Tits police anime and girl fucked Stunning Mexican floozie Alejandra

Tits police anime and girl fucked Stunning Mexican floozie Alejandra
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My husband, Marcus, tells me all the time he wants to see me getting plowed by a hot, young stud. The idea makes me hot as hell. Here's a scenario of how it could happen: Marcus and I arrange to meet my friend for drinks. After just a couple of drinks and a couple of shots, we decide that we all want to do this. So we head out for the hotel, him following us in his vehicle. During the 5 minute drive, I can hardly stop talking about how excited I am and alternately repeatedly asking Marcus if this is really ok.

He keeps telling me I should just go with it and enjoy it but I'm kinda tense. I take a couple more pulls off the bottle of Beam I had stashed under the seat and take a few deep breaths. As we park and get ready to get out, I lean over and give him a kiss and tell him thank you for letting me do this.

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He grabs my hand and pulls it down to feel his hard cock and tells me to make it worth it. I just give him a wicked grin and a quick squeeze before jumping out, grabbing my friend's hand and heading into the motel.

Once we get in the room, we make some drinks and I excuse myself to the bathroom. I come out just a couple of minutes later and I've changed into "something more comfortable." I'm now wearing a short black clingy nightie and a pair of fishnet stockings. My red painted toenails are poking out and I've got a black lacy bra peeking out from underneath. A couple of low whistles from the guys and I kinda giggle and say I feel nervous.

Marcus tells me to do another shot and my friend says he'll join me. We sit on the bed next to each other and hubby sits in a chair.

We make a little small talk, my friend and I inching closer and closer to each other with every second. I get more and more flirty, putting my hand on his leg, laughing, etc. Then I say I feel kinda silly being dressed like this, with the guys still fully dressed. My friend laughs and takes his shirt off. Marcus just laughs and then gets up to head for the bathroom, joking on the way for "you kids to be good" while he's in there.


As soon as he closes the door, my friend and I lunge for each other in a passionate embrace. He kisses me - hard, urgent, needy - his hands roaming all over my body.

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He pauses, resting his forehead against mine and asks if that's "being good." I just smile and say "oh, yes, that's good!" His hands start slowly caressing my body as he kisses and nibble on my neck. I run my hands all over his body, noting that his cock is already hard. We don't stop when hubby comes out of the bathroom and sits back in the chair.

I glance over at Marcus and he has lit a cigarette and is just sitting there with an odd expression on his face. I give him a big smile and mouth the words "I love you" and pull my nightie up over my head and toss it aside. My friend eagerly works his way down to my breast, kissing, fondling, touching me all over. Hubby gives me a little smile of reassurance and gestures to me that it's ok.

So I arch back, thrusting my breasts at my friend and enjoy it as my friend continues to make his way with kisses and licks down to my belly and then discovers to his delight, that the fishnet stockings are also crotch-less.

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I spread my legs wide as he starts to kiss and caress me and a moan escapes my lips and then - oh, oh, it feels so good, oh, yes, right there, yes, that's goooood.I look over at my husband and he is adjusting the growing bulge in his pants. Then my friend starts using his finger as well as his tongue to pleasure me and I just let go and enjoy it. Soon, I am grinding my hips into his face, holding his head, and I orgasm, shuddering and shaking and crying out. My friend stands up next to the bed and buttons his jeans.

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As he reaches for the zipper, I say "Oh let me do that!" and I get up on my knees and crawl to the edge of the bed. I reach over and run my hands up his chest, down his arms and then to the front of his jeans. I unzip him and reach my hand and give his hard cock a big squeeze.

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I look up at him and give him a big goofy smile, then tug his pants down and he steps out of them. His cock is laying just right so that the fly to his boxers is pulled open and I see a flash of his flesh through the opening.


I lean down and slip my tongue in and I give his cock a little flick of my tongue. He gasps a little and puts his hand on the back of my head. I turn a little to look at my husband and he just nods his head so I pull down the boxers, grab his cock in one hand, wrap the other around his leg, and tell him to hold my hair.

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I open my mouth and I engulf his cock. I roll my tongue around his hard shaft until he starts guiding my head back and forth and I happily and willingly take his whole cock deep into my mouth. He thrusts a little and as I turn to look at my husband, his cock stretches out my cheek, my eyes water a little and my husband is treated to quite the scene.

Marcus has now undone his jeans and is rubbing his cock through the fabric of his undies. I turn my attention back to my friend and earnestly suck his tool. After a few minutes, my friend tells me to stop, that he wants to fuck me before he cums.

I look over at hubby again and he nods his head. So I lay down on my back at the edge of the bed and my friend grabs me by the ankles and props my legs up on his shoulders. He starts slow, as if he's afraid to hurt me. I look him in the eye an tell him to give me his cock, give it to me good, fuck me, fuck me hard. He doesn't need to be told twice - immediately he really starts pounding me, getting all animalistic on me, grunting, groaning, fucking the hell out of me.

I look over to see my husband's reaction and he's got his cock in his hand, watching his wife get fucked by another man for the first time in nearly 15 years. The whole situation just drives me crazy with lust .

and hottness of it just makes me explode with an intense orgasm. My friend soon follows suit and as I feel his cum coating my insides, my husband grabs my foot and shoots his load all over my toes.

A perfect evening with a perfect ending!