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Amateur Honey Gives Sloppy BJ
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Chapter 3 When I got back home after school, with half my mind still on whether I should tell my aunt about my little voyeurism and sadistic tendencies, my jaw fell off as I saw my sister, Laura, preparing food in the kitchen.

My aunt was standing beside her, chopping up some vegetables on the kitchen counter. I stood there like an idiot, staring at both of them whom clearly had no idea that I was aware of their sadomasochistic proclivities. "Hi, Layla. How are you?" my sister greeted me with the most enthusiastic voice I've ever heard. My aunt looked up and smiled to acknowledge my presence. "Hey." I uttered awkwardly, staring at my sister prancing in the kitchen as if nothing had happened.

At that instance, I was almost convinced that everything I saw down in the basement for days was only a figment of my imagination. "Something's wrong? Layla?" My aunt asked as she saw me gawking. "Nothing." I shook my head. "How's the interview?" I promptly asked my sister. "Great." she turned to the counter, obviously deliberately trying to avoid eye contact. I knew it when my sister lied.

She sucked at it. "Oh. Have they accepted you?" I pried further. Instantly, the sound of the plate crashing to the ground ranged across the room.

The sound startled me. My sister quickly bent down to retrieve the broken pieces before aunt stopped her. I could see just how pale she was, but I wasn't sure which was the real cause, my seemingly harmless question, or the fact that she'd broken a plate. "Don't worry about it. Go and sit." my aunt said with a hint of authority.

My sister shot up from the ground and went for the seat without question. She sat down quietly by the counter. She was shivering in fear. "I'm sorry." she muttered softly, almost so weak i thought she could collapse at any moment. "Don't be. It's not your fault." I snapped. She quickly looked at aunt Mary, whom was busy cleaning out the broken glass, before staring back at her fingers like an errant child who was caught painting the walls with crayons.

I can't believe what I saw. My aunt actually had tamed the most vicious lioness of all time. I had never seen Laura so apologetic, so demure, so.submissive. If i didn't know about the basement secret, i would have probably thought that she had been possessed or hit her head too hard. But since i knew what had actually gone down, it was terrifying to see how much she had changed. It was like a completely different person. And it hurt quite a bit to see her like that. I quickly held her cold hands and drew them to my laps as I sat beside her.

"Are you hurt?" I asked compassionately as if I was talking to a sobbing five year old. "No." she mumbled. I snapped to my aunt grudgingly, not so much on the things she did, but damn her for not at least telling Laura that it wasn't her fault.

The fault was mine. Despite the fact that my sister can be an asshole at some point, seeing her like this was making me uncomfortable, almost guilty. I couldn't believe that I actually thought everything my aunt did was rather amazing instead of sickening. Maybe it was, since she did make the queen of the jungle into a docile little kitten.

It confused my conscience even more. I don't even know what is right and what is wrong anymore. "Are you okay?" I caressed her cheek tenderly with my finger.

"Yes." her lips curled a weak smile. "Dinner is ready." my aunt said nonchalantly while landing two plates of grilled beef and veges on the table. She turned back to the counter to retrieve hers before returning to the dining table to join us. "Eat." she said after she sat down. I couldn't shake off the feeling that she's commanding my sister.

Despicable as it might be, i thought i should test it out my sister's new gained compliance. "Laura, it's been a long time since we hanged out, want to go shopping?" I asked as cheerfully as I could possibly feign while trying to enjoy the scrumptious dinner.

"Uhmm." she uttered nervously before turning her head to my aunt, whom was chewing her salad quietly. Wow.just wow. A week before, Laura would have jumped on the wagon without hesitation.

Hell, she would have voiced out all the shops she would want to visit and the stuff she might want to buy. It would take an hour before she would shut up about it. "You still need to pack your stuff for college, don't you?" my aunt asked flatly. "Yes." my sister affirmed and turned to me. God, could Laura be more obvious.

It was clear as day. She was under Aunt Mary's control. I wondered if Aunt Mary was threatening Laura. If that wasn't the case, Laura wouldn't have been this obedient and compliant.

God, what had Aunt Mary threatened Laura with? A week down in the basement? A month? A year? Or was she threatening her with the lewd tortures she administered these past few days. "Aww.I promise to help her out." I pleaded my aunt deceitfully, "Please, aunt Mary, can we go shopping?" I added to test their limit.

"Laura is very busy, Layla. Give her a break." aunt Mary smiled forcefully. I could see those 'pissed off' frowns on her forehead. A clear indication that I should back off. "Oh well. I guess we will go out next time." I brushed off the topic and continued eating my dinner. Half way through the meal, I noticed the growing awkward silence. They might pretend not to be affected by the unbearable silence shrouding the dining room, and I could sense the unspoken conversation happening between the control and the controlled.

"So, when are you going to college?" i restarted the topic once more. " week Wednesday." she muffled uncertainly. "Cool. What are you majoring in?" BDSM. i answered in my mind sarcastically. "Erm." she stuttered. I could see that she's beginning to panic. Lying to me was my sister's worst skill. She knew I could see right through her.

"Psychology." my aunt answered just in time for me to not get suspicious, or so she thought, which my sister then gladly said yes. What a bunch of liars! "What are you planning to do this week then? You still have around 4 days." i waved my half eaten piece of broccoli at her.

Her head instinctively turned to my aunt, as if the answer was written on her face, and then turned back to me.

"I don't know." "We can always go shopping." there, I did it again, resurfacing the dreaded topic. Silence hit the dining table instantly. I held my breath and watched as Laura and my aunt struggled to find a way to keep me out from the secret. It infuriated me even more when my sister kept looking at my aunt for answers.

I wanted to just stand up and tell them that I know everything they did, but i didn't. "You can go shopping tomorrow." my aunt sighed. Immediately, a very sincere smile appeared on my sister's face. "Really?" she almost jumped out of her seat. "Yes." aunt said without looking at us. "Wow. Great." I deliberately clapped ceremoniously. "Thank you, mas." Laura clasped her mouth. "I mean, thank you Aunt Mary." I ignored Laura's slip of her tongue. Instead, I began thinking of my aunt's special lessons she gave Laura down in the basement.

A very unusual turn of events indeed. Laura thanking my aunt for letting her out? I didn't think that would even be possible. Aunt Mary really did turn Laura into a submissively obedient girl. And to my surprise, I was actually angry about it. I wanted to scream at my aunt for changing Laura. Laura was a confident and bright girl before all of this. I wanted to grab my aunt's collar and yell at her to give me back the old Laura.

And then, I wanted to slap myself for not only condoning the actions in the past few days, but also enjoying watching them too. Sleep didn't come easy that night. I tossed and turned in my bed but it didn't help me getting any sleep soon.

My guilt was eating me from within. When I thought back about everything that had happened to my sister and how I failed to inform the authority of a sexual abuse, my heart cringed. And to think that I wanted the same thing for Amanda, my best friend.God, I was an awful person. "Laura?" I muttered into the dark room, hoping that she's still awake despite the odd hour displayed on the digital clock.

"Yeah?" she responded with an uncertain voice that reflected mine. "Did something happen?" I asked vaguely, fearing that if I put in too much details, she would suspect I knew. The last thing I wanted now was for my sister to know how I could have helped her but didn't. At least not now. Now, I wanted only one thing. I wanted to help her to get rid of my aunt. "No." she lied. "Why?" "You seem." I paused as I thought up a better word than 'submissive'.

".different." After a long pause, I heard her shifting in her bed. And then, there's a soft audible sigh. "I uhm.learned a lot during the interview." Interview?

You mean being fucked six ways to Sunday by Aunt Mary? I rolled my eyes, but decidedly not to say anything since that would make her suspicious of my involvement, or lack thereof. As the silence stretched, she finally let out another sigh. "I uhm." she struggled to complete the sentence. "I will always be there for you, Laura." I didn't know why I said that, but I said it nonetheless. "If there's anything I can help, I will." I had all the clips saved in my laptop.

Yes, it would definitely be awkward and suspicious describing how I got those and kept those.but if it would be the evidence needed to put Aunt Mary away and save Laura, then I would bring it to the authorities. "You don't have to worry about me, Layla." she chuckled lightly. "I'm fine." You are not fine! I screamed inwardly.

Being locked up in the basement and fucked into a submissive slave by your aunt were not something to be fine about. "I uh.sort of.found myself" she finally said. I sprang up from the bed. "What do you mean?" "It's hard to explain." she muttered.

"We should sleep now." Without much things to say, I lied back on the bed and decided to let it be. For now anyways. I would ask her tomorrow, when we're out and in the safety of the public. Chapter 4 The mall was packed since it was a Saturday. After Aunt Mary dropped us off, Laura suggested that we go to a nearby coffee shop and began the day with a healthy dose of caramel latte and soy milk coffee.

As we sat on one of the high stool by the window, basking in the summer sun washing through the partially opened blinders, I noticed several glances from the male population around us. It wasn't difficult to see why.

Laura was wearing a loose crop top that barely covered her stomach and a pair of brown shorts. Her hair was undone and the curly blonde mane hung freely just above her shoulders.

Despite being 'disciplined' by Aunt Mary, it seemed her taste of fashion hadn't changed. It was as if the old Laura had come back, except for the fact that she didn't flaunt her assets like she used to this time.

I was actually surprised she hadn't walked up to one of those hot males on the next table that had been checking on her ass since we came in. To be fair, they might be checking mine.but I knew Laura had better curves than me so there's that. "So, you will be leaving in four days?" I asked as I sipped my hot caramel latte. Laura was not an academician, that's as clear as vodka in a shot glass. In fact, I didn't even think she would ever want to pursue a degree in anything at all.

But in four days, she would be gone and I was certain it had nothing to do with earning a degree. So, the question still remains. Where is she going? "Yeah." she looked out of the window and stared into the distance.

"But didn't you always hate studying?" I prodded further. "Yeah." she said with a warm smile on her lips. "You uh.liked the interview?" I tested her further. "Yes." she kept her head down and her eyes on the cup of soy milk coffee. This was weird. I was expecting my sister to level out everything to me as soon as my aunt left. I was anticipating the sordid details of those few days that she would blabber about non-stop.

I even kept a pendrive, completely filled with hours and hours of feeds, inside my handbag so that when the time comes, I would give it to the authorities. Hell, I was even expecting that we would be running to the police station by now, not enjoying coffee in a busy shopping mall.

"So." I muttered, "You really want to be." I struggled to find a word and gestured at my sister, ".this." Laura frowned, as if she had realized something. But her face turned back to normal so quickly, I wasn't sure if she suspected I knew or simply just showing displease at my rather demeaning gesture. "I kind of like this." she said with a warm smile, her eyes staring into the coffee as if she reminiscing on some sweet memories.

My heart simply skipped at beat. "So." I was too curious to stop now. "you are really okay with this?" "Yes.

I am." she tucked her lips between her teeth and tried not to grin. "And you ought to know better, Layla." she added as she looked flatly into my eyes. "You shouldn't really be sneaking into places you don't belong." My heart jumped and slammed onto my rib cage.

My eyes darted away from hers as I sipped my coffee nervously. "I don't know what you are talking about." "I think we both know what I'm talking about" she shook her head and let out a chuckle. "I somehow knew you were there that time. You always have this powdery smell on you especially right after a shower. Though I wasn't sure of that until yesterday." I instantly recalled the day I saw Laura on that chair right before I went to school, being fucked by a mechanized dildo.

Embarrassed and shamed by the thought, I turned away from my sister. So, she knew. "But why -" I snapped loudly and several curious eyes turned to me. Realizing I was causing a scene, I toned down the volume into a soft whisper. "Why didn't you ask for help?" Laura smiled as her caressed the rim of her cup with her thumb.

"I guessed because I didn't want you too." Slowly, she shifted her gaze to the windows again. "And you should've helped me, but you didn't. Why?" I bit my lower lip and almost drew blood as I contemplated the answer in my head.

Should I tell her that I enjoyed watching her being sexually tormented? I lowered my gaze to my clasped fingers and exhaled nervously. "Because." I tried to say it but the words wouldn't form. "Because you enjoyed watching it." she finished it for me.

"I'm sorry." I apologized as stray tear leaked down my cheek. "Don't be Layla." Laura leaned forward and wiped away my tear. "Let me tell you this." she looked around us to make sure no one was near enough to hear what she was about to say. "I'm glad you didn't help me. I'm glad you didn't call the police or something." she kept her voice to a whisper that only I could hear. Then, she leaned forward until her lips almost touched my ear. "Most of all, I love being watched by you." When she took back her seat, I could see the redness forming on her cheeks.

She cleared her throat as she adjusted her crop top. "Shall we go?" Yes, we should. With all the shouting, tear wiping and whispering, we two were really attracting a lot of attention. Mostly from men. As we left the shop, I wrapped my arms around my sister's and walked with her. "Does she know?" I asked quietly, as if fearing my aunt would suddenly pop out of nowhere and hear us.

"No. I didn't tell her." Laura blushed redder. "Why not?" I couldn't help but ask. I watched her surreptitiously eyeing around to see if anyone was too close. Finally, she let out a sigh. "Because I was afraid that Aunt Mary might keep you away from me." I frowned. Keep me away from her? Wasn't that what Aunt Mary had been doing those past few days?

Keeping me away from Laura. Or more accurately, keeping Laura away from everyone else. "Then, you might not be able to watch anymore." she added nervously. I turned away from Laura as I felt my face heat up.

God, I must be glowing like a brake light now. We kept silence as we walked aimlessly around the mall, not knowing where to shop. After walking about a mile, we finally settled on a public bench as we both were too worked up to shop at all. I was as curious as a bloody cat with nine lives to spare. And Laura was obviously dying to share those details to me like a girl whom just had her first kiss or something. I wanted to know more about the weird relationship between our aunt and Laura.

I wanted to know why Laura wasn't running to the nearest police station to report an abuse. She was certainly afraid of our aunt. Yesterday's plate breaking incident proved that much. "There was no interview, right?" "No." Laura shook her head slowly. "The thing about psychology, that's a lie too, right?" "I think you know the answer." she scrunched up the hem of her crop, revealing even more of her skin.

"Then, where are you going in four days?" I asked as I put my hand on hers. "To uhm." she hesitated as though she was contemplating on whether to tell me or not. Finally, she seemed to relent and said, "a club run by one of Aunt Mary's friends." "A club?" I cocked a brow. "What sort of club?" "Aunt Mary told me not to tell anyone." she lowered her head. "Come on, Laura. I already know this much." I nudged her. "Promise you will not tell Aunt Mary that I told you." she whispered.

"I promise." "Okay.'s uhm." she looked around like a paranoid thief, "a BDSM club." "What?" I couldn't have shouted any louder and dozens of people turned to us.

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"Shhhhh. keep it down, Layla." she shrieked. "So you know what it is?" "Of course I bloody know what it is." I hissed frantically. "So what? You are going to be some sort of sex slave." That's way overboard. I couldn't believe Aunt Mary, the woman whom had showed us care in place of our parents, would actually sign Laura up to be used like some sex dolls by others.

"No no no. Nothing like that." her face grew red. "I'm going to be a waitress there." "A waitress?" I eyed her skeptically. With revealing bunny suit and bow tie that practically says fuck me?

I thought to myself. "No. It's not what you think, Layla." she stressed. "It's a proper job with salary and employee benefits." "But it's." I looked around us to make sure no one's around. ".it's a BDSM club." "Yes. But I'm not the subs.

I'm only going to work there, serve drinks and whatnot. The club has strict policy. Patrons cannot engage in any sexual interaction with the employees without the employees' consent." Employees' consent?

I cocked an eye at that statement. "Besides, they usually bring their own subs." Laura added quickly, trying to distract me from the aforementioned statement of hers about consent. "And why do you have to stay there? Is it far away?" "It's not. It's ten miles from our home." "Then why can't you stay at our home then?" "It's more convenient that way." she said timidly.

"Convenient? It's only ten miles away. I'm sure Aunt Mary has no trouble fetching you to and from work." I argued. I didn't want my sister to leave our home if she didn't really have to. "It's not that." she blushed brighter. It took me a while to get what she really meant by convenient.

Convenient to have her bound and fucked at all times without me being there to ruin the fun. And when I got it, I rolled my eyes. "Don't tell me Aunt Mary work there too." "She owns half the place." Laura smiled. "We never did know what Aunt Mary does all these while because she doesn't have a job. At least not a real job that normal people do. She's a dominatrix at that club." "And you are her sub?" I snapped.

Laura didn't reply. She merely nodded in embarrassment. Oh god, this was so utterly wrong at so many levels. Yet I wasn't angry because of that. I was angry because Aunt Mary and Laura were leaving me out of their secret life. Nevertheless, I quelled my envy as there were more questions to ask. "Why Aunt Mary did those things to you?" I asked.

If I asked anyone that question the answer would have been because she a sick perverted sadist. But I knew Aunt Mary. No matter what we did wrong in the past, she would reprimand us the way normal parents would.

Grounded, disconnecting the internet, sending us to our rooms.that sort of things. Something must have gone pretty bad for Aunt Mary, whom all these while was both a father and a mother figure to us, to do something so.for the lack of a better word, unconventional. Laura let out a nervous laugh and then lowered her head. The hem of her crop top was at the verge of tearing as she scrunched her fingers tighter.

"She uh.caught me doing meth." she muttered so pathetically soft I could barely hear her. "What?" I hissed in disbelief. My sister doing meth? That's way above what I had assumed she had done.

I thought she was caught having sex with some guy on the street after a few gin and tonics. "And she found me in this house. It belongs to one of the junkies. I didn't remember his name. I don't think anyone remembers anyone there. Aunt Mary tracked my phone, went to that house with a few big men and dragged me out of there." she explained regretfully.

"And what happened next?" I gulped. "Well, you know her. She screamed and yelled at me." My sister let out a short laugh, as the incident had been amusing. "And you ignored her like you used to." I presumed. "What was I supposed to do?

I was high and cold and naked." Laura retorted defensively. "Why were you naked?" "Oh.that." she let out a another nervous laugh. I cocked my head and gave her the 'you better answer' look. "The junkies were." she paused, "I guess they were raping me.

I didn't remember anything until Aunt Mary poured came." She sighed. Well, fuck! Not only did she take drugs, she was raped as well because she was too high to even realize that.

I kind of wanted to clap my hands in awe of her stupidity. Laura turned to me with a wry smile. The smile was quickly short-lived when she saw the disappointment in my face. Since there's no point in brooding over past event, I cleared my throat and placed my hand on her shoulder. "So, you were raped and Aunt Mary thought of fighting fire with fire." I shook my head in disbelief.

"I guess she did." As silence once again came between us, I took the time to process everything. Once I had everything digested and my sanity still intact, I turned to Laura once more. "Are you afraid of Aunt Mary?" it was a rhetorical question. We both knew she was. The plate incident yesterday was an obvious sign. "Well, kind of." She said admittedly. "She threatened to keep you in." I looked around again, a habit I seemed to develop rather quickly, ".the basement or something?" "There are worse punishments than that, Layla." "And that would be?"I frowned.

As much as I came to dislike my aunt's methods, I was also fatally curious of them. She leaned towards me and whispered into my ear. "Have you ever been teased for hours without an orgasm?" I sucked in a sharp breath. No, I obviously hadn't been teased for hours without release. But the thought of experiencing such 'punishment' made my stomach clenched and my pussy throbbed.

"No." I muttered. "It's a very harsh punishment." "But you liked it." I asked softly. It came out more like a statement than a question. "I love it." she blushed and kneaded the already crumpled hem. "The orgasms at the end are always." she shivered in her seat. "well, you get the picture." Yeah, I got the picture.

I had been fantasizing it for quite some time though never truly knew what the experience was like and what it would be to do that unto others. After a short pause, I sighed in resignation. "I guess it's heredity then." I said. "What do you mean?" "I sort of want to try it too." I finally confessed. I felt heat rushing to my face as I flushed. I explained to her my thoughts of having my own sub just like Aunt Mary had Laura. I deliberately left out the fact that I wanted Amanda to be in Laura's place.

"Really?" Laura practically squealed. "I mean, you don't think it wrong." "Weird? Yes. Wrong? I'm not sure. If that's what I thought, I would have called the cops on the first night." It was me who scrunched the hem of my shirt this time.

"You were there?" Laura hissed. "Yes." I said apologetically. Laura turned away from my eyes and looked at the crowd in front of her. Slowly, she leaned closer to me and lied her head on my shoulder. "What did you think then?" I planted a chaste kissed on my sister's hair and smiled. "I masturbated while watching Aunt Mary fucked you. What do you think?" "That it really is heredity." Laura chuckled.

Chapter 5 Aunt Mary came to fetch us back at late afternoon. No one talked much in the car since we were all exhausted. As we cruised through the highway, I wondered what had Aunt Mary been up to while Laura and me were in the mall. Beating the shit out of some tied up chick with a riding crop in this club of hers perhaps. The traffic was light and the trip back home was short.

When we reached, I told them that I needed to take a shower and went straight to my room. I took out the pendrive I used to store all those gritty videos and hid it under my pillow, the safest place that I could think of, until I knew what to do with it. When I was about to enter the bathroom, curiosity struck me.

What were those two doing down stairs now that they knew I was in the showers. I usually took long showers and that fact was well known in the family. Deliberately, I opened the bathroom door and then slammed it shut without getting into the bathroom. Like a voyeuristic pervert I was quickly becoming, I sneaked down the stairs and look through the gap between the steps into the kitchen.

My lungs ceased to take in breaths as I gawked at the scene unfolding in the kitchen. Laura was bent over the counter.

Her shorts and panties were piled around her feet.

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Aunt Mary was standing right next to Laura, tentatively rubbing her crotch. I couldn't hear what they were saying as they seemed to be whispering, but judging from the writhing Laura seemed to be doing, I could tell that she was enjoying it.

Then, I saw Aunt Mary pulled out a black butt plug. I knew it was a butt plug because I'd seen one while surfing through the web to learn more about BDSM. She then rubbed the large device along the crease of Laura's pussy. I swallowed nervously as I watched Aunt Mary plunged the thick black thing into Laura's pussy before pulling it out. She did it a few more times, literally fucking Laura's pussy with the plug, until it was glistening with Laura's pussy juice.

Aunt Mary finally forced the large rubber tool into Laura's anus. Laura yelped quite loudly but was instantly silenced by a slap to her ass. Aunt Mary then knelt beside Laura and pulled up her panties. Once the panties was in place, Aunt Mary gave Laura's ass a light kiss. When Laura straightened up and began to turn around, I darted back upstairs to avoid being seen.

It felt like I had just intruded into something special between two people. As quietly as possible, I sneaked into the bathroom and took the shower that I was supposed to a few minutes ago. While under the torrent of warm water, I thought of Amanda. Would she ever want me to do that to her asshole as well? The thought quickly went out of hand when ropes and chains was involved.

Amanda, a nerdy and innocent beauty, bound tightly with her legs wide open, writhing profusely as I eased a large plug into her asshole. I blushed at the lewd imagination and gave myself a light slap on the face. "Get yourself together, Layla." I told myself. When I went back down stairs after the shower, dinner was already set on the table.


I took my seat while still wiping my hair with my towel. Laura took her seat right after, which I couldn't help but to stare at her. Surely something that large couldn't be comfortable to have inside one's asshole. "Remember our promise." Laura mouthed the words with a bright smile. Well, I guessed the plug really wasn't that uncomfortable after all. "So, you two didn't buy anything today?" Aunt Mary asked as she took her seat.

I could see the strain in Laura's face. "The shop was a ripoff. And the design is terrible." I chimed, sparing my sister the agony of having to lie to my aunt. "Weren't there other shops in the mall that you could buy from?" Aunt Mary gave Laura a suspicious glance and from the look in my sister's eyes I knew I had to step in to help.

My sister was a terrible liar. Fortunately, I was not. "Yeah, but there's just too many people and we just ended up sitting in the cafe and talked about Laura's future college life." First rule of lying, always include a little bit of truth. Only change the parts that really matters.

"Oh, really?" Aunt Mary turned to Laura with a pointed gaze. Laura, on the other hand, seemed like she was going to have a seizure that I had even brought that up. "I'm so jealous of you, Laura. I wish I could go to a college too." I pouted and that immediately gotten Aunt Mary off Laura's back. "You will have your chance, Layla." Aunt Mary turned her attention to me. "Really?" I feigned excitement. "But won't it be expensive?" "You don't have to worry about the money. You just do whatever you like." Aunt Mary chortled.

I guessed money shouldn't be any problem since she practically owned half a club. With Aunt Mary's attention shifted away from Laura, I seized the opportunity to explain on the major I wanted to be in. I always had a knack for electronic devices and hoped to be an electronics engineer. That riled up our aunt and the rest of the dinner was all about my future and none about the lie of Laura taking a psychology major.

"Thanks." Laura finally said as she plopped down on her bed, preparing to go to sleep. "You are welcome." I muttered. It was my fault to begin with. I was the one that suggested to go shopping in the first place.

I walked to her bed and sat with her. "Do you think Aunt Mary's going to be angry if she knows I know." I whispered, fearing that our aunt might hear us. "I don't know. And I don't want to find out." she whispered back. "She will hurt you if she do?" I frowned.

"No. Not really." my sister pressed her lips into a thin line. "But she might do something terrible to me if she knew I told you about the club. like not letting me come for a week." I held my breath and bit my lower lip. Okay, Layla, you will not laugh. I chanted inwardly.

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"What's with that look?" It was Laura's turn to frown. "Nothing." my face scrunched up as I fought the laughter building within me. "You think it's funny?" Laura protested, "Wait till you become the receiving end of Aunt Mary's teasing." "Alright. I'm sorry." I relented and swallowed down my laughter. "Promise me you won't tell her whatever I've told you today." "I won't. I promise. But I might want her to know that I know it by myself. Is that alright with you?" "Only if it doesn't make her think that I've known before you tell her.

Then I guess that's fine." "Okay. I will find a way to tell her that won't get you in trouble." I winked at her as I stressed the word trouble. "It's not funny, okay." Laura hit me on my shoulder. I quickly shielded myself by crooning as I laughed. "Anyway, don't you feel uncomfortable having that thing in your butt?" I finally asked.

Laura's face lit up like a roman candle. "H-how did you." then something clicked in her head, ".you sneaky pervert." "What? I was curious." I bit my lip to stifle a giggle.

"So, how does it feel? Tell me." Laura grimaced but eventually relent and told me. "It felt like I have to take a huge dump, big time. But when I try to push, it just won't come out." her face blushed again as she added.

"It feels kind of weird." "Umm." I pressed my thighs together. All traces of humor vanished from me as a very different emotion set in. "Do you think I can try?" "Y-you mean now?" my sister jerked away. "Shhhh.quiet." I quickly warned.

"B-but it's dirty." "You can give it to me and I will wash it in the bathroom. After I try it, I will wash it again before giving it back to you." I suggested eagerly, like a kid trying to persuade another for her toy. "I don't know." Laura pouted. "Come on. Pretty please." I pleaded. I had been dying to try out these kind of thing and now that my sister had one with her, it was only natural for me to to seize this opportunity.

"Okay. I'll get it out now." she resigned with a long sigh. "Thanks." I whispered excitedly and turned around. Moments later, I could hear Laura pulling her shorts down.

The scuffling sound of cloth rubbing against cloth was the only sound audible in the room. For some reason, it made me all warm and fuzzy inside. "Y-you can look if you want, Layla." I heard Laura stammered quietly. My cheek turned red at the offer. I felt my heart began to flutter madly in my chest and a familiar ache grew between my legs. "You sure?" my voice as nervous as hers.

"I mean, you've seen everything when I was in the basement, right?" Laura said, as if the statement justified the line that we were about to cross. Her statement made me remembered the time I wanted to lick her pussy. It was so wet and pink that it was begging to be licked. My head dizzied at the lewd memory. "I-I guess that's true." I stammered, my initial excitement grew ten folds.

Uncertainly, I slowly turned to face her. My breath was taken away at the sight of a very naked Laura, spreading her legs on the bed like she was having a gyno exam. She hadn't just stripped her pants, she removed her shirt and bra as well. Her voluptuously round breasts rose and fell as she breathed. Her pink nipples hardened and her pussy glistened with her juice. And most shockingly, her pussy was free off pubic hair. "You shaved it?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Aunt Mary did." she moaned and writhed, as though the thought brought back some erotic moments. "When?" I gasped. "Yesterday. Before you were back. While I was still tied up in the basement." she muttered.

My mind instantly formed the image of Laura with legs spread far apart while Aunt Mary scrapped her helpless pussy with a razor. My core instantly ignited at the thought. "Did it hurt?" I gasped. "Not really. It does itch though." she said shyly. "But Aunt Mary was very careful." As we talked more about the shaving, I watched her tried to pull the plug out and as she did, her pussy gaped beautifully, almost as if it was begging me to put my tongue in it.

I swallowed nervously and used every ounce of my energy to stop myself from leaning forward and taste my sister's love hole.

"It's hard to get it out. Can you help me?" she asked nervously. Every inch of my skin tingled. I could feel the wetness forming between my legs. "Okay." I muttered. I sat on the bed and slipped my fingers into the tight gap between the flange and Laura's ass. Oh God, she's burning up. I could feel the heat coming from her body. "Pull it out slowly, okay?" Laura muttered as she spread her ass cheek with her hands. I did what I had to do. Slowly, I eased the plug out from her ass.

I watched as her tight hole widened around the thickening plug as I pulled it out. Her pussy gaped profusely like a gasping fish out of the water. When the thickest point was out, the rest of the plug simply slid out easily. I gawked at the gaping round hole left in the wake of the plug and wondered if she could even close it now.

A part of me even wanted to put my tongue in the place of the plug to will it into closing. Hell, I wanted to push Laura down now and tongue my way in both holes. Fuck! The temperature in the room felt like it had just went up twenty degrees. "I'm going to wash it now." I jerked away from her and lunged for the door. I carefully made sure that the door creaked at the minimal volume as I opened and exited the room. Without hesitation, I went to the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

"Oh God." I rubbed my flushed face. I turned my attention to the object of my curiosity. I was amazed at how clean it had looked. I expected it to be covered with brown stains and whatnot. I mean, that thing was inside my sister's asshole! It shouldn't be this clean, right? I lifted the black object to my nose and sniffed it. It did smell like shit.

Yet surprisingly, I didn't find the smell offending at all. In fact, I felt like I was holding something really persona to Laural, as if I was holding a part of her. A shiver went down my spine as lust crept into my stomach and unleashed a horde of butterflies. My mouth gradually parted. I could feel the heat coming off of my breath as I eased the plug nearer to my opened lips. I pushed the plug into my puckered lips and gave the tip a light lick. It tasted bitter and slightly musky.

Gradually, I began suckling on it, tasting Laura at the most intimate level. My free hand slid down my stomach, passed the waistband of my shorts and panties, before finally cupping my wet pussy. "What are you doing?" I heard Laura hissed. Fuck, I was so in heat I forgot to lock the bloody door. Whipping around to face Laura, I pulled the plug away from my lips like it had suddenly grew teeth and shielded the object of my embarrassment behind me.

"N-nothing." I stuttered. "You were tasting it, weren't you?" she squealed accusingly. "Shhh. quiet. Close the door." I hissed at her. Laura stepped in and closed the bathroom door behind her as quietly as possible. Then, she turned back to me. Her face was redder than a full blown rose and I couldn't help but to blush with her too.

The air in the bathroom rose a few degrees and as we both stood there looking at each others red faces, sparks began to form between us. "Why are you here?" I finally broke the silence. "I thought you might need some help, you know.getting that thing in." She gestured at the plug I was hiding behind me. "I-I see." Unable to look at my sister, who was still very naked, I looked at my feet. There was a long stretch of silence.

Both of us didn't know how to go from here. We were both too aware of each others presence and the growing desire for one another was already dangerously palpable. With the air electrifying and getting harder to breath in, I finally let out spasmy sigh. "You can help me put it in if you still want to." I said. "Are you sure?" she asked. I nodded and handed her the plug. She opened her hand and let me dropped onto it.

She looked at the plug with uncertainty, as if she wasn't ready for it. Then, her glimmering eyes turned back to me as she told me to take off my pants. I did it with one fluid move. Laura moved closer to me and I immediately felt the heat coming from her body. "Sit on the toilet. And lift you legs up." she told me. And like a obedient slut I realized I was quickly adding into my already vibrant resume of sexual tendencies, I did as told. I put the cover down and sat on it.

I lifted my legs up and propped my heels on the narrow spaces my ass had not covered. I watched her went to the sink and turned the tap. "Stop." I heard my own voice before I even realized I had spoken. Laura turned to me with a frown. "Don't wash it." I said nervously. My legs were even shaking now from the amount of lust that had been building inside me.

"I want to have you inside me." It didn't take long for her to get what I meant. With a shy smile, Laura knelt down so that her eyes were on the level of my ass.

"You have a pretty pussy." Laura cooed. "So pink and tight." "Don't." I startled at the contact of her fingers on my pussy. "It's ugly. I still have all my hair down there." I retorted shyly. I never bothered to shave my pussy completely before.

But now I wished I had. "It's not. Layla." Laura disagreed sultrily. "I bet Aunt Mary will have a good time using your pussy." I writhed at the statement. The bathroom seemed to be like an empty void with nothing except Laura and me. Nothing else mattered. "It needs to be lubricate." she purred. Without warning she pressed the plug against my pussy. I tensed at the pressure pressing on my still intact hymen.

Before I could inform my sister of the little predicament, the plug plunged inside me. My pussy stretched and widened at the invasion, my hymen was completely decimated in the process. I yelped at the sharp sting. "Oh my god! I'm sorry, I didn't know." Laura quickly pulled out the thick plug from my bleeding pussy. She rose to her feet, grabbed a couple of facial tissue, before coming back to tend my injury.

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"Don't worry. I'm alright." I said shakily. I had never thought the person that would take my virginity was going to be my sister. But seeing the care she had for me as she tenderly wiped away the blood, I was kind of glad that it was her. "You should have told me." Laura scolded. "I wouldn't have done that if I knew you still a virgin." The words rang in my head profoundly. "What makes you think I wasn't?" I asked with a frown.

"I mean you kind know.enjoy watching me being fucked by Aunt Mary. I thought you would have done that to yourself or something." she explained.

"That's not possible, Laura. What could I fuck myself with? A zucchini? This is the first toy I have ever had." I pouted. "Okay, I'm sorry. Here.I will make it all better." she smiled at me. And before I could even react, my sister's tongue was already lapping at my pussy. I hissed and writhed on the seat as my hands instinctively grabbed my sister's hair. "No, Laura." I moaned as I tried to push her away. Laura wrapped her arms around my thighs and locked herself into position.

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My resolve soon faded into pure pleasure as the incredible feeling gradually etched away my control. "Laura, we shouldn't." My pussy parted as Laura's tongue burrowed between my folds. Her warm slick flesh slithered into my tightness, lapping at every inch my pussy had to offer. My brain almost melted into a pool of unrecoverable goo when I felt my sister slipped her tongue deep inside me.

Oh God, she was killing me. Killing the old Layla that would be too self-conscious to allow this to happen. "Laura.please." I moaned, not really sure if I was pleading her to stop or to keep going.

She suckled, licked and nuzzled my pussy for almost what felt like eternity before she moved away and looked at me with a smug grin. "Why did you do that?" I mewed breathlessly. My hands were on her shoulders, preventing her from trying that again that might break whatever bits of self control I still had left.

"Wounds heal faster when licked. Silly." Laura chirped. "B-but not this." I retorted. "It's all the same to me, Layla. Besides, you seem to like it a bunch." Laura giggled. "But-" I was cut off when my sister pushed against my hands. "No, wait -" My weak arms soon buckled and my sister's wet lips slammed onto my pussy. And that was it. I was helpless against my sister. My body was no longer in my control. Carnal pleasure had taken over me, forcing me to allow my sister to keep going, keep assaulting my love hole with her tongue.

"Oh god Laura!" I squealed. "You have to be quiet." she stopped just long enough to tell me that before resuming eating my pussy. I didn't know how long she licked me, but when she was done, I was trembling like a bitch in heat. Any sign of my injury was literally wiped away by my sister's skillful tongue. "I think it's wet enough now." Laura observed. "I think I want to come." I let out a half sulk half giggle. "We will make you come soon enough." Laura chortled as she pressed the plug against my wet entrance.

Slowly, she pushed the thick tool into me. I felt my pussy stretched and widened, but this time without the pain. In fact, it felt really good. "Harder." I moaned. My sister obeyed and slammed the plug hard into me again and again. My legs quickly quivered and I felt like my body was about to melt in the heat. I could even hear the sloshing sound as the thick plug slid in and out of my wet hole.

"God, Laura. It fells really good." Laura didn't respond. Instead, she leaned towards my pussy and licked my clitoris, whilst fucking my pussy with the plug. I wanted to squeal in delight but I thought better of it by clamping my mouth with my hands.

This was so wrong, being licked and fucked by your sister. But it also felt divinely right. "I think it's wet enough." Laura finally declared. "But-" Before I could finish my protest for not given an orgasm, Laura withdrew the plug from my pussy and pressed the wet tip into my asshole.

I moaned at the relentless pressure and felt my anus yielding to the pressure. I bit my lips to suppress all those uncontrolled moaning and yelping. It would really be awkward if aunt Mary was to walk in right now. I sucked in a sharp breath and my body tensed. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my toes curled. The pleasure and pain were intense.intertwined into a synergy that brought even more pleasure.

And just when I thought my ass was about to be ripped apart, the plug slid straight in. "There." Laura said victoriously. I was already gasping for air by now. My body was burning with lust. My eyes blurred and my head dizzied. It felt like I was hit by a category 5 tornado. Instinctively, I closed my legs as all that spreading had finally taken its toll on my muscles. "How does it feel?" Laura asked. "Just like you said." Like wanting to take a huge dump. "Do you want me to take it out now?" Laura sat on her heels and placed her hands on her lap.

"I want to keep it longer." "You can, but just so you know, I don't think we should stay in here any longer. Aunt Mary might realize we are both in the bathroom." she eyed the door with fear.

"Okay. We should go back into the room." Indeed we did. I grabbed my pants and went back to our room. Once we were back in the dark confines of the four walls, Laura pushed me to her bed and climbed on top of me. "What are you doing?" I asked frantically. "I think it's time to make you come, Mistress." she purred lustfully.

I could feel Laura's intense gaze through the veil of darkness and she bore down on me with her weight. "But I'm not.your.mistress." I tried to struggle. "Now, you are." Laura said and fluidly slid her hands along my body to push up my shirt. Since I never wore bra to sleep, my breasts were exposed to the night air. "Wait-" I gasped as Laura grabbed my right breast smacked her lips on my nipple, suckling the erected nub tenderly while her other hand fondled my other breast.

"Do you like it? Mistress?" Laura purred sultrily as she rubbed her warm body against mine. "Yes. I like it." the words poured out before I even knew what I was saying. "Tell me what you want, mistress." Laura squeezed my breasts and her mouth reached for my left nipple.

"I want you to make me come." I exhaled deliriously. Without warning, two fingers slid right into my drenched pussy. I moaned at the abrupt invasion. My hands instinctively reached out for Laura's head and pulled her up to me.

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I then seized her lips with mine and my tongue slithered against hers. My sister tasted phenomenal, the softness of her lips and the tenderness of her kissed triumphed every kiss I had ever had in my life. "Laura, lick my pussy." I told her when we pulled away from each other. "Yes, mistress." Laura's voice cracked. It seemed like I wasn't the only one affected by this turn of event.


Without pulling her fingers out of me, she slid down until her head was between my legs. Affectionately, Laura kissed my pussy as if she was kissing my lips. The tenderness, the tonguing, the fingering.I shivered and mewed profusely at the massive pleasure my sister was giving me. "Yes, Laura. Keep going." I whimpered. I reached out for her head, grabbed her by her hair, I pulled her against me as I buckled my hips. Laura didn't seem to be affected by my rather rough action.

She kept the thrust fast and hard as her tongue massaged my clit. I felt a strong ache between my legs. My breath became ragged and my heart fluttered madly in my chest. An electrifying current shot through my body. Every inch of my skin burned with anticipation of release. "Oh god! I'm coming! Laura. I'm -" my speech was no longer coherent as words slurred into feral groans. My pussy tightened, a surge of fluid squirted out from within me as I came explosively. As quickly as my back arched, it had slumped back onto the bed with a bounce.

"Oh my god. Laura. I'm.sorry." I apologized breathlessly at the little water works I displayed in front of my sister. "It's okay, mistress." Laura said and then put the two fingers she used to make me come inside her mouth. " taste good, mistress." Even through the darkness, I could almost see the smug smile on my sister's face.

"Shut up." I protested embarrassingly. "So how is it?" She climbed on the bed and plopped down beside me. Her warm breath washed over my face and I inhaled the sweet scent coming from the sweat coating her skin. "It's.not too bad." I said reservedly though honestly, this was the best orgasm I had ever experienced.

"Liar. You practically squirted. You love it." Laura propped herself up on her hands and smirked at me. I turned my shoulder to her and ignored her. It was already embarrassing enough to come on my sister's finger. "You are good." I finally muttered. "What? I can't hear you." My sister leaned on my shoulder, her face inches from me. "I said you are good." I turned and pushed her back to the bed and climbed on top of her.

"Shhh." my sister reminded as she laughed softly. "It's your turn now." I whispered flatly and palmed my hand on her extremely warm pussy. "No." Laura hissed quietly as she pushed firmly against my shoulder. "I can't." "Why not?" I grimaced. She turned away and stared blankly into the dark wall. Then, I heard her sigh.

"Aunt Mary. She doesn't allow me to masturbate." "What?" I hissed in disbelief. "She wants me to come only when she allows it." Laura whispered. "And you buy that?" I scoffed. "It's not like she'll know,l you know." "She will ask. And you know how terrible I am at lying." Laura pouted. "Hmm.point taken." I nodded in agreement. Laura could lie for shit. "But this is different. I'm the one doing the touching." I leaned forward teasingly and patted her pussy. "No. She'll still find out." Laura gasped and pushed herself away from me.

This was certainly interesting. I couldn't help but to grin at the amount of fear she had for my aunt. "What is she going to do if she finds out?" I asked teasingly. "She might spank my pussy." Laura said flatly.

"Or she might not let you come for hours." I added. "Yeah. That too." Laura nodded. "And besides, Aunt Mary makes me come much better than you will." "Is that a challenge?" I grinned and rubbed my fingers on her crotch.

"Stop it. I'm serious." Laura giggled and moved my hand away. "Well that sucks then. So what now?" I sulked. I thought of licking Laura's pussy tonight since she had done so to mine so passionately. "We can take the plug out now." Laura suggested. "Or right. I almost forgot." I got on my four on the bed and turned my ass to Laura.

Without warning as usual, Laura began doing something more than just taking the plug out. "What are you doing?" I groaned as I felt Laura's tongue inside my pussy. "Round two." she said flatly and resumed eating me. Her hands grabbing my ass, holding me in place as she devoured me.

When the plug finally came out of me that night, I had three more orgasms.