Bad cop caught a sexy brunette MILF because of felony

Bad cop caught a sexy brunette MILF because of felony
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Ester, Helen, and Rose I went to my local home improvement store/warehouse to return something. I was in line behind a short guy, waiting. Behind us I saw this woman, a Hispanic beauty, long black wavy hair with a great body, nice big round tits, but covered discreetly.

She was hiding her body by dressing conservatively.


She was hold the hand of a little girl with her about 4/5 yrs. old. As I looked she saw me and gave me a look too with a kind smile. A feeling of excitement came over me.

I have always had a thing for women with big tits. She was waiting for the guy in front of me. He was a very meek looking guy. He finished and walked to her, and then he followed her into the store. In a few minutes I walked in the same direction. I was looking for a special lightbulb, for the coming holidays. I turn a corner into another isle and saw this family again. As I walked by this beautiful woman she discreetly slipped a piece of paper into my hand.


Walking a few steps beyond, I read the note. "I want you, my husband is a cuckold, and doesn't care what I do or with whom" and it had a phone number. I turned and looked at her, gave her a smile and made a discreet motion for her to follow. I started towards the store's bathrooms in the back.

She followed. I went in the women's restroom. As soon as she entered, I locked the door, she was all over me. She stood about 5'2'' next to mine 6'4''. She had to be at least a 40 DDD, and had a nice round ass. Her mouth was all over mine.

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Our lips and tongues were having a good time. I could feel her hands on the bulge in my pants. She was undoing my pants and pulling them down, saying, "I'm Ester." In seconds she was on her knees in front of me with my swollen cock in her mouth.

She was an expert, her licking and sucking made me want to cum immediately. As she continued to lick and suck my cock and balls, her clothes were coming off, exposed her big beautiful tits. "I am Mike", I said. She pulled her mouth off my cock, and said, "will you fuck me right now Mike?" At that moment, I had a thought of her husband outside somewhere in the store, with the little girl.

Ester's pants and panties were on the floor. She turned her ass toward me and bent over. It was easy to shove my big hard sloppy wet cock deep into her already wet pussy with one thrust. Ester had an orgasm as soon as my cock hit bottom on the first stroke. Her body was shaking and I bet the sound she made could be heard out in the store. I kept pounding her from behind, feeling her juices gush all over my cock deep inside her pussy.

"I love a big white cock deep inside me Mike," she said. I kept pounding her from behind with her moaning on each stroke. I gently grabbed her long black hair, showing her I wanted her to rise up. Soon she was in reach; I reached around her, grabbed both tits, and squeezed each nipple between my fingers.

My cock seemed to be going deeper with each push. In a short time she a second gushing orgasm. As I pulled out of her sloppy pussy, my hard cock was dripping her juices.

Ester turned grabbed my hard cock and began stroking it. Quickly I was squirting cum out all over her big tits. I must have unloaded a full pint of milky cum.

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I wiped my cock off as she got dressed, she did not remove my cum from her tits. "Would you please call me soon, so I have your cell number?' She said. "You will want to hear my husband's reaction." I was dressed and walked out of the restroom before her and I didn't see her husband. In 5 minutes, as I walked to my car, I called the number Ester gave me.

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"Mike, is that you?" She said. "Thanks for calling, can I call you back in about 30 minutes?" We will be home then. "Sure," I said. "Call me when you can." It was less than 30 minutes when my cell went off. I could immediately hear human noises. "Mike? its Ester, just listen," she said. I could hear moans and grunts from a male, and I could hear Ester responding with some moans, but they seemed fake. Then she was talking, " My Edwardo has his cock inside me, ohhh, his face is near my cum covered tits." "Yes, babe, give me your cum!" "OHHH yes baby, that's it".

I could hear some other sounds. Then she said, "Mike, he just fucked me with his tiny cock." "I hope you can fuck me again very soon?" "Mike?" "Ester, I said, "what time tonight?" "Oh Mike, I love you, Any time, just tell me so I can be ready." "No Esther, don't get ready!" I told her. "I want you just the way you are right now." "But, Mike, your dried cum is all over my chest, and now, Edwardo's cum is inside me." "Leave it!

I said. I will take you into the shower and wash it all off you." "I would love that Mike." She said. "I will be there at 5." I concluded. "Good, and Mike, my twin sister will probably be here, she wants to meet you." Ester and Helen Exactly at 5pm I knocked on the front door. The short Hispanic man I saw in the store open the door. "Mike, sir, good to see you again, please come in," Edwardo said.

"Esther and her sister are upstairs." As I crossed the entry way I saw another short Hispanic man and two little girls in downstairs part of the house, the girls on the floor, playing and the men watching TV. The house was large and unique, individually built, unlike any other on the block. As I hit the top step, Ester met me with a hug and kiss on the lips. Then she turned and said, "this is my sister Helen." Helen was right there next to me, a kiss and hug for me.

I stepped back and said, "wow, with you two it is like looking in a mirror." The both giggled. I was standing in front of twins, both beautiful, long black hair, large breasts, and very sexy. Ester I had met earlier that morning and fucked her in the store's restroom. Ester saw me staring, "Mike, she giggled, "did you notice?" "Helen's tits are bigger than mine!" Helen was not her sister, much shyer, she turned and walked to the sitting room's couch. Ester, then came close to me and said, "your cum is still all over my breasts, Mike." "Where is the master bedroom and bath Ester?" I asked.

She pointed. "Get your nice ass in there and get the water going," I told her. Then I walked over to Helen. I was down on my knees in front of her, she shyly looked at me and smiled. Helen was wearing a top with a zipper front. It was half way down, I pulled down the rest of the way.

"Helen is your husband a cuckold too?" I asked. Her smile widened, and I knew, she pulled her top apart exposing her tits to me. I said, "you be ready to join me in the shower as soon as I wash and fuck your sister." In a minute I was naked and stepping into the shower where Ester was waiting. I could see immediately my dried cum across the top of her big tits. "So Edwardo saw my cum on you and got all excited?" I asked.

Ester's hand was already round my cock. "Yes, Mike." "I am sure both of our cuck hubbies will want to fuck us after you finish with us." "Our mom, arranged all of this." She said. I was already washing my cum off her tits. I turned her to start washing her back and asked, "your Mom?" I was washing her, "yes, my mom, she is a business woman, very successful; you will meet her sooner or later, our husbands work for her." I had finished washing Ester's butt and I was rubbing my hard cock up against her while reach around her to play with her nipples.

Esther reached behind her and guided my hard cock to the entrance of her wet slit. In a second I was deep inside her as I had been earlier in the morning. Pounding her pussy as she braced herself hands on the shower wall, she soon climaxed all over my hard cock. I pulled out with Ester begging for more.

I turned her and gently, but thoroughly washed her pussy. My hand moving back and forth across her love mound, her moaning increased. Then I was behind her again. This time I lifted her right leg and slammed my cock back into her freshly wash hole.

Within a few minutes she had another orgasm. We stopped. I told Ester to get out of the shower, call her sister, and for her to dry herself and wait on the bed. For the moment I had time to myself. Looking around this shower was built for more than one.

Large, comfortable, double shower heads, and a bench (heated) at one end. I sat on the bench. I heard a commotion and Helen step into the shower. Smiling from ear to ear, her breasts were bigger than her sister's. She was in front of me and on her knees quickly. My hardening cock in her mouth, she was good. She stopped for a moment, looked at me and said, "I love the taste of my sister's pussy." As she again took my cock into her mouth my thought was surprise.

These two twins shared allot more than the same mother. Helen stopped again and climb onto my lap. She gently lowered herself down covering my hard cock with her warm wet pussy. As she did her nipples rubbed down the front of me.

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Watching this was a great turn-on. Feeling the hot of her pussy around my cock was wonderful. Helen had taken control of her pleasure. Her initial moments were slow and deliberate. I could feel each of her moments, her pussy squeezing my cock.

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As she started to rise and lower herself on me, her nipples and tits rubbed against my chest. My hand was behind her head. I brought my mouth to hers. We kissed deeply and Helen had her first orgasm. Her body shook as she exploded in ecstasy. Still shaking I helped her raze off of me, to stand, I turned her, stood behind her, and shoved my cock deep inside her from behind.

She moaned aloud to tell her sister nearby she was enjoying being fucked. It didn't take long for her pussy again to fill with her orgasmic cum, my hard cock swimming in it.

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I washed her head to toe, paying special attention to her love mound between her legs. It felt like she was ready for another climax when I stopped. We stepped out, dried ourselves and joined her sister on the bed. These twins were laying now side by side on their backs, feet dangling over the edge. I kneeled down on the floor, their legs spread wide and two pussies in front of me. I start to lick the pussy on the right, Helen's.

Her moans were immediate, but I could hear more moans than Helen's. My left hand found Ester's pussy, but as I tried to finger her, there were others fingers there.

The twin's were pleasing each other. I focused on Helen's pussy, licking it, long slow licks at first, from her clit down to her ass hole. My hands went under her ass to bring her pussy closer to my mouth and tongue. Thru my tongue I could feel how her body was reacting to me.

As her clit grew, I used my mouth to suck it. Soon Helen was having another orgasm. I then shifted to Esther's pussy. Licking and sucking, feeling her body react. Esther had cooled off some as I was with her sister.

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So, it took a little more effort to get her going. What I didn't know at the time, was Helen's mouth was sucking Esther's nipple. In a few minutes Ester's clit was hard and my mouth had surrounded it. Sucking her clit put her over the edge and her climax was complete.

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I stood up. Looking down I motioned for the twin's to spread apart and make room for me between them. As I laid down hands were pulling at my cock. AS soon as I was on my back, one of the girls was climbing on top of me. Ester's pussy was soft and juicy as it swallowed up my hard cock. It was a wonderful site, her big tits in my face. She started to bounce up and down on moaning loudly.

Helen brought her hand to be on my tummy, her fingers rubbing her sister's clit on each down stoke. My hands grabbed tit and squeezed nipples.

Esther's orgasm came quickly. She rolled off me. Helen immediately took her place. Mounting my cock and riding it. Ester recovered and did the same to her sister, fingering her clit as she used my cock to please herself. Again I grab those big mounds and squeezed nipples. Helen's orgasm was intense. As Helen rolled off me, the girls reacted to a familiar voice. Momma Rose walked in. "Have you two fucked this poor man to death?

She said. Esther responded, "No momma, there is still enough cock for you." I was looking at an older version of the twin's. Rose had the same long curly black hair, short body, with huge tits. I watched and smiled as the clothes came off and she mounted me as her girls already had.

A tighter and not so wet pussy took all of my cock inside. The same big tits were in my face. Rose's moments were fast. She was horny. My mouth found her right nipple and I bite down. Her orgasm was quick. Rose rolled off me and told her girls to make sure they sucked my cock dry. When they finished swallowing all of my cum, I stepped into the shower. Rose followed. Before I had a chance to wash all of the pussy juice off, Rose wanted my cock hard, which she did by her mouth, and then deep inside her from behind.

I fucked her good until she came again. Then we washed each other. She told me about her business and invited me to be part of it. We dried off and stepped into the bedroom. The twin's were on their hands and knees on the bed.

Behind them were their husbands. Each had their cock as deep inside as they could and pumping hard. As Rose and I walked down stairs, we could hear the men coming. I left with a nice kiss from Rose.