Gay anal mature movie Lucky emo dude Josh Dixon has a xxx session in

Gay anal mature movie Lucky emo dude Josh Dixon has a xxx session in
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Last night was a great success I thought to myself as I lay in bed. I checked the time on my phone and it was just after half nine. I had work at the store today but didn't need to be there till eleven.

I decided to kill some time and phoned Marc, after a few rings he answered; "Sup man?" I asked "Nothing much bro just getting ready to head out." He says down the phone.

"Where you off too like?" "Mums dragging me to see ma nan, fun times I know!" He complained. "So what happened last night??" I a little excitably asked. "Aww man it was amazing!!" He perked up "she wanted to see that action thriller that's been out for a while, I can't even remember the name of the film it was that bad!" "Why did she want to see that?" I questioned. "Mate! She must have known the cinema would be dead. As soon as the film starts she pulls my arm over her and she places it straight on her chest.

I froze and was like 'eh what the fuck'. She then started rubbing my leg and up towards my crotch. Long story short dude she fucking blow me off in the back of the cinema!!" "No fucking way!!" I shouted "I would never imagine her like that!!" "Me neither man but fuck it was awesome!


I'm meeting her again Sunday and she said more of the same will happen!" He sounded delighted. "Yass man, that's what I'm talking about! And you were shiting yourself as well!!" I joked.

"Yeah yeah, so what happened with you and Traci?" "I shit you not man, I shagged her behind the old book store!" "Fuck off! Bullshit!!" He scoffed at me. "Honest man, swear on your life!" I said in a serious voice and then explained what happened last night. "Dude Traci is a pure dirt bag!" He laughed. "I know right. I can believe I shagged her against a dumpster!" I laugh back. "Who did you shag where?" Hailey said as she came into my room.

"Hailey what the fuck??" I shot up in my bed. "What the hell are you even doing here?" "Hey easy now! I came to say bye and then I'm hearing all this about what you, and who I can only guess is Marc got up too last night!" She sternly told me crossing her arms. "Marc I'll phone you back!" I hung up and get out of my bed.

"That's my business Hailey, don't you even knock?" I asked angrily. "Don't need to be so angry bro! I know who you were out with last night and doesn't surprise me what happened. I just wanted to say you could do better!" She said as she moved closer to me. "What? Why would you even care what I get up to with who!" I said as I stood my ground. "I don't care Josh, I just want to look out for my 'big' brother!" She emphasised the big as moves right up to me, she lent to her side and grabbed a towel and put it to my crotch.

"See!" She said with a wink as she walked out. "Fuck" I said to myself, I forgot that I had tossed my boxers last night and hadn't put new ones on. I had basically bared all to my sister. I hear Hailey head out and I decided to finally get ready for work. Mom works every second Saturday and today was one of those days. Once I'm ready I grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed off to work.

It doesn't take me long to get there and today there was no Becki, she didn't work Friday nights or Saturdays, as you could probably guess why!

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"Yoo Josh, what's up dude!" Benjamin, we call him 'Benji' said to me from behind the counter. Benji was about 25 I think. He was a tall lanky guy, shaggy brown haired guy.

Had a stoner look about him but he was a genuine great guy. "Sup Benji, not much man just had some good fun last night!" I said grinning. "Yeah? C'mon spill!" He eagerly asked.

"A gentleman never tells!" I said straight faced. "Lucky you aren't a gentleman!!" He laughed. "Haha that's true, basically fucked this cute little Chinese bird last night." I said with the grin back.

"Ma man!" He said offering me a fist bump. "Oh by the way do you know a Ted. Ted Clark?" I look at him puzzled and shook my head. "You sure? I'm positive he's Becki's boyfriend!" I froze, "eh what?" I timidly asked.

"Yeah yeah, he's back from his tour and was in last night. They were talking about you then he flipped." He said straight faced. "Tour?" I could feel myself turning pale white. "Tour of Iraq, he's a marine and got back two days ago and surprised her yesterday. They were talking fine and then it all kicked off. Something about broken limbs and hospital food!" He said trying to remember what happened.

I gulped deeply and felt I'm faint. I was speachless. "Hahahaha!! Oh man!!" He burst out laughing. I snapped from my daze. "Holy shit man should have seen your face!" He laughed.

"What! What the??" I said confused. "Aww dude I'm messing with you. I was working with her yesterday morning and she told me about you and her." He said wiping the tears from his face. "Are you serious?" I breathed deeply, as I held a shelf for balance. "Oh yeah man, she used to blow me in the back last year!" He said. "Wait what?" I asked confused. "You didn't know?" I shook my head "yeah man when she was 18 she sucked me off a few times.

But I got myself a girlfriend and Becki got bored of me since I didn't want fun with her anymore. I thought you knew man!" He said sincerely. "I had no clue" I laughed "did it happen here??" "Nah it was always in my car when I would give her a ride home." He grinned. "She's good eh!" I laughed with him. The Saturday shift was always easy.

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There's a steady stream of customers to keep you busy and it was always a laugh working with Benji. Before I knew it, it was six o'clock and time to shut up shop. It was never open late on a Saturday cause no one ever wants to work it. Poor old Wes probably wouldn't mind it but Kathy doesn't want him working alone.


Benji cashed up the till as I closed the shutters. The benefit of finishing with Benji was I could get a ride home. I didn't mind the walk but I'd happily take the lift. I'm home in no time and I say my byes to Benji as he speed off. I get into the house and I heard laughter. I closed the door behind me and headed to the lounge where the laughing was coming from.

Hailey was watching a film with an other girl who I couldn't see. "Oh look who it is" Hailey turned her face up at me. "Hi josh!" Heather said as she lent round the edge of the chair. "Eh hi Heather!

Hailey, where's mum?" "Kitchen I think!" She replied returning her focus to the movie. "Bye josh!" Heather said with a wink as I headed to the kitchen.

"Hi mom!" I said walking into the kitchen. "Oh hi sweetie" she replied looking over her glasses. Mom is sitting at the kitchen table with paperwork all spread out.

"How was your date last night?" She asked as she took off her glass and lay them down. "It was good thanks, I was more there as support for Marc" I said as I grabbed a drink from the fridge "although he didn't really need my help" I chuckled.

"Did you have a good time though?" She smiled. "Oh yeah really good!" I grinned. "Did you treat the girls right and show them a good time?" She asked sweetly. "Of course mom, you know me. True gent!" I laughed. "That's my boy! Now come here!" She said as she held her arms out. I walked round and gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek. I headed up to my room and stuck the Xbox on. The hours flew by and I only left my room to grab something to eat, poor mom was still in the kitchen working.

About half eleven I switched the Xbox off and got into bed. I'm asleep about an hour maybe when I hear my door creek open and I'm very aware someone is in the room now. I rub my eyes to try and get a better look when the figure comes closer and climbed onto my bed.

"Who the." I'm cut short by a hand on my mouth. The face comes closer and I can make out it's Heather. "Don't shout" she whispered, sitting close to me. "I just wanted to talk to you." I nod as she removed her hand, "what the hell Heather?" I whispered back. "Could you not wait?" "I'm worried you are gonna say something!" She said with a sad voice.

"I said I wouldn't tell anyone and I would sort it with you Tuesday!" I whispered loudly. "I couldn't wait till Tuesday and want to assure your silence!" She said as she trailed her hand down to my crotch. "Heather, what are." again I was cut short by her hand. "Just don't speak, I want to do this and believe me you'll like it!" Heather adjusted herself to pull the covers off me and got between my legs.

"Just pretend it's a dream!" With that she took my cock into her mouth and slowly began to suck on it. Working my full cock, it didn't take long for it to get fully hard. I was quite impressed because she was taking most of my shaft in her mouth. That sweet innocent way I thought about her was gone. She was pure filth and I was loving it. She released my cock from her mouth and trailed her tongue up and down the side of it.

She twirled her tongue around the tip before running her tongue all the way down my shaft to my balls. She then does one of the greatest feelings I've ever experienced. She sucks one of my balls into her mouth whilst she twisted her hand around the head of my cock. "Holy shit!!" I groan and she sucks the other ball into her mouth.

'Fuck me she knows what she's doing' I thought to myself. Working her hand faster on the tip of my cock, she sucked hard on my ball until it sprung from her mouth.

"Fuck" I gasped, Heather just giggled and returned her mouth to my cock, sucking harder and faster than before. Her head bobbed down well beyond half way of my length and she showed no signs of having an issues. Heather then slowed her pace, with her hands on my torso she slowly eased her mouth down and managed to get my whole length inside her. She held for a second before she gagged and released herself.

"Damn!!" I groaned "how the hell?" "Had a lot of practice!" She whispered, my cock drenched in her Sylvia as she continued to stroke me. "Practice with guys?" I asked.


"No no me and your sister try things!" She said stroking faster. "My sister?" "Ssshh!" Heather stuck her mouth back on my cock and sucked harder than ever before. I think she's about to suck all the cum straight out. She used her hand to stroke my shaft fast and sucked harder. My body began to tense and I couldn't warn her, "fuucckkkk!!" I groaned as I exploded into Heathers mouth. I pumped upwards as string after string of cum shot down her throat.

She took it all and still sucked me. I deflated into my bed and she continued to suck and lick my cock, giving it a good clean. She slowed her efforts as my cock became limp in her mouth and it fell to the side. "Holy shit!" I whispered "Told you, you would like it!

Now go to sleep and I'll see you Tuesday. With a kiss on my dick, Heather crept back out of my room. Completely drained and with a big smile on my face I passed out. --- I woke up the next morning feeling pretty happy with myself. I had a free day to myself as the store want open on a Sunday. I had an incredible week and no more sex dreams, they weren't needed. I checked my phone and it was half 10, I had a few messages. A couple from Marc, one from Becki and a Facebook private message from Lily.

"Oh wow" that one from Lily caught me off guard. I quickly texted Marc back who was just asking about what happened with my sister yesterday and that he was meeting Zoe again today. I checked the text from Becki, 'Joshy boy I need your cock again but since you aren't at this part I'll find an other one.' I just laughed at it and then eagerly opened up Facebook to see what Lily said; 'Hi Josh, I know this is random but I need a big favour from you! Are you busy today?' 'Hey Lily, nah not busy just got some homework to do but that's about it!' I replied.

I scratched about in my bed for about ten minutes when Lily sent me a reply; 'Would you mind if I came over to your house say around 2? Need help with something!!' "Holy fuck" I perked up, getting a little excited "why would she want to come here?" I questioned myself "ah who cares the fact that she wants too!!" I sent her a text back with my address and to text me if she had any problems finding it. She replied with 'great see you then!' With a kiss and a love heart at the end.

I was like a little boy at Christmas all excited. "Ok man chill the fuck out!" My inner voice came, I calmed down and got my head back on. 'Shower first or homework first?' I decided to go for the later and get it out the way.

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It didn't take me long maybe about an hour or so. Got that done and jumped in the shower and made sure I was extra clean, especially after last night. Once I'm out the shower I panicked about what to wear. I go for the chilled look with cotton shorts, a plain t shirt and a NYC hoodie. It's about half past one so I headed down stairs to see who was about. I could only see mom who was in the living room watching tv. "Hey mom, where's Hailey?" I asked walking into the living room.

"Oh Hi Josh, erm I think she's out and about with Heather today, they left together some time this morning." She replied, muting the tv. "You don't need to do that!" I smile as I sat next to her. "Don't worry I'm barely even watching it!" She turned to face me. "Ah ok, well I've got a friend coming over soon. She'll be here in about a half hour!" I told her. My mom got this big cheesy smile on her face, "a girl??

Huh! That's new!" "Mom seriously?" I scoffed at her. "What?" She asked all offended "you've hardly ever brought girls here. Is this the girl from the date Friday?" "Eh no different girl." I replied. "Ah" she said with a slightly disappointed tone. "As long as you are the true gent that I know you are!" She smiled and gave me a hug.

I spent the next twenty or so minutes sat watching tv with mom when the door went. I looked at mom who smiled and turned her attention back to the tv. I got up and answered the door; "Hey Lily, please come in!" I smiled to her, as I stepped back to welcome her in.

"Hi Josh, thanks for this!" She smiled back as she stepped into the house. Her brown hair was curled up in a loose bun behind her. She wore denim jeans, trainers and a baggy grey t shirt which was showing ample cleavage and a loose jacket. She also has a small back pack with her. "Such a nice house you have!" She said looking around.

"Why thank you!" Mom said walking from the lounge into the hall. "Hi you must be Lily?" Mom said extending her hand out. "Yeah the one and only!" Lily joked back. "I'm Michelle, Josh's mom. Well step mom to be more accurate!" she smiled as they shook hands. "You do really have a lovely home Mrs Adams!" Lily said still admiring the house.

"Please please come in, come in, make yourself comfy. Is there anything I can get for you?" Mom said as she ushered Lily into the house. "And please call me Michelle!" "Oh no I'm fine thank you, Michelle. I just came over for some help with homework from Josh." Lily replied, nodding to me. "Eh yeah so we were gonna head up to my room, that ok?" I asked mom. "Oh sure sure, get yourselves on upstairs! Just give me a shout if you need anything." Mom smiles as she went back to sitting on the sofa.

I guided Lily upstairs to my room. We got into my room, thank god it was tidy. "Want me to take your jacket?" I offered as she handed me her jacket. "Thanks Josh, not a bad room you have here!" She said as she looked around, dumping her back pack on my bed.

"I'm just glad it was tidy!" I laughed. She walked over and sat on the chair at my desk. "You have some nice pictures here!" "Thanks, I used to draw a lot but then got an Xbox so yeah haven't drawn in a while!" I said as I walked over next to her. Still thinking, 'why is she here?' "These are good Josh, I mean really good!!" She continued to shuffle through some of my drawings on the side of the desk.

"I mean they're ok, was more for a past time." "I never knew you were this talented though!" "A man of many talents I am!" I smugly joked. "Oh really? What else?" She asked as she turned to face me. Shit. "Erm, I can kick a ball with both feet. I can pat my head and rub my belly at the same time, childish i know. Eh oh also I'm an amazing singer . just in the shower of course" I said as I sat on the edge of the desk. "Funny guy too though!" She laughed as she tidied away the drawings on my desk.

There was an awkward silence. "So what can I do for you Lily?" I asked, curiosity got the better of me. "Well I need a favour!" She said as she got up and walked over to the bed. "Yeah i knew that much!" I laughed. "Right ok, this favour is just between us though!" She said with a serious face.

"Um ok!" I replied, my smile gone. "I was up the main high street in the city on Saturday, shopping with my sister. In one of the designer shops my sister was in the back trying on some clothes when a guy in a suit came up to me. He said he was from a modelling agency and that I have 'the look" she imitated the guy when she said the look, making speech signs with her hands. "He gave me a card and said I should send photos to his email." "Rigghhtt" I said, waiting for her to continue.

"So I know you took photography last year?" "Uh-huh" I nodded. "I need you to take some quick pics of me!" She said as she fumbled in her back pack.

"Eh ok but I don't have my camera anymore!" I replied as I grabbed the chair and sat down. "I've got one with me" she said as she pulled out a Canon digital camera. "So what exactly am I doing?" I asked. "Right ok don't freak out. But I need you to get some full body shots of me. I couldn't send any to him that had other people in it and he didn't want selfies." She said as she walked over to me and handed me the camera.

Holy shit I thought to myself. I looked over the camera and inspected it. I turned it on and checked the lense. When I looked back up Lily was standing there in a matching pair of purple lace bra and panties. "Oh fuck! Sorry!" I said as I turned around on the chair to face away.

"Josh it's ok, I need the photos in my underwear!" "Um are you sure?" I said still faced away. "Yes please turn round!" She pleaded and I obliged. When I turned back around she was sitting on the edge of the bed. She now had on a pair of sexy black heels. 'Fuck' she was a sight of pure sexiness. Her hair was now out of the bun and flowed down each side of her face, god it made her look even sexier.

"What do you think?" She asked shyly, her legs closed and hands between them. Her cleavage was squeezed together and looked incredible. "Just hold that!" I said, "bite your lip but look to the ground!" When she did, I snapped the first photo. "You like then?" She said as she looked up to me. I snapped another pic "who wouldn't like this?" She shyly laughed and leaned back onto the bed onto her elbows, she spread her legs slightly.

I snapped an other pic. By now I pretty much had a full erection and to be honest I had no real clue what I was doing.

She was right I had done photography last year but it was more of a fill up class. Basically any pose Lily did and I thought was sexy, I would take a picture of it. We spent I don't know how long taking pictures of her, I didn't want it too stop. "I think that should be enough." She smiled as she sat up on the bed. "Aww" I said in a sarcastic voice but actually gutted.

Seeing her body in the flesh was a marvel to look at. What I would do to get my hands on her.

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"I can see you liked the show?" She smirked at me, as she eyed my crotch. "Oh that!!" I turned away trying to adjust and hide it. "Don't worry Josh, I'm glad you did!" To my utter disappoint, I turned to see her putting her clothes back on. She was bent over and I stared at her ass, 'should I make a move?' I thought to myself. She pulled her up jeans, I shat it. "Here's your eh Camera back" I sheepishly said as I handed it back to her. "Thanks Josh!" She smiled, "really thanks for this!" "It's ok but I have to ask." "Why you?" She interrupted me.

"Yeah" "Well only you and my sister know about the model thing. She only knows cause she was there but it didn't feel right asking her to take the photos!" Lily packed the heels and camera back into her back pack.

"I didn't know who else to go too, I know you like me and since you did the class thought why not!" I was a little speechless, she knew I liked her. How? Was my staring too much I panicked. I froze as she got up and walked over to me. "I'm sorry I have to go now, I need to have dinner with my parents and sister before she leaves to go back to college." She bent over and gave me a soft tender kiss on the lips. "I'll return the favour soon, I promise!" Lily grabbed her jacket and with her back pack over her shoulder, headed out of my room.

I was still sitting there in shock. Confused to hell as well "what the fuck just happened!" I said to myself. I heard briefly the noise of Lily speaking to Mom and soon after the front door opening and closing. I sat there in silence for what seemed like an age, until I cracked.

"You pussy!" My inner voice spat at me "why the fuck did you not make a move? Call yourself a man?" "Shut up!!" I shouted. "That's not very nice!" Hailey said as she stood in my doorway.

"What?" I said in a timid confused voice. "You ok there brother?" She asked sincerely. "Eh yeah, I'm . i'm fine" I said as I snapped myself back to reality. "What do you want?" "So touchy brother? You seemed frustrated!" She teased. Anger grew across my face. "Just to tell you that dinner is ready, geez!" With that she turned away and went downstairs.

"Fuck" I told myself, I stood up and took a deep breath. "I need to man up and take control!" Dinner was pretty subdued. Mom was chatting away to Hailey and I, just being your typical nice mother. But Hailey winded me up something bad. She kept making sexual innuendos and I did my best to keep myself from blowing.

After dinner I tried my best to calm down by playing on my Xbox. After a few hours of and playing at least a dozen games it was finally late enough for bed. I only realised this by mom saying goodnight to me as she went to bed. I turned the Xbox off and got into bed but could not sleep. I was wired. I was still annoyed. I was frustrated. Thinking back to the events earlier and picturing Lily again. I started to stroke my limp cock and it didn't take long for it to be hard but it didn't feel the same.

It wasn't enough. I laid there frustrated and then something in me snapped. "Fuck it" I said. I got out of bed and left my room. I headed straight for Haileys rooms and went straight in, closing the door behind me.

"Josh? What the fuck?" She got out of bed about to try and push me back out. I had different ideas. I grabbed her by the neck and by the arm, a look of deep determination on my face. "Josh?" Hailey whimpered, a look of fear crossed her face. "What." I pushed her onto the bed. "Shut up!!" Was all I said in a commanding voice. I grabbed her and bent her over on the bed, she tried to struggle but I held her in place. All she had on was a loose t shirt and pink panties, which I pulled and ripped off her.

"Josh?" She pleaded but I held her face into the bed whilst I licked my fingers and found her pussy. I ran my fingers up and down her slit, I rubbed her clit hard. Hailey still tries to struggle but she eased and was moaning into the bed cover. I rubbed her clit harder and could feel her pussy begin to become wet from my efforts. I took two fingers and slide them inside her which gained a low moan from Hailey who had ceased to struggle and was embracing the pleasure.

I slide deep inside her and started to fuck her with my fingers. It didn't take long for her pussy juices to be in full flow and soaked my fingers. With one hand I held Hailey in place and the other hand I used to line up my cock with Haileys pussy.

I probed the head of my cock against her and with ease it slide inside. I didn't have time nor the patience to take it easy. I forced my whole length inside her and began to fucked her with sheer power. Pounding against her, her pussy was tight and felt amazing. I let go of her and held her by the hips with both hands, fucking her harder and harder. She tried to speak but all she could do was moan as I kept up my efforts. Her ass looked amazing as I slammed against it.

Using both my hands I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me as I forced deep inside her. She lent up onto her hands and was moaning, almost crying with pleasure. "Oh my god, fucckk" she moaned. I reached forward and grabbed her hair in my hand as I tried to fuck her faster, a look of pure evil on my face.

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The feeling was building in my balls and I knew keeping this pace and power I wasn't going to last much longer. I didn't care, I had one agenda and that was to release this frustration. I slowed my pace and upped my force. It didn't take long for my balls to tense up. With a slight delay I burst deep inside of her. Groaning loudly I pumped cum deep into her pussy. "Uuhhh fuck Josh!!" She cried as she collapsed on the bed. Once I was spent I just simply pulled my cock from her and began to walk away.

Panting on the bed, completely spent and almost speachless, all Hailey could whisper loudly to me was "about fucking time!" I ignored what she said and went back to my room with a large devilish grin on my face. ~~~~ End of part 4, really hope you are enjoying it. I really do appreciate comments and feedback on what people think of the story.

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There is still a lot to come and a lot more sex.