Amazing Solo Girl with sex toys

Amazing Solo Girl with sex toys
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It was a winter day when me and my karate teacher went to the coffee shop together, since the first day it snowed he always wore his black scarf, and brown gloves. We walked into the coffee shop, I got our table, Nathan got the menu. "What are you planning on getting?" Nathan asked me. We had been to this coffee shop three times already, so I decided to try something new.

"I'd like to try something new.

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So how about the salted caramel frappé." I responded. "Sounds good!" Nathan yelled, silently. "Waiter! Waiter!" Nathan called. "Yes sir, is there a problem?" "My table is ready to order." Nathan said.

"Alright! What would you like?" The waiter turned to me, that was my warning sign to say something. "I would-" I got cut off by Nathan. "We both would like the Caramel Frappé." Nathan said quickly, but fluently.

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"Mmhmm, alright! Your orders will be coming to you soon." The waiter said.


I was the typical shy-guy, I didn't talk much, or do much either for that fact. Me and Nathan lived together, only because both of my parents died. He agreed to take care of me, rather than letting me be adopted. "Is something bothering kid?" Nathan asked, I hated it when he called me a kid, he knew I was turning fifteen next year and that "kid" wasn't a word I liked.

I sighed. "No, i'm just fine, i'm just, i'm just-" I was tired, I couldn't finish my sentence, I started falling asleep while talking to my karate teacher. I wasn't fully asleep, but I saw Nathan get up to go to front desk. "Can I help you sir?" A lady said. "Yes, can you make those two Frappè's for table three, to go?" He asked politely. "Yes we can sir." The woman grabbed a microphone and yelled into it: "Table three to go!

Table three to go!" "There you are sir." "Thanks!" Nathan said with a wink. The waiter came to our table and gave us our to go drinks. "Have a nice day sir!" "Thank you, you too!" I felt Nathan's hand grasp my waist, I also felt his other hand move down to my legs.

"He's going to carry me home?" I thought to myself. "That wouldn't be fair." I thought once more. I was to tired to even tell Nathan to let me walk home.

Part Two: When two men are left alone. Nathan opened the door and he sat me on the couch. I felt his hand rub my blonde filled head. "Jacob, wake up so you can at least drink this Frappè." With Nathan speaking silently and smoothly, it was only harder to wake up, even though I heard him speaking.

Nathan shook me. I woke up as his hands shook the life out of me.

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"Here!" Nathan thrusted my Frappè into my face. "Thanks, do you want to watch a movie? You know untill our Frappè's are gone?" I asked.

"Sure! But after the movie your going to bed because we have karate practice at eight thirty SHARP!!!!" I blushed, Nathan was a typical guy that any girl would have wanted to date. I bent down to the mini drawers, I opened it and looked for a dvd we could watch, I pulled out a movie called "Lovers revenge" "Want to watch this?" I asked, whipping my long blond hair out of my face. "Whatever you want." Nathan said again. My cheeks went flushed red.

"Why am I blushing? He's just my karate teacher, nothing more, nothing less." I thought. All of these things were flying through my head, I couldn't focus on putting the dvd in the dvd player.

"You need help bud?" Nathan asked. "Uh. No! I got it, thanks though." Even though I said I didn't need help, I felt Nathan's hand wrap around mine. I froze and dropped the disc, my mouth just happened to be open and Nathan leaned in close to kiss me, he shoved his tounge inside my mouth. "What the- he's french kissing me?!" I thought, I remembered a movie that had french kissing, the two people kissed with their tounges going in and out, I reminded myself that pattern: "In and out, in and out." I stopped this is wrong, I tried to push Nathan away, but he just brung me closer to his body.

He laid me on my side, he started to caress and rub my dick rough, fast and hard, he didn't go inside my pants, at least he didn't yet. "Nat-hh-aan! Ahh!" It felt so good, but it felt so wrong. "Shh, your going to enjoy this." Nathan said, licking his lips. He pressed harder and harder on the head of my dick. "Ah!!! Ohhh!!!" "Yeah, you like that don't you?

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Lets go to another level, I want to hear all your yells of pleasure." Nathan had a smirk on his face, he unbuttoned my pants and rubbed my dick, but it was only through my pants, he couldn't feel my whole dick yet. "NATHAN!!! Uh-uh-uh!!!" I started panting. "Lets make it so you can't utter a word." Nathan went in my boxes and massaged my dick rough and fast, I couldn't hold it, I knew it was coming. I blasted a whole load in my boxers.

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My face was super red, I was embarrassed. "My karate teacher saw me cum!" I thought. "Your wet." Nathan said.


I was breathing so hard, I couldn't respond. Nathan took his hand out my pants and he licked his fingers. He picked me up and took me to the bathroom to clean me up.

Sneak peak at part three. "You blasted quick."