Lexia grabbed Harson's cock, and started stroking it, sending a few sparks of magic to harden it.

She then moved her mouth down, and began administering the Prince's morning blowjob. "Oh yeah, that's it slave girl," Harson moaned, holding her head as she bobbed it up and down.

"Now I wish for it to be a hundred times better." Lexia snapped her fingers, and Harson's moans intensified. "By the Gods…" Harson came hard, but he'd barely finished shooting before he issued his next order. "Bend over," he said. Lexia immediately obeyed, and Harson grabbed hold of her ass, before he rammed straight into her pussy, their genitals immediately ready for more despite having only cum seconds prior. "Oooo yeah, you like that, slave?" "Yes Master…" Lexia said.

She liked the sex, not the idea of pleasuring him. "Ooo yeah, I wish to cum every second…" Harson moaned. "Your wish is my command, Master." Lexia braced herself for the onslaught of pleasure, and then cast her magic.

She screamed out, and felt Harson ram deep inside her, followed immediately by a splash of cum, and then another, and another. Harson's mind was completely awash with pleasure, but Lexia was just about sentient. Orgasming every second was nothing compared to some of the things she'd had to feel over the years. It did not stop her from enjoying it thoroughly though. An orgasm was an orgasm, and 1000 orgasms were 1000 orgasms.

It didn't get to that stage, however, as only a few minutes in, Lexia looked around and realised that her Master had passed into unconsciousness, his cock still ejaculating uncontrollably in response to Lexia's magic. Lexia pulled off of Harson, and stopped his orgasms. Typical human, passes out just as things get fun. Just then, there was a knock at the door. Lexia got up, and opened it. "Your highness, I…" The servant on the other side said before he saw the naked Lexia.

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"Honestly, with the way some people act you'd think they've never seen a naked genie before," Lexia said, casting a bit of minor mind control on him. "What do you want?" "Um, well…The Queen requests Prince Harson's presence.

She is to make a speech to the people." "I'll make sure he's there." ------------------------------- Princess Sofia woke up that morning with a tingling in her pussy. The body Harson had given her was filled to the brim with hormones, and as a result, her body was craving sex. It was a strange sensation for her, having been an innocent virgin only a few days prior.

She looked over at the lamp, and considered asking the creature inside to return her to normal. But her body would not have it. Her body craved pleasure. Physical pleasure.

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The pleasure she had long since vowed would only be experienced with her wedded husband. But these creatures, these "genies", as they called themselves, had claimed that the Gods approved of their actions. That they were indeed permitted to give her anything she desired. And what she, or rather, her genitals desired at the moment, was sex. That settled it then. Sofia reached over to the lamp, and rubbed it. Clouds of violet smoke poured out, and Nyssha emerged, laid on her back, and reading a book.

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"Yo," she said. "Can you really give me anything I desire?" "For the last time, yes." "And the Gods are alright with that?" "Again, yes." "Then I wish for physical pleasure. Fornication. Sex." "Now you're speaking my language!" Nyssha grinned, and gave Sofia a big kiss.

The princess gasped, and pulled away. "What are you doing!?" Sofia exclaimed. "Um, what does it look like? I'm granting your wish." "But this is absurd! Two women cannot have sex!" "Oh God, you've really been repressed, haven't you?" "I am merely stating that the Gods would never approve of-Oh!" Sofia moaned as, while she was talking, Nyssha moved down to her groin, and started licking her pussy. "My word!" Sofia moaned. "That is…I…Oh my word…" Sofia spread her legs further apart, and Nyssha spread up her ministrations, licking her as though she'd not eaten in years.

She slid her tongue inside, eliciting a scream of pleasure from Sofia. Nyssha then split her tongue into two, using one to tongue-fuck her, while the other rubbed her clit. Sofia screamed again, and came hard. Nyssha grinned, but kept on working her magic on the helpless Princess. Sofia had lost all her inhibitions now. All she knew was that she wanted Nyssha to keep on doing this to her forever and ever.

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"And now, the main event," Nyssha said. She pulled her mouth away, and thrust her groin directly towards Sofia's. The princess moaned again, as she felt herself being penetrated. Nothing could be seen, but it was as though Nyssha had an invisible penis, with which she was fucking Sofia. "Like that Mistress?" Sofia moaned in response, a tear running down her face as she experienced yet another breath-taking climax.

Nyssha leaned forwards, and stuck her tongue down Sofia's throat, the princess barely managing to move her own tongue in time with Nyssha's. Nyssha picked up the pace of her thrusts, enjoying the feeling of power she had over her Mistress at that moment.

She grabbed Sofia's ass, and squeezed hard, driving her to higher and higher peaks of ecstasy as Nyssha made her cum and cum and cum. Sofia didn't know how long she napped for, but when she woke up, she was a little spoon, being cuddled from behind by Nyssha, who was stroking her stomach. "Morning Mistress," Nyssha said. "How long was I asleep for?" Sofia asked, covering her mouth as she let out a polite yawn.

"About 6 hours," Nyssha replied. "Don't worry, I sped up time in this room. Only a few seconds have passed.


Though a guy did come and tell you the Queen wanted you for something or other." "Oh dear, perhaps I should get up then…" "Don't bother, time won't go back to normal until you open your door, so take as long as you want.

Can I go back into my lamp now?" "Pardon? Oh, yes, certainly. You are dismissed." "Thanks Mistress." Nyssha disappeared into a cloud of smoke, and Sofia fell backwards.

She eventually sat up, and composed herself. Her vagina still tingled, and she thought back to the sex she'd gotten from Nyssha.

It had really felt as though a penis was sliding in and out of her, ejaculating its seed into her womb. These genies' powers were indeed great. ------------------------------- Later on, Harson and Sofia were stood with the Queen as she addressed a waiting crowd, with Lexia stood invisible with them. "My people, we face a difficult time. It gives me no great pleasure to announce that it is indeed true.

We are at war with Devrican. But do not fret. We shall crush them with all our might. For we are Farfallan! We shall never be defeated!" ------------------------------- Author's message: To quote Nick Clegg: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry. There's no easy way to say that I'm sorry." It's December the 18th, and I submitted chapter 3 on New Year's Day.

17 days is the longest gap I've ever had between chapters. I'm sorry again.

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The reasons are many and varied. At first it was me enjoying my Christmas presents (Mostly AC Syndicate and Star Wars Battlefront), but after that it was Uni work (I never want to write another essay again). I'm free for the next 2 weeks though, so I want to get a move on with this story.

Hopefully I'll get Chapter 5 out by the weekend. Well, post it anyway. Anyway, as for the normal stuff. Sorry about the shortness of this chapter, but I wanted to get it out, and also there's the fact that Chapter 5 will be quite plot heavy and therefore would have been unfeasible to merge with this one.

More sex was the only way to pad it, and I didn't really have anywhere to put it. Don't worry too much about the war that's broken out. It's purely a plot device to drive the characters to what will happen soon. I have the whole plot mapped out in my head, and let me tell you, there's some stuff I'm really looking forward to writing.

That can be my encouragement to speed up. The story will definitely be shorter than my previous ones, somewhere in the region of 7-9 chapters. Total, that is, not more after this. There's actually a little bit of foreshadowing in this chapter which is so subtle I didn't even notice it until I wrote it.

Someone keeps asking about what would happen if a Master got their genie pregnant, so here's the canon answer: A genie would only get pregnant if their Master tells them to, and the baby would be a completely normal human, unless the Master chose to give them any special abilities (Which they could also give to any other human anyway). So no human-genie hybrids. At least for now. If I ever write something like that (Or if anyone else wants to. I'm open to someone else writing in this universe if you ask me first) it might change, but that's the official answer for now.

So that's it for now. I'm going to go finish The Daleks' Master Plan (Incidentally, a happy mid-January to all of you at home!), play some Battlefront (Not as good as the old games) and then maybe start on Chapter 5. Sorry again.

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P.S: Just noticed another question in the comments. Yes, Matt and Sophie are immortal now. This was pretty much confirmed in the last chapter of A Boy and his Genie when they said they were over 10,000 years old now.