Ebony cop beauty spitroasted in threesome

Ebony cop beauty spitroasted in threesome
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Note: This is only my second story. This is a plot induced story, if you just want sex your out of luck here. There is sexual actions though but they are near the bottom of each chapter/part. Sorry for any grammar or spelling issues. Please Help me out with the story by submitting feedback and ideas.

The next story might be a long wait it might not I don't now yet. Thanks ****** Mary OK, for the record that was scary as shit. I was in shock until the guys came in here and tried to rape us.

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I just couldn't rap my head over the fact that this was the Apocalypse. Well anyways, after we got done eating Sam volunteered himself to get rid of the bodies that were in the back.

A couple minutes later he came back covered in blood and said something about hitting them in the wrong spot and getting drenched in blood. "The shower is up stairs." Carter said to Sam.


"Thanks, after I'm done you guys should too, we don't know how long we will have running water." Sam replied As he went to take a shower Jeff and Carter went to the back yard to sit. "Are you sure it's safe?" Ms. Davis asked "We are fine, there is a 5 foot wooden fence around the backyard." replied Carter "OK then." she said as they walked out. After the boys all left the room we started chatting.

"I could of helped you guys." Amy said sadly.

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"No I bet it would of been harder for the guys to save us if you were here too." Susan replied. "I still can't believe that guy almost put his dick in me." I said "It was a big turn off for me, The guy going for me had a 4 incher." Ms. Davis said with a laugh. "Sam's sure didn't turn you off." Amy said starting to smile. "I've got to admit it look like he was hiding a pretty nice one in there." She replied back grinning.

"What I would give to have his in me." Amy said to her self, but not quite enough for Susan to hear. "What did you say Amy? Something about having a little crush on Sam." Susan said.

"Hey! You three do you! All your panties were soaked as he looked at your naked bodies." Amy said almost laughing at them. "At least we weren't masturbating in the bathroom about him!" I said. "Hey! That's too far!" Amy said pushing me off the chair I was sitting on. Pinning me by sitting on my stomach and holding my arms just like the guy trying to rape me did. "What Are you trying to do? Rape me like that guy!" I said laughing. The other girls just sat there giggling. "Maybe I will!" Amy said pushing my arms down harder.

I struggled for a couple minutes the three girls laughing at me until Sam said something from the hallway. "Better not rip her clothes Amy, Those were hard to get." "Oh don't worry Sam she'll gladly take them off now that your here." she said laughing with the other girls.

"At least I don't master-----" I was cut off as she stuck her hand over my mouth. "Well I think its time we unpack all the clothes and supplies we got." he said shrugging off what I was trying to say. As he started sorting out all the clothes.

Amy finally got off of me and I could sit back down as we watched Sam sort the clothes. "What, are you trying to make us were sexy clothes?" Susan asked as she held up a very thin sexy red thong. "Hey it's not my fault we threw in all the clothed we could, girls and guys." he said holding up a very small speedo. "Amy would like you wearing that." I whispered so only Ms. Davis who was sitting next to me could hear. "Honestly I think we all would." she Replied just as quietly with a little giggle, witch made me laugh too.

"Some one passing secrets over there?" Amy asked glaring right at me. "OK, ladies if you can't control your self you should go and sit with Jeff and Carter." Sam said going back to his sorting.

Susan was the one that got up and went out to sit with Jeff and Carter. ****** Jeff It's not very hard to tell that the girls are falling for Sam. I mean me and Carter haven't really done anything like he has. That's not really the point though, Sam told us that we need to take the girls off his hand because he's survived this long flirting with the girls with wits and jokes. It surprised me a lot when Susan came out to it.

"Were is Carter at?" Susan asked. That's what I forgot to tell you. Carter had some kind of break down and hopped the fence. It really freaked me out but he brought his machete so he should be fine if he runs into any things out there.

It took me a bit to tell Susan that. "I hope he come's back soon." she Said. "Yeah, me too.

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So why did you decide to come sit out here?" I asked. She told me about how the girls a flirting with Sam again. "Figures." I replied. "Hey what that in your back pocket." pointing toward her jean shorts. "Oh just some thongs." she said pulling them out and stretching them, witch made me Blush. "Don't worry Jeff I won't put them on right here." Ok pause for a moment. I'm not really like Sam, I don't have any witty comments to make. She was flirting with me and I didn't know what to do.

I've always liked Susan because she was funny, and had a almost perfect body, with flowing red blonde hair. Don't let the blonde fool you, she was a A+ student one of the best in the school. She had a nice round, firm ass. Then there is me. 5 foot 10, pretty much the same build as Sam but with more muscle.

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I was a nerd like Sam, heck Sam, Carter and I would have gaming marathons every once and a while. Susan was a popular girl though and never dated anyone she deemed unworthy.

After she said she wouldn't put them on that just got me hard and She was just glaring at it.


"Sorry." she said. It took me a second or to but I thought of a stupid joke to say "It's OK it will go away in the shower." she laughed. "I'm next in shower!" yelled Amy running up the stairs. "No it's me!" Mary yelled chasing her. "Well looks like your not getting to use the shower." she said with a giggle.

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"How about I help." She said the last part with a grin. Using her beautiful blue eyes to full effect. I was just sitting there stunned. She reached and pulled my pants down making my dick pop strait up. She let out a soft moan seeing it. She brought her head down and started licking the head slowly. I was still sitting there stunned as this sexy girl in my class was licking my dick. She finally brought her lips to the top and sucked a little on my head.

With out warning she deepthroated my whole 5 and a half inches of man, witch almost make me cum right there. "That almost made me cum right away." I said. That just made her do it twice more.

On the third time she brought her eyes and stared at me while doing it. At the bottom he eyes went strait up in pleasure witch sent me off the edge. I cummed deep within her throat. Drop after drop she milked me dry. After she was finished she licked her lips, pulled my pants back up and sat next to me. "Whoa, were did you learn to blowjob like that?" I asked "My mom got me a dildo last year for my 16th birthday and said use it instead of a guy, so I practiced a lot." she replied.

After sitting there a few minutes we herd a gun shot come from one of the neighboring lawns. I hope that wasn't Carter I thought as we walked back in.

and locked the door be hind us.