Mostrando un poco mi verga

Mostrando un poco mi verga
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My name is Min Wong and I came from China to England for a 2 week educational conference. It's like a vacation and my boss told me that, if I get lots of people to my seminar, he would send me on more trips abroad.

That's better than staying home teaching.

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My first presentation was 2 days ago. The room had a capacity of 100 but, 30 minutes before I was to start, there were still only 6 names on the registration list. I couldn't go home and report such poor performance.

Being a very smart lady, I decided to advertise: I removed my business jacket and tie, took off my bra and unfastened the top 3 buttons of my blouse. Then I stood outside in the hall, smiled at the milling people, and announced loudly that there were still a few seats available. I gave my presentation to an overcapacity crowd, mostly men. Most of them signed up for my second talk tomorrow. The conference people gave me a bigger room for next week.

My boss will be very happy. Next time he will have to get me a decent hotel. This one is very bad.

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There are fights every night and the innkeeper doesn't care. Two times I saw naked girls running out of the hotel lobby being chased by vicious men (I was tempted to join in the chase).

The innkeeper just read his newspaper. I am tired of taking tour buses and have decided to see how real English natives live. Also, I hope to find and try out a real English naked girl. At home all I get is Chinese girls. I want something different, something exotic like an English girl.

After wandering the streets for a while, I get on a local bus to go back to the hotel. Unbelievably crowded! I push through the smelly crowd toward the back of the bus hoping for a seat and hoping no one will spill anything on my crisp white, knee-length skirt or my lilac, silk blouse.

Pushing past yet another fat man, I slide past a short, slim girl noticing her erect nipples poking through her thin yellow frock. Nice and delicious!

Exotic a real English girl! I try to stop beside her but the fat lady behind her blocks me. I reach around the fat lady and brush the girl's bum. Nice. Warm. Firm. When she doesn't move, I slide my hand over her bum and down to her bare thigh her frock is deliciously short!


Such smooth skin! I want to take her home with me or at least to the hotel. The bus jolts once again and I use the opportunity to jam myself in front of the fat woman so I am right up against the hottie. Now I can touch anywhere. The girl's hand barely holds on to the overhead rail and her other hand is occupied with her briefcase. I breathe on her bare back and caress her thigh.

As she tries to shrink away, I put my whole body against hers so her cute bum fits neatly against my pussy. Oh, this is just wonderful! I kiss her bare back - the skin is so warm and delicious. Now my hand caresses her side discovering the cutaways on her dress. Nice I can feel her bare skin on her sides. My hand slides into the cutaway. She squirms and again tries to move away. My hand roams around front discovering the edges of her modest breasts.

Nice no bra. She squirms even harder. I don't care. My hand roves inward over the warm boob until it finds a rock hard nipple. My fingers instantly seize the nipple, pinching and twisting. I'm surprised the girl hasn't screamed. This is too much to resist.

As we approach the bus stop near my hotel, I slip out the expensive and very sharp kitchen knife I bought earlier in the day. Pressing it hard against the girl's side I whisper, "We get off at the next stop honey." Her body trembles and shakes in fear as I poke her with my knife. She pleads for mercy in a whisper. I stifle a laugh. Mercy?

Me? I feel her heart pounding.


She's sweating. I can almost smell her fear. Continuing to caress her left breast as we approach our stop, I suddenly realize it's the wrong stop. My hotel is actually much further. I guess we'll enjoy our ride for another few minutes. At this point I realize I don't need to hold on to the bus anymore my sweet honey is holding on so I can put both my hands to work feeling her sweet young body.

Holding her petite breast with my left hand, her hard nipple clenched tight between my thumb and forefinger, I slide my right hand, the one with the knife, down to her thigh and up under her smock. I want to find out what kind of undies she wears.

UGH! They don't feel very girly! I pull the undies down using my foot to push them to the floor of the bus. That's better! I caress her sweet ass. Her body shakes harder. She whimpers.

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Good fear is good for her. The fat man sitting to our right watches me feel the girl's ass. He is getting a very good view. I lean down and whisper to him, "Get your own." He grins and looks away. Her warm and tender bum is just what I need today. I wonder if she's straight or has she ever enjoyed the pleasure of a woman before? Well that will be a moot point by the time I finish with her. Rubbing the crack of her ass, I slowly move my hand around to her front, under her smock.

Slowly I let my hand find its way to that sweet, delicious place between her legs. The mound of hair feels soft, not like the coarse hair of my girlfriend's in China. My finger searches the soft mound. Looking for a hot entrance.

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Ahh. Found it! Driving my fingers hard into her pussy I enjoy feeling her wetness even as she bucks. Still she says nothing. Probably terrified of my knife. Good thing she's stupid. Does she really think I would be dumb enough to knife her on a crowded bus?

So many witnesses! I'd wind up in some overcrowded English jail. Her pussy is soft. My thumb soon finds her clit which I pinch vigorously. Her whole body stiffens. Excellent reaction. I can't wait to get her to my hotel room so I can see her completely naked. I can't wait to force her to lick my pussy.

I can't wait to feel her young tongue inside me. I'm getting flushed. I whisper in her ear, "Did you ever expect to become the property of a lesbian sociopath?" I chuckle again.

The fat man sitting to our right is sneaking peeks again. Grinning, I slowly force my new honey to turn to the side so the fat man gets a good view of my fingers playing with her wet pussy. He gets a big stupid smile on his face. Probably hasn't seen a real pussy in years. I push the girl so her bare bum brushes his bare arm. Finally, the bus reaches our stop. I wipe my fingers on her smock as I steer my new honey to the door and lead her out by the hand.

Turning, I wave to the fat man who is staring out the window.


I think he's slobbering. Putting my arm around my honey and resting the knife lightly against her right breast, I say, "Well honey, don't you just love to be alone with me? I forgot to ask, what's your name and how old are you? What would you like me to do to you first?" I don't really care what she answers because I'm going to do whatever I please, however I please, whenever I please. But if she doesn't answer…she will be very sorry indeed! The stupid girl is just standing there in a daze.

I nick the side of her right breast to get her attention.

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Not a big cut. I don't want to spoil the goods. Just enough to let a few drops of blood stain her yellow dress. She gasps her name. Kate. That's all. I asked her three questions and she only answered one. Okay, time for lesson number one.

Looking right in her eyes, my hand hooked in the top of her dress, I say, "Kiss me Kate!" Stupid idiot is frozen in place again so I yank her toward me and plant my warm lips on her lips.

She tries to push away so I put my hand on her ass, force her forward and stick my tongue between her lips. She tries to clench her lips to prevent my tongue from entering but another quick little jab with the knife convinces her to open up.

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It's a brief kiss…I just want a quick taste of my new honey. Her mouth is moist. The tongue is warm. Pleasant lips too. I think I like my selection today. She will do nicely. Steering her toward the hotel, my arm affectionately around her waist, my hand slips through the side slit of her dress to caress her warm, bare side.

Nice. Passing a few shops, I guide her into a rundown pet shop. The shop owner gazes curiously at the pink spots Kate's blood has made on the front of her yellow dress just below her right breast. I tell the shop keeper that we need a collar for my "pussy".

He reaches for a small one but I indicate the largest one on the shelf…it needs to be big enough to go around my pussy's neck after all.

I also select a cute pink leash. Then I say, "Kate, pay the man." Outside, I fasten the cat collar around her neck, attach the leash and continue to steer her down the street. Our next stop is a bikini shop…also rather rundown. Inside, the sales clerk approaches, suddenly stops, staring, as she realizes that a woman is holding a younger girl around the waist with one hand inside the girl's dress.

Her mouth drops open. I tell her, "My girlfriend needs a new suit.

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What's the cheapest bikini you have?" Directing us to a clearance pile, she continues to gawk. I don't mind. I think Kate does mind. Grabbing the cheapest white string bikini I can find, I hand it to Kate and say, "Try this on honey." I accompany her to the fitting room and whisper in her ear, "My knife is still sharp.

Don't even think of trying anything. Put the suit on." When she comes out, shivering from the air conditioner blasting us nearby, I nod appreciatively at the ill-fitting, too tight suit. The top is held on by a simple tie string at the back. The bottoms have a light tie string at either side. I stuff her dress in my purse, tell her to pay for the bikini and haul her outside. We continue to the hotel, my arm around Kate's naked waist. She looks very uncomfortable wearing nothing but the skimpy string bikini and her sandals.

Her skin has taken on a delicious pink blush all over. I think I'll show her to the hotel keeper for fun.