I love how you get hard just at the sound of my voice JOI

I love how you get hard just at the sound of my voice JOI
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Let me know what you think and also you can help me with the part three. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks for reading my story. Barnes & Noble Girl, Part II It was the alarm clock that had interrupted her sleep. She woke up and managed to disable the alarm. She open her eyes and stared at the ceiling. It was hard to believe what she had done last night. She felt ashamed and embarrassed. There was probably more than one person out there who knew about what she had done in that gay club last night.

But after thinking about it a little, she was almost proud of how she had done something many people would be too scared to do. She smiled and got up to take a shower. She was too tired to take a shower last night and could still smell him on her lip.

She stood in front of the mirror and brought up her lips close to her nose to smell them better. The scent was there and it made her chuckle. She took her cloths off and checked herself in the mirror.


She wondered what the man from last night would do to her if he was here in the restroom with her. She was checking her body and enjoyed making sexy poses for him. She grabbed her breasts and opened her mouth and made an innocent face, she then turned around and bent a little, then reached with both hands and spread her butt cheeks looking seductively in her own eyes in mirror as if she was looking in his eyes. Her jaw felt numb and her knees were a little dark from last night.

She felt much sexier than before and with that thought she jumped in the shower. She didn't work today and was planning to meet with jenny for coffee. She found herself excited to tell her best friend all about last night but knew she couldn't possibly do so.

As she was getting ready she decided not to go with her usual jeans and shirt and instead put on a tang top that showed just a little of cleavage but wrapped around her breast perfectly and a light summer skirt that showed her gorgeous thighs more than usual. She met jenny an hour later at a cafe. "wow" jenny said admiring her looks. "look at you, you look gorgeous!" she said smiling at her. "Thanks, just wanted to wear something different today" she replied smiling back.

They hadn't had time to catch up recently even though both worked at he same Barnes and Nobles. Jenny was a shy burnet who had a very high pitch voice.

Sandra always thought of her as the nicest girl at work and that's why she liked her. She was polite, would dress modestly. She was plumped but everyone including Sandra was jealous of her body. Sandra always thought she had beautiful face and her big boobs and big butt gave her beautiful curves.

you could notice she was not uncomfortable with her body. She would look away as if embarrassed everytime someone would compliment her looks. They were talking and mostly gossiping about people at work when jenny received a text. After reading her text she uncomfortably got up and told Sandra she was going to restroom. Sandra was sipping on her coffee and going through her cellphone when she noticed her mail box had a few emails. She anxiously opened her email to find a few emails, mostly spams.

There was one email from Edward. "Open if you want." was the title of the email. She tapped to open her email and started to read after checking to see if jenny was around.

"Hi I hope you enjoyed your little treat last night. Well maybe not so little. You showed you're serious in your pursuit of pleasure and that will only help you get involved in more pleasurable experiences that we set up for our clients.

On that note we have something planned and if you are interested just reply before 2 pm. Edward." "Hey" jenny's voice sounded like she was out of breath. Sandra jumped in surprise and started laughing uncontrollably. "You ok?" jenny asked. "You scared me! What took you so long?" Sandra replied putting away her phone. They continued to chat for another thirty minutes when jenny looked at her phone and said she should go home to study for her test.

They both were about to get up when Sandra realized it was almost 2 and she hadn't replied. She had to think quickly. Did she want to go or not? She was off and had plenty of time to get ready, she hadn't been able to even touch herself since the experience from last night and was still feeling aroused. She quickly got her phone out on their way to the exit and replied "ok" to the email and put it in her purse. They parted and she drove back to her apartment and quickly checked her email.

She had a new email. She clicked on it as fast as she could. "I'm glad you're interested. There were lots of others who would love to take this one but I think you'll enjoy this more than anyone. 19834 Kirkwood Dr. Be there at 5:30 pm." And that was it.

She found herself worried about going this time because It seemed to be a residential address rather than a public place. She took her phone out and checked the time. It was three o'clock already. She texted jenny and told her she was going on a date just to be safe. "have fun ;)" jenny replied trying to be playful. She didn't have much time to get ready so she decided to go with the same outfit she had on.

"You have reached your destination" she heard her GPS system speak.

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It was 5:25 pm when she parked in front the house. The neighborhood looked old and houses were big. Large trees were covering the entire street. She reluctantly walked to the front door scanning the area on her way. There were lots of trees around the house. Windows were covered with heavy curtains and she couldn't look inside.

She was by the door and didn't know what to do. It was only when she looked down that she saw a piece of paper folded lying on the door mat. She picked it up and she read the note that was written with beautiful cursive hand writing. "Door is unlocked. Come in and walk to the second floor. Last door to the left.

Cover your eyes with the blindfold and wait." She folded the note back and reached for the doorknob but right before she opened it there was a force who was telling her not to do so and that she still had time to turn around and go back to the safety of her car.

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But another force, stronger than the first, wanted to go in and follow all the Instructions on that paper. The battle was over once she turned the doorknob and walked in. The house smelt like an old antique shop. It looked like no one had lived in it for years. To the left it was a classic dinner table with thick wooden legs and a big chandler that was hanging from the ceiling. On the right it was the living room that had a glamorous 70's look with silk mustard color couches and blue rug covering the wood floor under.

In front of her were the stairs. She scanned the place for a minute before slowly walking up the stairs. She was listening to see if anyone was there but the house was so quiet she could hear the birds outside.

Once she was on the second floor there was a long hallway covered with red carpet to her left. She walked past three other doors before she was in front of the last door to the left. None of the doors before were open except her designated door. She walked in the room and closed the door behind her.

The room was probably a bedroom but there wasn't a bed in it. There was a rather large brown leather sofa, the kind she had only seen in lawyers offices, to her right. The red carpet didn't continue into the room but there was a beautiful red rug that was covering the hardwood floors. Ceiling was tall and a large chandler, that was rather unfitting, was hanging from it in the center of the room.

A large mirror with beautiful golden frame was hanging on the left side. She noticed the blindfold on top of the sheep skin that was lying on the corner of the couch. She sat on the couch and after examining the room one last time she put on the blind folds. The blind folds were tight and she couldn't see anything even though she tried to put them up so that she could still see a little. She sat there for a few minutes.

Her heart was beating so fast she could feel the vibration in her chest. She jumped with the sound of the door opening. She wanted to reach and remove the blind folds but she kept herself from doing so. She could hear footsteps and it sounded like the person wasn't wearing shoes. The person seemed to be moving around a lot and she was trying to guess where they were from the noises she heard.

There was no talking and once there was no waking either she couldn't hear anything. Her breathing was heavy and she was tense as if she knew something bad was about to happen. She could smell the scent of somebody in the room. Not a perfume scent but a male scent. She couldn't see but she could feel someone was very close to her to the point she could feel her breath hitting something as she would exhale. She jumped again as she felt someone's lips against hers as the person stole a kiss from her.

She kissed back and then there was nothing. She was confused. Again she was kissed abruptly, this time continued for a few seconds and was cut short again. And again she was kissed like that, over and over again. The person kissing her was a very good kisser, she was thinking to herself. Then he stopped pulling away and kept his lips on her and continued kissing her lips.

It was only when she felt another pair of lips on her neck that she realized she had been kissing two people. She froze and was shocked. It felt weird, She had never been with two men at the same time before.

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She raised her hands and felt the person in front if her. He had long hair that felt so soft. He had a very smooth face and small nose. She almost thought she was kissing a girl if it weren't for his flat chest. He felt skinny. All this time when she was absorbing his body with her hands he didn't stop kissing her lips with his full lips.

The other pair of lips were making their way down her neck and were doing a very good job teasing her and turning her on. They were taking their time with her and she was starting to enjoy herself. She reached to feel the second man who was kissing her neck. He had short hair but the same very smooth face. He was down to her chest now and kissing her breast over her tang top. He slowly pulled her tang top and started to kiss the top of her breast. She started to feel their hands on her body, softly running all over her skin.

She felt a pair of hands go down her skirt and fondle her legs. She was fully turned on now. They both stopped kissing her and started to undress her. One helped her get up and removed her tang top and the other managed to undue her skirt.

She was helped with her bra as her gorgeous breasts were unveiled. Two hands felt her sides tightly as the fingers slid under her underwear and pulled them down to her ankles. Then there was no contact. She stood there as the two men stared at her sexy body. Her nipples still soft, her breasts looked so delicious. She stepped out of her under wear and reached with both hands, one at each direction and felt their chest. They were closer than she thought. Their body felt smooth and hairless.

They had defined bodies but rather skinny. Her hands moved lower to their abs and lower she continued. They were fully naked and the thought of two naked men standing so close to her naked body excited her and made her exhale, seductively. Her hands slowed down as she felt a hint of pubic hair and continued to discover their body.

Both manhoods were reached at the same time, twitching at her first touch.

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They were hard, pointing straight forward. To her amazement she couldn't reach around them as they were both thick. She started at the base of each manhood and felt them all the way up to the big mushroom heads.

With her thumb she felt the tiny holes and they were both soaking with precum. The wet feeling on her fingers made her smile. Those cocks were hard for her. She was still in awe of how thick both men were when she felt their hands on her hips, feeling her body again. She started to slowly move her hands on their manhood and tease them. Each man had his hand on one of her cheeks, squeezing, and pulling them apart. She always loved her butt squeezed and massaged.

She moved her hands softly on their abs and chests. They didn't seem tall. Their chest was almost the same height as hers and she was only 5'6". She felt a hand on her shoulder, pushing her down. She obeyed the force and got on her knees. She was so close to them but didn't attempt anything. She opened her mouth and kept jerking them off.

This time her grip, that was barely reaching around their manhoods, was tighter. She could hear them breath and sigh in joy. What happened next surprised her. One of the men reached around her head and grabbed her hair tightly. She squealed in surprised and before she could react to him, he was pushing his cock in her mouth.


She let go of the other cock and put one hand on his leg and the other over his hand that was pulling her hair. She was about to mumble something as a few "m.m.mm" managed to come out of her mouth before she started to gag. He was now hitting the back of her throat. She was trying to keep him from so viciously fucking her mouth. She felt a hand move its way down her butt and feel her wetness from behind. It felt so great to feel his fingers working their way inside her. He was a little rough but was only using two fingers.

He was doing a great just rubbing her clit at times before going back to pushing his fingers back in and out of her. It was when he started to rub her g spot that she almost lost it. She moaned on the cock, moving her hand from the arm that was holding her hair and putting it on the back of the man who was fingering her so good. She had submitted and was letting them do their job.

Her jaw was stretch to the limit. As the penis inside her throat slowed down and pulled back to let her freely breathe she managed to let out a loud moan and finally cum.

She could only manage to rub his back as he was bent, still fingering her, to show her appreciation. The man let go of her hair and she felt the fingers leave her. It sounded like they were switching their places. She felt someone close to her face and opened her mouth as searched for the thickness.

This cock was of whom who had just made her cum. She wanted to show how much she loved it. She didn't waste anytime to start to deep throat him as soon as the head of manhood touched her lips. His cock was as thick as the first one but seemed to be longer. she was interrupted by the other man lifting her to her feet and sitting on the couch behind her and slowly landing her on his hardness.

She received him as he stretch her. Again she moaned while still sucking. The man behind her was helping her up with his hands under her buttocks as she would drop back on his cock.

It felt amazing and she found herself almost forgetting about the cock in her mouth for a few seconds. But she wasn't the kind who would easily forget about favors and she wanted to return it. As soon as she found the rhythm bouncing on the cock she went back to deep throating him. It was hard and he was making her gag.

Her entrance tightening as she gaged. He could hear the man with his cock in her moaning from under her. The man in her throat was getting rougher. He put his hand on her head and kept pushing her down on his cock. She would have time to breath and back again. This time he forced his cock as far as he could and she could feel his balls on her chin. She pull back and with a little force managed to rescue herself from choking.

She gasped for air as soon as the cock left her mouth. He was hitting her on the lips and face with his cock and that was surprisingly turning her on. She smiled at him, pulling her tongue out for him to slap his cock on. No one had ever done that to her and she was loving it. His cock felt heavy and he was continuously hitting her with it. She never thought she would behave as she was behaving in a million years but she was too horny to care.

Her body was building up on another orgasm as she slammed her body against his pelvis. The sound of her butt cheeks hitting his body echoed around the room in addition to the moans from two men and her.

Suddenly the two men were on the move again. He helped her get up and moved her to the sofa, getting her on her knees and hands. They placed themselves to each end of her. She didn't know who was where till she was being forced to taste herself. She liked how she tasted and licked him all over. It didn't take them to get back to a rhythm again.

As the one behind her would push his thick cock inside her the man in front of her was pulling back just to come forth again but she liked it more when they were both pushing in at the same time.

They were getting faster and she was gagging as the man behind her was slamming into her. She reached from under and felt her pussy. It was being stretch and she felt his cock pumping her. She rubbed her clit and that was enough to cause another orgasm. She couldn't stop cumming.

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He was not stopping and it seemed with every pump she continued to moan and cum. Her body was still shaking when in a sudden move the man in front of her removed her blind fold. It took her a while before she could see anything. Everything was too bright. She tried to look up and wait for her eyes to adjust. She wanted to see them. She wanted to see the men who were making her cum so good. The man behind her was still pounding her and now the man in front was stretching her lips again.

His hand found her hair again and pulled hard and forced her to take more of his cock. She was trying hard to please them both. She was satisfied and now she wanted to satisfy them. As her eyes adjusted she was able to look around.

She could only look up and see his smooth hairless chest. As a matter of fact he had no hair on his body except a well-trimmed pubic hair area. She ran her hand over his smooth abs and legs and deep throated him.

He let out a loud moan. "That's it" he managed to mumble under his breath. That was the first time she heard either men. She wasn't shy anymore and was drooling all over his cock and moaning louder. He was getting close and she could feel it. She jump with a surprising spank from behind and turned around to look at the man responsible for her orgasm. Her eyes widened. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

The man, hard at work behind her, was only a boy.

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His small skinny body looked pail with his long brown hair covering his face. She quickly turned her head and looked up and realized they were both much younger. The boy in front of her had pail skin too but his hair was dirty blond and short. She felt almost embarrassed. She was about to say something before blond boy shoved his cock back in her throat and started to fuck her mouth fast.

The only sound coming out of her mouth was the gaging sound she was making. "I'm cunning" the boy mumbled as he exploded in her mouth. He came alot and she could barely swallow. She was being forced down his cock by every pound from behind. His cum tasted different from the man last night. She managed to swallow what seemed to be gulps of his tasty juice. The boy from behind was squeezing her ass and teasing her asshole, pushing the tip of his thumb in.

She was a little worried because she knew she couldn't do anal. He got faster and started to fuck her harder and suddenly pulled his cock out and came over her buttocks and crack. She could feel his warm cum shooting all over her and it made her moan.

She looked back at him with her head on the couch. She reached around with one hand and spread her buttocks, showing him the mess he had made all over her holes. There was silence. The only noise was the heavy breathing of three people who had just had amazing orgasms. Her senses were coming back to her. She looked at them again.

These young boys with enormous cocks were better than any man she had ever been with. They both approached her and one grabbed her by her hair and slowly managed to get her on her knees.

To boy were standing 5'5" tall in front of her with their cock facing her. She reach with her hands and grabbed both cocks. She couldn't believe how thick and hard they still were. She started to clean their cock while looking up at them.

They were both running their hands in her hair and caressing her as if to show appreciation for her hard work. The boys were enjoying the view. A 25 five year old gorgeous woman was on her knees looking up to two gifted teenagers as she teased them by licking their big cocks. One of the boys grabbed the blind fold again and placed it over her eyes. It was darkness again. She waited as the boys walked out of the room almost as silently as they walked in.

she waited a few minutes before removing her blind fold and gather her stuff. Her body was still covered with his cum but she managed to find a napkin box to wipe him off of her. She was dressed and was walking back in the hallway as she heard noises coming out of the room next to hers. A female was moaning loud but there were definitely more people there. She wanted to quickly walk pass the room as she noticed the door was half way open. She could see what was going on thanks to the mirror that was hanging on the side wall.

There were two women, both on their knees with their faces facing the wall. Both were masturbating with big round headed massagers. They seemed to be enjoying their toys as a black man standing between them and rubbing his manhood was slowly pushing his fingers in their buttholes. They seemed to be whispering and talking to each other. Their moans were getting louder as they moved the big round head of the massager over their wetness.

Both women were very sexy but one caught her attention. She had a gorgeous body. Sandra always was jealous of women who were curvaceous and this woman was defiantly so.

Her butt was big and round and her breasts were dangling from her body as she enjoyed her toy and the man's finger. She was caught off guard as the black man saw her looking in the reflection of the mirror. She quickly looked away and walked out of the house. She was breathing heavily by the time she got to her car.

She had done it; she had fulfilled one more of her fantasies. She never thought she would ever be with two men at the same time. Well, they weren't men but they were better than any man she had ever been with. And she was happy for joining this little club.

She couldn't wait for what she was going to be introduced to as she drove away from the house.

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