Big titted brunette mature fucks in stockings

Big titted brunette mature fucks in stockings
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I was a bit late in posting this since I submitted part 1 thru 4. it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 5 (I don't know why but fucking a girl in the ass is something I always had wanted to do. Sure pussy is great, hell its fantastic but there is just something about the thought of fucking a girl in the ass.

Maybe its just the fact of going in thru the out door (so to speak) or a girl being in that submissive position and you know your about to enter where your not supposed to or that you know its a tight tight hole and it just has to feel so dam good, perhaps its all the above and the fact that this is my little sister just ads a whole mix of wrongs which create an irresistible appeal. I suspect most woman want it or at least try it and I would bet they actually like it, love it even.

They have been programmed that your not supposed to go up there so they deny themselves the opportunity due to fear, pain and/or that "nice girls" just don't take it up there or that men don't marry girls who take it in the ass or a whole host of bullshit reasons. For me a girl that will give me a piece of ass is a prerequisite for a long term relationship.

Would you want to carry on with a girl who didn't suck dick (and if she swallows or at least lets you cum in her mouth then JACKPOT !), would she want you if you didn't eat pussy) .All of these thoughts raced thru my head as I eased into my sisters little brown hole. The lube, plus the fact that she really wanted to, made for what I thought was an effortless initial entry as the head of my of dick slipped in and she instinctively tightened her anus muscle, it felt incredible.

I closed my eyes leaning my head back slightly, "OHHHH BAAABYYYY", I breathed out. With her instinctive resistance came my instinct to push harder, to bury myself deep inside this incredibly tight hole. I grabbed her hips digging my fingers in and pushed in only a fraction, she really tightened up, "easy" she said in a low voice. I stopped, holding firm, but I stopped. My desire, my lust caused thoughts in my head of pulling back slightly and when she relaxed just plunge in and fuck her mercilessly until I was satisfied then depend on my sisters love for me, along with blaming uncontrollable desire for my actions and beg her forgiveness.

I pulled back slightly, she relaxed a bit and with my fingers still dug into her fleshy hips I whispered, "I'm sorry sis", and with that I let go. of my grip on her hips and reached for the lube. Believe me it was very tempting to push in but I was looking ahead and didn't want this to be a one time deal. I applied some lube to her hole while inserting a finger into her as she laid her head down. I worked my finger in and out of her then stopped and applied some more lube onto my enlarged head and lined up again as she rose her head up and got back on all fours.

I eased into her again and went right in but stopped where I had made it initially.

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"Go ahead, do it, she said thru a labored breath. I started the in and out motion while slowly pushing in a bit more with every third stroke.

Her head hung down and her hands clenched the sheet as I worked in and out of her. I pushed in a bit more just getting to the thickest part of my cock when she raised her head up and started grunting.

I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing that when I heard her grunt it brought me out of the slight trance I was in. Even as cool as it was in the house I realized I was sweating. She was pulling away a little so I clamped down my hands on her hips and held her tight, determined not to cede any depth I had made. She was breathing HARD, my cock started to swell, "you almost done ?", she asked.

I could only get out an "uh huh" as I concentrated to bring myself on. I went faster and harder as she continued to grunt, "go ahead and finish", she through clenched teeth. I went at it hard until a few seconds later, "UH, UH, OHHHHH !" I shouted as the first wave of boiling white lava erupted into her.

Holding her firm and keeping myself in as deep as I could I let go another stream, "UH, UH, AHHHHHH" which felt powerful enough to drill right through her. Then with a few smaller squirts and working my muscles I squeezed out the remaining cum left in my shaft and with that I pulled out. She laid out face down onto the bed with her arms above her as I knelt behind her sucking in air.

After about 30 seconds and still catching my breath I leaned down and rubbed from her lower back to her shoulders which elicited a breathy, '"mmmmmm" from her.

I laid down half beside and half on top of her with my leg draped across hers as I gave soft kisses across her upper back while running a hand up and down her side. I pulled her long hair to the side exposing her neck then gave her a few sucking kisses then laid down beside her continuing to rub her back.

I laid there rubbing her thinking about the discomfort she endured while working hard to satisfy me, letting me satisfy myself. She turned over looking at me, "was it alright" ? "ALRIGHT ?, Oh My God sis, that was incredible", I said. Have you done this before ?, she asked me. "No, Yes, well kind of", I said.

She had that not quite understanding look on her face then I said, well I did try it ONCE but it was NOTHING LIKE THIS. "How far did you get it in me ?", she asked. "Not quite halfway", I said. "WHAT !", she said propping her head up on her hand, "you got to be kidding me, it felt like you had the whole thing in.

How far did you get in the one time you did it ?". "Just the head, then I had to stop and take it out", I said. A huge smile of pride grew on her face and she laid her head back down, "Well I have to admit, it hurt a little at the end but the feeling of having you inside me is wonderful.

I want to be able to take it all, I feel so close to you when your in me. It will be even better the next time", she said. Hearing her say that elated me. She was willing, in fact wanting to continue for her pleasure and mine.


It was what I wanted to hear, what I wanted to experience. I wanted to get so deep inside her ass, as deep as I have ever been in her pussy. I laid there savoring the thought and feeling of having my shaft buried deep inside that tight plump ass as I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke she was gone. I went to her room and found her laying in bed. I sat down and stroked her hair, she looked at me, " I don't feel good, I think I do have a cold, my throat is starting to hurt and I ache". Upon our parents coming home and confirming her rising fever I felt bad knowing what she would have to go thru, that and selfishly thinking I would have to do without for a few days. Mom was checking on her and just when I got to her bedroom door I heard them talking.

Glancing in my direction Sis asked, "can he stay home with me". Mom turned to see me behind her, "No, he needs to go on to school, your father is taking a few days off to stay with you", said Mom. It must have been more than a cold she had. After a whole week she was finally getting better but I was about to explode. I mean there wasn't a day gone by I didn't jack off but there is nothing like the real thing.

As I was walking the usual route home, consumed with the thoughts of sex I heard a voice, "Hey mister". Leaning against a tree and smiling was the same girl who had surprised my sister and I. "Pretty tough going without a whole week huh" ?, she said. I automatically started running my eye down her body, the jeans she had on fit her perfectly. As I looked up I noticed she was staring at the bulge in my pants.

I didn't exactly know this girl but dam she was hot and she was my sisters "friend" and I was horny as hell. As she looked up at me, "you couldn't handle it", I said with a smile.

"Bet I could", she said looking me right in the eyes. Precocious girl, I thought, as we continued to stare at each other. "How we gonna find out", I asked. "Come on", she said and motioned for me to follow her as she turned walking deeper into the woods. I was right behind her, looking her up and down.

She was a few inches shorter than I was, about 115lbs with a little more than shoulder length straight dirty blond hair, slender body with her tits being a nice small mouthful each. As we were walking along I thought this is so surreal.

I've heard about this, read about it but does it ever happen like this. Can this be happening. Here I was in dire need and here is this scene playing out, this is to easy. We reached a spot and she stopped and turned to me, I looked around surveying the area, trying to hide my nervousness.

"You sure you want to do this", I asked. "Uh Huh", she said. "What about you and your brother", I asked. "Believe it or not he's been sick to", she said raising her eyebrows.

Looking at each other I let my eyes drift down then back up her body then looked back in her eyes and slightly nodding my head in and up and down motion she began to pull off her shirt. I was busy kicking off my shoes and pulling my shirt off as she started siding her pants down. She was placing our clothes on the ground making a place to lay.

She sat down on our clothes as I slide my pants down and kicked them off. She sat there looking at me as I pulled my underwear down freeing my throbbing cock.

She laid down pulling off her panties. I knelled in front of her, practically breathless with anticipation. I reached down to run a finger in her slit, "I'm ready", she said. As my finger ran inside her slot she was right, she was WET, hell I was aching myself and I couldn't wait to run myself deep into her sopping wet little cunt.

As I started to lean, getting into position she raised her legs up high and placed her ankles on my shoulders. I knelt more upright than normal not knowing exactly how flexible she was. I reached down placing my cock at her entrance and pushed in. She drew in a breath as I slide in to my entire length, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM" I moaned.

I immediately started pumping in and out of her sweet dripping cunt. I was taking long fast deep strokes, wanting nothing more than to cum. "fuck me", she said in a low voice. As I went at it her voice picked up, "Fuck Me", she panted. I was sawing in and out steadily at this point. "FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEE, UHHHHH, UHHHHHH", she screamed. At that moment I was absolutely pounding her, HARD !.

Each time I pushed into her and about to bottom out I shoved extra hard which made her grunt each time I hit. I was leaning further over her now with her ankles hung past my shoulders and her legs were practically straight back. I was holding myself up with my arms on each side of her head and had her wrists clamped in my hands. I was holding her down FUCKING her HARD as she continued to grunt each time I bottomed out.

I was working hard, breathing heavy and sweating profusely as I felt the cum racing up my shaft. I knew there was no way to hold it off at all. "can I cum in you ?, I asked". "YES, YES, IT'S OK, CUM IN MEEEEE, she said.

I didn't know if I could trust her but I was to far gone, no matter how hard I tried to hold it the cum was already shooting from my peehole when I asked her. "OHHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD", I shouted as I continued to shoot stream after stream of searing hot spunk deep inside of her. I held myself inside her squeezing out every last little drop. As I let her wrists go and eased back she moved her legs down and squeezed her cunt muscles as I slowly pulled out then loosen up when I went in back in and squeezing again as I pulled back until I finally pulled out of her.

Without a word we both started picking up clothes and getting dressed. As I dressed I kept looking at her. When she bent down to pick up her pants I was looking at her ass. She turned looking up at me, seeing what I was staring at she stood up looked down over the back of her shoulder then glanced at me and said "maybe". My cocked jumped a little.

We walked out of the woods and when we got to the path and just before we went our separate way, "tell your sister I said hi", she said. I gave her a quick nod and walked home. My Mom's car was in the driveway when I got home.

She's home early I thought. I walked in and all I heard was her yelling from their bedroom "Oh My God, What Do You Mean You Couldn't Help It, I Can't Believe This. I turned and walk towards my room and as I got to my sisters door it was closed and I heard her crying. I turned to see my Mom walking up and she said "get in the car". She walked into my sisters room and I heard Mom say "come with your brother and me".

I stood there stoically as they walked out and towards the front door then I followed them out. All kinds of things were running thru my mind but nobody was saying anything. Mom had a disbelieving look on her face as she drove then said to herself "what are we going to do". As we were cutting thru another neighborhood and rounded a corner my Mom moved closer to the steering wheel straining to look then she said "NO, it can't be ?.

I swear that's you two's cousin, the girl with the dirty blond hair". It was the same girl I just fucked, the one who caught my sister and I.

"WHAT !" my sister and I said simultaneously. It happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 6. (I can understand why incest is considered taboo, I mean the whole issue of "breeding to close to the gene pool" and all that is legitimate but there is another aspect to it which is tangible but not quite explainable (at least I can't explain it, even to myself) rather it is felt inside, at least I think I feel it.

It can be special yet it's obviously fraught with peril. I love my sister in a way I never would have thought just a few weeks ago and it really means something to me, to us. Is it my hormones, her hormones ?. Maybe what we're feeling is nothing more than young hormonal driven lust and I'm just trying to justify a HUGE wrong with words like special and bond and LOVE when it is nothing more than just plain fucking ?.) .The initial shock of what Mom said moments ago sent me reeling.

COUSIN, what cousin I sat there thinking to myself ? Mom continued in a soft voice while looking straight ahead as if mesmerized and said, "Cousins I should say. she has a brother".

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I saw her out the corner of my eye look nervously over at me then looked back out the windshield. I was sitting straight up then slumped back in my seat, looked over at Mom who seemed transfixed, then I looked behind me to my sister who was just staring straight. She glanced at me then looked away. Mom pulled into a shopping center and parked in front of a drug store. She turned to my sister and said "come with me".

As they walked in front of the car heading to the store my sister looked back at me with a sullen look on her face then looked away as they walked on. I sat there thinking what is wrong with her and "Hell, I Just Fucked My "Cousin" ?.

My Sister Fucked Her "Cousin ?", each of us unknowingly but still !!!!!. I have to admit though, as I thought about it I got turned on. Dam what kind of pervert am I really becoming ?. A plethora of scenarios were running thru my mind as I sat there dreaming when my phone beeped.

I pulled it out and looked, "1 message", it showed. I looked up towards the store knowing my sister sent me a text then I looked down and clicked the view button, "it was gr8 !, hope 2 again", read the message. I didn't recognize the number but it was obvious who it was.

How did she get my number, I said to myself. Still talking to myself "DUH, my sister", I said outloud. My cock got hard and a HUGE smile grew on my face as I typed, "maybe !", (while thinking DEFINITELY !) then pushed the send button.

Within seconds my phone beeped again. I looked to see a frown face emoticon as the reply. I chuckled and put the phone in my pocket the instant I saw Mom and Sis coming out the store. Mom had a bag in her hand and when she got to the door she dropped the bag and bent over to pick it up. As I looked over I couldn't help but see down her low cut shirt.

DAM she had nice boobs I thought. Some woman have tits, some have jugs and some have boobs. Mom has BOOBS. Her chest and nice full round BOOBS were tanned, as far down as I could see. I was instantly flooded with concerns, one being what the hell is it with me ! and of course the other is: WHAT'S GOING ON !. The drive home was quiet. Mom just stared straight ahead the whole time, I looked out my window, I never turned to see what sis was doing. We got home went into the house, Mom went straight to her bedroom and closed the door.

Sis and I went towards our rooms. She started into her room when I grabbed her wrist and started to say "what the".as she cut me off whispering, "later !" then quickly ducked into her room.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I laid there on my bed just staring at the ceiling as time ticked by. The house was QUIET, not a sound, not a movement. My mind drifted back to earlier when I was fucking in the woods. Dam it was hot sex and thinking this is my cousin made it seem even hotter. My dick grew hard and despite whatever was happening or has happened I needed relief.

I pried my cock out and started pumping, "mmmmmm" I moaned as I thought about my fucking my sister. It had been over a week and even though I had sex today, dam hot sex at that, I wanted sis. There was something about sex with her that just SATISFIED.

I pumped faster wanting to bring myself off. I pumped hard and was making slapping noises and felt it just coming on when my phone beeped. At that point I lost the feeling and stopped. I lay there catching my breath then rolled over for the phone. It was sis, "cum c see me when their asleep, luv u", said the message. UH HUH I said to myself then replied, "Ok".and time ticked on, so did my need. Later I crept out of my room into hers.

She was sitting on the bed and I sat beside her. She immediately hugged me then started kissing my face, "I love you so much, I missed you, BADLY", she said.

I was full of questions but then she started kissing my neck, which really lit my fire. "Make love to me", she whispered in my ear then pulled her head back and looked into my eyes. Her look was half love, half desire. She pulled her nightshirt off and was totally naked, no panties or bra just the smooth tight tanned skin of her 14 year old body. I removed my shirt then stood to take off my underwear, she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth.

I put my hand around the back of her neck looking down as she bobbed her head. "ohhhhhhh sis, mmmmm your so dam, ahhhhhh, goooood !" I moaned. She sucked until I was at maximum hardness then rose up taking my hands pulling me to her as she laid back on the bed. We kissed while she picked up her legs and I positioned myself. I ran my cock up and down her slit, lined up with her wet hole and pushed in as we broke our kiss.

Her cunt was like an oven, my cock was wrapped in wet hot velvet. I supported myself on my forearms, our fingers interlocked, we kissed deeply as I slowly pushed in and out of her hot love tunnel.

Each time I withdrew she squeezed her cunt muscles. I was making sweet love to the girl that meant more to me than anyone. After several minutes she raised her legs higher and wider and as our kiss broke she let out a long slow, "uuuuuhhhhhhh" as her cum soaked my cock, her juice was dripping off of my balls.

I picked up he pace just a little, our fingers locked together as we looked into each others eyes. I never wanted to stop and I was far from needing to cum. I leaned down and kissed her sweet lips then drifted to her cheek then neck. "make love to me in my ass", she whispered.

I picked up my head looking at her, "you want to ?", I asked. She shook her head up and down then breathed out "yeeeeees". I pulled out of her dripping hot cunt and started leaning back to sit up, expecting her to turn over. She put her ankles up on my shoulders and bent her legs as I leaned over her, placing my cock at her asshole. She moved her arms down her side and placed the palms of her hands on my upper legs.

Her crack was very slippery with her juice. I gently pushed into her brownie hole and easily sunk in to the thickest part of my cock. She raised her butt off the bed and pushed her hands against my legs. I stopped. "it's OK, go ahead", she said. I started moving in and out slowly, working deeper and deeper into her butt. GOD IT WAS TIGHT AND OH SO GOOD !! I was halfway in, pumping steadily in and out of her, I was getting that feeling as I went at it faster, pushing deeper.

She raised her butt was off the bed even higher which limited my stroke and depth. I leaned over her further, pushing her legs back forcing her butt back down onto the bed.

As she pushed her legs and hands against me I leaned in holding our position as I drove my cock in deeper. Nothing was going to stop me. I had 3/4 of my cock into her and was breathing heavily as she alternately panted then let out long breaths. Her juice leaked out or her cunt running down her crack and onto my cock. I was getting close, blind with need I blocked out everything only concentrating on burying my cock as deep as I could and cumming.

I wanted my entire length inside her hot ass. She quietly grunted uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh with stroke I made. I was close, the cum was like mercury slowly rising up inside my shaft.

My muscles were locked tight as I attacked her hole, I wanted to loosen up and cum but couldn't. I pumped away with long strokes now, concentrating on loosening the grip the muscles had on my cock. After willing my muscles to release their hold I began to spray inside her, I instinctively pushed and bottomed out causing her take in a quick breath and dig her nails into my legs and she grunted out loud.

Past the point of caring I said out loud "I'M CUMMING, OH MY GOD BABY I'M CUMMING" !!! The pressure behind that first little spurt felt like it forced out a blockage through my peehole, "OH BAAAABYYYYY !!" I groaned as a torrent of pent up cum erupted deep in her guts. As quick as that first torrent ended I let out a loud "UHHHHHHHHH !!" as another huge blast of blazing hot cum left my cock searing her insides.

The pressure built inside of her and cum started squirting out around my cock as I grunted letting loose another huge stream with a loud "AHHHHHHHHHH" I groaned in sweet relief. "YOUR FILLING ME UP BABY, YOUR FILLING ME UP", she said aloud, and with that I threw my head back opened my mouth and with a, "OHHHHHHHHH !!", let loose yet another stream. I then finally started to slowly pump in and out of her squeezing my muscles. I buried my cock deep in her and I whispered, "squeeze me baby".

She tightened up and I slowly withdrew. There was a slight stinging sensation along the bottom of my cock as the last remnants of cum were extracted. Finally spent, I pulled out and collapsed on my back beside her breathing hard and looking straight up. She laid her legs down, turned her body facing me and draped her arm over my stomach.

"Oh baby I needed that today, I needed you in me, to fill me, to feel close to you, I love you so much", she said. I picked my head up looking towards her door swearing I heard soft padded footsteps drifting away. it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 7 (How long can this go on. How far can this go and how far am I able or willing to go. We don't know everything we are capable of until we are faced with a situation. I am full of questions about whatever had transpired, what does my sister know ?.

I don't know if she is evading the issue or just full of young lust like I am and everything takes a backseat to togetherness, love and SEX. Have I grown, matured ?. I've found out a lot about myself and learned some things in the last few weeks and I'm wiser for it or am I full of shit and just fooling myself ?.

I know what I want and what I like however, there is that old saying: Be careful what you wish for and dream of because you just might get it !) .I was looking at the bedroom door as my sister popped her head up and in a worried tone whispered, "what is it", she asked. I laid my head back and calmly said, "nothing, thought I heard something".

She let out a breath and said, "whew, you scared me". She turned over and I scooted up behind her, my leg landing in a puddle of our stuff, mostly my stuff, which made me say, "eh yuck".

She laid there silently giggling, her body shaking as she held in her laughs. I playfully smacked her on the ass and she said, "oooh baby spank me". "You're a bad girl", I said as I spanked her again which elicited a shiver and an "uuuuh" from her.

"You like that don't you", I asked. "UUUH HUHHH !, she said. Perhaps she has learned some things about herself as well. We laid together snuggling while I fell in and out of sleep. I woke hearing my sister breathing steadily and I knew she was sound asleep, so much for my questions. Getting back to my room and bed felt good. I needed the room and some alone time to think. I laid down looking straight up, my head filled with thoughts as I drifted in and out of sleep, it felt like hours went by as I was seemed to be in a wake/dream state.

My door opened and closed, I saw a figure moving silently towards the side of my bed. It was a moonless night and my room was dark and all I could make out was a figure opening up a shirt or some kind of clothing ? and dropping it to the floor. My covers were pulled down then my cock was enveloped in a warm sucking wetness unlike anything I have experienced. I laid there motionless, I literally could not move as I enjoyed the best blowjob I ever had.

In total bliss and bewilderment I was powerless as I thought who, what, why. My head was spinning with wonder as I felt the head of my cock being throated, then being released.

I was now being stradled with a hand wrapped around my throbbing tool and being plunged into a warm softness I can only describe as HEAVEN !!!. I was being ridden (ridden hell, I was being fucked) and loving it. I wanted to reach up and rub, touch, feel, squeeze, etc, but I was in such a state of bliss I could only lay there.

I felt it coming on and waited for my release (I laid there thinking "this is going to be big") then I finally spoke out, "I'm gonna cum", I said. "do it for me sweetheart, cum in mommy", said a soft voice.

"Oh my god, MOM !, this is really happening", I thought to myself. I tensed up and was just at the moment of release I was suddenly blinded by light.

Aggravated at the intrusion I reopened my eyes to bright light then closed them again and concentrated on cumming as I badly needed to finish !!!. The feeling was gone and only memories of the softness that envelpoed my cock were left.

I re-opened my eyes, the room was bright, I was groggy and disoriented and. ALONE !. With the light shining in my windows it had to be late morning. I laid there totally pissed off, "Dam, what a dream, I was so close", I thought to myself. I heard my phone beep with a waiting message but I had an urgent need. I grabbed my rock hard dick and started pumping, trying to remember every exquisite detail. I imagined the feel of that warm soft cunt riding my dick as I pumped with all I had for several minutes.

My arm was getting tired and I wanted to switch (which usually isn't a problem) but I was close and a change up now would ruin it. Ignoring the burning in my arm I pumped faster as I remembered the feel of that heavenly pussy gliding up and down my shaft. Finally bringing myself to that point, I rolled onto the floor and got on my knees. I pounded away then dropping my head down with eyes closed tight I let out a loud, "OOOOHHHHHHHH" !, as a stream of sticky goo shot out. I kept pounding and squeezing as a few more globs spurted out.

I slowed down my pumping, my arm was aching and my hand was covered in goo as the last of it dribbled from my peehole.


I let out a "whewwwww" and knelt there heavily breathing in and out. It felt good but not good enough, I needed pussy. I wiped my hand on some underwear, threw on some shorts and walked down the hall.

The door to my sisters room was open, it was empty, in fact nobody was home ?.

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I went back to my room and picked up the phone to check the message. It was Sis, her message read: "hard work made u sleep late huh ?", gone to bday party. LATER !", the message read. I then realized it was Saturday instead of Friday, I thought I was way late for school. A bit more relaxed now, but still sexually frustrated, I decided to take a shower.

As I was getting dressed my phone beeped. The message read: "miss u, want to swim ?". It was my girlfriend. My reply: "ok". Her reply: "on my way". I started getting hard, I wanted her BAD !. It had been awhile since I last fucked her. The last time we were together she had to play her little game, play it cool, so cool that we didn't fuck. I remembered leaving frustrated so getting some of her pussy now was even more critical due to my dream this morning and because pounding one off just didn't do it anymore.

When she arrived I got into her car and she leaned over and kissed me, things were a bit warmer this time !. As the car pulled away from the house she said, "I have to drop something off to my brother at his friends house, it's on the way home though".

"OK", I said. She looked at me smiling and said, "then it's just you and me". I'm getting good signals, I thought. My cock was getting a signal and it started to grow hard.

Turning a corner, I noticed we were going up the same street Mom, Sis and I were on yesterday when the revelation of our "cousin" was blurted out. She stopped the car in front of a house and I started nervously scanning the neighborhood as she dashed up the walk and went inside. She came back out and bounded down the steps with considerable speed (another good sign I thought, she wasn't wasting time) then she jumped in the car and slipped her hand into mine locking our fingers together.

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Before we pulled away she turned to me, "I WAS mad at you yesterday", she said. "What did I do", I responded quizically. "You ignored me", she said.

"What !", I said. "I saw you pass right by here yesterday and you didn't even look at me", she said, as she tried to make a stern face. "Oh, well, uhh, I'm sorry. I didn't expect to see you here and I was preoccupied", I said.

"You'll just have to make it up to me", she said with a smile. "Absolutely", I said. She sped off and we headed to her house, the signals were clear and unmistakable. Me unknowingly ignoring her really lit her fire. As she drove she asked, "When am I going to meet your parents" ?.

Her having moved here only a couple months ago and our summer being consumed by various individual activities, we just didn't take the time for the usual formalities. "When do I meet your's", I retorted.

At that point nothing else was said. I sat there thinking I don't care about that shit anyway. All I had on my mind was fucking her pussy. We got to her house and went inside. "I'm going to change", she said which I immediately asked, "need some help !".

She looked back and rolled her eyes as she walked down the hall. Why does she have to make this so dam difficult I thought. I headed to the nearest bathroom, used it, then put on my bathing suit. When I got out I heard her from another room ask me, "You want to walk or drive ?". Their neighboorhood has a community pool. "Walk", I said. As I came around the corner of the hall she stood there in her bikini, my cock started getting stiff.

She was truly a vision of beauty, in my eyes. She is nicely tanned and wearing a white bikini, not that much as far as tits go (I've never been much of a breast man) but she did have a handful which was plenty. What attracts me is full hips and a nice ass and she had both. I'm partial to girls with long dark hair but her being blond didn't deter me. I walked up putting my arms around her waist and we kissed. I let a hand slide down to her ass and the other hand went up her back as I pulled her closer to me.

I broke our kiss and went for her long slender neck, she receptively leaned her head back to expose as much neck as possible. At this point I slipped my hand in her bikini bottom and squeezed her soft ass. She pulled me away from her neck and started kissing me and with my hand still inside her bikini bottom I moved around to the front slipping a finger into her slit which caused her to suck at my lips harder.

I rubbed her slit deeper then inserted a finger into her hole and she tried to pull away, "no, no, no, we can't", she said almost breathlessly. "Come on, whats wrong", I asked. "We can't, not here", she said. "Why", I said. "I'm scared", she said. "Come on baby, I love you so much and it's been a long time", I said. I was willing to say whatever I had to to make this happen.

I wasn't going to be denied and was in no mood to play the waiting game. I went in, kissing her neck, rubbing her pussy and had my other arm around her holding her tight while using my weight to pin her against the wall. She was lightly resisting me physically while softly saying, "uh huh, uh huh, uh huh".

She pulled my face to hers, kissed me hard, pulled her head back, "Oh God, I can't take this anymore", she said. She broke loose from my hold grabbed my arm and lead me towards her room. When inside she threw her door shut, we embraced and fell back onto her bed kissing and rolling.

I was peeling myself out of my bathing suit with one hand and kissing her then she rolled away from me and untied her top and rolled back. I got on my knees in front of her and she looked at my engorged cock which was hanging heavy. She watched as it swayed from side to side while I was looking at her laying before me. I pulled off her bottom and leaned over her, going down for a kiss. She raised her legs up as I guided myself to her twat. Pushing into her I met incredible resistence.

She placed her hands on my hips trying to hold me out. "Easy, it's been awhile", she said. "Tell me about it", I said, as I started the in and out motion. She was plenty wet so I went at it pumping faster and forcing my cock deeper into her cunt. After about 5 hard strokes I bottomed out deep inside her. She was breathing heavy and moaning due to my intrusion.

I went at it hard. I was fucking her, USING her. I needed this, I needed her. "OH, YOUR IN MY STOMACH !", she shouted. "I'M GOING SO DEEP I'LL BE IN YOUR THROAT !", I replied. I put my arms under her legs and planted my hands on the bed. Now I was holding her legs open and back which gave me the access I desired. I rammed into her hard and she put her arms out with her hands against my hips trying to impede my progress which only caused me to pound harder.

She finally raised her arms over her head and glasped her fingers around the slates on her headboard. She was being taken and resigned herself to that as she hung on and grunted loudly. I was beyond conscience and went at it like a wild animal. I was getting closer and closer as I pounded her now dripping pussy. She was making painful sounding grunts as I slammed into her cunt, her knuckles turned white as she squeezed the headboard slates.

"FUCK MY PUSSY BABY, FUCK ME LIKE WHORE", she screamed. Dam, what a nasty little thing she is I thought. I haven't seen her like this before. "Give It To Me you Little Whore", I said. "I AM A WHORE BABY, I'M YOUR WHORE, FUCK MEEEEEE" !, She screamed. "I Have To Cum Baby", I said in a strained voice.

"FILL ME WITH ALL YOUR BABY MAKING CREAM", she screamed. "AH, AH, AH, UHHHHHHHH, I'M SHOOTING, I'M SHOOTINGGGGGGG, I screamed as I let loose my muscles and drenched the inside of her cunt.

I pulled out of her and aimed shooting a heavy load of thick sticky white goo onto her stomach. She sprang up onto her knees and put her lips around my cock as I gave a final squirt inside her mouth.

She sucked on my sensetive head which cause me to shiver and pull back. She sat up and looked down at the goo stuck to her stomach. Reaching down she wiped her finger in my cum, curling her finger to get as much on it as possible, and put it in her mouth.

"MMMMMMMM", she moaned, as she reached down for another treat. I just sat there and watched as she scooped cum from her flat tight tanned belly and licked her fingers clean. When she was done she looked at me and said "wanna go to the pool now". All I could do was move my head up and down. She went to her bathroom to clean up and as I started getting my bathing suit back on.

My phone beeped a message alert. Fishing it out of the pocket I pushed the button and the message read: "meet later ?". It was my sisters little friend. I replied: "where". Her reply:"same place". My reply: 5 ? Her reply: 6 My reply: ok I shoved the phone into my pocket as my girlfriend came out of the bathroom.

"You want to go out this evening" ?, she asked me. "What time" ?, I asked. "7", she said. "Sure, I can make that", I said. As she turned and walked out I had a huge smile on my face. it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 8 (There is a lot going on in my little part of the world but I still have my interests (sex), my needs (sex) and my wants (sex). Isn't sex all your mind revolves around when your a teenager. We spend 9 months getting out and the rest of your life trying to get right back in, and that doesn't just apply to males,?right ?.

OK, so I'm having sex with my girlfriend, my sisters friend and my sister. WHAT !, you think I can't handle it ?. I'm 16 years old, I can produce buckets of cum, I can shoot off faster than a speeding train, I can rise to each occasion, my dick is made of steel, bullets bounce off of it.but what about the kryptonite ?.

My sister and I are lovers, she is Hot, Sexy and Satisfying. My girlfriend is cool on the outside and a nasty whore on the inside who loves to be let out. My sisters friend seems to be a little slut.

My Mom is a MILF. Something is going on with Mom, she was upset yesterday, my sister was crying and I have to find out the details. We go to the drugstore and pickup I don't know what and then on the way Mom saw the girl and blurts out about "cousins" we didn't even know about. I woke up from a dream this morning that Mom was fucking me and even after pounding one off then fucking my girlfriend, I still can't seem to get "satisfied". I keep thinking about how it felt in my dream and I've been trying to replicate it since waking up.

Is dream pussy better than actual pussy ?. The imagination is a powerful thing !!!!!.) ALL the above thoughts were swimming in my head as my girlfriend and I had left the pool and she was driving me back home. She dropped me off at the end of my driveway, "See you at 7", she said then drove off. I entered the house and turned to go to my room when I heard moaning and breathing coming from Mom and Dad's room, their door was open. I quietly stepped thru the kitchen and into the living room to get closer to their open door.

I heard slurping noises and Dad moaning. I thought to myself "DAM, Mom is really giving it to him, that lucky bastard" as a smile grew on my face.

I got closer and with the noises I knew he was getting a blowjob. I crept to their door and stood there listening as Dad kept softly breathing "out, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby". I was getting hard as I listened and a bit jealous, if what he was getting was as good as my dream then he is in heaven.

Dad was getting louder now moaning, Oh, Baby, Ohhhh Baby, Suck My Cock Baby Girl, Suck It Good Sweetheart. My body went limp, as did my cock. I stood there is total disbelief (Baby Girl ?, Sis ?.

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NO ! this can't be happening) and I was getting pissed. I slipped right to the door and leaned in to peak around the opening. From my vantage point I could see Dad's back angled to the door.

His pants were down around his ankles, his shirt unbuttoned, splayed open and he had one hand down in front of him. At this point things were getting more intense as he got louder and started saying, OH BABY GIRL I HAVE TO CUM, I'M GONNA FILL YOUR SWEET LITTLE MOUTH, UHHHHHH, UH, UH, UHHHHHHH, OH TAKE MY CUM, OHHHHH, OHHHH, OH MY SWEET LITTLE GIRL. He arched his back and let out an, AHHHHHHHHH !, his shirt fell open some more and there she was, on her knees with her mouth full of Dad's cock.

She saw me and just knelt there finishing him off, looking right at me like she didn't have a concern in the world then winked at me. When I said my sisters friend was a slut I didn't know how right I was !. Here she is sucking my Dad's dick and we had already planned to meet at 6, just 30 minutes from now !. I slipped away from the door, quietly made my way thru the living room then went outside.

As I was walking to our rendevous point in the woods I thought about all the things I was going to say to that little slut. I was also thinking, "What about my Dad, what the hell is he doing and what about him and Mom" ?.

It was now clear to me what they were arguing about the other night when I overheard heard Mom asking him "what do you mean you couldn't help yourself".

I'm assuming this wasn't the first time my Dad and that slut got together, Mom knows !. I felt bad for Mom, I don't know how she's really taking it.

My mother, my sweet mother. My instinct is to hold her, comfort her, love her, to look into her eyes, gently stroke her hair to feel her. I shook my head to clear it of the dreamy state I fell into thinking about Mom.

I stood there getting horny, I mean with all that was happening I was getting horny and my cock was growing harder. I turned as I heard leaves rustling behind me. She was walking towards me, a slow sexy type of walk that accentuated her hip movements. She had a sundress on and her soft bedroom blue eyes never veered from mine. DAM SHE LOOKED HOT !. "What the hell are you doing", I said in a stern voice.

"Don't judge me", she said calmly.

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"My FATHER ?, I said. "Your SISTER !", she retorted with her eyebrows raised. I could see this turning into an endless moral debate and neither one of was could take the high ground. "I think your.(I stopped as I was about to say, "My Cousin", but I thought what's the point).forget it", I said.

"You think I'm WHAT ?, mmmm, a WHORE ?", she said with her eyebrows still raised. "Thats not what I was going to say", I said, as I quickly looked her up and down.

"I don't think your as upset as you think you are", she said glancing down at the lump in my pants. She was right, as much as I didn't want to admit it I couldn't help my urges.

She reached down to untie the string on the bathing suit I still had on. I stood there unable to resist as she went to her knee's and pulled down on my waistband. As she slid my bathing suit down my cock sprang out, practically hitting her in the face. I was looking down at her as she knelt there, her head at a slight angle looking up at me. She dropped her eyes to look at my cock then straightened her head and took me in. "UHHHHHHHH", I groaned out loud.

She was consistently taking me in to half my length and in an instant I felt the cum start to rise up my shaft. I wanted nothing more than to cum, cum in this little sluts mouth. I was closer and closer and I didn't have it in me to hold my muscles to delay gratification. I grabbed her head with both hands and started fucking her mouth. I was heaving in and pulling her head to me as she was on her down stroke and all she could do was take it with muffled, mm, mm ,mm, mm, mm.

As the cum raced up my shaft and out of my peehole I grabbed her hair and buried my cock deep in her mouth and held myself there letting out a huge "OHHHHHHH !, TAKE IT YOU LITTLE SLUT, UHHHHHHHHH,TAKE EVERY LAST DROP, AHHHHHHHHH". I continued to shoot in her mouth and held her while she tried to pull away. I let her hair go just as I finished my last squirt.

She pulled back off my cock and hung her head down catching her breath then looked up at me, "BASTARD", she said then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and continued sucking in air. I pulled up my shorts and looked down at her and offered my hand to help her up which she slapped away. I still held my hand out then she took it and pulled herself up. We just looked at each other then she turned to walk away and I slapped her on the ass.

When she turned her head to me I looked at her, "want to again", I asked "I'll text you", she said then she turned away. "NO, I'll text YOU", I said. She turned and looked at me then walked away. I got back to the house to clean up and get into some clothes before my girlfriend showed up. When I went in Mom was in the kitchen. Trying to act like things were normal I said "HEY MOM, what s going on". "I'm just thinking", she said. "Where's Dad", I said.

"Well he's out and your sister is staying over at a friends house", she said. "I have a date tonight, she's coming to pick me up", I said. "Oh great, I finally get to meet her ?", she said. "Sure", I said. "Mom, what was wrong the other night", I asked.

"Oh, your father and I had a disagreement", she said with a forced smile on her face. "What was Sis crying about", I asked. "Well she was just upset about our, uh, disagreement", she said. "What did you two pick up at the drugstore", I asked. "More Birth Control", she said without hesitation while looking right at me.

"Oh. I have to get ready", I said. I wanted to ask about the "COUSIN" issue but thought this was certainly not a good time. I went to clean up and get ready. When my girlfriend pulled up I went out and said "come inside and meet my Mom". We walked into the kitchen, Mom turned to us and froze, she was like a deer in the headlights, "Mom are you alright" ?, I asked.

"Uh, yes, of course I am, She's beautiful sweetheart, she said. I turned to my girlfriend who had a huge smile on her face, "Thank You', she said. "Look you two should get going, it was very nice to meet you dear", said Mom. I knew we we're being rushed out but wasn't sure why. We got into the car and my girlfriend said, "that was kinda weird".

"Well she has stuff on her mind", I said. She was right, it was very weird and the subject was left at that as we spent the evening together doing the typical dinner, a movie, a walk, we made out, etc. Then she dropped me off at home. The house was dark as I went in. I figured Mom was in bed.

I went to the kitchen switching the light on and saw Mom on the couch. She looked sad and I could tell she had been crying. I went and sat down and put my arm around her. She leaned over my shoulder and I brought my other arm around and held her. "Oh Honey, there is so much going on, I feel so alone, you don't know how good it feels for me to be held.", she said. This was a little like deja vu for me or my imagination turning into reality.

She felt good and smelled great. "Who wouldn't want to hold you, your a wonderful and caring woman, I said. "I look a mess", she said as she ran a finger over each eye. "Your beautiful", I said. "Your sweet", she said. As she leaned more into me the top of her robe fell open exposing those her BOOBS, she had no bra on. My cock sprang right to action. I continued to look then let my eyes travel down her body. Her robe was the short type so sitting down it rode up exposing her nice tanned legs.

I didn't notice when she raised her head slightly and was looking at my face while my eyes roamed back up her body and stopped at her chest for just a second then I glanced at her and noticed she was looking right at me then she looked down at the lump in my pants then back up at me. We looked at each other.

My eyes darted from each of her eyes to various points on her face then I gave darting glances between her eyes and neck. This was an obvious signal from me that I wanted to start munching my way from her neck down. I slowly leaned my head down and she receptively leaned her head back as I went to work on her neck and worked down to her boobs.

I was pulling her robe open and running my hand inside while I sucked on each nipple. Pulling my hand out I untied her robe and pulled it open, she had no panties on. She slide her butt down to the edge of the couch as I knelt on the floor in front of her.

She pulled her knees to her chest and opened her legs wide as she put her arms down beside her and held her ankles with her hands giving me full access. Her pussy was completely shaved, her cunt lips were wide open and flared. I looked up at her and looking back at me with pure desire in her eyes, "Take Care of Me Sweetheart", she said. I practically dove into her and started lapping at the full length of her scrumptious snatch. She immediately moaned, OH BABY, MY SWEET BABY, EAT MOMMA'S PUSSY.

I worked on her cunt, sucking down her sweet juice and attacking her clit off and on and nibbling her cunt lips. She was panting and stopping then panting and stopping as I licked the same pussy I passed thru 16 years before.

I attacked her fully engorged clit as she screamed, "OHHHHHH BABY I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE" and pushed my head away. We went to her bedroom, she undressed me, pushed my down onto the bed and went right for my cock. She took me in her mouth and I thought I was going to black out from shear pleasure as she started bobbing up and down on my harder than steel prick.

After a several of her strokes of what I thought was absolute cock sucking heaven she started taking me into her throat. All I could do was loudly moan, "OH MOM YOUR THE BEST, OH MY GOD PLEASE DON'T STOP, OHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHH, OHHHHH MOMMA, SUCK IT BABY, SUCK MY COCK" !!!!!!.

It was all I could do to hold off but I didn't want to finish like this, I wanted her pussy, I was intending to cum inside the same wonderful cunt that gave birth to me. Just when I didn't think I could take it anymore she finally pulled off of me. She turned got on all fours and said, "I WANT YOU TO FUCK MOMMY'S PUSSY HONEY, I KNOW YOU WILL TAKE CARE OF ME". This is what I was looking forward to, I thought as I positioned my self behind her and aimed my throbbing meat at her entrance.

Pushing in I entered into what I can only describe as a dream. My cock was wrapped in a heavenly softness I have never ever felt. She applied just the right amount of pressure and she was wet but not sloppy. As sweet as her juice was to taste, it had a creamy consistency beyond compare. I grabbed her full firm hips and slowly started working in and out of the most exquisite pussy known to me.

I was taking long deep slow strokes. Mom raised her head up and moaned out, "OHHHH BABY YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD INSIDE ME, FUCK MOMMY'S PUSSY HONEY, FUCK MOMMY'S PUSSY". I knew I couldn't last a minute but I was going to fully enjoy that minute. I was at the point of exploding and squeezing with all I had, trying to delay the inevitable.

I couldn't take anymore I had to let go. I was so tensed I could hardly speak, I was in pain and needed relief. I had my fingers dug into her fleshy hips and in a tortured voice I said, "MOMMA, I HAVE TO CUM" !!!!!. "IT'S OK HONEY, CUM IN ME, FILL MOMMY'S PUSSY WITH MY SWEET BABY'S CUM !!!!.

I shoved in and holding myself deep I groaned out a long relieving, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", as I felt myself just melt inside of her. It was like a slow molten river of white hot cum flowing out of my cock and deep into her sweet soft pussy. With my back arched, head back, eyes closed and fingers dug into her hips I stayed right there in complete bliss feeling like the cum would never stop flowing.

Finally convinced I finished I pulled out and looked down as cum ran out of her and puddled up on the bed. I fell straight back breathing hard, breathing with absolute relief. Mom turned around and licked at my cum soaked cock and said, "mmmmmm", next time I want to taste ALL of it. Then she went down and started sucking and licking me clean as I laid there with my eyes closed and in total heaven.

(to be continued).