Piss d gay and naked boys caught pissing We join the party in the

Piss d gay and naked boys caught pissing We join the party in the
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Midge wiped Archie's sperm off her face, and sidled over to him. Archie was still sitting on the chair in the corner. He looked up at Midge who approached him slowly, and then seductively sat on his lap. Putting her arms around his neck, she slowly began to kiss him. Archie kissed her back, slowly massaging her tongue with his. Then the kissing became more urgent, as Archie's cock slowly began to stiffen beneath Midge's ass.

Suddenly Archie sprang up, grabbing Midge by the waist, he hoisted her up onto the bed, dropped her down onto it, and prepared to enter her. "Yeah Arch! Come on, you're so ready to do this! This is your moment!" Called Reggie from behind.


Archie thought back to all the moments in his past when he'd been too nervous to try anything like this with Betty or Veronica. This was the moment he'd validate his manhood. He'd move from boy to man! All in this one swift movement.

Midge's pink wet pussy was open to him like a flower. And then Archie guided his pulsating 8 inch cock toward her pussy and, closing his eyes, he slammed it in! Midge screamed in pleasure and pain, and Archie grunted his approval.

And then he began to piston in and out and in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Her face was elated with ecstasy.

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She started to breathe harder and harder, moaning and crying out. Her pleasure was mounting. Then Archie stopped. "Baby, why'd you stop? I was getting close!" "Turn over Midge. I wanna make this last. I'm gonna do it to you like I saw Hot Dog do it once!" "Jughead's mangy mutt Arch? Are you serious?" Reggie chimed in. "Aaah shut the fuck up Reggie," said Archie. Midge turned over onto all fours and looked back seductively at Archie.

Reggie couldn't stand it and ran up to Midge. At the same time, Reggie stuffed his cock into Midge's mouth, Archie re-stuffed Midge's pussy. Reggie grabbed Midge's face and started fucking her throat. And Midge cried out from Archie's thick cock but was unable to vocalize it because she gagged on Reggie.

So Midge was ravaged on both ends of her body roughly and thoroughly. And soon she was brought to orgasm, and came all over Archie's cock.

Her pussy contractions on his cock brought Archie closer to cumming too. So he pulled out of her and pumped his cum all over Midge's backside - onto her pussy and ass and back. And soon Reggie came into Midge's mouth, pouring his hot sticky juice all down her throat. "UnnnnhhhhhhhhHHHHH. oooooh. That was great Midge. Thanks!" Archie flopped down backwards onto the bed and sighed.

"That was incredible Midge! I don't know how to thank you!" Midge didn't answer. She was too busy stifling her moans with her hand while being eaten out by Reggie who was licking up all of her pussy juices. "Right," said Archie, "I guess I'll be on my way then. Oh, and Reggie. make sure you watch the clock. Moose should be back any minute! Wouldn't want to cause any trouble would we!" Reggie didn't answer, and Archie quickly pulled on his jeans and shirt and walked out the door.

As Archie walked down the street, he couldn't help thinking about what had just happened. He'd essentially done several very bad things.

First off, he'd lost his virginity to someone he didn't even love, no less. Secondly, he'd lost his virginity to his good friend Moose's girlfriend.

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Thirdly, he didn't even take Midge on a date! He'd disrespected her, and he was ashamed of it, although, alternatively, it'd turned him on hardcore! "Gee, who would've thought that I, Archie Andrews, would do it with some body before marriage?! I mean, I know I'm girl crazy, but sheesh, this is ridiculous. I might have to rethink some of my morals after that. Because, that was incredible!" Archie continued to make his way down the street in a daze.

Eventually he ran into his best friend, Jughead Jones. "Hey Arch! What's crackin'?" asked Jughead. "Wha-? Oh, Midge and I engaged in sexual intercourse and Reggie joined in too." "That's nice Arch.

Say, can I borrow a quarter for a soda at Pop's?" "Sure Jug." Archie handed him a quarter. "Say, have you seen Betty around?" "Yeah, she was at the library, but she said she was on her way home about fifteen minutes ago." "Thanks Jug." "Sure thing Arch. Oh, and Archie?" Archie looked up, "what did you mean by 'engaged in intercourse' with Midge?" "We fucked," said Archie.

"Right. Well uh, later Archie old pal." Jughead walked slowly down the path. And Archie stood there thinking. He thought how that communication with Jughead had been incredibly uninteresting. He thought about how he might improve his day. How could he possibly top the fascinating events of the day? And his mind returned to Betty. Betty Cooper was a great gal.

Probably his best friend after Jughead, and Scotty (his dog). Yep, Betty sure was a great gal. And pretty to boot. Blonde, athletic, well toned. Yet not boyish looking. She looked a lot like a sporty Kate Hudson would. Archie sure liked her a lot. So he made his way over to her house. He knocked on her door. Betty came to the door. She was wearing a t-shirt, running shorts, and tennis shoes. She looked smoking hot all sweaty from her work out, thought Archie.

"Hey Bets! What's up?" "Oh not much Archie, I'm just gonna wash up and then start studying. Can I help you with something?" "Well, I just rented a couple of videos and I wondered if you wanted to come over and watch them tonight." "I'd love to Archie!

I'll be there at eight!" That night Archie heard a knock on the door. It was Betty. She was wearing a knee length blue skirt, and a crisp white button down top. She looked cute as hell, but there was something wrong. Archie realized what it was.

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She wasn't naked. "Betty! I ordered us some pizza. Shall we watch?" "Sure Arch! What movie is it?" "Oh, it's the Creature from the Black Lagoon!" "How… romantic, Archie." Betty and Archie ate their pizza and sat on the couch. The movie was scary, and Betty leaped into his arms sometimes, but Archie felt too shy to try anything except to snake his arm around her shoulders.

Finally the movie ended. "Well I guess I should be going…" "Are you sure Betty? I've got another movie here!" Betty shook her head. "Sorry Archie. But I had a great time!" Betty leaned in to smooch Archie on the lips.

As they leaned in for the peck, Archie opened his mouth into her kiss. He prolonged it, and gently he probed her mouth open with his tongue. Betty was completely surprised. He'd never kissed her like this before. They began to make-out, teasing each other's mouths with their tongues. Archie wrapped his arms around her body, embracing her, and lightly teasing other parts of her.

He fondled her back, and slowly reached down around her ass, lightly caressing her. He snaked his hands into her hair in order to pull her face harder into his own. As they made out, he slowly unzipped his pants. Then he pulled them down and grabbed his slowly stiffening penis into his hand.

As Betty broke away from the kiss, she looked down and saw Archie's dick in his hand. "Archie! What are you doing?!!" Archie looked horribly embarrassed and stood up, tucking his penis back into his pants.

He faced away from her and said, "Oh gee Betty! I didn't mean for you to see that. It's just, I hurt myself there earlier, and I just wanted to check for bruises." Archie jumped up and grabbed his Coca-Cola and started drinking it. He looked really nervous. Betty felt bad, and stood up.


"It's okay Archie, I'm sorry to freak out on you like that. Really I am! It's just. well, I've never seen a man's.thing before." Suddenly, Archie whipped around to say something to Betty, but in doing so "accidentally" spilled his coke all down her top and skirt.

"Oh! Oh no. Oh no Betty, now I've gone and done it. Let me, oh god. Let me help you with that! Here!" Archie ran to the bathroom and grabbed some towels. "Here go take a shower and rinse all that off. I'll get you something to change in to. Oh Betty, I'm so sorry!" Betty took the towels. "No, Archie, it's my fault. Don't worry." She went into his bathroom and locked the door. Archie rushed over to the keyhole and began to watch her peel off the coke-stained garments.

Once she was naked, she bent down and turned on the shower. Archie knew he had to find a way to get in there. This opportunity was too good to pass up. He quickly stripped down and then picked the lock. "Betty, I brought you some pajamas to wear." "Archie how did you get in?" "Oh sorry, I picked the lock.

Are you doing alright in there? Maybe I should help you." Archie quickly brushed aside the shower curtain and walked straight into the shower with her." "What are you doing?!?! Archie, this isn't proper! We're both naked! And, and your thing! It's huge! What happened to it??" "What's the matter Betty, you've never seen a man with a hard-on before?

It's no big deal." He grabbed Betty and kissed her. "So look sweetheart, I figure, we've been dating for a long time. All those trips to lover's lane. I think maybe it's time we took it to the next level. All the kids are doin' it." Betty's eyes turned wide, she looked embarrassed, red in the cheeks.

"Gee, really Archie? No one ever talks about it!" "Come on Betty. Look you wouldn't have to do much.

Maybe just, kiss it. It's not that difficult. Just kneel down and kiss the tip." Betty looked reluctant, but Archie put his hand on the top of her head and slowly pushed her down face to face with his crotch. The water showered down upon them both, beating across her face, she closed her eyes. Betty then puckered to kiss the head of Archie's cock.

"Ahhhhhh Bets. YES. Now, just. just open your mouth, and slide back and forth around it." Slowly, weakly, she opened her mouth and put it around the head. She sucked at it a little, and then Archie took his hand, and slowly pushed her head further onto it, and then grabbed her hair and pulled her back off of it. He slowly repeated the process until she got the hang of it. She bobbed back and forth on it, but she wasn't getting nearly enough of it into her mouth. All of a sudden Archie grabbed her head and slammed her onto it.

She choked and gagged and pushed him away from her. She had tears streaming down her face, and she spit onto the tub floor. Betty looked up at Archie imploringly. Archie suddenly felt terrible.

He squatted down to her, and starting stroking her hair. "Betty! I'm so sorry honey, I guess. Well, I guess I thought you knew how to give good blow jobs. It's okay though. I'll get out. Ill just go call Veronica instead. She'd probably give me a great one!" Archie knew this was a flat out lie, but if there was anything that would make Betty change her mind, it was her competitiveness with Veronica Lodge.

Betty suddenly stopped crying. She looked up at him. "You are NOT leaving this date for Veronica! Do you hear me? This is my night with you. MY NIGHT! Veronica will not ruin it. SO, if sucking your big, hard penis is going to keep you away from her, then I'm going to give you the best blow job you've ever had." Archie grinned.

"Good, then, get to it." Archie grabbed Betty's breasts and began to massage them as she returned to her task. Betty's breasts were a perfect C- cup. Archie had never fondled them before, much less seen them naked! They were milky white with rosy pink tips. Just as he'd imagined they'd be.

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"Betty, your boobs are really gorgeous!" Betty said nothing as she was busy sucking his dick down. The more she did it, the more she got used to it. He pushed her head further down again, and this time when she gagged, she remained for a few seconds longer, and her throat relaxed and gave way to the dick. She started to deep throat him more efficiently. Then she would lick him from the bottom to the tip. Then suck the head. "Sweety, there's a lot of nerves in my balls, would you do something about that?

Betty tugged lightly on his sensitive nuts. Then she tickled them lightly with her fingertips while sucking his dick. Then Betty put one ball in her mouth sucking, then the other. Archie was getting really close to coming. As she returned to the tip of his penis and sucked on it, Archie suddenly felt his balls constrict and he started to shoot into her mouth. "AAAAhhh, Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Oooh." She immediately let go of his penis and started to spit his sperm out into the drain. Meanwhile Archie was shooting everywhere, across her head, onto the tile on the wall, he finally grabbed hold of himself and finished onto the porcelain floor. "Oh God, whooh. I'm sorry Bets. I shoulda warned you. It does that. But, good grief, that was amazing!" Betty wiped off her face. "Really Archie? Gee, that stuff tasted funny. Yet strangely, that whole process really kind of.

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Well. It really turned me on."