Honey Blonde Teases and Masturbates

Honey Blonde Teases and Masturbates
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As James awoke the next morning he lay in bed for a while thinking about Ben's huge cock, and wondering if his appeal for it made him gay. As he lay there, his sister Claire flung the door open and walked in. "Hey, I made breakfast! And can you drop Ed of home after your done?" She always did something nice for James when she had a favor to ask. Claire was wearing a cut off top, which barely contained her huge DD boobs, and from his angle in bed, James had a great view of underboob.

He felt his cock stiffen and said "y-yeah, sure" "Thanks!! Your the best!" Said Claire, smiling. She turned and left, and James realized she was wearing a thong too!


Her ass is soo perfect he thought to himself. He spent a few more minutes in bed, waiting for his erection to die down, then threw on some jeans and a t shirt and went downstairs.

Ed was sitting opposite his sister at the breakfast table wearing the same tight briefs as last night and a t shirt. "S'up James?" Said Ed "Not much, you?" James replied "You good to take me home after this?" "Yeah, sure, not doing much else anyway" "Thanks, I appreciate it" As James sat down to eat, his sister left the room to do the laundry and get changed for the day James dropped his spoon under the table and as he leaned down to pick it up he noticed that bulge again in Ed's pants, his eyes stayed on it, transfixed for literally about a minute.

Suddenly he noticed it begin to stiffen, and the bulge grew even bigger! "Need some help down there?" Said Ed, and as he said that, he pulled back his briefs and his cock sprung out. His semi hard cock was pointing right at James' face.

Ed shook it at him, tauntingly before putting it back in his briefs.

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James picked up his spoon and returned to the table, he felt Ed looking at him but was unable to meet his eyes, he felt his face go red, finished his breakfast quickly, made an excuse and left the table.

20 minutes later he heard his sister calling his name. "Can you take Ed home now James??" "Sure" As James drove Ed home, he felt Ed looking at him. "You OK?" Asked James "Is it true you're gay?" "What!?" stammered James "Why do you say that??" "Well, its a rumor going around school, and you've never had a girlfriend, even though you probably could if you wanted to.

Plus you spent long enough staring at my dick this morning." "Well, it is pretty big. But I'm not gay!

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I'm just. I don't know, shy maybe?" Said James "Whatever man.

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Yeah it's big!" Laughed Ed "Your sister loves it, sorry if we kept you up last night!" James could tell it wasn't anywhere near a sincere apology. He had a lot of feeling going through his head. Did everyone think he was gay?

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He was sure he wasn't, he found girls sexually attractive, but the site of cocks aroused him too. Maybe he was bisexual. As he was thinking he noticed a bulge start to form in Ed's pants.

"Are you getting hard!?" Yelled James Ed laughed and pulled his cock out in the car, stroking it slowly. It was an impressive piece of meat James thought, thick, veiny and a vascular, shining head. "Just thinking about your sister's fat ass and round tits" "How big is that?" James blurted "Hahaha!" Laughed Ed loudly "Around nine inches, and what about that excuse for a cock?" he said, pointing to a small bulge, that to James' horror had formed in his own pants.

But just then they pulled up to Ed's house. "No one's in" Said Ed calmly, as James tried to end the conversation "How big is that?" he repeated "Actually you know what, take it out!" Demanded Ed James was in no position to argue as Ed was a lot bigger than him. James slowly took his cock out too.


Ed laughed loudly again "How big is that, 4?" "Its actually 5" Said James, deflated. "Huh, no wonder you have never had a girlfriend! Wanna feel what a real dick is like?" Said Ed, with an evil grin. Seemingly without realizing it James slowly put his hand out and slowly gripped Ed's huge rod. He felt it pulsing in his hand. It was warm, and he could barely fit his hand around it. He couldn't believe this was happening; He had his hand around the huge cock of his sisters' boyfriend.

Almost in a trance, he started stroking the cock.

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"Did I say you could stroke it!?" Said Ed abruptly. "No, sorry sir" Replied James. Sir!? Why did I call him sir, what is wrong with me! James thought. Although he had stopped stroking he realized his hand was still on Ed's meat. "Taste it" Demanded Ed. Slowly James leaned down and licked the huge shiny mushroom head.

He hated himself for so much as thinking it, but it was delicious!

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He kept licking it, and eventually put the whole head in his mouth "Your sister is a lot better at this, fag" Said Ed. The thought of his sister sucking this piece of cock for some reason made James' already rock hard cock somehow even harder.

Ed then demanded James to stop sucking, and Ed got out of the car, walked around to James window (cock in hand) and motioned for James to lower the window. James did so and stared at the huge, pulsing cock. Suddenly a huge spurt of cum hit James right in the forehead. Before he had time to react, another load hit him right in the mouth, then another load hit is nose, more and more hit him until he lost count!

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Eventually it was over. "Later gay boy!" Said Ed, walking up towards his house.


James couldn't believe what had just happened and was only snapped back to reality when he heard his phone get a text. He wiped the thick layer of cum of his face and noticed the text was from Ben "wanna come over tonight for a horror movie?

;)" it read James groaned and slumped back in his seat, the cum still fresh on his face, hands, and t shirt.

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