Junge engen weißen Pussy Creampie

Junge engen weißen Pussy Creampie
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A long time ago a little girl was abandoned near a pound that was close to a mountain.

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Her cries attracted three of the oddest Pokémon that were guardians of the forest, the pond and the mountain. They were Raikou, Suicune and Entei who once found the child decided that they would raise it.

They named her Ice for her ice blue eyes and her white almost translucent hair that fell down her back.


Entei was her main father figure and took the girl into the cave he had made in the side of the mountain. There the three legendary beast Pokémon raised the little girl to become a strong sexy woman. Soon after she hit puberty Ice felt strange sensations that came from her groin and made her sticky and wet.

When she was thirteen and Entei had fallen asleep she felt around in her panties (Provided by Raikou who was always bringing her new cloths). When she felt around and rubbed she felt a strange pleasurable feeling that made her explore more. As she slipped her finger into her most private part Ice cried out and shuddered liking the pleasure.

When Ice hit fifteen she loved to masturbate and when Entei and the other found out about her apparently being in heat, loved to lick her Pussy and started to hint at mating with her. At first she thought it weird but then decided she loved to feel their tongs inside her why not their cocks.

Since Suicune was the smallest of the three they decided to let him have her first. "Are you ok with this?" Suicune asked in a deep silky tone that reminded her of the river. "I'm a little nervous but I think it will be fun!" She said taking off her shorts and underwear along with her shirt. As soon as she bent over to get her feet out of her panties Suicune was there licking her pussy.

Ice cried out and hurried to get the garment off and get to her hands and knees feeling Suicune's tong and nose follow every move. He licked at her quivering hole as she was sopping wet giving him a nice treat. Her gasps grew to moans as his tong drilled deep into her tight hole. Ice grind against his snout loving the feel of the squirming rough tong deep in her pussy.

She came in a hard rush of pleasure bursting through her body as Suicune drank down her juices. She was tight, wet and so hot that Suicune couldn't handle it anymore and mounted Ice. He started thrusting fast and his dick was already hard long and bulging out of his sheath.

As soon as Suicune found his mark he forced himself deep into her and fucked her hard and fast tearing apart her hymen. She screamed in pain and started to cry but Suicune never let up as he pounded into her pussy. She was so tight and squeezing him that Suicune couldn't stop himself even knowing that he was hurting Ice, Just couldn't bring himself to stop.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she tried to bear the pain of his enormous cock ravaging her. But soon after the pain had faded there was pleasure, unbelievable pleasure and she started to cry out in pleasure and moaned out his name. She came and her pussy was being stretched around the large dick as it fucked her and then was being pushed deeper. It is against Ice's cervix and she started to scream in pleasure and heard Suicune grunting next to her ear. "I hope you're ready for this" He said as something large was being pushed into her entrance.

Ice knew it was his knot, she had asked his what it was when she saw it when she was six. It began to slowly stretch her pussy around this mass and it then popped into her.

As Suicune pounded deeper into her and when she thought her Pussy couldn't stretched anymore Suicune's knot started to grow inside of her. Crying out Ice grind back against his cock and felt the tip of his cock against her cervix and she came again. Without warning Suicune stopped moving and his seed exploded out of his cock and deep within her pussy and caused Ice to orgasm in hot waves of pleasure. He filled her womb completely as the hot cum warmed her. Ice had never felt like this in all her life, but she did not think she could do it again tonight as for she was so tired.

"Um Suicune are you not going to slide out of me?" Ice asked ready to fall over. "I can't just yet dear girl, I am tied to you for a bit until my knot softens. I do not wish to hurt you more then I already have" He said and nuzzled her ear causing Ice to giggle.

After about fifteen minutes Suicune popped out of her and slid down so that she was laying on cold hard stone that felt good on her hot flesh. Suicune's seed spilled out of her along with traces of blood. She yawned and looked at the other two Pokémon. "Why don't we try to do one a day?" Entei asked. "I agree" Raikou said and nuzzled Ice's cheek. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That next afternoon Ice was ready to mate with Raikou and she was nervous again because she remembered the pain in the beginning with Suicune and was scared to feel that again.

She wore a dress today on that was very flowy and came to just above her knees and her green panties snug around her ass. Raikou rubbed against her belly and looked up at her his nose very close to her groin as he breathed in her sent.

"Are you ready Ice?" He asked slowly lifting her dress as he nuzzled her belly. She was getting really turned on as she felt his nose press against her lips through her panties. Ice slowly slid her panties down and then laid on her back spreading her legs wide for him. Raikou pounced at her and shoved his tong deep into her causing the girl to gasp out. She loved it when he ate her because when Raikou gets really excited little jolts of electricity would course through her body.

As he drilled his tong into her quivering hole he let the small shocks of electricity dace across her pussy lips and made her cry out loudly. Ice was dripping wet now and as she felt his tong and the jolts inside her causing her to cum. Raikou brought his head up and lick up her body staying a each of her nipples a little longer teasing the girl. "Roll over" He instructed and watched her fit frame roll onto her stomach and lift her ass in the air.

Raikou mounted her and in a blink of an eye was pounding deeply into her tight pussy. He fucked her fast as was his way of being the fastest of them all, Ice cried out loudly as she felt the sensation of being stretched unbelievably around the huge cock.

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There was no pain she though as she moaned against the force at which his cock was entering her hole. Ice was soaking wet allowing Raikou to slide in and out of her quickly and as he pounded her the shocks of electricity were back. Deep inside her pussy she felt the little shocks and started to cry out with the pleasure of it. She had never felt this in her life and wanted more of it. Raikou started to grow even larger inside her and a moan escaped from her mouth feeling the growing cock fuck so quickly inside her it felt like she there flames inside her.

The electricity made her cum again and again then she felt the knot at her entrance and started to grind lustily against it as he fuck fast. The wetness of her sex made it easier for his knot to enter the sweet center of her core.

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Raikou kept fucking into until he gave a loud roar and erupted inside her his cock pressed right against her cervix. His seed gushed into her womb filling it quickly then spilled out filling what space was left this caused Ice to scream as her orgasm swept through her.

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It felt like Raikou shot gallons into her womb and that full feeling came back to her. When he finally spilled the last of his cum into Ice's womb he relaxed and then they waited for his cock to soften and his knot to shrink.

Before he even pulled out of Ice the cum was spilling out of her and Ice had a curious thought. She started to grind back against Raikou's cock and it started to grow, this caused the Pokémon to groan.


She moved her hips in small circles and was fucking Raikou with her tender pussy. He groaned more and slowly started to hump into her as he felt her tight pussy squeezing his cock. The girl was still knotted and Raikou's cock was still pressed against her cervix. Ice was now rocking her body against him feeling the tip of his cock press into her cervix widening slightly.

She cried out feeling a little pain but still rocked against him and made herself cum from fucking herself on his cock. Felling to quivering of her squeezing pussy Raikou was fully erect and started with his fast pace pounding into her pussy.

She screamed in pleasure as she was leaking juices as his knot was not at its largest yet. Raikou was grunting as he fucked her tight hole and electricity leaked from him shocking Ice slightly. She cried out and let him fuck her again and felt his knot start to grow inside her stretching her pussy more then she could believe possible.

Her hole was already so sensitive after he fucked her the first time, this made all the sensations more as the coursed through her body. It wasn't long till Raikou let out a long roar and he exploded yet again into her. This time though she was still full from the first time and it made her belly expand as she took the extra load.

Panting both Ice and Raikou sat there until he was small enough to pull from her sex. His and her cum gushed out of her and spilled onto the rock below them in a large puddle.

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Ice clasped as she felt the rest of his seed dribble out between her legs. Raikou was lying next to her panting as she saw for the first time his cock red and bulging. It was so large she couldn't believe it had fit into her tiny pussy.

She curled next the electric Pokémon and passed out as the sun sank below the horizon.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning when Ice awoke Raikou wasn't there and someone had dragged her into her cave. She knew it was Entei who had done that for her she was tucked into her bed with the covers snug around her. She got out of bed and walked out of her room to see it was just dawn and Entei was laying in front of the cave opening.

"Good morning Entei" She said still the dress from yesterday and no underwear. "Morning Ice, How did you sleep?" He said getting up and walking over to her. "Pretty good" She hugged him around his neck and nuzzled against him.

"That's good to hear" He sat back down and Ice curled against him to warm herself. She kissed him lightly and then looked directly into his eyes "I'm sorry to have made you wait so long to mate Entei" She berried her face in his fur feeling a little embarrassed. Entei made her sit back slowly so that he could look and saw her flushed cheeks.

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He pawed at her dress and the girl took it off so that she was naked and only he could see. Entei leaned his head forward and licked at one her breasts lightly His tong rough against her nipple.

She felt her nipple harden into a tight bud as he licked more and drew small gasps from her and she started to squirm.

Her hands flew to Entei's head as he teased her nipples with his warm rough tong. Ice had unknowingly move against Entei's arm and was grinding against it.

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Her pussy felt great as his strong arm was pressed against it, his fur tickled her clit. She was moaning now and looked as she noticed what she was doing. Entei's fur was starting to get wet from her grinding and she was so horny that she wanted that feeling of being stretched by his cock.

"Entei roll onto you're back ok?" He nodded and rolled over onto his back exposing that his cock was just starting to poke out of his furry sheath.

Ice climbed up on to Entei and straddled him his fur warm against her as she leaned down and moved back. She felt the tip of his cock at her Entrance and moved back more so that it slipped in. Only a small part on Entei's cock was out but it was so large it was already stretching Ice's tight hole. She moved her hips slowly grinding against his sheath so that more of his cock would enter her. as she moved Ice felt his cock slowly fill her and grow inside her stretching her wide.

Her moans filled the cave as she felt his hard hot cock fill her squeezing pussy that was getting wetter and slicker with every movement she made. Entei started to move his hips slightly and his cock plunged the rest of the way into her.

But he kept the pace that Ice set and instead of getting fucked they made love. Entei moved slowly and Ice sat up moving against him his cock was enormous inside her .She was squeezing his cock so much that Entei wanted to roll over and fuck her senseless.

He didn't though wanting Ice to enjoy this slow pace a little longer. When she started to speed up her pace Entei rolled over and this caused the girl to slide to the floor and his cock to slip out of her sweet tight Pussy. Lowering his hips some Entei slid his cock back into the girl and slowly fucked her then started to speed up. This caused Ice to moan and cry out in pleasure as she arched so that he could have easier access to her. She felt the knot at her opening and was giddy with lust to have it sink into her and stretch her pussy much more than Suicune and Raikou.

As he pounded her his knot slowly made its way into her pussy. His cock being forced into her cervix making it to stretch. She screamed as it sunk into her and her fucked her hard and deep till Ice was screaming with the orgasm that swamped her body.

Wave after wave of pleasure took over her and Entei was groaning as he felt her pussy tight and squeezing more than before. He lifted his head and gave a horribly frightful roar that shook through Ice and felt him shoot his cum deep into her womb. Even more of his seed was spilled into Ice then when Raikou came into her. Since his cock was wedged into her cervix all his cum filled her womb and made moan feeling her womb stretch.

Ice was gasping for air when he finished filling her and you could see her belly was more rounded as his cum had filled her. When Entei was soft enough he popped his cock out of Ice and only some of his seed dribbled out of her. Sitting up Ice pressed against the budge in her belly and the cum came spilling out of her.

Blushing she looked over at Entei and he looked lovingly back at her, coming forward he nuzzled her cheek. "I love you Entei" She said softly. "I love you to Ice" He said and curled his body around her to take a nap.

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