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Teen girl solo strip watching them fellate and tear up their pops spears was like a
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The pretty young receptionist looked up and smiled as Kimiko walked into the plush gynecologist's office. "May I help you?". "I have an appointment with Dr. Jameson at 4:30", said Kimi, signing her name on the sheet attached to a clipboard.

"Oh, yes, here it is," said the petite brunette, appraising Kimi a little too directly, looking her up and down. "You're Dr. Jameson's last appointment of the day. You'll like him." "Yes, I've heard a lot about him", said Kimi, taking a seat in the waiting room, and idly picking up a magazine. "My girlfriend says he's amazing." The receptionist smiled. "Yes&hellip.amazing." "Kimiko?" said a nurse in a white uniform, from an open doorway.

She was tall, blonde, with full breasts straining against the fabric of the too-tight uniform. Kimi couldn't help noticing that the nurse left one or two more buttons undone than what she would have considered professional, and that the uniform was surprisingly short, revealing the nurse's tan upper thighs. "The doctor will see you now." Kimi followed the statuesque nurse into a room off the corridor.

"I need to give you a shot before the doctor sees you. It won't hurt too much. My, you're lovely." "Thank you. A shot?" asked Kimi, gazing into the nurses blue eyes with a questioning look. "Why?" "Yes…don't worry, it's just to help you relax. You'll feel a bit euphoric…it's really quite pleasant." She took Kimi's arm, rubbed alcohol near her shoulder, then took a syringe from a drawer and jabbed it into Kimi's skin.

"Oh!", said Kimi as the needle penetrated, the pain immediately replaced by a warm, pleasurable feeling, enveloping her small body. She felt herself growing dizzy from the drug, thinking briefly that something was wrong, aware of the nurse smiling at her mounting alarm was replaced by a warm lassitude and then the consciousness slowly ebbed out of her and the room faded to black.

*** Kimi awoke to find herself in a white, nearly empty room.


A console with meters and dials stood near the door, with a cabinet overhead. As she slowly regained consciousness, she realized that she was bound in a sort of harness contraption suspended from the ceiling.

Straps of soft, supple material encircled her hands and feet, and held her torso and head. With a shock, she became suddenly aware that she was completely naked, and her legs were spread widely, bent at the knee, held that way by the complicated harness. Wires attached to her body at several places and led to the ceiling. Despite her confinement, she found that she was comfortable in fact, she felt wonderful.

The warm euphoria induced by the drug had not left her. It was as if every nerve ending in her body was alive like never before in her life. She felt a familiar warm wetness between her legs, but more intense than she could ever remember.

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She was aroused. But it was as if her muscles had atrophied -- she could not move, not even struggle against her captivity. She was completely helpless. "Ah, you're awake" said a voice from the doorway. Kimi turned her head slightly and looked out of the corner of her eye at two men, both fairly young, well-built, with handsome features.

One of them was a powerful-looking black man. The nurse entered the room behind them.

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"Kimi, I'm Dr. Jameson", said the first man. This is my associate, Dr. Kamala. Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you in the least. We're going to have sex with you. Or, more accurately, we're going to fuck you." Kimi's eyes widened at the man's obscene words.

She wanted to protest, to struggle, but she found that she couldn't speak. She couldn't remember how she got here, or why she had come. It seemed a very long time ago. Dr. Jameson turned and spoke to the nurse. "Lana, would you prepare the patient, please?" "Yes, doctor", said the nurse. Walking over to Kimi, she reached for a small stool, on wheels, and moved it between Kimi's widely-splayed legs. Sitting down on the stool, she moved closer to Kimi, reaching out and extending her long, slim, red-tipped fingers.

With almost clinical detachment, she gently parted Kimi's labia, exposing her dripping-wet sex to the nurse's view. "I hope you don't mind that we shaved you, Kimiko," she said.

"Dr. Jameson likes his patients very smooth, like a baby. And clean. We bathed you and gave you an enema, too." Without waiting for a reply, she leaned forward, and extended her tongue-tip, touching Kimi at the entrance to her vagina. Kimi watched helplessly, afraid, and yet, somehow, excited beyond imagining, knowing that her body had already completely betrayed her, that the nurse was well aware of her arousal, could even taste it.

Kimi gasped as the nurse's tongue slithered upward between her parted lips, teasing against her quivering clit. With exquisite lightness, her tongue-tip caressed Kimi's sex, fluttering over her clit like the wing of a butterfly. "Oh!" gasped Kimi, finally finding her voice. Lana's long tongue slowly, methodically explored Kimi's vagina, snaking up inside it and tasting her flowing wetness, stabbing deep into her, then withdrawing, fucking in and out. Then it eased lower, teasing against the tight little pucker of her anus, bathing it with saliva before gently probing against it, her tongue stiffening and boring slowly inside.

Kimi felt pleasure explode through her body, as if she had been plugged into a light socket. She wanted to squirm against the tantalizing tongue, but found that she could not. "Her arousal is at Level 7 already, Doctor" said the black man, glancing at a meter on the console.

"She's almost orgasmic already." "Excellent" said Dr. Jameson., watching Lana lapping between Kimi's legs in long, languorous strokes of her tongue.

At that moment, Lana's lips closed around Kimi's aching clit, sucking at her aroused flesh then released it and lashed it with her tongue. Kimi's strangled cry caught in her throat as her body convulsed, erupting with a fury that Kimi had never even imagined before. "Oh god!" Kimi groaned as Lana's tongue caressed her knowingly, her body shuddering violently with the force of her orgasm.

Tears streamed down her flushed face as she trembled, suddenly aware of a deep, uncontrollable need: she had to have something IN there! She needed to be fucked by a man's penis. Now. Hard. She watched as the nurse drew slowly away from her, smiling.

"I think she's ready, Dr. Jameson." She stood up and pushed the stool to the side. "She's on the verge of being multi-orgasmic", said Dr. Kamala, glancing again at the console. "She won't require much additional stimulation beyond penetration." Dr. Jameson nodded and walked slowly to Kimiko. Her eyes followed him as he began to calmly disrobe. She gasped as his cock sprang into view, already fully erect, perhaps eight inches long, very thick, and completely hairless.

"I'm going to give you what you need now, Kimiko. What you must have. What is it? Tell me." Kimiko found herself unable to take her eyes off his massive penis as he slowly closed his fingers around it and stroked it.

From somewhere deep inside, she knew what he wanted from her. "Your penis", she whispered.


"I want it inside me." "Not my penis. You know the word. What do you want, Kimiko?" Kimiko hesitated then said the words she knew he was seeking from her. "Your cock", she murmured.

"I want you to shove it deep in my pussy. " "Your pussy, Kimiko? No, that's not the word. There's another word. You know what it is." "My&hellip.my cunt." said Kimi, her voice rising, signaling her utter surrender. "Please&hellip.fuck my cunt.!

Fuck your big dick into my cunt and make me cum all over it!!!" Dr. Jameson, smiled at Kimi's lewd words, positioning himself between her legs. The nurse reached out her hand and encircled the massive shaft, guiding the flared head to her entrance, rubbing it slowly up and down her dripping-wet cleft.

"Yes, my dear, I'm going to fuck your sweet, tight, wet cunt now." Suddenly, he thrust his hips forward and buried his huge cock deep in Kimi's welcoming vagina in one hard lunge. Kimi gasped aloud as she felt herself impaled on his massive member.

And then Kimi felt the presence of Lana behind her. She held the harness, and slowly drew back on it, pulling Kimi away from the doctor, until his penis rested at the entrance to her yearning vagina. Then she moved it forward again, once again impaling Kimi on it's huge girth. The doctor stood impassively, not moving, as the nurse slowly pushed and pulled on the harness, fucking Kimi with his motionless cock.

Lana continued to swing Kimi slowly to and fro. The doctor now began to meet her with thrusts of his hips, skewering his cock into her as the nurse pushed her forward. Kimi's entire being was focused on her vagina, on the hard thrusts of his throbbing penis, the slamming of his pubic bone against her quivering clit.


The sound of smooth, wet skin slapping against skin seemed to fill the room. Kimi's inner muscles contracted around his beautiful cock, as she tried to hold it captive within her wildly aroused vagina. "Unnnnnhhhhh!!" she gasped as her second orgasm welled up and took possession of her body. "FUCK me!" The doctor accelerated his pace, his cock thrusting in and out of her like a well-lubricated piston as she came again and again, one climax merging into the next.

"Uhhhhh, godddd,I can't stop CUMMMIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!" she screamed. Suddenly, Dr. Jameson threw his head back and growled, his balls erupting, pumping what seemed to Kimi to be a huge quantity of pent-up sperm into her eagerly clasping cunt, his cock pulsing and spurting, flooding her vagina with his hot, thick cum. The doctor continued slowly sliding his cock in and out of Kimi's now motionless body, his orgasm finally ebbing.

Her vagina spasmed around his penis, milking the last of his sperm from his empty balls. After a moment, he slipped out of her, and nodded to Dr. Kamala. Kimi noticed for the first time that the black man was also now naked, his long, uncircumcized cock hanging like a thick hose between his legs.

Now he approached her, with a bottle he had taken from the cabinet. He unscrewed the lid, and poured a quantity of clear fluid on his other hand, and then proceeded to smear it on her nakedly exposed anus. Then he poured more of it on his palm, and spread it along the length of his trunk-like penis, his fingers gliding easily along it's length as he stroked it to full erection.

Kimi knew now what was in store for her, and fear engulfed her.

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"No!!" she protested. "It's too big! It'll tear me apart!" "Nonsense, my dear," he said, his voice calm, soothing. "You have no idea what your body is capable of." Without another word, he positioned his monstrous cock at her tight rosebud, again assisted by Lana, and slowly, inexorably pushed forward. Kimi felt her asshole stretch to accommodate the exposed head of his penis, and then, as she caught her breath, felt it pop inside. The pain was blinding for a moment, and she thought she might faint.

Gradually, her body adjusted, and the pain lessened. Slowly, he began to move, sinking his cock deeper into her resisting ass, until it was buried completely in her. "Ohmygod…" murmured Kimi as he impaled her on his huge dick.

Slowly, he began to thrust in and out, made easier by the slippery lubricant. The sheer obscenity of her defilement overwhelmed Kimi as she watched him fuck her ass, and her arousal spiraled upward once again, her body accepting, then welcoming the obscenely invading cock. And then she felt her head being lowered, the harness being adjusted by Dr.

Jameson at the console. Soon her head was lying back, as if it were hanging off the edge of a table. She heard the doctor speaking.

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"Miss Devlin, would you come in now?" She sensed his approach now, and saw him come into view behind her, his cock once more fully erect.

Without a word, he guided it between her parted lips, and she eagerly sucked on it, tasting her own essence as well as his lingering semen on it.

Slowly, he began to fuck her saliva-filled mouth, driving his penis deep into her perfectly-aligned throat as Dr. Kamala continued to fuck in and out of her now-relaxed asshole. Kimi thought she would choke or gag…she had never had a man's penis this far down her throat before, certainly not one this thick.

And yet, somehow, she found that her gag reflex had been suppressed, perhaps by the drugs she had been injected with. Kimi's mind reeled at the thought of two huge cocks thrusting in and out of her body, one in her eagerly sucking mouth, the other in her tight little ass.

She was their whore, she thought, there only to give them pleasure, to be fucked and used by them, a mere receptacle for their spurting cum. Now a new sensation now added to her arousal: someone's fingers were caressing her exposed labia. She felt them slide into her sperm-drenched pussy, thrusting in and out of her slippery, cum-bathed tunnel, then easing out and smearing the slippery semen all over her clit.

Another pair of hands were rubbing and squeezing her breasts, capturing her taut nipples, pinching them almost painfully. The nurse, she thought…and the receptionist? Was she here too, contributing to her defilement by these men?

Suddenly, Kimi's tortured body could take no more, and she convulsed again in ecstasy, her orgasm, the last in what seemed an endless series, seizing her body in a tight grip of white-hot pleasure.

Dr. Kamala groaned and thrust his massive organ deep into her ass and began to pump an endless amount of cum deep in her ass in hot, thick pulses. At the same time, the thick cock swelled in her mouth, and Dr.

Jameson eased back and flooded her mouth with heavy spurts of semen, his fingers around the base of it, stroking it rapidly as his balls emptying themselves for a second time into Kimi's welcoming body. Her own body trembled in the exquisite aftermath of her repeated orgasms, as she swallowed as much of the accumulated semen in her mouth as she could, some of it escaping and oozing across her cheeks.

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And then, mercifully, she felt them withdraw, and she drifted mercifully into unconsciousness, sperm flowing from every orifice of her abused body.

*** When Kimi awoke, she was lying naked on an examination table, her clothes hung on a nearby hanger in an otherwise empty room. Her body, while somewhat sore and exhausted, still bore the pleasurable after-effects of her ordeal. She tasted semen on her tongue, and felt more of it oozing from her vagina and her anus.

"Then it was not a dream", she thought to herself, as bits and pieces of what had occurred began to penetrate her consciousness. Slowly, she rose and began putting on her clothes, which had been left on a chair.

When she was dressed, she slipped out the door of the room, walked unsteadily down the hall, and past the receptionist's desk. The pretty brunette was there, a slight smile playing on her lips. "I've scheduled another appointment for you next Tuesday, Kimiko," said the girl. "Oh, and don't worry about the payment. We'll bill your insurance company." Kimi stared at her for a long moment, her mind now recalling the hard thrusting of those marvelous cocks into her body, the gentle, knowing fingers probing her vagina, caressing her clit, bringing her to the most intense orgasm of her life.

Finally, she smiled at the receptionist. "Yes&hellip.yes, next Tuesday will be fine."